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Best Of MCR Steaks? We Need Your Help

Tell us what your favourite steak is and win a meal for two

Published on January 30th 2013.

Best Of MCR Steaks? We Need Your Help

RIGHT let's get serious with flesh. 

Meat. Steaks to be exact. 

Rib, rump, chuck, fillet, T-bone, sirloin, chateaubriand - any steak, by whatever name you know it. 

As a little tickle to those who help us out, the best two recommendations will receive a pair of Manchester Confidential Heroes Cards and/or two tickets for the Great Northern Tunnels Tour

We want to know where in Greater Manchester and region your favourite steak is to be found? 

This is about dining-out here, so please don't recommend your favourite butcher, we're talking restaurants, bars, pubs and so forth. 

Your favourite might be steak specialist Gaucho Grill, it could be indie newcomer Beagle, it could be Grill on the Alley, Restaurant Bar and Grill, 63 Degrees, the Chop Houses, Grenache, Nutters or that special neighbourhood venue we've yet to find out about. 

Please rant your favourite venue from Greater Manchester, indeed the North West, in the comments section below, with a reason why you like their steak so much. 

We'll be publishing our Best of Manchester Steaks choice in the first week of March, but we'll be using your recommendations to help us make our minds up. 

As a little tickle to those who help us out, the best two recommendations in our rant section will receive a pair of Manchester Confidential heroes' cards and/or two tickets for the Great Northern Tunnels Tour (click here). 

The Hero Card gives 25% off over 40 top Manchester venues (click here). It lets you snaffle quality grub at good prices.

This is the Heroes list of venues correct on 30 January.

MC Cafe Bar & Grill, Blackdog Ballroom, Choice, Dilli, Cornerhouse Cafe Bar, Harvey Nichols 2nd Floor, Linen, Mark Addy, 24 Bar and Grill, Podium, Ramsons, The River Restaurant, Room Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Strada, Taps, The Market Restaurant, Thomas St Restaurant, TNQ, Velvet, Zaika, Epernay Champagne Bar & Café, 1847 - The Vegetarian Bistro, City Café, Liars Club, Ramsons Hideaway, Eden Restaurant, Per Tutti, 47 King Street West, The Banyan Tree, Don Giovannis, Livebait, Purity, Smoak Bar and Grill, Rhubarb, The Lowry Spa, Pierre Alexandre, James Roberts, Integument Aesthetics, Prestige Fitness, Spa 303, Band on The Wall.

Deadline is Thursday 15 February. Thanks in advance. Now please rant away.


Lush, madam, fleshlyLush, madam, fleshly

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132 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Bacon OnthebeechJanuary 30th 2013.

The Beagle for me. 1847 The Vegetarian Bistro on the list? Surely some mistake?

DaisyJanuary 30th 2013.

Grill on New York Street is the best I have had for a while.

FurFoxAcheJanuary 30th 2013.

Undoubtedly the best steak I have EVER had was at Leo's in Chorlton. I don't particularly think that the other food on Leo's menu is that good, but the fillet steak in a peppercorn sauce was unbelievably good. So well cooked (rare for me) and the sauce was spot on. Served with polenta chips.... I'm drooling just thinking about it. Its one of the only times I've asked to speak to the chef to congratulate them because it was that good.

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AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

you must be joking, leo's did that once - never ever again

FurFoxAcheFebruary 1st 2013.

Shame you didn't like it. Honestly, the steak is unbelieveable. You really should try it. Like I said, I'm not overly fussed on the rest of the menu, but this was the best steak I've ever had. Although, I did go to Smoak/Malmaison yesterday and the steak I had was absolutely spot on.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2013.

I have tried it mine came overcooked and smothered in a sause that although it was undoubtably made on the premisis was not a bad aproximation of bisto. So yeah I would agree the steak is unbeliveable but for all the wrong reasons.

Lord of the PiesJanuary 30th 2013.

Had the fillet steak at Alchemist on New York Street a couple of weeks ago. It was quite a small portion but it tasted ace. Cooked rare with a delicious peppercorn sauce, served with chips. Highly recommended.

Frazer MunroJanuary 30th 2013.

The Cote de Boeuf at Smoak is the best steak I've tasted and the addition of the mushroom and bone marrow on the plate raise it above it's other MCR rivals.

AnonymousJanuary 30th 2013.

nnot an obvious choice perhaps, but the steaks at The Horse and Jockey in chorlton are excellent. Top quality meat, well cooked and good value too. Love that place.

Peter GuestJanuary 30th 2013.

The Hale kitchen in hale village is ace for steaks!! Plus half price on a thursday!!

bigearsJanuary 30th 2013.

I'd go for Abode Cafe bar or Smoak, close call though

Katherine GradyJanuary 30th 2013.

L'entrecote for quality and value for money. Think people are now beginning to get the concept of there too?

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RevaulxFebruary 1st 2013.

Agree 100% with your first point, but not at all sure about the second. I have yet to see more customers than staff; a great pity.

David PJanuary 30th 2013.

Grill on the Alley British specials menu. There's normally a fillet, rib-eye and rump on there, and they rotate them where they source them (I think the ones at the moment are from the north-west). The best I had was Welsh, but they're pretty much always ruddy gorgeous. First time I ordered one, my missus ordered the fillet from the standard menu, and it made hers, an excellent steak by all other accounts, taste ordinary by comparison. I just wish they did spinach as a side.

Gaucho's fillet is also never disappointing (and they do spinach!). Also, and perhaps surprisingly Room, I had a steak in Room which was excellent.

I'm so hungry right now...

Poster BoyJanuary 30th 2013.

...just ask John Thompson to cook it.

TheWallJanuary 30th 2013.

charolais rib-eye from Grill on New York Street is fantastic cooked perfectly the fat just turns to juice in your mouth. Amazing tatse! Also suprisingly I had an excellent ribeye in Strada Spinningfields once.

Wall-EJanuary 30th 2013.

Neighbourhood in spinningfields can actually cook your steak as requested. Also both damson and Rose garden have lovely fillet/hanger steaks.

StephJanuary 30th 2013.

The steaks at Farenheit (formerly 110 Restaurant) in the Genting Casino (formerly Circus Casino) on Portland Street are excellent. They've always been good but since the refurbishment they've now got a Josper Grill and it's makes them even better.

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Mark GarnerJanuary 30th 2013.

Good call that Steph

Bilbo BobbinsJanuary 30th 2013.

The 1kg Belgian Blue porterhouse at The Lowry Hotel was bloody spectacular.

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Bilbo BobbinsJanuary 30th 2013.

That was for two by the way!

LizardJanuary 30th 2013.

David Gale, Podium, the chateaubriand; don't forget the fried onions and bernaise, does he still do it?

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Big Boy GreenJanuary 30th 2013.

Mettricks supply David as well, arguably the best butcher in the NW

NatalieJanuary 31st 2013.

Guacho for me, its expensive, pretentious and like eating in a nightclub but the steaks are the best I've eaten. Went to Grill on NY Street at the weekend and was very disappointed with my rib eye.

Bacon OnthebeechJanuary 31st 2013.

Not tried The Rose Garden yet, but Michel Roux JR said his steak was excellent: twitter.com/…/296073198649352192…

CharlotteJanuary 31st 2013.

It has to be The Rosé Garden for me. The end.

Steven LindsayJanuary 31st 2013.

The rib eye steak in Choice in Castlefield is the one. Perfectly cooked every time and sourced from a butcher in Cheshire who knows what he's doing. Oh, and it comes with some perfectly proper chips!

Simon TurnerJanuary 31st 2013.

Michel Roux Jnr was in the Rose Garden the other evening?? Excellent.

Jacey CoatesJanuary 31st 2013.

It's got to be Gaucho. It's pricey but worth the money. The range of steaks is exquisite and each time I have been the meat has just melted in my mouth - heaven. Last time I was in there I drank a little too much of the amazing wine and couldn't finish my huge steak. I took it home and had it the next day in a salad - What could be better, two steaks for the price of one ;) Gaucho Steaks = 10/10!

StevieJanuary 31st 2013.

Best steak ever was consumed at Smith & Wollensky on Miami beach. Seating outside overlooking the beautiful water and yachts going by...

Alas, we do not have that kind of backdrop in Manchester, nor do we have a Smith & Wollensky. In which case, the best local steak can be found in Gaucho. Great quality beef, always cooked to perfection and accompanied by excellent reds and Chimichurri sauce. What else can a girl want?

Carol HopkinsJanuary 31st 2013.

Grill on the Alley - with fat chips!!! Can't go wrong!

Anna SadokJanuary 31st 2013.

SoLita in the Northern Quarter do an amazing hanger steak cooked to perfection in their Inka Grill - the first of its kind in Manchester! This was undoubtedly the best steak I'd had in a long time.

Also had a great steak at The Oast House over Christmas - their rib eye was thick and juicy and so tender, it just melted in my mouth! A steal at £13.95 it's great value for money too!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AntonyJanuary 31st 2013.

Oast House is great, but i don't like eating out of a previously used wooden box (don't know if the steaks are served like this though!)

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Oast House buy brazillian beef, the lowest quality available??

Anna SadokFebruary 6th 2013.

The steak isn't served in a wooden box in Oast. Mine was served on something that resembled Westwood. Didn't realize they used Brazilian beef either. I prefer places that source their meat locally (like SoLita) but it tasted good - similar to a beautiful Argentinian steak I had at Gauchos in Amsterdam once. Mmmm, hungry now!

Claire LeatherJanuary 31st 2013.

The best steak for me in Manchester is the Grill on the Alley's Steak Frites - cooked perfectly and great value.

ChrisJanuary 31st 2013.

Smoak at Mal Manchester... T-bone cooked in the josper grill the best steak I have ever eaten superb....

suzyblewJanuary 31st 2013.

Personally don't rate Smith and wollensky! However will add Gaucho to the list as per everyone else and also throw in Piccolinos. Not obvious but really good steak.

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AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Piccolinos have their own butchers that also supply Bar & Grill. Amazing dry aged beef.

Gary OwenJanuary 31st 2013.

El Rincon De Rafa, off St John Street, in Longworthy Street takes some beating, my particular favourite at the moment is the Sirloin, but whatever meat you choose is of an excellent quality and great value for money.

Helen FullerJanuary 31st 2013.

The fillet steak with peppercorn sauce AND Colston Bassett butter at Restaurant Bar & Grill. Utterly incredible.

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Keeley WattsFebruary 7th 2013.

I agree... fillet steak with peppercorn sauce from Restaurant Bar and Grill... always comes the exact way you order it.

Natasha BaranelliJanuary 31st 2013.

It's got to be Gaucho for me, definitely the best chateaubriand in the city

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Abode Bar and Grill is by far the best restaurant for steak ever - and so reasonably priced! Second best is Alchemist New York Street, half price throughout January too - can't beat it :)

Mrs BrownJanuary 31st 2013.

The French at the Midland did the best steak I've ever eaten and never failed in quality. Will the menu after the refurb live up to expectations?

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annijesFebruary 1st 2013.

I agree -the Chateaubriand they serve is the best steak Ive ever tasted. Too expensive to eat it (or there) often but fantastic for a special occasion - and they do doggie bags so you can have a steak sandwich the next day.

Emma DonaldJanuary 31st 2013.

Fallen Angels next to Royal Toby in Castleton, Rochdale do a lovely fillet steak....thought it would be nice to have some different names in there....maybe your team could try it?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Agreed! Always consistently good @ Fallen Angels... and that's the real challenge... hence why Gaucho is always highly rated..

Joan FlynnJanuary 31st 2013.

best by far for me and the hubby was in Farenheit , fantastic flavour , cooked to perfection and reasonably priced :)

Michelle FlitcroftJanuary 31st 2013.

Gaucho all the way. the food, the service, the atmosphere!!! You pay for what you get and you get brilliance!!! Even the cocktails are amazing. If you haven't tried it, take this as a sky high recommendation!!!

Ed CrossJanuary 31st 2013.

Sirloin at Damson with a bottle of the St Jospeh, Cuvee du Papy from Stephane Montez (that tastes like a much more expensive Cote Rotie)

Sam JohnsonJanuary 31st 2013.

steak & lobster @ alto in the radisson do a fantastic rib-eye, the lobster is great too but this is about steak and theirs is fantastic!!

Julia CarruthersJanuary 31st 2013.

I had a lovely steak in TGI Friday, could not fault it !!

John KilgariffJanuary 31st 2013.

Best ever steak from Gaucho Grille - Rib Eye Rare... filthy.... (in a good way)

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Gaucho by far, flank being my favourite at present. Australasia also good with their little twists. SW Steakhouse in Vegas best in world by far, been four times and gets better - very expensive but worth every last penny

MissMJanuary 31st 2013.

L'entrecote is great, although not quite the "steak" most people think of when they order one as it arrives already sliced, but it is mouthwatering. Have had a fantastic steak at Rosso in recent years and certainly all of the Grill restaurants in the Living Ventures restaurants are top notch. 24 Bar and Grill are worth mentioning also. They are the ones that really stand out in my memory, but in general I have noticed a massive improvement in the quality of steaks all over the UK in the past 15 years.

RebeccaJanuary 31st 2013.

Not an obvious choice, but one of the best restaurants in Manchester by miles - The House on Goose Green in Altrincham: their rump is to die for (the fillet is always surprisingly tasty too) always cooked spot on as reqested. It's an absoloute gem of a place - and good value too.

Greg ReideJanuary 31st 2013.

Restaurant Bar and Grill was superb when I went (6 years ago though)

Grill on the Alley - went the other night, nothing special imo.

San Carlo - superb steak even though it's not its forte

Choice in Castlefield is superb, really underrated restauarent, again imo

Smoak - visited recently and thought it was OK, but again nothing special for the price. Service abysmal as well.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Greg ReideJanuary 31st 2013.

christ knows what happened with my spelling of restaurant there!

ChristFebruary 1st 2013.

don't ask me.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Mamma Maria's in Urmston, newly opened & their steak is by far the best I've ever tasted! I'm very fussy with my steaks but here they get it perfect! Cooked perfectly to how you want it! I honestly don't believe anywhere can top this place! Perfect!

1 Response: Reply To This...
Bilbo BobbinsJanuary 31st 2013.

Too many ! exclamation marks there anon, clearly a member of staff ;-)

David BishopJanuary 31st 2013.

Not a place I would have expected to find it but Umezushi had a fairly spectacular steak on as part of the tasting menu the other week. The beef sashimi was also very, very good.

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Anna SadokFebruary 6th 2013.

I Love this place! I had the vension, it was beautiful.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Smoak! the sirloin on the bone is awesome- cooked in a josper oven, i found L'entercote a tad bland & its an eerie place

Paul SmithJanuary 31st 2013.

Gaucho is the best steak in Manchester by a mile!!!!!

Manchester235January 31st 2013.

Linen restaurant Great High steaks at that casino restaurant!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Manchester235January 31st 2013.

yes we are not ashamed of voting for ourselves!

Bilbo BobbinsJanuary 31st 2013.

LOL excellent

StephJanuary 31st 2013.

Make sure you're logged out or have selected Anonymous next time.

Michelle ThomassonJanuary 31st 2013.

Puccini, Ashton Under Lyne does the most AMAZING steak rossini!

Michelle ProctorJanuary 31st 2013.

Thats really difficult to decide but i've narrowed down to two places:
1. The fillet in Grill on the Alley - melt in your mouth amazing!!!!!
2. Fillet steak Puccini at Puccini's in Swinton. Steak cooked to perfection, wrapped in parma ham with a brandy, tomato, mushroom and olive sauce - YUM!!!

Sabrina FarraceJanuary 31st 2013.

The Fisherman's Retreat in Ramsbottom!! Grow their own cattle and then serve it on a plate!

AntonyJanuary 31st 2013.

Best steak in the UK by a mile is at Goodman in London. The New York Strip is £30. Unbelievably good, and although not cheap, it compares well to the Bife De Lomo at the Gaucho at £33. Locally, The Peacock Room in Bamford does wonderful steaks and far better service than most of central Manchester.

Paul MJanuary 31st 2013.

My wife and I once had the chateaubriand on a 50% deal at The Grill On The Alley. By far the best steak we've ever had including chateaubriand elsewhere that didn't come close. I could still taste it (in a nice way) for the next few days. The succulence of the steak, the bearnaise sauce and even the chips - all perfect, mmmmm.

TilleyJanuary 31st 2013.

French chain le relais de Venise king st Manchester
The best steak I have ever had the pleasure of tasting
Even nicer is the secret recipe sauce which I was told when asked for the recipe it is a secret and has never ever been disclosed can not wait to return
It's a pleasure to only have one choice on a menu
Steak & chips for £22 per head is a real bargin not to be missed folk

Sam JohnsonJanuary 31st 2013.

Outside of Manchester it's got to be Henry's Bar and Grill in Lytham, best quality t-bone steak I have ever had anywhere!!

TilleyJanuary 31st 2013.

Ps forgot to mention the house red at £16 per bottle great value ..

Paul Jones-EvansJanuary 31st 2013.

At last, a forum to share with the world the steak induced love that my friends have to suffer every time this topic crops up! Without hesitation and with the knowledge I'm correct, the best steak I have ever eaten in the North West is at Upstairs at the Grill in Chester, and its also one of the best dining experiences. Let me set the scene.......

At the bottom of the quaint cobbled street just within the city walls, you will find a rather grand front door with little signage, just a glass-encased menu on the wall. Ring the bell and and your journey begins. You host will greet you at the door, take you to the lectern to check your reservation and then escort you past the lush red velvet curtain behind which hides the dining room, and whisk you upstairs to the bar. Here you are met by some of the most knowledgeable staff in the business. You're drinks order are taken (the cocktails are first class) and then a wiater will talk you through the menu, including presenting you with a steak board of various cuts to choose from. This is truly an education, far better than Gaucho, and the choice is also far wider. Once your order is taken you're left to enjoy your drinks & order wine, and only taken down to your seats once your first course is ready. Once in the dining room the service level if anything increases, and the starters and sides equally as good as the meat.

To those who have never been this may sound a bit pompous or pretentious, however let me assure you it is not. It's all understated, attentive and has a very cool vibe.

I personally always go for the bone-in ribeye which is so far unsurpassed in my dining experiences. The only thing that comes close is at STK in New York, and Chester is just a tad nearer to drive!

1 Response: Reply To This...
Paul Jones-EvansJanuary 31st 2013.

Excuse the typo's!

Fraser HampsonJanuary 31st 2013.

I had perhaps one of the best ribeye steaks ever at Harvey Nichols Brasserie. Medium rare with bearnaise sauce, tomato, mushroom and proper chips! :) Definitely going back for my next meat fix, I think next time I will try the fillet steak. I can honestly recommend it!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

I definitely agree! I've had the ribeye, and had the fillet last week from their new menu. Cooked to perfection, served with delicious chips, and to top it off, a lovely glass of HN's own Malbec. Yum! Best. Meal. Ever

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Its got to be Grill on the Alley on Ridgefield. No other steak grilling comes close.

Pauline YatesJanuary 31st 2013.

Le Relais de Venise on King Street, Manchester! Their steak is fab. I have eaten there many times and have never been disappointed. Always cooked to perfection - med rare - and the service is excellent too!

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

the best ribeye steak i had was at choice in castlefield, we can across this place by chance, steak cooked to perfection as i like mine rare and got what i asked for, meat just melted in your mouth.......... ps proper chips too, recomend to all

TopchefJanuary 31st 2013.

Gaucho then Grill on the alley/ New York St. Can't beat a good rump steak for flavour!

1 Response: Reply To This...
TopchefJanuary 31st 2013.

Cooked Rare of course.

Richard AthertonJanuary 31st 2013.

Throughout 2012 my girlfriend and I unfashionably moved away from the rush for the worlds most totally amazing and original burger! and instead sought a decent bit of boeuf.
After trying several in the city and around the suburbs we agreed that RBG scored top marks for quality of meat, choice of cuts, cooked as asked and at a fair price. Refreshingly, Zinc recently demonstrated the consistency across the group by matching the high levels of RBG in the steak department. Sumptuous and magnificent were words shared across the table - as were tasty seasonal greens and as it should be...the sauce on the side.

Paul CarterJanuary 31st 2013.

My favourite steak by a million miles is a rib eye from Lord's Butchers in Middleton. I don't have rib eye steak from any restaurant because it is generally never as good as what I can get from my local butcher.
BUT, I did enjoy the steak at Relais de Venise in Manchester, even though it wasn't rib eye, primarily because I asked for it to be cooked rare and it came rare. Worst steak was at Gaucho - overpriced and poorly sourced.
Outside Manchester the best steak by far can be found at Pollen St Social where chef Jason Atherton smokes it in pine needles and it is delicious.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AntonyJanuary 31st 2013.

You need to try Goodman, its just around the corner from Pollen St, and i think the steak is better.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Restaurant Bar & Grill have their own cattle from Dinmoor manor in Hereford, and they have their own butchers business so nothing but the best allowed. I hear they are to introduce Prime USDA beef from the same source as Goodmans soon.

SamanthaJanuary 31st 2013.

Gaucho Grill - best fillet steak in MCR by far!

Jon GrievesJanuary 31st 2013.

Time to blow our own little trumpet but I think but Choice Bar & Restaurant in Castlefield has the best Rib Eye Steak. It is wonderful. Sourced from independent small hold farms throughout Cheshire by a great butcher and cooked brilliantly by the boys in the kitchen and served with hand cut chips, a giant onion ring, salad and a proper deep flavoured handmade peppercorn sauce that uses fresh stock.

And best of all every Thursday (ex Valentine’s Day) if you buy one of these bad boys... We will give you another absoltuely free of charge as part of our BOGOF offer.


1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoJanuary 31st 2013.

Jon, well done, most of the people who rant about themselves pretend to be punters but we can se they are on the staff a mile away. I agree with you, as it happens, yours needs to be in the top ten cook off.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

The Royal Toby, Castleton, Rochdale does the best 14oz Rib Eye steak (amongst others) that you can get, whilst being great value for money so go and try it !

Karen MorrisJanuary 31st 2013.

28 Day Aged 8oz Fillet Steak with Fondant Potato, Celeriac Puree, Wild Mushrooms and Spinach, Served at my local, The Oddefellows Arms in Mellor, yum yum, may have to go there for my tea now!! Oh and its just been listed in Michelin 2013 guide.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

The Hale Grill Chateaubriand steak is brilliant - particularly as during January it was half price

GlossopswiftJanuary 31st 2013.

I don't have many experiences to choose from so won't go so far as to say it is the best in Manchester end of, but the rib eye at Velvet is the best I have had.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

the grill on new york st is perfect and 50% off!

ANDREAJanuary 31st 2013.


The Manchester Bar and Grill, John Dalton Street. Excellent steaks cooked to perfection....fillet to die for!
And a choice of different aged beef. Dine outside whatever the month or weather....magical experience on The Terrace.

CitizenandrewJanuary 31st 2013.

L'entrecote without a doubt. Perfect every time, no fuss, no hassle, no fat.

Amanda SmithJanuary 31st 2013.

Avalanche and it was 50% off!

kisscurlJanuary 31st 2013.

Le mont when it was above Urbis thats now the football museum. Melt in the mouth. Mm. Mm!

MaggieJanuary 31st 2013.

Without doubt the best steak in Manchester is the fillet steak at Restaurant Bar and Grill.
Cooked to perfection, perfect seasoning with a fab spinach accompaniment....................mmmmmmmmmmmm

food for thoughtJanuary 31st 2013.

La cote de boeuf at Room restaurant served with Bone marrow fritters, clear winner....

Lesley HampsonJanuary 31st 2013.

The Angel pub on Rochdale Rd which is in amongst the Noma/Coop building project. The fillet steak on their recent Xmas menu was voted best ever by a gang of 8 experienced foodies.

AnonymousJanuary 31st 2013.

Restaurant Bar & Grill have been serving amazing beef for a while. They opened their own butchery unit and they have sourced from a farm called Dinmoor manor. I had a steak last week cooked in their new Inka oven and it was simply brilliant.

Never had a bad steak in Gaucho. Argentinian Beef is top notch and they marinate some cuts to improve texture and flavour.
Meat at the Grill on the alley and sister restaurants is not great, they tend to buy cheap imported Brazilian Beef which is the cheapest of the South American Beef. I had a simple burger at Oust House last week and I spat out the 1st mouthful, the meat was off!!

Over all, there are plenty of good places to go for a steak. It could be the best meat in the world but the chef needs to know how to cook and season properly otherwise its a waste of time. The oven or grill is also important. A charcoal unit is always going to improve flavour of any beef.

Over all I have to plump for Bar & Grill and Gaucho as they are 2 establishments that have the best selection and passion for meat and it is the backbone of both menu offerings so they know they need to get it right.

Other restaurants are capable of offering a good steak eating experiance but I doubt they do it in the numbers that these 2 fine restaurants do.

James ShortFebruary 1st 2013.

chateaubriand for one whilst the 50% off is running at GONYS. Rude not to

Sarah JonesFebruary 1st 2013.

The steak at Opus One is the best I've had in Manchester

Danielle WilliamsonFebruary 1st 2013.

No question - the clue's in the name - The Grill On The Alley. Quality meat in atmospheric surroundings any day of the week.

Helena RimmerFebruary 1st 2013.

The night my boyfriend proposed we ate at Smoak @ Malmaison...we had the chateaubriand special served with bone marrow, seasonal veg and chunky chips...it was fantastic...and we had complementary champagne to celebrate! Living in Manchester I've had steak at Gaucho, San Carlo etc etc but personally the steak at Restaurant Bar & Grill wins hands down...filet steak, medium-rare with peppercorn sauce...perfection!

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2013.

Choice in Castlefield without a doubt, seriously underrated, always amazing quality rib eye steaks in a really relaxed atmosphere. It almost gets forgotten about these days because of all the new bling restaurants, but more fool you!

Joel JarmanFebruary 1st 2013.

My rare Cote de Boeuf at Smoak was great.

Steven ManginiFebruary 1st 2013.

The Bone-In Prime Rib at Piccolino Clarence Street, Manchester is without doubt the tastiest steak I have eaten. Coming a very close second to that would be the Fillet Steak at Don Giovanni's on Oxford Street.

Mouth Watering!

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2013.

Cook it at home or treat yourself to a trip down to the LDN and book into Hawksmoor...

Who eats steak out anyway? It's possibly the quickest supper you knock up after work or to impress a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/date...

Step 1: Go to Frost's or Axon's
Step 2: Ask for a dry aged T - Bone extra thick
Step 3: Pay under 15 quid for enough to feed two non fatties
Step 4: Slap it on a screamingly hot cast iron griddle
Step 5: Open something good, red and French
Step 6: Rest and carve

Result: the best steak in Manchester

You go out have fish/seafood like a normal person - preferably at Wings.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
FurFoxAcheFebruary 1st 2013.

I eat steak out and can't eat fish or seafood because I have an allergy. A good steak is a real treat and the care that goes into making a that (from farm to table) is something that I enjoy spending my money on. Don't be so judgemental.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Hee hee sorry - was a bit rude I guess!

Still would recommend the seabass, lobster etc at Wings, if it ain't gonna cause potential deadness! In which case avoid and have the beef.

paulFebruary 7th 2013.

Totally Agree any dipshit can cook steak so I never order it when I am out get a good cut and DIY it. At least I got to join in.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2013.

Cook it at home or treat yourself to a trip down to the LDN and book into Hawksmoor...

Who eats steak out anyway? It's possibly the quickest supper you knock up after work or to impress a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/date...

Step 1: Go to Frost's or Axon's
Step 2: Ask for a dry aged T - Bone extra thick
Step 3: Pay under 15 quid for enough to feed two non fatties
Step 4: Slap it on a screamingly hot cast iron griddle
Step 5: Open something good, red and French
Step 6: Rest and carve

Result: the best steak in Manchester

If you go out have fish/seafood like a normal person - preferably at Wings.

James CunninghamFebruary 1st 2013.

Well.. I would say this as I work there.. but I work there for a reason!

Michael Caines Grill @The Abode.. we use the best local butcher who delivers us the most tasty Hangar steak which we match with herb crusted bone marrow! I just can't get enough!

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Anna SadokFebruary 6th 2013.

Hanger steak is amazing if cooked properly - had it cooked to perfection at SoLita but not tried it at Michael Caines - will add to my list of places to try :-)

Kelly HulmeFebruary 2nd 2013.

The Wing Rib Steak to share at Smoak/Mal. Melt-in-the-mouth delightfulness...

Victoria UreñA MolinaFebruary 2nd 2013.

For me the best steak is in The Market (Northern quarter). The meet is extremely juicy and it tastes divine. Your eyes wide open when you put the 1st bite on your mouth...simply mouthwatering.
The only downside of it is that it is presented with the sauce over it and it would be nice to have the option of trying it on its own as well.

Calum McConnellFebruary 3rd 2013.

L'entrecote on King St. No fuss, just simply divine steaks.

TanyaFebruary 3rd 2013.

4 friends and I went to the city cafe restaurant last week....I had the rib eye steah which was absoutely perfect and delicious...wonderfully delicate food and this one had an unbeatable texture and wonderful combo of flavours!

Mark HaireFebruary 4th 2013.

For me, it's got to be Smoak at Malmaison. I took my girlfriend's parents there last year (with the ManCon 50% off voucher) and we all had steaks. The Josper grill really adds to what are already clearly fantastic pieces of meat. I had the rib steak, which was simply superb. The charred effect and flavour was second to none, and I gobbled up my own (and everyone else's) bone marrow. A real treat, and tender as you like. Buttery, beautiful meat!

AnonymousFebruary 4th 2013.

I had the t-bone at Australasia just before christmas and cannot. stop. thinking. about. it. Best medium steak I've had that has actually been medium - mmmmmmmm....

Although not the first (or cheapest) place you would think to get a steak from, it was superb. Australasia should definately be on the list.

*stares sadly at lunch of beans on toast*

SallyFebruary 5th 2013.

It has to be Dukes 92 Bar & Grill :) I had the fillet steak and OH MY it was tremendous! Not only was it £10 cheaper than most other restaurants but it was (in my opinion) cooked better too. Mmm.

Affordable luxury! Way to go Dukes.

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James KayFebruary 14th 2013.

Think I had the steak that night too,on a half price offer. I felt embarassed by recommending it though... shame on me.

LindagjenkinsFebruary 9th 2013.

Has to be MC Cafe Bar and Grill @ Abode. The hanged one , pure heaven!!

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2013.

I had fillet at 63 degrees and it was THE best steak I have ever had! But I would choose Smoak for every other kind of steak. mmm, Im hungry now!

mcadFebruary 19th 2013.

Any good butcher recc's in Manchester city centre?

I'm sure Frosty will be 'hanging' (geddit?!!) around these comments, when you moving into the cc?

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