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Old Sessions House Restaurant, Knutsford

Dave Mooney expands the Cheshire empire

Published on July 4th 2012.

Old Sessions House Restaurant, Knutsford

DAVID Mooney, co-owner and chef patron of Cheshire eatery the Lord Binning in Cheshire has announced his return to Knutsford, where, along with business partner Paul Newman, they will open the second venue for their joint venture, the Old Sessions House.

Mooney is left on the picture above and Newman right.

A full interior refurbishment and the installation of a state-of-the-art kitchen will see a investment of over £250,000. 

Local chef and restaurateur, David Mooney is the chef patron and co-owner of The New Moon Pub Company. He's announced that he will return to home ground where he will be opening dining pub in the centre of Knutsford, the Old Sessions House.

Best known for his 21 year stint at family restaurant, Knutsford’s Belle Epoque, Mooney has appeared on television numerous times namely with the Hairy Bikers, as well as hosting his own series on Granada Television, The Food Hunter.

Business partner Paul Newman, an elite North West restaurateur, was a founder and director at Living Ventures and was responsible for the launch of Gusto in Knutsford and knows the area well.

Formerly The Red Cow, renamed and revamped, the Old Sessions House will showcase local produce. Mooney explains: “We are diligent about using premium quality produce and where possible source products locally, as there are so many wonderful producers on our doorstep.... Willington Farm Apple Juice and Delamere Goats Cheese to name two.”

The New Moon Pub Company has also commissioned its own ale, which is currently being produced by the Tatton Brewery in Knutsford. The ale, which has been named ‘The Usuale’ will be on sale in the Lord Binning and the Old Sessions House.

A full interior refurbishment and the installation of a state-of-the-art kitchen will see a investment of over £250,000. This will be followed at a later date by the creation of function facilities. The new venue will also create 20 to 30 new jobs including positions for bar, kitchen and waiting staff. 

The website is here

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pollolocoJuly 4th 2012.

"We are diligent about using premium quality produce and where possible source products locally, as there are so many wonderful producers on our doorstep.... Willington Farm Apple Juice and Delamere Goats Cheese to name two.” So nothing original at all then eh? God this is so old hat...trotting out the same old gumf about local produce...change the ******ng record Mooney!

AnonymousJuly 5th 2012.

Website link is broken.

Jo NightingaleJuly 5th 2012.

Used to live in Knutsford - always seemed like prime gastropub territory but there were none within the town itself. Good to see something being done with the Red Cow, too.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Paul NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

Thanks Jo, you will always be welcome back

Jo NightingaleJuly 5th 2012.

Having said that, selfishly hope they don't go down the 'one/no veggie option(s)' route of many gastropubs these days (yes you, The Wharf).

Kris CullineyJuly 10th 2012.

Saw Mr Mooney at the foodies festival on Saturday, shocking. He really thinks a lot about himself. He thought he was at the Frog and Bucket. Believe me he wasn't good enough to clean the stage. He was advertising his restaurant and kitchen equipment and his demo was crap. Having said that Belle Epoque was brilliant and still is. I may give it a go as long as he stays in the kitchen and just does what he's good at...cooking

11 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoJuly 11th 2012.

Bit harsh that Kris?

David MooneyJuly 15th 2012.

Well done brains!
If you had listened perhaps you would have noticed I was talking about the new restaurants we've opened since leaving BE nearly 4 years ago, so as you clearly didn't have a clue what was going on think we can discard the rest of your shite

Kris CullineyJuly 15th 2012.

With all due respect, I and a lot of other people were there for a demo and not a comedy cooking sketch with adverts. In all fairness That's why a number of people walked. I think that is a fair comment. Discard whatever you want. cheers

David MooneyJuly 16th 2012.

To be fair if I'm in love with myself, your shaving mirror must be a rash of love bites!
Lets chat over a glass in the new place, then you can judge my abilities; rather than in a tent at a festival
e mail me via website if you fancy it

pollolocoJuly 17th 2012.

I can't understand why people would pay good money to meet food producers that already attend most of the north west farmers markets (free) anyway. Unless of course they want to see Mooney et al gimping it up for the crowd of old dears?

David MooneyJuly 17th 2012.

the fact they are there presumably means people do want to watch us gimps, so thanks for your schilling.
Don't likee don't come, pretty easy

pollolocoJuly 18th 2012.

7.14pm...shouldn't you be cooking, washing pans etc?

David MooneyJuly 19th 2012.

Oh you are a scream! You come to my demos,check our profiles, must look out for you & your carer in our places, thanks for interest x

pollolocoJuly 19th 2012.

where did I say that I have ever been to your demos? yes, I checked out your site after reading this article....good to see you finally cut the apron strings after all those years workign for mummy.

Kris CullineyJuly 19th 2012.

Thank you for your kind offer David, i genuinely mean it. However I will pass. Not to say i wont be visiting the much lauded new arrival to cast my not so expert eye over it.On the Demo note I just think that you can tone down the ego thing, we all know your a competent cook. People want to watch demos to pick up tips. I just think it could be executed in a informative and entertaining way. I would just like to say my rant is over. Good Luck in your new venture, and no hard feelings, my view is my view. On to other rants like Amba!

David MooneyJuly 21st 2012.

Cheers Kris
Never hard feelings, life too short, enjoy

AnonymousJuly 11th 2012.

Can someone tell me what an "an elite restaurateur" means please! and was'nt living ventures founded by Tim Bacon and Jeremy Roberts?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Wendy NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

along with Paul Newman, Danny Fox and James Moroney! Show yourself Mr Anonymous!

Wendy NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

good restaurant owner!! please feel free to contact me anytime if you need further english lessons Mr Anonymous my rates are favourable!

Kris CullineyJuly 15th 2012.

Actually it would mean a superior person/group of people in their sector. Thanks for your kind offer but I'll pass on the English lessons. I would probably use successful rather than elite that's all!

pollolocoJuly 16th 2012.

It's PR shite Kris....if you want a really good laugh, check out the profiles on the Lord Binning website...you couldn't make it up....I pissed myself!

AnonymousJuly 11th 2012.

Gordo, you should have seen the man. He was really cocky at that demo, it was like a poor comedy dragons den!Don't get me wrong if he had attained a Michelin star I could understand it. that said he has ran some reasonable places and his cooking is consistent. Sorry I see as I find.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Kris CullineyJuly 11th 2012.

Sorry that rant's mine. Kris

Wendy NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

wow Kris how bitter are you???

Kris CullineyJuly 15th 2012.

Not bitter just my opinion. Sorry.

pollolocoJuly 12th 2012.

if he was chocolate he'd eat himself!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
David MooneyJuly 15th 2012.

I honestly would x

Paul NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

He honestly would, as long as he had a nice glass of schioppettino to wash himself down with ;-)

Wendy NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

why can't people be happy Knutsford is crying out for something special and Old Sessions House is exactly what it promises to be! Bring it on you guys and look forward to it!

1 Response: Reply To This...
David MooneyJuly 15th 2012.

As always; correct x

Paul NewmanJuly 15th 2012.

I can't wait for the Old Sessions House in Knutsford. Remember this - the proof will always be in the Pudding - starters, desserts, planks, cocktails, cask, wines, Champagne. If the place is bad it won't survive, if it's good then long shall it live!! The Lord Binning was closed for two years before Mr Mooney took it on and it is brilliant

Kathryn HorsmanJuly 15th 2012.

Why such negativity? We can't wait to dine at your new venture and I'm sure we will love it as much as we love The Lord Binning. Well done guys.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Kris CullineyJuly 15th 2012.

No negativity just constructive criticism. In actual fact no one has said anything negative about the new place, but some people are just very defensive. I for one will endeavor to go and eat there.If I am allowed?

AnonymousSeptember 5th 2012.

Good luck David and co, it's always going to be a challenge, you rise to the occasion , I hope you keep on going from strength to strength ,

Graeme PottsOctober 11th 2012.

EDITORIAL: Graeme you can't be this personally abusive to people in public without evidence. If you have a grievance take it up with them directly.

pollolocoOctober 12th 2012.

According to companies house, there is no evidence of Paul Newman ever being a Director of Living Ventures Ltd.

Mark Garner, PublisherOctober 12th 2012.

This has become too personal, childish and weird. Once you start trawling through companies house it starts to verge on Trolling. Jonathan, your opinion? I don't like being the publisher of this crap?

Jonathan SchofieldOctober 12th 2012.

I agree Mark. And actually I think that Paul Newman was fabulous in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid but even better in Cool Hand Luke.

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