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Splendid Sausage Co: First Look

Confidential goes for a banger in the new John Dalton Street sausage venture

Written by . Published on April 11th 2014.

Splendid Sausage Co: First Look

IT'S NOT the most organic transition for a former logistics consultant and importer of folder ring clips to throw down tools and launch a restaurant in the city centre devoted solely to locally produced Great British butcher bangers.

"Nobody is doing it. Ok, so there's people doing gourmet hotdogs, but not award-winning locally produced British bangers. Say no to weiners."

But husband and wife tag-team Mike and Emily Edge have done just that in the former Jack Spratt site on the corner of John Dalton Street and Albert Square.

"I've had the idea for a proper butcher's sausage restaurant for a while now," Mike told us, "We were looking at a site in Spinningfields but Nandos were hogging the whole rent system, you don't want to take on Nandos. So when this site came up we dived straight in."

Dived in they did. The Splendid design team plunged in to the site so quickly that poor old Spratt got a splash of paint on his arse as he dragged it out of the door. Splendid have turned it over in just under two weeks.

Mike and Emily EdgeMike and Emily Edge

So why bangers?

"Simple really," said Mike, "Nobody is doing it. Ok, so there's people doing gourmet hotdogs, but not award-winning locally produced British bangers. Say no to weiners."

You can choose one of ten sausages, from the splendid to the Spanish, the Welsh to Moroccan lamb, then douse it in hand-picked toppings (all £7), or, the lazier option, pick one of nine combo options (from £7.50 to £9), laced with bacon, three cheeses, pretzel pieces, crumbled black pudding, peanut butter, baked beans and battered banana (eh?).

Sides (£1.50-£4.50) include naked, chilli cheese or eggs benedict fries, slaw, chicken bites or cola baked beans... come again? We'll stick to the Henry John Heinz vintage.

Beers, starting at a reasonable £3 include San Miguel, Brooklyn and Kona, wine at £2.50 for 125ml is a steal (£13 a bottle), cocktails start at £6.50 (the pick being the blueberry rum smash at £7), as do the boozy shakes - the monkey's nuts shake looks dicey.

Bonus: The first 500 to order this weekend get the first round for FREE. Three meals a day, three free rounds. Triumph.




Looks like this...

Splendid 1Splendid 1

Splendid 2Splendid 2

Splendid 3Splendid 3

Splendid 4Splendid 4

Splendid 5Splendid 5

Splendid 6Splendid 6

Splendid 7Splendid 7

Splendid 8Splendid 8

Splendid 9Splendid 9

Splendid 10Splendid 10

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32 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

C4SApril 11th 2014.

Dogs in a brioche bun served in coloured plastic baskets? Looks like they're trying to rip off DogsnDough around the corner. I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery and all that but I'd prefer a genuine frankfurter with a decent snap to it.

Prince_HarmingApril 12th 2014.

How are they ripping off Dogs and Dough, exactly? Their entire selling point is the quality of their sausages and the local sourcing. Personally I'd always much prefer a proper meaty sausage to the horrific mush of unidentifiable pink that comes in a hot dog sausage.

C4SApril 12th 2014.

Course they're ripping off DogsNDough. They're using the same type of brioche bun, offering the same type of toppings, serving them in the same type of baskets and offering a similar type of drinks menu. If they wanted to highlight the quality of their sausages as a selling point, perhaps they should be offering them in an unsullied state with more traditional accompaniments like mash and gravy?

JimApril 12th 2014.

Hot dogs in buns are hardly a unique concept that was discovered by dogs and dough. Every bloody restaurant in Manchester has swapped normal bread for brioche so it's hardly like dogs and dough innovated this addition to the food places of Manchester!

AnonymousApril 12th 2014.

Bit sad that they have failed as a restaurant so now have to do the only thing which involves no skill- peg baskets with something in brioche + fries

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 12th 2014.

How so? They're a brand new business aren't they? From what I've seen on twitter the food looks very good, hopefully we will be popping down to sample it very soon.

Prince_HarmingApril 12th 2014.

It's a brand new company unrelated to the previous occupants - don't you read?

AnonymousApril 19th 2014.

Judging by the above review I would hardly say that the food involves no skill, it's obviously very good. Well thought out menus which are different and exciting - good luck to Emily and Mike! Can't wait to eat there myself!

Prince_HarmingApril 12th 2014.

Having now eaten there I can tell you that the food is phenomenal for its type. Like the above commenter says, every restaurant in town is using brioche buns, and sticking a sausage in one isn't exactly an idea that Dogs and Dough created. Splendid was fantastic and personally I'm definitely convinced that a range of locally-sourced sausages full of real meat and not the pink muck of a normal hot dog is the way to go. They're a new, independent business in the city centre and I wish them all the luck in the world.

1 Response: Reply To This...
M-Dog ManchesterApril 13th 2014.


Prince_HarmingApril 12th 2014.

Oh, and the Eggs Benedict Fries are to die for.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoApril 13th 2014.

Prince, quick Gordo warning, never use 'to die for' or you will be banned to the letters pages of Cheshire Life

Prince_HarmingApril 13th 2014.

Gordo, wait until you've tasted them first. It's as if fries were created to be served that way.

AnonymousApril 14th 2014.

I'm with Gordo....that expression makes me wince. Along with the trend for talking with an inflection. You know, where everything's a question. Glad you like though Prince.

M-Dog ManchesterApril 13th 2014.

DID SOMEONE SAY SAUSAGES? Locally produced? Yes I'm in. Splendid, see you soon!

AnonymousApril 24th 2014.

Eggs benedict fries. Bloody great. WINNER WINNER SAUSAGE DINNER from Me.

Louis AlexanderApril 26th 2014.

I've been and it's flipping tasty. Would highly recommend it

AnonymousMay 1st 2014.

I went here last week and the similarities between this place and Almost Famous are ridiculous. I thought this place was owned by the same people as Famous? Completely unoriginal. From the baskets to the menus to the language. Poor attempt at imitation as far as Im concerned, wont be returning

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMay 7th 2014.

It's totally different. Yes there are bastkets, but they've been used with this style of food (burgers and hot dogs) everywhere for years. No sure what else you are talking about. The menus? The language? Totally different vibe - food, drinks, decor, atmosphere - in both places. A very odd post.

David in CheshireMay 1st 2014.

What, no mash? I don't eat sausages without mash and gravy. Hot dogs, yes, but this place is making a point of not selling hot dogs. There used to be a sausage restaurant in Edinburgh named Monster Mash. You chose two or three sausages, one variety of mash and one variety of gravy. The sausages were locally made and delicious. That's what we need. Anybody want to offer it?

AnonymousMay 3rd 2014.

The dogs at Dogs n Dough have that incredible snap when you bite in. All juicy seasoned beef and serous chew. Locally sourced bangers are all very well (and fairly common in MCR) but there's nothing like the taste of an authentic German frank.

Peter SykesMay 7th 2014.

Get over it guys. Its not Dogs n Dough, its not Almost Famous. I've had several really good meals there with great food and fab service. When I've taken friends there they have all gone back and taken their friends too. Watch this space. This business will take off.

Liz Blakey-ShepherdMay 14th 2014.

I went a couple of weeks back and would go again. I don't see the Almost Famous link at all. The service was excellent and didn't have that AF 'air' about the staff at all. We chatted with Mike after listening to some guy ramble on about a weird complaint and what a lovely chap!! I really hope they do well.

AnonymousNovember 10th 2014.

Cannot believe the silly arguments above. I have been to all three mentioned places and this is my favourite, with AF a close second. Its just really great food. Bit chilly in there sometimes tho.

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