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Saints and Scholars, Didsbury

Laura Whitworth wonders why she keeps going back but enjoys it all the same

Published on September 25th 2008.

Saints and Scholars, Didsbury

I have always had mixed views of Saints and Scholars, the ivy-covered cottage restaurant in Didsbury. The cosiness of the place reminds me of Cider With Rosie which I love, albeit soundtracked by Radio 2, which I dislike. And almost every time I go, I vow never to return.

It’s not as if the food is rubbish. I’ve had the odd bland meal but mostly it’s a well presented, varied menu of stuff that has been fashionable for the last few years – there is a Thai curry, nachos, several dishes that involve fajitas and a good choice of seafood salads. I note they still offer as a starter, the ‘Skin Selection’ which is crispy potatoes with various fillings and not, as I imagine, a platter of blisters, flaky jowls and foreskins from around the world.

My love/hate masochistic attitude stems from the fact that most of my experiences have been negatively affected by the inexplicable brusqueness of the proprietor: a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Penfold from Dangermouse crossed with Jim Bowen. Unlike these pint-sized personalities, however, he is an odd character with a zero tolerance attitude to customers.

Every encounter I’ve had with him, has resulted in me feeling completely unwelcome and angry. Once, he mistakenly brought a selection of seafood treats (The Neptune Platter) over to my friends and I insisting that we had ordered it. We hadn’t, we’d ordered the Mediterreanean one. We had to beg him to take it away, which after much huffing and muttering under his breath, he did. It seriously pissed him off.

Last time I went, he tutted when I changed my mind about whether or not I wanted ice in my drink and many of my friends have experienced his comical wrath too. That said, I find myself returning again and again. Why? What’s the lure? All I can assume is that I get a masochistic thrill out of being treated badly by Angry Jim Bowen.

As for the restaurant the décor hasn’t changed in years. It’s a great example of that fin de siècle panic with regard to interior design; ‘Gah, we need a refurb for the milllenium! How about we just throw a load of stuff at the wall and see what sticks?’ The result is a motley collection including a stringless guitar, a wicker magazine rack, some ice-skates, a bed warmer and tacky jugs. Amongst all this unfathomable junk, hangs a faded Pierre Bonnard print. Which is nice.

For the purposes of this review, as I go along I’m really hoping Angry Jim is going to raise hell with me; call me a bitch, maybe tip the ice bucket down the back of my jeans, make me eat off the floor whilst he berates me for spending money in his bloody establishment. Friday night, I assume, will be busy and full of the people he hates (customers). As it happens, the restaurant is quiet and Jim’s nowhere in sight.

Instead, we are greeted by a friendly waitress. I want to ask her about Jim – what’s it like working for a despot? Any perks?

To start I order, on her recommendation, the Spanakoptia spinach and feta in filo pastry(£6.95) and my friend has the tangy spare ribs (£6.95). Both are excellent, the olive oil on my salad is really good and a brilliant greenish yellow and delivers good flavours as well. The meat on the ribs peels from the bone beautifully as though it can’t wait to get eaten.

For mains, I have the prawn and smoked salmon salad with sour cream and dill dressing (£8.95). It arrives in a huge bowl and the ‘dressing’ is really just a big blob of soured cream. I have trouble detecting the dill. The mammoth portion of fish and the shape of the bowl makes access to the salad difficult. That said, it somehow works and tastes good. My companion opts for the beef sizzler (£10.95) with wild rice. A substantial dish which again mainly works although the meat could have done with being just a little more tender for my friend’s taste.

We share a marvellous banoffee pie (£4) for pudding and take our espressos outside. I settle the bill with a jovial man. ‘See you again, Doll’ he says in a soft, Scouse twang as I leave. Lovely! And yes, I think I may see you again. On occasions such as this, Saints and Scholars is a good restaurant. Even I have to I grudgingly admit that. Unpretentious, cosy and reasonably priced, it’s versatile. You could treat your Mum to lunch, go with friends and share a few dishes or take a lover and make it an intimate one. But it does make me question the unpredictability of dining out. I went along expecting to be insulted but enjoyed it. So why did I go along at all? That raises other questions. Am I such a creature of habit that the easy option outweighs bad service? Do restaurants depend on people forgetting past experiences and giving them another chance? Or am I really a masochist?


In which case for added kicks and giggles, I’d recommend booking a table when Angry Jim is working. Be really fussy. Ask him what the calorific content of the skin selection is. Watch him lose control. Honestly. I reckon it’d be a right laugh. Albeit a disturbing one.

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58 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

ok, so we all agree - lovely quaint place, and one of the few places to get the morning sun in disbury - apalling management!After far too many experiences of filthy crockery, cutlery and vile management, and food that looks like it's hit the floor before your plate, it's time we all avoided the place like the plague - that way the management will have to recognise the issue is them! Force them out, reopen with good management, happy staff and customers and we'd have a lovely little eclectic place in Didsbury....a bit like the Art of Tea but with vino!

mSeptember 25th 2008.

The place looks quirky but I've found the service full of bad attitude (not just from the the owner) and the food pretty bland. Its nowhere near the top of my list.

ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

I would like to add that Jim Bowen is actually a really nice but has been treated like rubbish by Colin, the owner, for years so hardly any wonder he seems disgruntled all the time!

Mascara AddictSeptember 25th 2008.

Chick, I would be a very professional city centre waitress!!!

Mascara AddictSeptember 25th 2008.

Oh my goodness- thank you for the tip angry ex-s and s staff! I am at uni in Didsbury and have often thought about going in for lunch with my friends, but now I will avoid it like the plague!!!

boonsterSeptember 25th 2008.

Well, this is great. I've been to S and S loads over the 10 years I've lived in Manchester. Not any more. Like the dude said before about the ribs- shocking. Same price, about £7-8, you used to get huge ribs from the worlds biggest animals. Now, you get 4, teeny tiny little things from anorexic pigs and it is poo. The Jim Bowen guy really hates it when you ask for something or complain about anything (even if the food is cold- had that before!!) and makes you feel unwelcome till the moment you walk out of the door. The only 2 things I can possibly say is good about the whole place is the hot chocolates (£1.50, no more!!) and the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for brekkie- not with the hot choc though. That's it, my 10 year relationship with this eclectic restaurant is over. Food is now rubbish, not worth the money and there are far better places to eat in that area. Seriously, don't go.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

ex Customer, what came of your conversation with trading standards then?

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

Coffee's only a quid a cup, so not all bad.

An honest Restaurant ManagerSeptember 25th 2008.

The Angry ex employee comments only re-iterate what has already been said in other rants, Man Con, should, at the end of their review meal, enquire to the restaurant what the house tipping/ service charge policy is and where it goes. It should then be published, alongside (but not affecting) the rating section. Members of the public can then make their own decisions on whether this is a factor they wish to consider when choosing a venue to dine.FYI, all my staff receive 100% of all tips and service charges with no costs for administration deducted. Good service is what drives my business forward, why would Manager want to discourage and remove the incentive for his staff to do so?

ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

Anonymous - you clearly have no idea what you are talking about yourself. To say that Colin feels that the staff don't deserve their tips is ridiculous (you mention Brian having a part to play, he has nothing to do with this side of things which further proves that you have no idea) - you've even said yourself that over the last 7 years you have been happy with the service you have received - you can't have been served by Brian every time so the waitresses must be doing a good job! During the time I worked there, there were a number of really good waitresses who I would say definitely deserved the tips. We had to run around a busy restaurant, which in the summer can get ridiculously hot, we worked so hard! Do you think we also deserve below minimum wage too? You don't understand how frustrating it is to have people come up to you and shove money in your hand then say 'don't be sharing that, that's for you, you've done a great job' then have to hand it over as Colin is watching carefully all the time. Also to compare to the establishments you have mentioned is just ridiculous - you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at S&S, I do. Colin is not a nice person and if you knew anything about what goes on behind the scenes you would realise that yourself. Vernon - of course they are doing something right, but that doesn't mean that they aren't doing loads wrong too. It's one thing to come on here and write a positive review but another to argue with a number of people who know the place/management techniques really well. People who have no idea about what goes on should keep their mouths shut instead of trying to argue with people who know what they're talking about.

JohnSeptember 25th 2008.

"An Honest Restaurant Manager Says" has it about right: we ought to be able to decide which restaurant to chose based not only on the food, ambulance, service etc, but also on the whole tipping policy. This has to be as important an issue as all other aspets of dining. Just because you've eaten near 3 Michelin Star food at John Dalton St Café prices doesn't mean that a good evening has been had by all if the staff are being paid a pittance, being treated badly and not getting their due tips. ManCon seems to encourage democracy amongst us posters, so why can't we start a revolution in eating-out now?I'm willing to help.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

Food is ok but the service is and always has been appalling. Also, a lot of things on the menu are totally overpriced for what you get. You don't even get chips with a £7 quid sandwich!

Friend of another angry ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

Also, thos pictures are misleading! Saints and Scholars doesn't even have matching vutlery, never mind tableware!!!

corporate catering customerSeptember 25th 2008.

Hi there, wow! I am so shocked to read all this as I have been a customer for a few years of S&S. To be fair though I have never visited the restaurant I am a customer of their corporate catering. Their food has always been of the highest standard and as we are a charity, they are always happy to work to our budgets and make recommendations etc. I would certainly be continuing to use them at our future events as I have always found Shirley and her husband to be very helpful and friendly.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

Anon. ex-associate - do tell, money laundering for whom?

ConorSeptember 25th 2008.

Dont bother tipping here, the waitresses don't see a penny of it and it goes straight to the owners pocket, essentially you are paying him extra for the food, lovely fry up for the morning after though.

SteveSeptember 25th 2008.

He really is a W***er, get over the road to Jem and I for food that is infinitely better. I wouldn't P**s on him if he was on fire!!

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

My family and I have been visiting Saints and Scholars for meals for about 7 years now and have always been pleased with the service and produce we receive.The orders may have sometimes been wrong, and the food may be a bit cooler than you expect, but that is what you come to expect from any busy restaurant: it is hardly a great crime for this to happen. I think you will all find, also, that the majority of establishments management take their staffs tips and distribute them themselves. This is not a great shock - perhaps Colin and Brian don't feel the staff deserve the tips they are receiving?As for the management being moody - Colin does seem it sometimes, but anyone here who has run a business before will know that, despite your best efforts, you will get worn down and stressed, and people will begin to take note of this. Brian has never been anything but lovely to my family - that's elderly, middle-aged, teenage, baby .. he's always been happy to accomodate us - and we're the fussiest family you could come across!!.. I think everyone has been far too flippant with their remarks and clearly has no clue what their talking about. Perhaps if you were to visit places such as Pizza Hut, Subway and Wetherspoons and saw the behind-the-scenes of those businesses then you would know how lucky you were to have dined at Saints and Scholars??

GordoSeptember 25th 2008.

Jonathan, those pictures look a bit too pro to me, where are they from?

ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

I agree with all the comments made here, the managers attitude towards customers, not to mention staff is unbelievable. All he cares about is money, which means cutting corners with quality and wages/tips. If your planning to dine here or use the catering business just don't bother, spend your money elsewhere.I know someone who has since made a complaint to the NMW HM revenue and customs, so I hope the staff finally receive decent and legal wages!

JenSeptember 25th 2008.

I visited here a couple of months ago to have lunch with friends. I have never left a cafe/restaurant so angry. One of my friends ordered the prawn and salmon salad, that arrived after everyone else had finished their meal. When we brought this up, on receipt of the, the waitress looked lost and said she would speak to the manager, as we felt it was unfair to pay full price for the salad. The manager was more than rude and point blank refused to do anything about it saying 'you got it in the end and you eat it all'. He then went on to explain that he was having problems with the new chef and that the two chefs were not getting on together, 'i'm having a hard enough time as it is' was another comment.As for my meal, what a dissapointment. I order the Cajun Chicken on ciabatta, over priced crap, quite frankly. It had no flavour at all and it cost nearly £10. I would never ever ever go here again.

Anonymous ex-associate of the S&S MassiveSeptember 25th 2008.

S&S is just a front for money laundering.Incidentally, never get draught beer in there; the pipes were not cleaned in over three years.Food decent though, depending who is cooking anyway.Highly amused by the Jim Bowen comment :o) He's a complete nob by the way.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

The service is unfriendly and they make you feel as though they are doing you a favour, especially from the elder guys who appear to be the owners. Breakfast has also gone downhill.

ChickSeptember 25th 2008.

911, that's what the Fair Tips Charter is all about. In Manchester, less than 20 bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants have signed up so far

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

Angry ex-employee no 2!I have also worked there and can confirm that 'Jim Bowen' is a complete Twat to work for and yes, all tips go straight into a pot from which he pays the staff. On a busy friday night you could make £70 in tips but you recieve £5 tips in your wages per shift. He is basically paying all the staff from the money they have eraned by offering good customer service. If you are going to eat there don't bother leaving more than a fiver as your wiatress will not recieve any of it!

VernonSeptember 25th 2008.

I've visted S&S on many occasions and on each occasion its always busy and the staff are always friendly and polite. Any establishment that can be successful for as long as S&S have been must be doing something right, so for all those with negative feedback about Jim go somewhere else and take your few pence there I am sure it wont be missed!! All the best from the Vernons

Botty Rider 2000September 25th 2008.

Went once - vowed never to go again. Gave it another go this year and it was still ****e. Spent £30 on a bottle of wine which was served to us in 'Esso Tiger Tokens' wine glasses. The manager was awful.

Didsbury GirlSeptember 25th 2008.

Well! Im never going here ever again. I used to work as a waitress and we didn't get to keep our tips either, we had to put them all in a jar and then we got taken out once a month for dinner on the contents. Although this was good for team spirit, it didnt do much to increase my minimum wage. As a result I, my flatmates, boyfriend and all his flatmate will be boycotting this place for good!ps that old guy is a right miserable arse for sure!

ChickSeptember 25th 2008.

Never seen such poor feedback on a restaurant review. Eeek! Bar - humbug; i wish bar/restaurant jobs were 'ten a penny'. As a restaurateur, I have enormous difficulty finding good, professional staff, and that's in the city centre. Waiting on tables is a hard, often unapreciated, job. Staff should keep every penny of the tips they rightly earn - whether it comes from service charge, gratuity on a cc machine or plain old-fashioned cash - end of.

911WASANINSIDEJOBSeptember 25th 2008.

The law should force all restaurants to display their tipping policy. Then people can decide whether they want to take their custom to a certain place. I would consider any manager or owner taking any slice of tips to be a criminal and would not eat in such a place.On the other hand splitting tips between waiting , kitchen and other staff(but not management) is perfectly fair.

Angry ex-Saints and Scholars staffSeptember 25th 2008.

Jimmy Cranky, I can promise you there is nothing else going on! I just get annoyed that the staff are treated like **** there.....the least the manager can do when he steals tips is speak to the staff nicely but he can't even manage that, no matter how good they are at the job. He's just got a disgusting attitude that's all. Also as Anonymous said you do get £5 'tips' sometimes get on top of your £5/hour wage, but if you are older than 21 that wage is completely illegal anyway!

Only when there twiceSeptember 25th 2008.

I can't understand why anyone would like this place, the two times I have been there the food was was totally bland.And I can confirm the food comes from Aldi, I often see them wheeling a trolly back in the morning.

SteveSeptember 25th 2008.

Been once, never again, its worse than cack!

JamesSeptember 25th 2008.

How very true.....I feel exactly the same and I vow never to return but always seem to fail Liking the following quote - "a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Penfold from Dangermouse crossed with Jim Bowen" - absolutely spot-on!!Really enjoyed the article - great read!

ex Customer of Saints and ScholarsSeptember 25th 2008.

Anonymous you buffon, I am pointing out your technically incorrect choice of words in the post, "something you should report to trading standards rather than mention on here" the operative word being "rather" OK Colin, fess up, we know it's you! Sort your restaurant out before trying to sway one persons review!

another restaurant managerSeptember 25th 2008.

Chick can I ask your opinion on this; When credit card companies take 1.5% - 4% of the credit card tip, do you think that the owner should still pay 100% to the staff, even though they have only received maybe 96% of it?

AnonSeptember 25th 2008.

The Jim Bowen guy really is a wan*er and so unbelieveably rude! Would be a great place without him. Hope he reads this review and comments!

ex Customer of Saints and ScholarsSeptember 25th 2008.

Oh of course, I forgot I was only allowed to either do one or the other. Doh.

Friend of another angry ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

I live in Didsbury village and a good friend of mine worked here at the weekends. I completely agree with the reviewer, everytime I go the service is awful, the food is OK if that and I still keep going back. I think it's a Jedi mind trick....I'm not sure who the angry ex employee is, but the girl I worked with had to put up with a lot of stick from "angry Jim Bowen" although fat blue shirted dark haired miserable sod who is permanently stood behind the counter glaring at his customers has to be my least favourite man. The breakfasts are no longer as good as they used to be, the only reason we still get them is because they knock them up so fast, the rest of the food is OK if that, but the owners are horrible! Don't ever tip there, the waitresses don't see any of it and when my friend complained about the waitresses not seeing any of the tips, she was told to leave! (which she did thank God for her sanity)Not only that, the highly sexist ways in which the only men working there are the proprietors. I know a few gents who have applied for jobs there been knocked back and all the waitresses are lean and beautiful....am I the only one to notice this?This place takes the biscuit, so why do I keep going back?!?!?! arrrghhhh!!!

Angry ex-Saints and Scholars staffSeptember 25th 2008.

I used to work at Saints and Scholars - it is a horrible place to work, with every penny of tips going straight back to the manager, absolutely NOTHING given to the kitchen or floor staff. I was also paid below minimum wage a number of times. If you go there, don't bother tipping. As for the food, I saw stuff sent out after it had been dropped on the floor before. The place is a disgrace. If a customer complains and you try telling the manager, he will swear and call those customers all sorts of names, even if they are completely correct to complain. I also witnessed prices just being made up on the spot if someone came in for say just a coffee and they didn't need to look at the menu. I would strongly recommend not going here.

t-puppySeptember 25th 2008.

I went there a few years ago for breakfast with my 2 yr old who is allergic to eggs, so I asked for the full english without eggs but with a tomato instead - I was told that wasnt possible and I had to order exactly what was on the menu (i.e. with the eggs...!!) Basically they said they would not cook anything that wasnt exactly how it was on the menu. That was 4 years ago, I have never set foot in there since - oh apart from on one occasion - I did once try to order a hot chocolate one rainy day however me and my soaking wet son were not allowed to sit in the back area as we were not eating, but there werent any other tables left! I dont understand how this place is still open if it doesnt want any customers.

BabySeptember 25th 2008.

Anon; compering Saints & Scholars with Pizza Hut, Weatherspoons and Subway, really does say it all. If that's your yardstick by which to judge a restaurant, I despair

ChickSeptember 25th 2008.

another restaurant manager; In a word, yes. CC charges are payable whether or not a tip is left on the card - it's just another one of those costs businesses have to account for. Don't get me started; why do busineesses have to pay the CC companies just for the priveledge of accepting their cards? Especially when it can take up to five working days for the money to reach your account even though it is deducted off the customer's card alomost immediately

Bar - humbugSeptember 25th 2008.

Last time I went there will be my last visit. The breakfast was utterly bland and I didn't feel compelled to visit again. To learn that tips are not shared is awful. I used to duty manage a bar and all staff got to share the tips, including the kitchen. Anything else is frankly a scam, legal or otherwise. A tip for those of you are not allowed to keep your tips - you'll have to be sneaky and pocket them. If it goes against company policy - so what? If you get sacked - work somewhere that does let u keep a tip. Bar / restaurant jobs are two a penny - don't stick about if the management is snide.

Mascara AddictSeptember 25th 2008.

Coffee might be a quid one day... but something else the next apparently!

mooheadSeptember 25th 2008.

go on honest restaurant owner, where is your restaurant?

ChickSeptember 25th 2008.


JohnSeptember 25th 2008.

Well, it looks like Brian or Colin has bothered to reply, but under the name Anonymous, about 10 posts before this.Poor lamb: sometimes people get stressed. Well, this in't Hell's Kitchen. There aren't telly-cameras 'round the corner. This is real life. deal with it. Or don't run a restaurant...

ex Customer of Saints and ScholarsSeptember 25th 2008.

I happen to be well aware that most of the stock in S&S comes from Aldi, not even a cash and carry (the juice, the bread, the chips, the beans), the ketchup is not heinz, but cheap bottled stuff that the Heinz bottles are filled with, the same goes for the brown sauce, deception anyone? The eggs are not free range despite the ratty looking old man telling me they were free range and organic and the poor batty old lady who walks around the village with an umbrella is always thrown out even if she is paying money for a cup of tea. Shocking.

GGSeptember 25th 2008.

I've eaten there lots of times and have really enjoyed it pretty much every time. Although, I was always a huge fan of the ribs because they are stupidly huge, but I went two weeks ago and they'd halved the portions. That was a real disappointment.But I've never been offended by the service at all the waitresses have been great, and as for old Jim Bowen, he's slightly surly but I find it quirky more than anything. Maybe I get him on his good days. Or maybe I'm one of those annoying optimists in life.

ex employeeSeptember 25th 2008.

corporate catering - the food for the catering business is completely different to anything you would get on the restaurant menu and of a much better standard. Also, as there is usually a large amount of food involved for these events and therefore, a nice sum of money involved, the service is better. It's not something you can compare to the restaurant menu and service.

Ex employee 2September 25th 2008.

Jim Bowen is a nice bloke and really quite funny in his own little way. Colin on the other hand is a complete sexist pig who treats anyone and everyone with complete disrespect.

Simon TSeptember 25th 2008.

One of those places that isn't good just because it's independent. It's shocking, dirty, and unwelcoming. Hopefully the big Costa Coffee opening over the road will kill it off. Better still, try the Art of Tea (round the corner on Barlow Moor Rd) or that coffee and panini place next to Gusto or the Deli on Burton Rd, or Thyme Out on Nell Lane.

jimmy crankySeptember 25th 2008.

Angry ex-employee is it? You come across as bitter more than anything else kidda - obviously something else going on here me thinks. That aside, I love Saint's and Scholars and have been in loads of times and would highly recommend it. I rarely check the menu when ordering coffee but haven't ever noticed prices change (perhaps some staff were dishonest in the past but have been sacked?).

WTFSeptember 25th 2008.

JimmyCrank....If you had been to Saints and Scholars you would see that it is the guy ebhind the counter that sorts out all the bills and takes the money. The waitresses just return the dishes to the counter...henceforth, if there was a problem with dishonest staff there it could only have been in the management...Unless you are either "Angry Jim Bowen" or "Blue Shirted Miserable Sod"?!

southworthSeptember 25th 2008.

this place is dirty. dirty dirty dirty. and if you see the breakfast chefs you wouldnt eat there at all. not helped by the way they fill the heinz ketchup up with cheap ketchup. I do go but only because in a crowd of hungover friends my pleas arent heard - hopefully soon they will notice all the other breakfast options in the village and make this guy change his ways.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

ex Customer, isn't that something you should report to trading standards rather than mention on here?

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2008.

Gordo; one comment above says they don't even have matching cutlery so where indeed are the photos from?

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