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Taurus food review

Gordo finds the astrological bar’s food a horror-scope: part two of The Village examined

Written by . Published on March 2nd 2011.

Taurus food review

Recently Gordo has been re-visiting dishes from the seventies and eighties at home, as well as at a few of his favourite restaurants. The chef at Cicchetti, the ‘small plates’ Italian in House of Fraser has been humouring Gordo by cooking a superb version of veal Holstein, breaded veal pan fried in butter, served with strips of anchovies, a fried egg and a quarter of lemon. Mash the anchovies into the runny egg, drizzle with lemon and smear it all across the veal; hey pesto, it’s the best veal dish in the universe.

Gordo’s sirloin steak au poivre (£13) was delivered blue instead of medium rare and chiller-cold; the chips were from the freezer, some sorry bunch of salad lay growling on the corner of the plate whilst the au poivre was whinging in a bowl at the top.

Gordo has been messing about deep frying Camembert, having sorted out a coating of those cheeky panko breadcrumbs from Japan. Bloody great little dish. Gordo had HP Sauce with it and went to heaven.

When Gordo was asked to review Taurus, the restaurant-bar on Canal Street in the Village, Gordo looked at the menu online. Plenty of ‘retro’ stuff on there, so the fat one was looking forward to a bit of old fashioned grub. The bar is a favourite with Village regulars and can get very lively, Gordo has fallen out of it a few times.

It has a nice warm feel to it and the fellers behind the bar are always good fun and friendly. However, the purpose of this visit was to see how the food is faring.

Looking at the wine list, it seemed that this end of the business was fairly limited. The wines started at £12.95, moving on up to £21.95 for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc called Giddy Goose. This is the one that Gordo ordered. It was horrific. It was like drinking essence of your Nan, whom Gordo loved dearly, but she did insist on wearing crap perfume off Swinton market.

The notes said ‘fresh and vibrant with passion fruit, gooseberry and melon’. No it wasn’t, it was ‘yer Gran in a bottle’, full stop. ‘Well balanced with great depth’. No it wasn’t, it was pitching all over the place and had the depth of Del Boy who probably had sold his Nan the cheap perfume in the first place.

The whole list needs to be re-examined; the buyer needs to be a bit more adventurous. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. When you see tasting notes that refer relentlessly to black cherries, rich blackberries, notes of meadow grass (WTF!) on wines that are wholesaling at under a fiver you know that someone is taking the mickey. Whilst seeing a red described as ‘medium bodied Rioja-style‘ (Spanish) on a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruza (Italian), the theory of people being away with the fairies starts to gain traction.

Hahaha, oops, sorry Tempura

Anyways, never mind all that, Gordo’s food was arriving. He was hungry. And he had ordered tempura vegetables with sweet chilli dipping sauce (£4.95). They arrived. Oh dear. The tempura batter simply wasn’t.

These concreted vegetables were sat on a few sorry-looking salad leaves on which industrial mayo had been smeared from one of those two gallon catering jars that go all crusty round the rim. The batter was not light, nor tinglingly crisp, as tempura ought to be. It was that stuff used to dip crap sausages in up in Chinese chippies in Leigh. Gordo couldn’t identify the vegetables at all, apart from a lonely green bean which Gordo was sure he could hear crying from abject shame.

Gordo’s photographer was invited to try it. Pointing at the radioactive dip, she simply said, “Out of a bottle”. The vegetables, “Out of a freezer”. Nuff said. Her brie wedges, breaded and shallow fried, served with cranberry sauce (£5.55) were simply unimaginative; poor in fact. The provenance in this case would be the cash and carry.

Main courses made Gordo want to weep. Gordo’s sirloin steak au poivre (£13) was delivered blue instead of medium rare and chiller-cold; the chips were from the freezer, some sorry bunch of salad lay growling on the corner of the plate whilst the au poivre was whinging in a bowl at the top. The photographer was being hypnotised by the roasted duck legs ‘served on crushed new potatoes with a black cherry and Burgundy sauce’ (£11) which turned out be heavily salted in a sauce with no personality whatsoever.

This food is the reason why retro dining doesn’t make it back; there was a whole canyon of difference between Gordo’s baked camembert and the one that Taurus did. One was made fresh with a little sprinkle of love, the other thrown together. Why describe them as shallow fried when they are deep fried? Why Cranberry sauce out of a bottle? Why nondescript salad stuff dropped on the plate, with no dressing at all, not even something out of a bottle?

Gordo and The Photographer couldn’t bear any more. And definitely not a synthetic pudding. We paid our bill and walked over to poor old Grado, who are being changed to a steak house. We had some fab cheese and a distinguished bottle of Albariño to sort ourselves out.

Hasn’t anyone working in Taurus watched Gordon Ramsey’s TV stuff on how to run a restaurant? This food is poor. Taurus should be ashamed of what they are delivering. They should cut their menu in half and make it all themselves. The food is spoiling an excellent bar with very good staff. The service is bang on fab.

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Breakdown:2/10 food
4/5 service
3/4 ambience
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64 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Back end of TaurusFebruary 23rd 2011.

I've eaten here twice - once on a work christmas doo about 5 years ago, then again 2 years ago when we had friends in town.

The food was straight out the back of the bull on both occasions. In fact, I had the brie at the christmas meal so nothing's changed in all this time.

However the crowd is consistent...My Slovakian friend was baffled... "why are there so many men dressed as women?". A lesson regarding the ecclectic (c)anal (s)treet followed....

Craig HepworthFebruary 24th 2011.

I´m shocked by not only how negative this review is but how badly written it is, it's painful to read. Who the hell keeps referring to themselves all the way through the review in the third person, that's just bloody strange. I have eaten at Taurus many times and find the food fantastic, not only that it's great priced and the bar and staff are the best in the Gay Village. I give the bar 9/10 all round, i give the badly written and strange review a 2 out of 10.

Kevin HandFebruary 24th 2011.

It's a clever review and if it's what the writer found then utterly blameless. Taurus needs to concentrate on the food clearly.

AnonymousFebruary 24th 2011.

I recently took my work colleagues to Taurus for lunch. We asked that the vinegar be replaced as it had a fly in it. It was replaced - but this one had three flies in it.

I had some chicken thing that came with a 'corn fritter'. Chicken okay, corn fritter tasteless and undercooked.

Pick up Taurus...you used to be the fine dining on the street!!!

9zFebruary 24th 2011.

I'm with Gordo on this one.

We ate there in early December and the food was a real dissapointment for me, though the staff were really friendly.

Considering the competition from Velvet next door where the food is generally really good (albeit that the service is sometimes not great)Taurus really needs to up its game!

JFebruary 24th 2011.

From looking at the pictures it looks awful, will definitely not be wasting my money!

GobbalotFebruary 24th 2011.

Craigh, you don't read Gordo regularly do you dear? Thats how he alsways writes. It's a style luv. Seems he got your attention. I wouldnt like to be dating you if you think the food in Taurus is fantastic, you really are a bit strange...

M30February 24th 2011.

Really shocked by this. Not eaten in Taurus for years, but it used to be really good food.

Taurus is worth a trip just to see the legend that is Polly

MsEnyaWhittleFebruary 24th 2011.

Firstly I have to say Gobbalot, you are an idiot, "It's a style luv" just does not cut it. This awful third person writing with repeated descriptions is not acceptable, however long it has been going on. And yes you certainly got my attention before you also repeat yourself.

Secondly I have to say I agree somewhat with out little food 'critic'. I have not eaten at Taurus for a year or two and that is purely because of the the masses of fried and bought in produce, not to mention every dish looking the same on a rusty plate with a paper pot of cheap sauce. Though not all is bad and it delivers what it says on the tin, without breaking the bank.

However I do think that this review is a little preempted and sounds a bit like a grudge match.

Finally I would like Taurus to note that I do love the bar but currently this is purely down to the fantastic staff and the service they all give. Hope Taurus HG knows this.

Flourescent AdoloscentFebruary 24th 2011.

"It was that stuff used to dip crap sausages in up in Chinese chippies in Leigh."

You might think of the famous Leigh battered sausage to be a rather primitive offering, the only reason that this dish doesn't grace the menu's of the likes of The Ledbury and Din-ner is that us Leythers are on a higher culinary plane...

Which chippy have you had the joy of experiencing anyway Gordo? My money is on Chau's???!

Flourescent AdolescentFebruary 24th 2011.

Craigh, your taste buds have obviuosly been impaired by the amount of salty protein you are consuming.

DidsburygirlFebruary 24th 2011.

looks like standard Wetherspoons fare to me, but at twice the price.

wrong jonFebruary 24th 2011.

I wouldn't expect any better from Manchester Confidential considering taurus don't advertise with you. I find Taurus the warmest welcome in the village. The food is plentiful and always good, far better than any Canal St competition

RobertaJaneFebruary 24th 2011.

This review is written in the third person, why ? "Gordo was, He didn't ?" sounds like he didn't want to associate with being there, even before the review ? That bias comes out immediately. Is he homophobic ? He has displayed transphobia before I recall ? (Crossdressers and other perverts?) This goes for the first rant here also ? Perhaps Gordo has issues and maybe isn't best placed to review Canal St. at all ?

Stuart16967February 24th 2011.

I went years ago on a date and ordered corned beef hash. We got a bowl of smash potato that hadn't been mixed and two slices of tinned corned beef on top. Havinf said that we have had a couple of OK meals in there, nothing great though.

Vinegar JoeFebruary 24th 2011.

We also found a fly in our vinegar on our recent visist to Taurus. Outraged, I asked the waiter what the said fly was doing in the vinegar - "back stroke if I'm not mistaken" was his witty retort !!!

Ad-liberFebruary 24th 2011.

I can't understand what sort of people are eating in these establishements. There's a plentiful supply of proper restaurants all within walking distance of Canal St. Taurus should stick to what it does best - a drinking establishment

SourgrapesFebruary 24th 2011.

Didn't one of the managers from Taurus used to be Gaydo on ManCon a couple of years back? That was an awfully written column full of over the top inuendo

Enya WhittleFebruary 24th 2011.

@SOURGRAPES: I believe it was the proprietors in disguise. It was awful and really put the gay community backwards about 30 years, but it was a guilty pleasure of sorts.

AKAHeidiFebruary 24th 2011.

To be honest, I think Gordo revels in the controversy. There is no other bar in Canal street which achieves the same amount of loyal custom. Now this is surely testament to the ambience, the staff and of course, the food. If Gordo is looking for somewhere to "fine dine" then Taurus is not the place, but for somewhere to eat, drink and be merry, it certainly ticks the box. The food is of good quality and the plate is always full. Taurus is the social hub of Canal Street and is, in the opinion of a "straight" talking female, well worth a visit.

Craig HepworthFebruary 24th 2011.

I´m not saying the food is Gourmet cuisine, its nice food at a good price. I think this review was way too harsh, just my opinion. And i don't care what this idiotic writer´s style is its insane and so damn pretentious. As a columnist and theatre critic myself I think my editor would sack me if I wrote garbage like this. If he hated food at Taurus that´s fine, it´s one person´s opinion. However he really should learn to write without talking about himself in the 3rd person, over describing and try focusing on the reasons rather than silly insults.

OnBalanceFebruary 24th 2011.

I've eaten here quite a few times. It's very hit and miss and while I've had some very good meals here, I've also had some fairly rubbish ones. On the whole, I love the bar, the staff, the atmosphere and its role in the village, and while I think the review is a bit over the top, I do agree that Taurus could put some more effort into some aspects of the menu. The tempura vegetables shown above would be an excellent example.

Nicky15551February 24th 2011.

I have to agree with this review - the food in Taurus is shocking! I really don't understand why its boasting about being award winning all the time as the place looks tired compared to the very slick Velvet positioned next door. Taurus should really look at what it's saying to its customers, the cocktails are cheap mixes, the wines are obviously bought in below £5 and sold high, and the chefs and owners should really be ashamed about the food which is being sent out the kitchen its lazy and even Dick Turpin wore a mask. If anything I think Taurus should take a positive from this review and look at what other operators in the City are doing, the food and drink can be fresh without costing the earth - get out of the 90's it's 2011, and if your doing retro then look at what the cool operators are up to

Gorton Transvestite Dining SocietyFebruary 24th 2011.

This is the only restaurant in Manchester I have ever done a runner from. Well, when I say "done a runner" what I really mean is that after being kept waiting for an unacceptable amount of time for food, then asking for the bill three times with no success, I simply strolled out of the door.

RobertaJane fix up and don't pull that one!February 24th 2011.


I posted the first rant and I am insulted by your response.

You need to get a grip - I fail to see how you find a PHOBIA of any sort in Gordo's review, or my rant.

By definition phobia would mean me being SCARED (PHOBIC!) of even stepping foot in taurus. Cleary not the case!!!

My anecdote shows that I was taking a foregin visitor to one of the best parts of the city. Hardly the act of somone in fear. Oh, and the pet name reference is one fondly used by many of us who frequent Canal Street.

Rant over, toodle pip, have a nice day.

Jonathan Schofield - editorFebruary 24th 2011.

The whole point of these reviews is that we go and write as we find. Nothing else. Ask the Radisson, Hilton and Stock if you think that advertising is our motive. We actually criticise our advertisers. Manchester, and its communities, have to be less cosy and provincial, think the big idea. My reading of the review is that the bar is fab, the service is exceptional and the food is below par. Discuss.

AnonymousFebruary 24th 2011.

The gays always go mad when you criticise canal street, leave em to it.

Anon TooFebruary 24th 2011.

Agree with the boy Schofield. Bad food is bad food.

Decent bar though. Get over it.

Caryn HughesFebruary 24th 2011.

Some mild homophobia there, ANONYMOUS.Its funny as its mostly the 'straights' that venture down there now.

AnonymousFebruary 24th 2011.

Precisely what seems to make you all so angry.

Anon TooFebruary 24th 2011.

Would that be hetrophobia?

AgricolaFebruary 24th 2011.

Just make the food acceptable and then there's no problem. Good bar, good service...it's easy to see what's missing.

English LordFebruary 24th 2011.

Gordo may have been slightly harsh, but in essence he is right, the food at Taurus (and Velvet next door) is below par.

I love the bar and the staff but I never eat there as I just don't think it is worth it. As Gordo says they would be better off to cut the menu down to a few choices and concentrate on the quality of the ingredients rather than using mass produced products.

AKAHEIDIFebruary 24th 2011.

Taurus is not just a bar. It's a way of life.

SirannonymousFebruary 24th 2011.

I love Taurus the bar so one hungry evening I popped in by myself for something to eat before a night out with friends. I chose faggots in gravy for some reason. One mouthful of faggot and I was surprised they hadn't been served in the tinfoil tray they probably came in. Way too salty with an unpleasant chemical taste. Ugh.

But I still go, I just don't eat there.

NortherngeezerFebruary 24th 2011.

Unfortunatley the word "shyte" comes to mind with a lot of dining establishments in this fair city of ours.
I cant believe some of the dross that has been presented to me under the banner of "food" and a big up for MANCON for generally telling it like it is.

northernquarterboyFebruary 25th 2011.

whilst the bars in the village are making a comeback, with less hen parties and less drunken scum, the food in the village needs to be improved (apart from Velvet that is).

ElpololocoFebruary 25th 2011.

It's those little paper portion controlled saucepots that get right on my nads.....only used in said shyte establishments.

M30February 25th 2011.

I'd be intetrested to hear Polly's feedback on the review and the rants.

It's a great bar, and if the food isn't up to scratch, then it's a massive missed opportunity

You should cocoFebruary 25th 2011.

I really dont think you will hear any comments from Iain or Polly as they obviously think they are doing amazingly well, shame really as we can all learn through others feedback. I would suggest a fresh look at a menu and drinks offer and perhaps a revamp on that old interior

John IbsenFebruary 25th 2011.

Too right the owners won't do anything. Their egos are too big. The bald one served me once and he was so rude. I thought I'm spending money at your place and its a burden serving me?! They should get more staff as they are usually very helpful and polite. I haven't eaten their but don't think I will ever try. Maybe drinking's not a good idea either.

JeremyFebruary 25th 2011.

I find it a shame when someone is quite so personally damning on not only someone elses living but (in this case 3 persons) life represented in a business which aims to provide very reasonable value for money in what are difficult times. I also think a review based on one meal as opposed to over a few also fails to reflect the establishment accurately.
I have known Polly since the days he managed (extremely well) Manto and both Polly & Ian since they (also exceptionally well) ran Metz, so these guys go a long way back and have collectively (now also along with Ians partner) done a hell of a lot (often selflessley) for the Village - so frankly I resent the occasionally homophobic tone to some of the above comments, albeit they be from contributors.
I would suggest that for the price, based on the many meals myself and my friends have eaten at Taurus over many years, that this establishment offers good value for money.
Incidentally, all basic sauces when purchased wholesale come in a large pot (I can only assume Gordo has never worked back of house?) - & if he and his photgrapher (can't Gordo multitask?) wants a la carte or fancy sauces smeared in a pretty pattern on a large expensive plate with 5 chips hand crafted into some sort of modern art sculpture, then they'll get smaller portions and pay 10 times the price in a restaurant elsewhere in the city without the same atmosphere and friendly service he compliments.
I have nothing to gain from adding my opinion on here in any way incidentally, and yes there is Velvet next door, again significantly more expensive.
There really is nothing wrong with the wine menu, the house red I have had today and it is perfectly acceptable, so on balance I have to conclude that I think this review comes across as sounding catty and spiteful, rather than objective.

AnonymousFebruary 25th 2011.

A bad meal is a bad meal Jeremy. If somewhere's poor I wouldn't go back.

Can you explain a bit more why one meal isn't representative of the general standard?

ManmightFebruary 25th 2011.

Jeremy you don't like it because you love Taurus. Loyality is lovely, but occasionally an impartial review is good as well. Taurus is one of my favourite bars but surely they can use this to improve the kitchen.

VirgoFebruary 25th 2011.

With all being said I have worked on canal street in it's peak, the venues were clever and the food was creative. Todate the menus which appear down there reflect a 241 culture which is below standard and tired. I'm a gay man with taste budes and find the review in taurus a true reflection of the food which is served at Taurus, wines lists can hit or miss in any bar. Taurus management should sit down and discuss there good menu objectively - because what the punter wants and what they want are 2 different stories
The northern quarter has got it right - why can't the village when I'm s gay man

AnonymousFebruary 25th 2011.

Taurus has survived long after many many others have failed. They have remained successful due to their unique mixture of friendly, welcoming, non-ostentatious attitude - extremely committed staff and their involvement with the heart of Canal Street's community organisations. As others come and go, Taurus has remained - that doesn't happen by good luck - it's damn hard work and dedication. Ok so a couple of people have bothered to slag off the food - that's fixable - The only comparisons made seem to be with Velvet - frankly always felt it was majorly over-rated and yes there's better round town - it's a BIG city - there should be a choice for every pallette. Meanwhile that one or two have had the nerve to think that Polly and the team will not be upset by this poorly written and flippant review in the midst of one of the most difficult trading periods in history have no clue at all. Polly happened to be doing something a little more important than having a quick bitch online - www.manchesterpride.com/blog/post.aspx?ID=850… - understanding what the ethos is rather than where the chips are from may contextualise some of these trivial comments. And yes I do know they will address the comments constructively - those who would rather eat elsewhere - crack on and move on

Jon FallonFebruary 25th 2011.

in complete agreement with Anonymous (post time 20:44:12). I regularly travel to Manchester and Taurus is my first port of call... great food, great staff, great atmosphere.

PollyFebruary 26th 2011.

Hi all, Polly from Taurus here. Following Gordo´s review I thought it was time to respond.
Firstly I would like to thank all our loyal customers who took the time to comment on the fantastic, long standing team, the ambiance and the atmosphere at Taurus; the social hub of Canal Street as someone put it above.
I would like to send a sincere apology to Gordo at his displeasure with the wine list and particularly his wine of choice; I do however find his comments on this matter unfounded.
With regards to the criticism, I wish to assure you all that each and every comment has been read and taken on board. I again thank you for taking the time to express your views and I am currently working very closely with the kitchen. I am sorry Gordo did not enjoy his meal on this occasion.
Finally I would just like to say that during these times of austerity any review should at least attempt to be objective. You have our assurance that the bad will be dealt with and the good further encouraged.

GordoFebruary 26th 2011.

@polly; Respect.

AnonymousFebruary 26th 2011.

Who the hell is 'GORDO'
poor review, poor publication
You can all gordo hell in my opinion!

DrakeFebruary 27th 2011.

Excellent example of how to respond to online criticism there. Neither whining nor ranting, whilst getting in a few sharp stabs in the direction of the reviewer.

NortherngeezerFebruary 27th 2011.

I still say shytes shyte, however much, or little, you charge for it.
As customers though we have the ultimate sanction.............DONT GO AGAIN!!!!.

elpollolocoFebruary 28th 2011.

Talking of shyte...did anyone read Matthew Normans review of Yang Sing on saturday?

The SmurfFebruary 28th 2011.

That's only an excellent response if you work in Social services or local government. The response addresses nothing that the critic mentioned, apart from the wine, where I also felt that he went over the top. But I'm sure I can see where he is coming from with the photo's.
Virgo seemed to hit the nail on the head with his comments.
Polly wrote"I am currently working very closely with the kitchen" And that means what?

Neil PotterMarch 1st 2011.

if this review is not biased then perhaps the reply that i have now submitted in 3 different drafts may be publised, or is it the case that the writer can give criticism but not take it ??? !!!

Jonathan Schofield - editorMarch 1st 2011.

Ex Manchester I don't understand. Course we'll publish your reply. We always do. Unless it's utterly obscene. Are you sure you've logged in?

An International PerspectiveMarch 1st 2011.

We're from Sydney, Australia and have often had the pleasure to come to Manchester as part of our annual journey on the international gay circuit.

We came to Taurus on a recommendation from some friends from New York.

Though not initially bowled over by the questionable decor and look of the place we were immediately taken in by the approachable, kind and friendly staff.

Incidentally we don't actually think the bald one is rude but he is bit of a sex pest.

As for Polly he is one of the most magnificent hosts one could hope to meet on your journey into licensed premises - gay or straight.

The simple reality is this. Though the food is not perfect Gordo has used its' failings to satisfy and further his own egotistical, self indulgent ends.

Gordo is not A.A.Gill. He is the sad proprietor of a provincial food website that relies on the very restaurants he 'critiques' to pay for his own ever increasing girth. If you don't pay for his fodder, by advertising on his website, be aware you might not like the review.

The food at Taurus reflects the price you pay for it. It does not set out to win a Michelin star. It does not pretend to. It may not all be home made. Perhaps it should. It may not make Gordo weep with pleasure but day in and day out it serves real food to real people at real prices.

It doesn't all taste so bad. Some of it, like the Taurus burger, is great and it is always served with a smile, in welcoming and friendly surroundings. Sometimes it is the whole experience that is what should count.

Jonathan Schofield - editorMarch 1st 2011.

Dear An International Perspective. This is our review policy: http://tiny.cc/463h4
Have a read if you want. That's the way we do things when it comes to food reviews. And we aren't just a food website either? In fact Sydney Confidential has a nice ring to it.

Adam RichmondMarch 1st 2011.

@ An International Perspective

"The food at Taurus reflects the price you pay for it. It does not set out to win a Michelin star. It does not pretend to. It may not all be home made. Perhaps it should. It may not make Gordo weep with pleasure but day in and day out it serves real food to real people at real prices."

Its not real food. Its crap. Its like calling Wetherspoons food "real food". It is not, it's shite.

Secondly, Man Con reviews the restaurants based on the type of place it is and the prices charged etc. It's clear that it is crap even amongst its peers.

elpollolocoMarch 1st 2011.

have to agree with furfoxache here...no matter how you dress things up here or how great the owners are, the food is still shyte...that tempura looks rank!!

HairofthemeerkatMarch 2nd 2011.

Gordo laid it out: Great atmosphere, lovely staff, appalling food. Simples.

DearJonnyMarch 2nd 2011.

I think the review is somewhat stilted, I have eaten at Taurus many times, it standard stuff. The thing about Taurus is that it's a great venue, friendly staff and a good mix of patrons. It is unlike other venues in the village that have loutish clientele that look like they're treating it as an extension of a job club.
It's one of the only venues that refuses entry to hen parties.

I will not have this review spoil my enjoyment of going to Taurus, they will still be my favorite bar on the Street.

Alan OwenMarch 3rd 2011.

The problems run deeper than the food. The chef needs changing as a given. The bald owner (preieviosly described above as either rude or a sex pest, lets just settle for arrogant) trys to run the operation with his head buried in a lap top behind the bar oblivious to his sinking business. Normally tanked up on Rose wine.Its almost surreal to watch. All the evening trade has evaporated to the much better Molly House.Polly who we all have a lot of time for needs to toughen up and cut out these dead legs while he still has a business to salvage.

RobertaJaneJanuary 25th 2012.

Had THE best steak sandwich I've eaten in a very LONG while yesterday at Taurus Bar & Grill ! Really melt in the mouth delicious ! SO tender it almost cut itself ! Heaven ! I believe the Chef that kept the standards down isn't there anymore and the food is unrecognisable now ! Quality and presentation is a quantum leap better ! Really is worth re-trying now ? New Mcr Con review needed ?

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