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£100 for a Chinese meal

After the success of the curry rant we want your thoughts on the best Chinese restaurant

Published on September 27th 2007.

£100 for a Chinese meal

Gordo, along with the rest of the team at ManCon Towers, was mightily impressed with the Curry rant last week (click here). Well over three hundred of you gave your blessings to over sixty curry houses across the North West.

Well, what about Chinese? Is the Yang Sing still up to scratch? What about that place on the A59 just before Whalley – Gordo’s memory is failing him? Red Chilli anyone? Tomorrow morning will see the £100 English given away for the curry rant, let’s see how you guys perform for the Chinese restaurant heroes (or heroines! Sweet Mandarin anyone?).

Gordo remembers his first Chinese well. It was Mr. Tang’s (an absolute gent) in Wilmslow, aged six. Gordo’s dad, Shady, had packed the family off to Manchester airport for a holiday in Majorca, in fact, Magaluf. It had two hotels and one apartment block in those days. When we arrived at the airport, it turned out we were a day early. Shady, a bit shamefaced for a change, took us all to the aforementioned Mandarin to calm us down. Gordo fell in love. With salt and pepper spare ribs…

OK, start ranting below, £100 English given away next week for the best reply. And remember as Sleuth said last week, just putting the name of the restaurant ain’t going to get you anywhere. We want colour, affection, love and perhaps even lust in your description.

On Tuesday we will announce the winner of the £100 curry rant, together with the rant itself and why we chose it.

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61 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JTSeptember 27th 2007.

Seafood, when cooked correctly is heaven. When cooked poorly however your taste buds feel violated, chewing on something that resembles the underside of a well worn flip flop is never pleasurable. This is why I rate the Laughing Buddha in Didsbury as the best Chinese restaurant in Manchester. Not only can the chef cook seafood very well, the rest of the menu is made up of fresh dishes without that gloopy MSG headache sauce that is all too frequent from many of the competitors.When out eating at a Chinese restaurant with my Chinese friend - she insists on ordering for the group off the Chinese menu. The flavours of the dishes are always more subtle and look far less radio active. The Laughing Buddha takes much of the same approach.The venue itself is small and intimate, great for a romantic vibe and if you tell them it's your anniversary (Which we did last time), they sprinkled anniversary confetti on our table before we arrived which was a lovely touch. We save this place for special occasions as we have always walked away completely satisfied with every aspect of the experience.

saraSeptember 27th 2007.

Glamorous and Red Chilli for me - especially the aubergine in preserved bean curd at Glamorous. Yum yum

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Not a fan of Chinese, there never seems to be any difference between all you can eat buffets and expensive restaurants. I was especially dissapointed with Yang Sing. There is only one exception to the rule though which is Glamorous above the Wing Yip supermarket, the food, service and ambience was fantastic. Restaurant was 75% full of Chinese people which I always think is a good sign.

chipo 4September 27th 2007.

Wish I'd read these comments before being lulled by the rave reviews on other sites about the New Emperor on George Street. Assume they write them themselves as this was rubbish. Bland, gloopy slop (satay or ginger and black bean? er haven't a clue), crispy duck that I wouldn't have fed to the dog it was so dry and a Premier Cru Chablis for tweny five quid served warm from five for a quid Paris goblets. Add to that the insouciant arrogance of some of the staff (four complaints from adjacent tables of slow service and/or dishes not turning up) and the ubiquitous con of adding 10% to the bill and then trying to get you to leave a tip as well and the whole thing added up to a pretty depressing experience.

Maggie CSeptember 27th 2007.

Got to agree with Anonymous and Swan - Ocean Treasure in Middleton is great. Nice atmosphere, good food and plenty of choice. Also, many Chinese eat there which is always a good sign.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

The best restaurants and cafes seem to be attached to supermarkets, the Glamorous is very good, and also the Ocean Treasure in Middleton is very good. There was a tiny cafe in a Chinese bakery at the back of a Chinese Supermarket between Ardwick and Openshaw that did these fantastic enormous soup/meal things (don't know the proper name). They were only £4.50, the place looked like a 'greasy spoon' cafe but the food was amazing. It was shut last time I went, that had a large number of Chinese customers as well, really good for lunch.

AngelFaceSeptember 27th 2007.

My fave chinese is 'CHOP STICKS' in Swinton yumm yumm.. All u can eat buffet plus fresh food fried infront of you! plus they have a chinese karoke!! Also 'Wings' in manchester .. for a nice romantic one!!

GordoSeptember 27th 2007.

Mike, I agree, the Wong Chu was my favourite duck and crispy pork with biled rice, what a bargain and what a great hangover cure with a pot of Chine tea. Has anyone tried the Sushi bar that it has become?

MissCaySeptember 27th 2007.

For my money, it has to be Red Chilli. Me and the fella went there a few weeks ago on a romantic first date and the food was exemplary-particularly for a pair of vegetarians such as ourselves! The Vegetarian Set Menu didn't rely on the same old beansprout concotions that are all too often seen in various chinese restaurants around the city, and there wasn't a whiff of MSG in sight. Plus it wasn't too pricey either. Yum yum yum!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Not really their fault she had an allergy to something in the food!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Over the last 10 years i have had the pleasure of eating in several of Manchester's best Chinese restaurants, notably the Yang Sing, it's little brother and Pearl City. I also work in Hong Kong about 4 months of the year and have eaten in expensinve and inexpensive local Cantonese restaurants there, such as the famous Tsui Wah chain, choosing to eat the same 2 dish's wherever i go..Still the best Chinese food in my opinion is served on the back side of Hale / Altrincham - opposite the A.F.C Football Ground. Mr. Yung's offer a comprehensive Cantonese menu and some of the best prepared Chinese food in our region. I had one last night...

NeilSeptember 27th 2007.

Jenni...can you please post the name and address of that supermarket place in Salford?

JohnthebriefSeptember 27th 2007.

Most of Manchester's chinese restaurants merge into an anonymous and amorphous mass, selling the same food at the same kind of price in the same kind of setting. Two stand out. The Yang Sing is without a doubt, and by some margin, Manchester's worst chinese restaurant - perhaps not in purely objective terms, but on the difference between the hype and reputation on the one hand, and the reality on the other. Cold impersonal service, over-priced, mediocre food and an overwhelming contempt for the ordinary customer (those who are not hosting a corpoaret do for 50 people or don't happen to write a restaurant column). The stand out best chinese in manchester is Pacific, which escapes from the ubiquitous identikit menus with a selection of individual and interesting dishes. The quality of the food is absolutely superb, the service is attentive without being overpowering, and the prices are reasonable. This place dares to aim higher than mediocrity, treats its customers with respect, and succeeds stunningly well.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

china lounge whitefield

ChockaSeptember 27th 2007.

I'm a foodie at heart (belly) and I've eaten in most of the Chinese restaurants in and around the city. My rating is based on the food alone and not the ambience, service, or decor. Dim Sum (in the UK at least) is a lunchtime event and differs from the food served in a Chinese evening meal.Best value dim sum - Tai Wu (at Sunday lunchtime). No where else in Manchester is there the same combination of choice, value, and quality.Best dim sum overall - Glamourous. Wider choice, better quality, but more expenisve than Tai Wu. Order a Beef Cheong Fun or Har Gow to compare quality. It's available at every Dim Sum place.Best evening meal with Chinese menus translated into English too - Chi Yip in Middleton. The quaity of food married to the ease of access for customers that do not read Chinese is second to none. The extended Anglo-Sino menu features food not found in some of the Chinese menus at other restaurants. Razor clams (when in season) in Thai sauce is to die for.Best evening meal overall - Pacific. The quality of the food is by far the best.Best Chinese buffet - Tai Wu. Unbeatable quality and choice for a buffet (but still not as good as the main restaurant upstairs).

Claire53September 27th 2007.

Well, I would have said the Yang Sing until I went there with a friend and she ended up in A and E with a nasty allergic reaction to something she had just eaten! Haven't set foot there again!

shiveringgoatSeptember 27th 2007.

Mr Wings is my favourite - calm peaceful restaurant great food (not swimming in MSG!) and good for meat eaters and vegetarians alike..really friendly owner and staff Wings - I Lincoln Square , City Centre , M2 5LN Tel: 01618349000best Goat

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Ho-Ho's in Lees, Oldham is has excellent food and an imaginative menu if staying out of the city centre. It had the trendy look (is it still ok to describe something as trendy?!!!)before many of the newer restaurants got in on the act and so doesn't have that gaudy traditional Chinese thing going on, which is very refreshing. If we are talking about the city centre, it has to be Red Chilli. Great to go on date there, as the set menus have titles such as 'first date' and 'true love'. Good job my fella chose the 'true love menu'!!!

I Love Wings AKA EugeneSeptember 27th 2007.

As if you couldn't guess...Wings is possible the best Chinese in the north-west. (I haven't been to then all so i can't comment). Forget all-you-can-eat deep-fried rats-tails and monosodium-weight-gain, Wings create...REAL food, and shock horror- it's a chinese restaurant that has bloody gorgeous deserts! No, I have never been to another chinese restaurant that does those either..nearly all seems to serve extra wobbly blamange in delightfully artificial colours (and no flavour, strangely), or fortune cookies (very authentic i don't think).Wings give outstanding service, it's a lovely venue, quite understated, they serve fantastic wine, not this Tsingtao rubbish sorry dish water, and tasty - not sloppy - food!Wings gives you..wings!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

It has to be China Village in Delph for me. This is a small but excellent chinese in a small village on the outskirts of Oldham. The food is sublime, far better than the Yang Sing or any others in Manchester that I have tried. The service is also impeccable and the owner is welcoming and friendly whether you are a new customer or an old regular. The menu has all the Chinese dishes you can think of, despite being a small place, and I have never found one I haven't enjoyed. Have a trip out to the countryside and try it!

gorSeptember 27th 2007.

when can you get this half price dim sum? I miss lotus.

homey gnomeySeptember 27th 2007.

Tai Wu. A good indication of its calibre is the number of Chinese waiting staff from other restaurants who come to eat here. And really old and tiny Chinese grannies, smaller than their Western-sized grandchildren. I was also endeared by the way in which the lighting in the room creates a grey pallor that hangs like a little cloud in the room. This means it is not so great a place for first dates but particularly effective for dumping people (almost on a par with Pizza Express) - not least because with a 600 people capacity there's no space for initimate nooks and crannies here. No sir. This is all about the food. And the food is great. Huge, steaming sticky prawn balls (Har Kau), delicate, quivering bean curd and the crispest of rice and lettuce. They also play Cliff Richard's 'Congratulations' to 'lucky' birthday boys and girls. Although this could be a ploy to increase customer turnover.

sandraSeptember 27th 2007.

I've got to agree with Gonbay. It is the most consistent chinese around. The place is very fancee, the staff are lovely and the sunday lunches are to die for. gorgeous. ps it means cheers in chinese - so says Ming (the manager)

jenniSeptember 27th 2007.

Also, I would rather eat anything than eat at a chinese all you can eat buffet, yack! You can eat half price dim sum at Tai wu for the same amount of money and it's a lot healthier and tastier!

RossSeptember 27th 2007.

I've tried almost every Chinese restaurant in the city centre, for the best all you can eat it the Shanghai on Whitworth St. If you are willing to leave the city centre and travel to Reddish Lane, just off Hyde Rd you could try the delights of Reddish Oriental, by far the best all you can eat at £7.50 mid week. Not only are the staff extremely friendly but the food is the best this side of China. The Salt and Pepper ribs leave you wanting more. They have brillant prices on food on the menus too.

Ms GraceSeptember 27th 2007.

Glamorous? You must be joking - it's exactly the opposite. We got woeful service and undercooked food. The staff couldn't have been less helpful and the grubby decor was nasty and depressing. In contrast, the Tai Pan on Upper Brook Street is fantastic. Delicious food, friendly waiters, a comfortable, attractive environment and lively atmosphere! Particularly welcoming to families.

edSeptember 27th 2007.

tai wu, tai wu, tai wu all the way!

JenniSeptember 27th 2007.

I'm a half chinese and half english person, and the only places me and my mum go for chinese in Manch are Tai Wu (half price dim sum), Tai Pan (roast three meat with duck) and Glamorous (scallop and prawn dumplings) for authentic and good value chinese food - unfortunately many of the chinese dishes we eat are not available on the english menu - so you're best bet is to point to someone elses table and say I want that, or quickly find a cantonese friend who can order for you! Also another amazing little place is the little place in Salford, a kind of cafe which is attached to a supermarket - great authentic dishes for a fiver!

soniaSeptember 27th 2007.

It has to be East on Faulkner street. Brilliant value on lunch time meals £4.50 for soup, dim sums and main meal fantisco. The food is every so colourful making you think your somewhere exotic. Quanity of food leaves you walking slowly when your finished. Customer service you cannot fault.Frequent visitor in the evening on a Saturday. Obvious no meal deal however prices are fair and again food is fantasic, not waiting long, plenty of taste, colour and variety. You just can't go wrong.Go on give a try!!

neilSeptember 27th 2007.

my favourate is " TAI WOO", they do best dim sum and it is half price too. Whar a bargain!!!!!!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

I am not the greatest fan of Chinese food. The best one and the only one i return to is Gonbay in Altrincham. They do some fantastic veggie meals as well as substitue bean curd for most of their meat dishes which is a big bonus. The MSG is not added so you can finish your meal knowing that you will not have a belly the size of a beach ball by the time you leave. I know it isn't Chinese but as i doubt there will be an oppertunity to big up Korean places; i thought i would mention oriental fire in altrincham which has opened my eyes to a whole new culinary world.. everything is good!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Pacifica...the bar upstairs in great too and so are the staff. Best mojitos i have ever had too

deborahSeptember 27th 2007.

pacific is the best................

JackSeptember 27th 2007.

I think the best for authentic chinese food has got to be PACIFIC in Manchester China Town. Their dim sum is just like HK's and their evening meals are fantastic. Everytime i've been the service has been great too! All in all the best chinese restaurant by far!

GorSeptember 27th 2007.

Pacific was my fave until I read the Red Chilli review and gave that a go. The food reminded me of food I had in Hong Kong which says a lot. Don't be put off by all the offal!

AlakaSeptember 27th 2007.

Tucked away on Faulkner Street next to the Great Wall, China City may not cut a particularly impressive figure, but what it lacks in décor it more than makes up for in sheer deliciousness. Foodwise, I really think it's vastly superior to anything else in Chinatown. It's also frequented by a lot of Chinese people which, as someone else has mentioned, is always a good sign. Personal favourites include the Cantonese style roast duck (hot and on the bone), the shredded chilli beef (so tender and succulent, possibly the best chilli beef I've ever tasted, though Kwok Mann on Princess Street comes a close second), sexual chicken (aka Szechuan but it is an apt renaming), "Ahh Push It" king prawns (think about it), sizzling Cantonese-style fillet steak (hotstuff), the grilled sea bass (no lasers though) and any of the chow meins. As for starters, the salt 'n' pepper spare ribs are to die for, and if you can get past the "Look at me! MSG!!" bright orange gloopiness of the Kin Do spare ribs, they too are mouth-wateringly delectable. If you fancy something green and crunchy on the side, I'd recommend pak choi (Chinese veg) in chilli and blackbean sauce, or the tung choi with prawn paste for those seafoodites among you. And there's also a good selection of dim sum. Mmm.The service here is always quick, warm and friendly - in fact the staff feel more like extended family (hi ken!), but that may have something to do with the frequency of my visits... Said frequency has a lot to do with the fact that, not only is the food like manna from heaven, it's also excellent value for money. During weekdays, for instance, there is a 2 course lunch menu between 12pm and 3pm for only £4.95, and on big, self-indulgent nights out, friends often find themselves overestimating the bill by rather a large margin (whereas in a place like Kwok Mann their guesses would probably be much nearer the mark). All of this adds up to make China City - or "CC", as my friends and family affectionately call it - a veritable legend, a god among Chinese restaurants. Go forth and worship, but be warned: it's addictive!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

I like turtles

MikeSeptember 27th 2007.

The best Chinese has closed; 'Wong chu'.

bar1September 27th 2007.

Best dim sum- Tai Wu (half price specials). Atmosphere like a proper HK dim sum house.Most authentic- Red Chili. It's like eating on the Chinese mainland. Hats off to the only restaurant to put their best Chinese food on the English menu. Stunning offal dishes and incrdible frsh fish (particularly the specials).Best for corporate entertainment- Little Yang Sing. Has outstripped its more famous namesake by keeping the portion sizes large and has consistent good service.Best szechuan food- Tai Pan's szechuan dishes are excellent, but for me Red Chili wins again.Best Peking Duck- Little Yang Sing again.Best for late night Chinese- Pearl City. They always have a table and do a good mix of 'English' Chinese food and some traditional stuff. Plus they are very good at dealing with large groups.Best Take Away- Sweet Mandarin in the city centre.Best way to have a good Chinese meal- order dim sum and casserole dishes rather than soups and ribs.Honourable mentions- Yang Sing (was the original and the best, but now too patchy to charge the prices they do), Pacific (ambitious imperial dishes on the menu are worth a try), The New Emperor (consistent and well priced).And a final fond farewell to Lotus which was a great lunchtime alternative to Tai Wu.

Suzan AllenSeptember 27th 2007.

I'm another fan of the Rice Bowl on Cross Street.The portions are generous and the staff are friendly and helpful.

PaulSeptember 27th 2007.

A big favourite of ours is Gonbay in Altrincham. The food is always excellent (best duck i've ever had I think!) and you always get service with a smile which is worth spades in my opinion. Nothing is too much trouble and, while it's not cheap, you get what you pay for. Also, the takeaway is every bit as good as the sit in. We dared cheat on Gonbay a few weeks back and were duely punished with bland, tasteless mush. Serves us right!

vicarinatutuSeptember 27th 2007.

yang sing still lives up to a great reputation. good food, great service. what more do you want ?

Jerzy (George) W. J. BergierSeptember 27th 2007.

I have dined during past few years in many Chinese restaurants but one that serves the quality of this interesting! food is withour shadow of a doubt - HO HO's in Oldham. Gary Ho and his wife Tina produce a menu of great quality, well presented, served and without a fuss. The quality of drinks, selection of wines and Champagnes is very good too, and Gary's attention to details speaks for itself when the food arrives to the table. Chefs for his restaurant are sourced from the top quality hotels and restaurants from the mainland China.I also have an issue with some Chinese restaurants - please train your waiters NOT to over fill the wine glass, if one wants to buy another bottle of wine, this is most deffinately not a way.

BexSeptember 27th 2007.

Moso Moso on Oxford Rd is my all time favourite Chinese. The food is delicious everytime. I always leave feeling pleasantly satisfied. My other favourite is Tai Pan. The food is amazing. I was very dissapointed with the Yang Sing especialy when I found something (to horrible to mention) in my chicken dish! I would not go back there based on my experience. Moso Moso always delivers excellent food, excellent service and excellent satisfaction...

LucySeptember 27th 2007.

Of all the Chinese joints in all the world (well all of the North West at least), I would have to say Gonbay is by far my favourite. A glass fronted welcoming venue on The Downs in Altrincham (a few doors up from Juniper and far more inviting). As soon as you walk in the modern, yet soft decor and gentle ambience relaxes you and you know you're in for a treat. The staff are always friendly and don't hesitate to seat you at the best table available with or without a reservation. A major plus point is that they are child friendly and have helped introduce my 5 year old daughter to the wonderful world of Chinese food with ease! The food is always fabulous - fresh, hot, never greasy and always promptly served - the presentation is immacculate and always shows the food off at its best. The wine list has a good variety to suit all tastes and pockets, but isn't stupidly long like some places, where you get bored half way through. Every time we visit, it doesn't matter whether the restaurant its a full to bursting friday night or a quiet Tuesday lunch time, we always get the same consistent service, which enhances the quality of the food and keeps us going back again and again. Its one of those places where even when you get full to the brim, its impossible to stop eating! Yang Sing I like a lot, the food is generally very good, but I don't feel you get the same personal service as in Gonbay - last time we were there the service was very slow.And I would like to point out that having ordered Chinese Tea in Cathay Dim Sum recently, it arrived presented in a metal teapot with a greasy-spoon style tea cup *tut*. Where's the authenticity in that? If I wanted a pot of Tetley I would have stayed at home!

Stephanie FethneySeptember 27th 2007.

The best for us is China City in Faulkner Street.Authentic as I have tasted in China & Hong Kong. Many chinese eat there as well. Prices are very modest. Food is cooked fresh. Great service, nothing is a problem to them. They have catered for more than I stated in my party....before today. Plenty to eat, and we change the menu as stated, asking for extra's such as chinese mushrooms, chinese vegs, etc. No MSG at all as confirmed by friends of mine who have had violent reactions in other restuarants in the past. They now eat there on a regular basis. Vegetarian selection superb - as confirmed by veggies who now eat there on a regular basis. Some coming from far a field as Warrington/Bolton, with the family!!!! Family run, and friendly. Yang Sing & Tau Wu, not up to scratch at all. Over priced and overrated!!!Can recommend the sesame chicken with fresh lemon sauce as a starter - yummy!!!! Daughter recommends the Lamb with Spring onions as a main meal......Try the China Wall wine - Red & White catered for - (grapes are french, but vines are grown on the Great China Wall!).Cater for birthdays if you advise them earlier enough.

JenniSeptember 27th 2007.

Can't remember! But it's on the road opposite to the Salford Royal apartments, it's just down from the post office. It's quite a big supermarket, not on Wing Yip scale but is 'warehouse style'. The cafe is very simple, but the food is proper good stuff!

JOHNSeptember 27th 2007.


melvynSeptember 27th 2007.

The China Lounge in Whitefield on Bury New Road.I have tried the rest but this is definately the best Chinese food in Manchester. It is always consistant and the menu has many specialties not found in other chinese restaurants.The shredded chili beef or chicken is amazing, the chicken in lemon sauce is good also. Try the egg roll and the chicken lettuce wrap for starters, the soups are also all very good. It is nice to get very good friendly service in a chinese as well. Try is you won't be sorry.

Andy Foo YoungSeptember 27th 2007.

Has to be the Red Chilli for great food and a friendly atmosphere. I know this for rants about restaurants but the Timperley Express takeaway delivers quality food straight to my door meaning I don't have to move far to satisfy my crispy duck pancake addiction.

GordoSeptember 27th 2007.

Mr Wing, shiveringoat must have put us back in your good books?

SwanSeptember 27th 2007.

Tai Wu is the best Chinese restaurant, especially for the half price dim sum. Glamorous on the edge of the city centre also sells authentic Chinese food. However Ocean treasure in Middleton is a great place for a Chinese dinner, nice interior, fairly cheap, but out of the city centre and you really need a car to get there.

soniaSeptember 27th 2007.

It has to be East on Faulkner street. Brilliant value on lunch time meals £4.50 for soup, dim sums and main meal fantisco. The food is every so colourful making you think your somewhere exotic. Quanity of food leaves you walking slowly when your finished. Customer service you cannot fault.Frequent visitor in the evening on a Saturday. Obvious no meal deal however prices are fair and again food is fantasic, not waiting long, plenty of taste, colour and variety. You just can't go wrong.Go on give a try!!

Cantonese girlSeptember 27th 2007.

Pacifica in Eccles is a new comer opening earlier this year (I think, but time flies when you are having fun). The food is Cantonese and the best I have ever tasted outside of China. Chinatown rests on its laurels too much and some of the greasy slop they serve there doesn't deserve to be associated with any Nation.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2007.

Red Chilli in Chinatown or the Tai Pan on Brook Street are the best Chinese restaurants i've come across in Manchester

CraigOSeptember 27th 2007.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Noble House in Bolton. I've been going there for years, both entertaining customers and out with the family. The quality is very consistant (manager says that if they get a new chef, they are told to cook "the Noble House Way" so no changes of flavour based on who is doing the cooking) Generous portions and excellent attentive but not "in your face" service. Serve all the standard Chinese dishes but real stand-outs include the salmon in black-bean sauce and a wonderful, non-greasy crispy duck. YUM!Now I feel like going there for a meal after that.

The Chinese Crew!September 27th 2007.

I work in town and i am part of a Chinese Crew at work where every pay day we try out different chinese's in Manchester, we have been to a vareity off different places but the favourtie for us is Peking Court, Princess Street. This is an all you can eat buffe for £6.50. The crew seem to love it here, mainly because it serves our favourtie crispy duck at lunchtime which we have found hard to come across at many of the all you can eats around Manchester. The service is good, food is excellent, plently of varitey something for everyone. The Crew get through at least 4 plates EACH so we rating this very good.

PaulSeptember 27th 2007.

the Golden China on Oldham road Middleton is by far the best yes its a take away but once you try the salt n pepper stuff you wont slum it in a buffet again

NeilSeptember 27th 2007.

Red Chilli in Chinatown for me, but the very best I have tasted in years (including regular work trips to Hong Kong) has got to be Pacifica in Eccles. A new(ish) restaurant following the family's succesful take-away in St Helens. The design competes with any restaurant you might see in Manhcester or London or wherever. The food itself is clean, tasty and very well presented. The set meals are competitively priced and provide a great meal for the unadventurous and the ones who fancy something a bit more unusual are well catered for. In a nutshell, the food is fantastic. Finally, the bar upstairs completes the entire package and provides a marked contrast to the rest of Eccles' drinking houses!

Nick WalkerSeptember 27th 2007.

And the winner is...the Rice Bowl on Cross Street. 9 out of 10 ducks confirmed that this is the place they want to end up sliced, cooked and eaten. Outside of the City a big shout out goes to the Choy Hing Village by the metrolink station at Brooklands. This place can give anywhere in town a run for its money.

SibomSeptember 27th 2007.

A (taiwanese) friend said that the most accurate sign of a good chinese/oriental restaurant is to look for the one that's always frequented by the chinese themselves. if you've ever been past thai wu on oxford road in the city centre on a sunday lunchtime, and seen the huge queues stretching the length of the street, you'll have some idea just how popular and by definition how good the food ti be had there is. lively atmosphere, massive menu (and plates of food) and friendly knowledgable staff. yang sing who?failing that, any branch of tampopo. less of a full blown meal there though, hence my choice of thai wu.

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