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Beers, Beards, And Lassies Unite at NQ’s Beermoth

David Blake heads to the newly opened craft beer store on Tib Street

Written by . Published on February 14th 2013.

Beers, Beards, And Lassies Unite at NQ’s Beermoth

UNTIL around 10,000 years ago we homo-sapiens were nomads, the hunter-gatherer sort. We roamed around, ate stuff, then wandered off again. Eventually we stopped roaming and began to settle in one place. We discovered farming and grew barley, which historians assumed was to make bread.

In the half-an-hour spent in the store not one customer that came in looked over 30, backpacks and hi-tops abounded. 

However, experts have since discovered evidence that suggest beer was being produced thousands of years before bread. The wheel, the plough, irrigation, all means by which to facilitate the production of beer. Thus, the beginning of the world as we know it, the advance of mankind as a species, the progression of technology and the development of (a seemingly intoxicated) civilization itself can be attributed to… beer. 

So I suppose that we should appreciate it. And nobody appreciates beer quite as much as Scott Davies and Jeremy Stull of the newly opened Beermoth on Tib Street (wedged between Matt and Phreds and Tib St Tavern).

Scott cultivated his substantial knowledge of craft beer whilst managing various pubs including the Castlefield ale-haven The Knott (at the bottom end of Deansgate, next to the Locks), achieving recognition from that society of propa’ beer guzzlers, CAMRA. Jeremy, on the other hand, hails from Kansas City (birthplace of Burt Bacharach) which supposedly possesses quite a lively beer scene - Budweiser be gone. 

He then popped on over to Utrecht in Holland (as you do) to refine his knowledge and quench his thirst for European beer. Finally, he moseyed on over here to Manchester in 2011, where you may recognise him as the friendly Yank fella from NQ’s Port Street Beer House (a cracking drinker – see our Best of Manchester Bars). Needless to say, you’d be hard pressed to find two guys in Manchester that know more about the suds than these transatlantic beardos. 


Of course Northern Quarter carries a plethora of hipster bars, trendy eateries and bohemian coffee shops. It’s got the record stores, comic shops, galleries, giggeries, creative spaces and addiction treatment centres. But one thing the area has been lacking is a seriously quality offy.

We’re not talking a crate of Fozzies, a deck of PallMall and a packet of Wotsits offies. No, no you philistine. We’re talking specially selected, refined and hand-picked beers from quality independent breweries around the world. More a luxury beer bazaar if you will. 

Gotta pick a tipple or twoA 21st century girl prowls for ale

Until Beermoth reared its frothy head on 1 Feb, there only seemed to be the miniscule Microbar in the Arndale Food Markets (with very limited shelving space) that was attempting to achieve that which Beermoth endeavours to offer, quality bottled craft beer from folks that know the Barley Pop inside-out. Whether it will tap in to the taste buds of the masses and establish itself is yet to be seen.

The key market for real-beer drinkers has always stereotypically been seen as the sock and sandal brigade, 40 plus blokey blokes with strained shirt buttons and a penchant for pork pies. However, in recent years there has been a massive shift in the demographic of real ale drinkers.

Although lager sales are down, sales of cask ales have risen. This is coupled with a noticeable surge in the popularity of ales between 25 to 34-year-old drinkers, including women. In which case, Beermoth is certainly well placed to give it a stab. Indeed, in the half-an-hour spent in the store not one customer that came in looked over 30, backpacks and hi-tops abounded. 


Scott and Jeremy are currently looking to set up ticketed beer-tasting sessions in the basement of the store and to expand upon the range, with an emphasis on craft beers ‘based on quality, made independently with decent ingredients and care.’

The current stock is nothing short of expansive, with beers from British, Belgian, Dutch, American, Norwegian, Italian and German breweries from the likes of Buxton (a house fave), Marble, Red Willow, Brooklyn, Orval (Jeremy’s favoured tipple), Brewfist and way more. The braver drinkers could even give the Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout (seriously, it’s brewed with oysters) a go, alternatively, go for a beer not made with molluscs.

The prices range from £2.90 for the Orval to craft beers well over a tenner for the more devoted beer aficionados. 

The classical Greek philosopher Plato reportedly once declared, ‘He was a wise man who invented beer.’ So there you have it, beer can be credited with the beginning of civilization and ole’ Plato himself was a fan. No excuse needed. 

And the name of the shop wins Confidential’s pun of the month award. Beermoth, so like behemoth, a monster from the Bible which now just means something enormous - such as the fashion for craft beers at present. Or are we just being too clever here? 

Beermoth, 70 Tib St, Northern Quarter, M4 1LG 

Open everyday from 12pm - 8pm 

Twitter: @thebeermoth

 Odd lagers

Odd lagers

Beer upon beerBeer upon beer

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Daniel JamesFebruary 14th 2013.

Wow you have mentioned Tib Street Tavern - a great local bar in the Northern Quarter, and probably the best (if not one of the only) to show football in a friendly environment - how about a review of Tib Street Tavern ManCon?

EditorialFebruary 14th 2013.

We shall review, we will indeed. It has been mentioned in a food and drink round-up. Is there food to be had?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 16th 2013.


AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

They do snacks rather than full meals. TST is a good one though.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

I was in the other day and it seems really, really expensive, some of the beers retail in bars at the same or more money.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

do you mean 'same or less'?

Dave ThackerayFebruary 14th 2013.

Typo. Should say "the current stock is nothing short of expEnsive".

1 Response: Reply To This...
CharlieFebruary 14th 2013.

too easy!

James DonnellyFebruary 14th 2013.

I bought quite a few bottles of an oyster stout from here (which was undeniably awesome!), I followed this with a trip to the shop on the corner of Tib Street (next to FYG) only to find the same bottle for over £1 cheaper.

I felt rather foolish and had a bad day.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Alan WharrierFebruary 14th 2013.

See my previous comment great shop great name... Need to address the pricing structure.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

Was just going to say the same thing, Locos do a great selection of real ale at ridiculous low prices. There is one right next to Beermoth (in the basement) and also one near St George's.
Think Beermoth is a great idea though, just needs to be a tad cheaper :)

StephFebruary 16th 2013.

Loco have a great selection and sell a good range of wine, lager and spirits too which makes me wonder whether Beermoth will be successful in this location with their prices.

IanFebruary 14th 2013.

So... a fridge of beer, most of which look commonly available.

Can't be many people buying a t-shirt either.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

It's been mentioned so I'll add my two cents; Tib Street Tavern? Think Yates' renamed.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2013.

The shop does look lovely but the beers are incredibly expensive...Carringtons in Chorlton is a much more reasonably priced...

Alan WharrierFebruary 14th 2013.

Best booze shop in the area is probably Nisa or LOCO, whatever its called now downstairs is like booze heaven. Reasonable too.!

Rob PlantFebruary 14th 2013.


For those of you in South Manc, these guys do something very similar, but at more reasonable prices and they'll deliver on orders over £30.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 9th 2013.

Not appropriate!!!

johnFebruary 14th 2013.

Lovely blokes running this shop and really hope it does well. The niche range is great and had a reasonable amount of stuff I've not seen elsewhere locally. However as earlier posters have said the more mainstream bottles (flying dog, schneider weisse etc.) are sold at around £1 cheaper at loco superstore further down tib street so think a balance on pricing is still to be found.

While it's being mentioned Tib St Tavern is great for watching football but can't imagine wanting to go for any other reason

2 Responses: Reply To This...
IanFebruary 15th 2013.

Just a shame that showing football attracts scum.

AnonymousFebruary 20th 2013.

Absolute rubbish Ian, I watch most games at Tib Street with the girlfriend and there is no scum,

Manc GuyFebruary 15th 2013.

Dude!...those two look like academic TV presenters off The Open University c. 1970. All they need's a kipper tie each and a blackboard.

AnonymousFebruary 19th 2013.

My non-beer expert missus popped in and said the chap was friendly and helpful.

AnonymousMarch 21st 2013.

Superb shop - give it a try. Those comparing prices to supermarkets are missing the point. The Beermoth is about high quality, niche, beer being sold by guys sharing their passion & knowledge with you. It's a specialist beer shop, not an offie.

HelenOctober 9th 2013.

The concept is great. It seems some people have completely missed the point of what Beermoth are about. They specialise in beer from around the world....they aren't trying to be a cheap off-licence. I believe this is a great place, Good luck boys!!

1 Response: Reply To This...
IanNovember 26th 2013.

quite a stupid comment when they are available 10m away cheaper

AlexNovember 9th 2013.

Been in a couple of times, always walked out empty handed. Far to expensive. I'm from York where they have a similar trembling madness bottle shop. There you pay £2-3 for a special ale. Beermoth seems to be an extra £1 or 2+ on top of that! A good tip for city centre ale is Harvey Nics top floor. Very reasonable priced, not alot of selection, but what they do have is really good!

AlexNovember 9th 2013.

Yeah but even the local stuff is really expensive... shame

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