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Bread and Butter Teashop

Gordo works out the rules of a Northern Quarter opening: chaos

Written by . Published on December 7th 2007.

Bread and Butter Teashop

A delightful new addition to Tib Street, nestling in the space occupied by Matt and Phreds and Rags to Bitches is a new pink girlie tea shop. It’s called Bread and Butter and looks a delight. Very useful when nipping into the sex shop further up the road for a Rabbit.

It’s clearly a Northern Quarter affair, which, unlike another new opening to be reported upon next week in the area, ain’t too cool for school. It does however stick with a few NQ tried and trusted rules.

  1. Don’t put up a sign, we don’t want to let people know we're there.
  2. Don’t have a menu printed in time for opening.
  3. Ensure an air of trendy baffled-ness.
  4. Collapse into a puddle of sweat when a customer asks for something.

There are sausage rolls, cheese rolls, spicy pasties, Panini’s, angel cakes, sticky chicken wings. Tea (Twinings), coffee, Guinness cake, scones with cream and jam, and yummy, yummy cakes, every little bit home made. The word scrumptious was written for this place.

You can eat in, or eat out, choosing bits and pieces for your box so it’s a bit like a tapas. Girls, you need to perfect the bread you are baking for your Panini’s, mine wasn’t quite fully cooked off so it was a bit doughy. Also, the sausage roll, though fabulous, needs a little bit more work, it is too crumbly.

Gordo is worried about the pricing, it’s too cheap. Make sure folks you’ve done your costings properly, he wants you there for a while.

Wondering who is to cool for school? Read Gordo next week.

Too early to score.

Bread and Butter
Tib Street
Northern Quarter

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31 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

LeeDecember 7th 2007.

I live the other side of this place and try and go in as much as i can, so important to surport small businesses like this one, especially when they are really trying to make a go of it an break the mould, ive always had a really desent coffee and lovely home made cake, all at a great price too

ancoats girlDecember 7th 2007.

I think Patsy is one of the most enterprising ladies in Manchester, and I've been enjoying her food at the Salutation for a while now. Good luck to her!

ancoats girlDecember 7th 2007.

The Salutation is a pub near the university on Higher Chatham St - Patsy's been doing the food there for a while now (v. reasonably priced roasts, hotpot etc) From what I understand, she'll be incorporating some of the new food at B&B there.

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

I visited Bread and Butter for the second time today. The first time was to put it politely chaotic, with no obvious method to how they went about serving people. After that pretty poor visit I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back today and if anything it was worse! I had four people involved in making me a panini and was stood for about five minutes just waiting to pay. If I had snook out I am sure no one would have noticed! The food is lovely and it is reasonably priced but they really need to sort out their service. It is friendly but they take being laid back a step too far.

ZabzyDecember 7th 2007.

They are prob allowed too but what a lack of imagination!!

ZabzyDecember 7th 2007.

They are prob allowed too but what a lack of imagination!!

GordoDecember 7th 2007.

I've got one 'o' level me, **** off schofield

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

Chaotic but friendly, have been eating there since it opened and have never been disappointed, the cakes are truly awesome,the service friendly and ambience relaxed.Where else can you get fresh home cooked food on a budget in the Northern Quarter, nowhere but bread and butter!

ancoats girlDecember 7th 2007.

Short of dough, give them a chance - they've only been open a week! As for the Salutation, it's become a bit of a hang out for Electric Chair/clubbing crowd - and Eliott Eastwick used to do his pub quiz there, though I think it's now moved to the Northern. It's a good place for a pint and a bite to eat if you're going to a gig at the Academies, or if you're carrying on to the Music Box.

Are you allowed...December 7th 2007.

... to call it Central Perk?!!

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

...mmm not sure naming the place after a now dated sitcom was the best idea! Maybe this reflects what's on offer? Zabzy gets my vote for names to make me smile!

Short of DoughDecember 7th 2007.

Another one hit wonder no doubt which will sink without a trace sadly due to the greedy lease/rates grabbing crew at the town hall who prefer to lick the arses of the big players like Greggs et al. shame.

Central Perk McrDecember 7th 2007.

Hey ZabzyLove the name 'Zabzy's Mash Fest' however, I reckon that'd be more appropriate for a Pie and Mash shop rather than a cafe / coffee house!! As for Schindlers Fist - couldn't possible comment!!It was never a case of lack of imagination and never a case of being a carbon copy of the Friends set - it was however, about offering great food at realistic prices. The name was always intended just to give people a giggle or make people smile and I think we definately have achieved that!! Surely the most important factors are the food and the service?Sonia @ Central Perk Mcr

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

I have been there. Unfortunately, however,I am not impressed, sorry.

Central Perk McrDecember 7th 2007.

HiJust for clarification and an explanation, we have been closed during the day due to us having display refrigeration equipment removed and we felt it unsafe to have our customers on the premises at the same time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Our opening times are 7am to 5pm Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm Sat & 8am to 4pm Sun

Central Perk McrDecember 7th 2007.

Hey!! I never mentioned sausages and they're certainly not cheap, just great quality at a great price as is all the items on our menu. The name is a concept - it was never meant to be a mirror image of the friends set! Hopefully you guys will give us a try and see for yourselves!

DaveDecember 7th 2007.

Amazing place, cheap but excellent food, friendly staff. It couldn't get any better!

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

hey gordo -who is too cool for school?!!!

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

Did Mancon review Central Perk Manchester yet ?

GordoDecember 7th 2007.

Ancoats Girl, what/where is Salutation?

AnonymousDecember 7th 2007.

I'd stick with African Emporium if I were you! Central Perk seems to have erratic opening times.. who closes at lunchtime? The Emporium serves interesting food at reasonable prices with a very chilled atmosphere. Great place!

scoteeeDecember 7th 2007.

Have you been in Zabzy? the food is nice, last time I went especially for a sausage and egg butty! theyre proper cumberland sausages not like the ****e you get at most cafe's nowadays!

ZabzyDecember 7th 2007.

i meant in terms of the name and not the food offering. If it was my shop i would call it "Zabzys Mash Fest" or "Shindlers Fist"

SamDecember 7th 2007.

I need to check this out, especially if Gordo says it's cheap. We're not all on wads of money here in Manchester, and if we like to eat out at lunch, cheap is the aim of the game. It means you'd be back more often than just having it as a once a week treat, which means more customers. Over price things and no one will bother coming back.

AnneADecember 7th 2007.

I popped in last weekend for a delicious hot chocoalate and some hot pot, and thought it was fab! In fact I was so impressed I'm off there again this weekend. Couldn't recommend it highly enough... although I don't think many people are aware of its existence as it was deserted when I was there. Go!

JennDecember 7th 2007.

Lovey hot chocolate, lovely paninni and lovely people, felt right at home so will be returning and recommending!

scoteeeDecember 7th 2007.

They can call it "Central Perk Manchester", and have already been cleared for this.

Jonathan SchofieldDecember 7th 2007.

Ancoats Girl, forgive Gordo, the Salutation is too close to the university which gives him a nosebleed

ElaineDecember 7th 2007.

Does this place actually exist? I've tried to find it on a couple of occasions but it has either ceased to exist or never seems to open!

EditorialDecember 7th 2007.

We went twice and both times it was closed in the middle of the day. This is how we discovered African Emporium (see the food reviews). We will try Central Perk again soon.

Hairy FairyDecember 7th 2007.

Has Central Perk got an obsession with sausage butties? Have you ever considered what kind of junk goes into sausages? Cumberland or not.. my suspicion is that somewhere offering cheap sausages isn't too discriminating about the supplier!

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