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Food galore in Albert Square

Gordo, Birdhouse women, big cakes, stuffing chickens and selling birds

Written by . Published on October 4th 2010.

Food galore in Albert Square

Forever Manchester and some good looking birds from The Birdhouse Fund (local ladies doing sterling work for their own charity), along with Manchester Food and Drink Festival (MFDF) put on a great day on Albert Square on Sunday. This place is officially called the Festival Hub but basically it’s a Village Fete for Manchester.

Gordo bought a bag of herbs off them and stuffed a rather sexy chicken with them later on. Fantastic.

It poured down with rain, which is of course de rigueur for these events, but it didn’t stop the sun shining in Gordo’s heart when he saw the bakes that had been caked for the occasion; Gordo bought the largest one, built by Graham Bradford’s team at The Malmaison Hotel.

Gordo tried it out on Jennifer Poole and Hannah Mawby, who were waiting for the beer punters to show; they had forty barrels of real ale that had arrived overnight, as they had sold out the previous day.

Hannah’s considered opinion?

“It’s a bloody big Jaffa cake, that, Gordo.”

Hmm. It takes all sorts.

Roast ham, partridge and pheasant

Gordo with Malmaison cake

There were pipe bands, Rob Owen-Brown delivering cookery demonstrations and roast ham, partridges and pheasants. He’d sold over three hundred birds the day before.

Gordo’s favourite stalls were round the back, particularly the Human Fruit Machine and the Diggle Lane allotments association. Spokesman James Mason proudly told Gordo that they had 65 plots, with 47 people on the waiting list. Pretty impressive. Gordo bought a bag of herbs off them and stuffed a rather sexy chicken with them later on.Fantastic.

More of this please guys, it was terrific. Get ManCon involved next year, Gordo wants his own stall (don’t we have one this weekend Gordo? Ed).

The Ladies Show their wares

In fact what’s Gordo saying?

There is more of this next weekend, as it happens, when Albert Square goes mad with the Finale event from 7-10 October. Gordo, despite, going out every night this week on some piss-up or other, won’t be missing it for the world.

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20 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousOctober 4th 2010.

I'm wondering why you've called the women who have set up and run the Birdhouse Fund 'good looking birds'?

Their website states 'It´s about creating a new wave of modern, female philanthropy,' but I'm not sure your terminology and objectification of them is at all modern?

GordoOctober 5th 2010.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at your post. I know the girls at Birdhouse, i regularly get drunk with some of them, I am sure they are laughing their objectified arses off at your comments. I think I will laugh. Birds? Birdhouse? Eh, see what I did their luv? Eh? Oh no, you didn't actually did you. Bollocks (which you may have, but they definately don't) to it all.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

I have no objections to Gordo's 'sexism'. 'cos it aint - it's a bit of old-fashioned banter. Why are so many people up their own arses today? We live in a society where women are equal with men in almost every aspect of life. I, as a woman, fear the day when I don't get a bit of banter from a guy on a building site young enough to be my son. Gordo's manner is such that it's not offensive - he simply loves women (birds)!

Leigh ScottOctober 5th 2010.

Equality! Absoloutely

when I take a bird out for a beer she hangs her own coat up!

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

Ah Gordo you're very easy to reel in. Yes I saw what you did; they've used the term 'bird' and cleverly turned it around, but you're obviously too thick to get that mate, hence your use of it. (And it's there, not their.)

Women are equal with men in almost every aspect of life in our society? That did make me laugh anon, which aspects aren't they IYHO?

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

Er, try child birth anon

isabella16070October 5th 2010.

What a dick you are Anon. It's 'their' not 'there'. Idiot.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

Oh, the irony. A feminist with no grasp of grammar.....

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

oops ISABELLA16070, no idea what you're on about.

Gordo used their instead of there. 'Eh, see what I did their luv?'

There are a lot of anon's about tonight, who can't grasp when someone is playing devil's advocaat...

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

No, he used 'eh' as in, eh.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

It's *advocate*. Advocaat is a Dutch liquor made from eggs, you know, snowball and all that. If you are going to come on to a website and argue the toss, at least do a spell/grammar check.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

As I said, lots of anon's about who can't quite grasp when someone is taking the p!ss. This is too easy, so I'm off to find some far more intelligent and entertaining nonymouses to bait.

And yes, I do know what the plural of mouse is.

Mark MottramOctober 5th 2010.


rosieOctober 5th 2010.


GrammarmanOctober 6th 2010.

It's actually moses like the Biblical figure,e.g 'I have an infestation of moses under the kitchen'.

GordoOctober 6th 2010.

I love you all my children

Mikey MikeyOctober 6th 2010.

Isn't it mikeys? One mouse, two mikeys.

NortherngeezerOctober 6th 2010.

And verily i say unto thee.....................

James KayOctober 6th 2010.

I loved the festival, 'Gordo' made me smile, as ever, and there are some great photos. Such a pity about the so-called 'rants'. "I'm a better speller than you! Ner, ner, neh ner ner!"
I was hoping to read about the quality of the food, pricing, organisation etc.

Christopher BryanOctober 6th 2010.

I've got to say that the food offer as part of the Festival at Albert Square has been fantastic this year but the so called 'Beer Festival/Oktoberfest' was a sham. I went at 6pm on the Saturday and the 'Beer Festival' compromised of a dark or light mild and cider. Everything else had run out. The Oktoberfest was advertised as "authentic" with an "array of bespoke German beers on offer". Within the hour they were down to the single Pilsner lager as they had 'run out' also. This is supposed to be a credible food and drink festival?

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