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Two Manchester Bars in the World's Top Ten

Jonathan Schofield and the weird list of the world's best bars - but what do you think is Manchester's best? For £50

Written by . Published on April 28th 2008.

Two Manchester Bars in the World's Top Ten

We like them a lot, but are Socio Rehab on High Street (pictured), and Velvet on Canal Street, good enough to merit inclusion in the top ten of the world's finest?

According to website 'worldsbestbars', sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey, they are. Click here

Socio is the third best bar and Velvet seventh. Let's remind ourselves we're talking best anywhere in the whole wide world: that big round thing, third rock from the sun.

Even odder is the fact that Liverpool's Exclusive Newz Bar on Water Street is the daddy of them all, the greatest in the world, top dog, big cheese, numero uno, head honcho. This can't be right, of course, simply because any person using newz like that should be life imprisoned and given spelling tests until they die.

Here, apparently, are the top ten bars

  1. The Exclusive Newz Bar, Liverpool
  2. Barasti, Dubai
  3. Socio Rehab, Manchester
  4. Club 11, Amsterdam
  5. Bar Bacca, Belfast
  6. Vertigo, Bangkok
  7. Velvet, Manchester
  8. Der Raum, Melbourne
  9. George V Hotel Bar, Paris
  10. Raoul's, Oxford

Confidential thinks famous GaGaville bar, Talking Through My Arse, might be number 11.

Obviously there's something clearly amiss with the 'worldsbestbars' organisation, such as sanity, judgement and maths. For example the total number of votes for Exclusive Newz Bar amount to 39 (amongst the 7 billion people of the world) and Socio Rehab has 52 votes, which obviously puts them behind Exclusive Newz Bar. Eh?

We tried to contact the website about these odd calculations. And we tried to contact them about the judging methodology, but we haven't had a response. Clearly the staff are down some back alley doing multi-coloured medication. We also suspect all the bars have Jameson Irish Whiskey in stock and the website is based in the North West.

Still, it got us thinking.

What are the top ten bars in Greater Manchester? To help us out we thought we'd involve you – with another £50 bar tab for the winning entry.

What about these? Socio Rehab, Big Hands, Velvet, Kro, Knott Bar, Sand Bar, Odd, Common, Night and Day, Fuel, Iguana, Lime, Cloud 23, the River Bar, Purple Pussycat, Pi, Living Room, Walrus, Taurus, Cornerhouse, Pure Space? Some of these would definitely make our top ten list and some definitely wouldn't. Or maybe you know of barista excellence in Staly Vegas or Alty that we've not heard about. Let us in on it then.

Simple rules. The winning £50 tab will go to the best suggestion for the best Greater Manchester bar in the rant boxes below, with an argument to back it up.

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80 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DavidosApril 28th 2008.

Pure Space is fantastic since the refurb. Get my vote everytime. They even sell Pol Roger !

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Mr T - you've not missed much by not getting into Cloud23. The views are all on the wrong side (Hulme rather than town!) and you end up waiting FOR EVER for your over priced cocktail.

ChrisApril 28th 2008.

Sure, everybody has a different definition of whats the best, but its glaringly obvious for me. Amidst Manchester's recent explosion of wannabe, trendy, 'want to be seen there', places, theres a bar that stands out by a mile, due to its understated class, elegance, and pure lack of snob factor, despite being ironcially head and shoulders above the rest.The wine list is genuinely good, albeit a little short, the cocktail list stands upto anything in the city, theres several good beers on tap, that differ from the regulars, and if you fancy a bite to eat, the restaurant upstairs is pretty good aswell!And best of all you can sit having a quiet drink, never have to worry about being shoved about or being forced to listen to a conversation from 3 tables down, without fighting to the bar, whilst you amusingly watch the hoardes of wannabes in taxis arrive just around the corner, at Panacea, a lot of whom actually come into the wrong door, mistaking it for the shallow minded shrine which they are hunting out.The clear winner, is The Restaurant Bar and Grill. Great service, generally unpretentious clientele, quality food and drink, quiet, underestated surroundings, where you can relax and feel looked after, which is what a bar IS about surely? And best of all, its not on anybody's 'want to be seen there list'.Genuine class, if you ask me.

MatApril 28th 2008.

Socio Rehab is OK, but nothing to write home about. Velvet was great when it opened but looked a bit tired last time I went there (admittedly several years ago).I like Big Hands a lot and Mojo would be great if it wasn't always so rammed.But my vote goes to Pi for getting the simple things so very, very right. It's small, intimate, plays good music at low volume, the decor is winningly eclectic and of course it sells about a zillion types of different of lovely, lovely beer.It was interesting to see that Chopin bar up the road, which on paper was a similar kind of place, but got it all wrong and closed after about a month.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Jamie Hyland are we talking about the same Velvet?! I spend alot of time in there myself; It is a nice bar and the best in the village but it's really not that good. The drinks range is actually qiute poor and it is starting to look tatty!

tumblingkirbyApril 28th 2008.

agree totally - socio rehab ****in rocks it off - pukka tunes - top djs at weekends, clever creative cocktail menu, best drinks in town, staff with proper personalities, friendly helpful, chilled relaxed luxurious vibe in the week - and packed full of party and fit birds at the weekend - what more do you want?as an alternative - MOJO - that ****in rocks it off too!

AdamApril 28th 2008.

People are ignoring Fridays on Oldham Street. It's smart, pretentious even, yet strangely democratic with lots of fine smoking gents outside the door. If you love Panacea, you'll love this place.

eviej_ukApril 28th 2008.

Taurus on Canal Street is still my all time favourite bar in Manchester - it's relaxed, friendly and the owners and bar staff are brilliant. I love it!

JohnApril 28th 2008.

I'd definitely have to put my money on The Circle. Whenever I take anyone in there for the first time they immediately go "Wow" at the decor which is gloriously over the top kitsch but the bar is still a comfortable place to chill out. The staff are all friendly rather than the usual coked up, juggling halfwits that pass as bar staff in Manchester. The door staff don't vet my outfit before reluctantly letting me in. It's a members' club so no chavs. It's open til dawn at weekends. To my knowledge, the owner has never attempted to murder any of the customers. Eclectic music mix rather than the tyrany of endless R 'n B.

JohnthebriefApril 28th 2008.

Hmm, it's an interesting question but I think you'd get more fun (and your libel lawyers more work) if you'd asked people to vote for the worst, not the best. And as for the post about Panacea above, I don't wish to appear unsympathetic but anyone who chooses to go to Panacea should expect to be treated like sh!t. It's what they do. And why would anyone want to give money to a man who tried to kill one of his own customers? How does the guy still have a licence?”

emma graApril 28th 2008.

MOJO people!!! amazing music, the bar staff get drunk with you and you can dance on the bar...none of this standing around pouting and waiting to be chatted up. just go and let your hair down!!

John ClarkeApril 28th 2008.

Well, since you mention Alty, the new Mort Subite on Greenwood Street (underneath Fat Loaf) is pretty damn good.

Hattori HanzoApril 28th 2008.

Ooh look; another thread full of 'posts' by not at all partial bar managers/owners/licensees. How very surprising. Wait for the one from Lounge 31, Melodies and anyone else trying to bluff their way in venue P.R. Lesson one: People are not stoopid.Lesson two: Run a good barLesson three: Don't let in a**holesResult: People will come.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Defo Velvet, but also closley behind would be Tribeca.Excellent atmosphere, great wine, perfect for friends to meet up and get together and chill after a hard days work!!Always does the trick for me and my friends...

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

Off the actual list, Club 11 is definitely the best (though I've only been to 5 of them so what do I know!) It's in an amazing 60's art nouveau type building on the 11th floor (obviously!) and you get an excellent view across the city. It's really relaxed during the day and early evening but later on the space (which is pretty big) turns into an amazing club. Plus, the Museum of Modern Art is downstairs so you can check that out while you're there :oD

Andy SellarApril 28th 2008.

The hole in the wall in Liverpool is the best ! Come down on a Sunday afternoon for a cracking few pints and Val will even sort you out with some free food !

wrenieApril 28th 2008.

Some good bars mentioned in all above. My favourite of the moment has to be ODDER.! Yes I know it gets busy upstairs but great bar, great food and great Staff....

Jamie HylandApril 28th 2008.

I'm 29 years old and if nothing else i've been around! Bars have been a predominant factor throughout my 20s and the most consistent of these is the legendary “Velvet” on Canal Street. Amongst my reasons for this bold statement are, being greeted by the owner of the venue on your way over the red carpet on the street every weekend night. One of the coolest, most eclectic soundtracks that Manchester can offer (without it being too cheesy or technoey or whatever the “buzz” word is amongst the music snobs that Manchester has so many of!!). The stunningly attractive and welcoming bar staff that no matter how busy it gets always manage to serve you super quick and still with a smile on their face. The chez long/velvet sofas dotted around the bar together with a luxurious Tim Burton esque theme, the fantastic cocktail menu and range of spirits and liquors that you wouldn’t find outside of London. Summer or winter the air conditioning always makes you feel perfectly regulated. There’s even a restaurant downstairs with the finest food at perfectly reasonable prices incase you get peckish or need somewhere to take the parents that will suitably impress! And the piece de resistance for me is that no matter what time day or night, the clientelle never look down their noses at you, you’re welcomed as though you were always part of their opulent surroundings. Why go elsewhere?

ramrantApril 28th 2008.

Can't believe nobody has mention Corbiaire's!! I love the fact you can't /fit two people on the stairs at the same time, the foods wicked, the drinks are fairly reasonable and the juke box is the best!! shame the lizards have gone though!

tomApril 28th 2008.

My favourite Socio Rehab experience:I'm stood at the bar waiting for a couple of cocktails. In walk a trio of WAG wannabes, outside their normal Deansgate haunts for the first time.WAG 1: "Can I have a bottle of medium white wine please?"Barman (in best patronising tone): "I'm sorry, we don't do medium."Out walk WAGWs.Funny? Or am I just the biggest snob ever?

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

JohnTheBrief - Yes! Bar Below! I had forgotten it exists but will go now you've reminded me. I think I saw some drink offers on Manchester Confidential. Its a really nice space and they have great cocktails. Plus its open till late late late on weekends. Yay!

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Taurus on Canal Street in Manchester has to be the best

StevePApril 28th 2008.

I'm not a massive Revolution fan - but they have worked wonders in the upstars bar they opened recently at their Oxford Road location. It used to be a dirty old man's cinema (which I like the idea of!) - sadly I never saw the inside during those days to have an opinion on how the clientelle and atmosphere has changed over this time. I'm guessing it has.Venture past the obligatory hard-edged door staff and you get to a really well presented and thought out bar space.There is a bar as long as the room, plus 5 concave booths that allow 6 maets to gather around a bottle of something fancy.The decor is laid back, dark wooden floos and exposed brick, with exposed beams to add to the 'could be your posh mate's front room' feel.DJs on weekends play a forward-looking array of Electronica - think NishNashNosh with the odd breaks track.The staff and management are great - I had a flat beer served to me and the manager poured me a fresh one himself. All good. If you are a SubSpace regular like me stick this bar on your list of pre-destinations - you will be pleasantly suprised. Final word of advice..? Just get in early and secure that booth... its like Restaurant Bar and Grill - but for real people.

CharlieApril 28th 2008.

mojo & purple pussycat combination. went last friday night and hadn't appreciated how much back bridge st now rocks.

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

I love Trof, but it's a bit expensive, always too busy and full of those awful NQ pretentious types that make me want to hit their heads into walls at great speed.

chasmcrApril 28th 2008.

Temple of Convenience, hands down. Friendly, odd and just the right side of seedy. Great jukebox, unexpectedly good wines and no frills. I always take visitors to Manchester there. You can't beat a subterranean bar. Is it true that Alan Turing was arrested cottageing in it?

mark mApril 28th 2008.

well, mort subite (sudden death) is not even really open yet, but is fantastic. 250 different types of beer, not too pricey, quirky decor and friendly staff. bring it on. greenwood st altrincham

forrestApril 28th 2008.

what about the stoat and helmet ?

ktfairyApril 28th 2008.

I find most bars annoy me - so I guess I'm getting old. But you can't beat Centro and Bluu during the week - yes they are a bit shabby, but so am I after a day at the office and I like to relax not worry about who is checking me out for my designer clobber.

JohnthebriefApril 28th 2008.

MY own personal Manchester City Centre top 10 would look something like this, in no particular order.... Tribeca, Cloud 23 (so long as it's on expenses or someone else is paying), The Britons Protection (which as well as quality real ales and a great whisky selection has Manchester's best-kept-secret beer garden), Bar Fringe (for the choice of continental beers), Trof (where you can cure a hangover with a great bloody mary and Manchester's best breakfast), the Temple of Convenience (cos it's weird, funky and has a brilliant juke box), BarBelow (for the cocktail jugs and the eye candy), the Lass O'Gowrie (which is the best place to watch footie), and finally in the Northern Quarter the Bay Horse and Rodeo.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Jamie Hyland are we talking about the same Velvet?! I spend alot of time in there myself; It is a nice bar and the best in the village but it's really not that good. The drinks range is actually qiute poor and it is starting to look tatty!

scottyApril 28th 2008.

how about the deaf institute ? maybe not been around for long enough though. I also like night and day, oh my god i sound like a student! Who is jesse metcalfe?

Kevin @ M4April 28th 2008.

Lammars - went there for the first tmie and it was really good - nice mix of people, quite busy, good atmosphere, funky music.Velvet - always a good favourite. Good mix as well, and always friendly, but I agree it probably could do with a touch up.TriBeCa - great for Sunday lounging, but perhaps a few more sofa's?

johnthebriefApril 28th 2008.

Come on JS, who wins the moolah?

TimboApril 28th 2008.

fifty7 for me, round the cormer from lemarrs (the bunch of *unts) yeah 57 is wicked, top location...offf the beaten track, lovley barstaff...specially the tatood blonde girl & the kithcen is spotless & they actually make real food there !! BonusBest bombay saphire in townx0

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Gastros was great for a beer and now its closed !

candlestickchimneyApril 28th 2008.

Bar Fringe, quality range of beers, eclectic crowd, no 'Deansgate' tossers - what could be better??

KidIcarusApril 28th 2008.

Well, if we’re talking bars I think you’d be remiss to ignore the many charms of Pure Space just off Oxford Road. If you’re looking for a smart and friendly place to get your beer on, forget playing sardines in NQ and head down to Space; it’s one of the only places in town that can mysteriously transform an after work drink into a 4am school night walk of shame. Great cocktails, fun staff, slickly refurbed main room, a smoker friendly roof garden with a barbecue and, of course, one of the sweatiest clubs in the city lurking in its filthy basement. Pure Space is always a great, unpretentious laugh with decent prices that inevitably lead to another round; good stuff indeed. Best bit? Well, it’s only a stones throw from the pikey, piss-stained Font which means no Foxton Hero’s or Indie Cindy Students to spoil the evening with their constant braying and new wave hair do’s. Ponces.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

The bar at Georges V is fab: you have to have the Violet Martinis (should be renamed violent): Bellini Ice Lollies at Plaza Athenee (they call them Fasion Ice) in Paris; Jhad Mahal in Marrakech total craziness; The Carlton Hotel Bar in Cannes during the Film Festival; Nicky's on La Croisette, Cannes during the Film Festival; the Pangea Chillout Lounge during the Grand Prix at Silverstone. Rehab doesn't get anywhere near.

Ducks are greatApril 28th 2008.

Socio Rebab is the best bar by far! So good they even made a cocktail for me and named it after me! The staff are very friendly, it's non pretentious and the people aren't usually irritating "ledge" students like the rest of the NQ

VictoriaApril 28th 2008.

How can you compete with three floors (and a balcony) of good (50 types to be precise) beer, great food and really decent music? Trof must be in the run in surely....

GorApril 28th 2008.

The Prince of Orange "Gods waiting room" in Ashton under lyne is worth a train ride out of Manchester. It is classy but unpretentious and offers a massive range of drinks and the bar staff are always very helpful. Entertainment on a Saturday evening is also excellent.

daleyApril 28th 2008.

spot on hattori. get rid of the blaggers. BTW, i love pesto. great food, top bar and lovely people. perfect quality venue before smoozing down to friendly old panacea for a head kicking.

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

Velvet would be a fantastic place if they got rid of all the staff and 90% of the people who drink there! It's *the* most pretentious place in the village and the staff are only friendly and serve you quickly if you look like Jesse Metcalfe!

Mr TApril 28th 2008.

I pity the fool that waits for ever for my over priced cocktail. Mr T's cocktail should never be overpriced, it should be straight from the cow and cheap as a Printworks' girl on a night out. Drink you milk kids, calcium is good!

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

You can't beat Bar38 on a hot summer's day!! And Lime is great for the post work crowd on a Friday.

A Nonny MouseApril 28th 2008.

Revolution? *vomit* Pikey dive.

Vintage VantageApril 28th 2008.

I can't help but like TV 21. It's the space shuttle. Geeky, but fun.

SassyApril 28th 2008.

Its got to be Bar Lorenzo's on Beech Rd in Chorlton. Ace tapas, great service, good reange of beers, wines and lovely STRONG cocktails and shorts. Service is freindly and relaxed and you can watch the world go by. Fab all round.

AndinioApril 28th 2008.

Socio is pap! THE BAY HORSE EVERYTIME!!!!!

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

Thanks for the support John :oD However, you forgot to mention the chocolate fountain on Thursdays! Reason enough to win in itself!!

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

. . . and lovely booths! I like a nice booth.

Mr TApril 28th 2008.

Socio-rehab hasn't looked like great since the day it opened has it? Unless they've had a bit of a refurb recently? Still love the place but anyway, that's not why I'm typing. Best bars eh? In the world you say? Hmm now *that* is a toughy. Personally I've always loved Obsidian, or the bar at the Mal (my current fave post work kickback locale) but one that really deserves the label of worlds best? Well the only bar to offer anything near what I think would warrant that is Cloud23. Ok, ok sorry that's a bad joke. I've still not managed to actually get in to cloud23 to be fair but I digress, Cinnabar at Vermilion - now THAT is a good bar. And one which to be honest, everyone needs to go to. The design, the vision, the epic scale of everything (like the Buddha tower and those awesome pod things), it's a shame the ultra-mega-super-grand-casino didn't open cause it's not getting anywhere near the attention it justly deserves, good to see it turn up on the pages of Confidential mind, just hope they get enough trade to keep going. I'm also quite partial to The Northern, but that's a pub so I shan't mention that here.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Bacchanalia Bar on Chapel Walks is a great bar ! small but very chilled ... service is always excellent and the staff make great drinks. Great happy hour too ! Totally unpretentious with a small yet chilled out atmosphere..

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

I've always been quite fond of The Temple of Convenience. Its tiny and it smells but its cute and quirky and unique.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

1. The Knott Bar2. Odder (Oxford Road)3. Pi (Chorlton)4. Trof (NQ)5. Pure Space6. Trof (Deaf Institute)7. Corbieres8. Big Hands9. Bay Horse10. WalrusThere are pubs that would knock some of the above out of my top 10, but haven't included them, seeing as though its just top bars.

BabybobsxApril 28th 2008.

Malmaison - second to none. Fresh ingredients for the cocktails, knowledgeable staff and a subtle affluent ambience. Nice, relaxing and friendly.

BernadetteApril 28th 2008.

Room is fantastic for the cocktails food and atmosphere not to mention the excellent room with high ceilings and fire places. Definitely the best

jeff the catApril 28th 2008.

Many valid points, only one really stands out........bacchanalia, decent drinks great service, chilled mid week, buzzing weekends until 3 am. Great outside space etc etc. Mojo and purole pussy cat also worth a mid week mention.

SeanySeanApril 28th 2008.

I have to say a shout for Zinc... Great place, amazing drinks nice people.. then I would leave a mention for the Urbis at a close 2nd... I love my cocktails and these two place love making them! Between them the knowledge on drinks is 2nd to none and are not full of "better than you" people but people willing to have a bit of fun in classy surroundings... Panacea... watch and learn!

daleyApril 28th 2008.

pesto! come on everybody, it's fab.

InterestingApril 28th 2008.

Anybody see this if we're talking bars?Hellen says..“ Last Saturday night whilst enjoying some quiet drinks with professional friends in Panacea, I was approached by a short guy dressed in a dishevelled cream shirt who proceeded to remove a friend's Porn Star Martini from the table. At the time, my friends were visiting the ladies room, and I was simply an innocent woman sat alone. I felt isolated and intimidated by his aggressive and unreasonable behaviour. When questioned as to why a 'stranger' (Jo Akka - Manager) was trying to steal my friend's cocktail, I was told that it had a 'tea spoon' in it. My calm response involved explaining that this cocktail and the previous four that my friend had bought, had all been served with a spoon. His reply was 'I'm taking your drink'. I said 'I'm afraid not'...'it's my friend's'. Within seconds, I was approached by a small 'bald bouncer' who escorted me - without explanation - off the premises. I explained that I was with three friends who would all be concerned as to what had happened to me. I remained cool, calm and collected as I left as the bouncer threatened to physically remove me - 'drag me out' - if I did not move there and then. About ten minutes later, my friends who had not been informed of my whereabouts exited the club to look for me. We proceeded to attempt to discuss the reasons as to why exactly I had been asked to leave. And of course, during this time, there was no sign of Akka. The bouncers had no rational explanation (hmmm, surprising!) as to why I was asked to leave..and as we were very aware of Akka's violent behaviour towards women, we thought it best to leave. We left over £50 worth of drinks on the table - I only hope that Akka got his spoon in the end!!.... It is obvious that Jo Akka suffers from short man syndrome; I suggest in future he picks on someone his own size! Oh yeah, he did with me being a towering 5ft 3” tall!” ”

BillyApril 28th 2008.

Wherever I lay my hat that's my home. I'll go for Circle too.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

ODDER ON Oxford rd , great place

Lady LApril 28th 2008.

I would LOVE to tell you where the best bar is in Manchester, especially as I had the honour of being introduced to it by none other than Gordo, but if fear it I do, it will no qualify as the best bar as it will be over run by hordes of people wanting to go to it. But.. on off chance that you work it out and if you keep it a closely guarded secret and I win, please donate the money to charity.

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Circle is w*nk! Oh my God it is just horrific - like stepping onto the Indiana Jones film set - tacky placcy walls and dingy grotty people. Agressive door staff ( I saw one of the bouncers a couple of years ago drag and old man on a work do by his neck and throw a punch) Tons of wannabe WAGS and even worse the pathetic coked up footballers who they are trying to sh*g. Horrid, rotten hole...and let's be honest - any one can be a member...couple of hundred quid (wasted) and it is yours...the times I have been subjected to it I quickly did a runner and headed off to Subway (the sarnie shop!)- yes it really is better!!! In fact just to keep ranting - WAG wannabes can expect to be approached by Dwight Yorke and other tos*er footballers whose brains live in their pants...rant over!

LisaJKApril 28th 2008.

Lamars is the best bar, great sofas, great interior, great bar, great people, GREAT :)

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

Socio Rehab is the best bar in manchester still - by a long way - great service, amazing service and cool surroundings - come on get in!fed up of these shiny pretentious bull**** bars - socio does the best drinks and the guys making them care about them - and you

AnonymousApril 28th 2008.

RESTAURANTBARANDGRILL?!?!your about 5 years off the pace pal!

Ellie May RayApril 28th 2008.

Barasti Bar Dubai coming second to Newz??? I don't think so!!!! I think a VERY large pinch of salt is needed!

MarieApril 28th 2008.

Taurus is my choice. Nice atmosphere, good drinks and great food. It should be praised for their support of the LGBT community as well as their queer friendly attitude that has always mad me feel welcome whether with my boyfriend, my girlfriend or my boss!

ChrisApril 28th 2008.

The Purple Pussycat! If you have been you will know why and if not definitely worth a try. New York City Chic tucked away in Manchester City Centre it will make anyone feel special regardless of their usual choice of bar. A hidden gem.

GorApril 28th 2008.

The Prince of Orange "Gods waiting room" in Ashton under lyne is worth a train ride out of Manchester. It is classy but unpretentious and offers a massive range of drinks and the bar staff are always very helpful. Entertainment on a Saturday evening is also excellent.

T & PApril 28th 2008.

Last Saturday night in Mojo was one of the best nights I've enjoyed out in Manchester in YEARS. Stellar soundtrack, great crowd and superb cocktails.

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

I feel trendy - I've been to 5 of the 10 best bars in the world if you go off that list :oD My best in Manchester would be Tribeca - The atmosphere is fantastic, there is something different on every night, the staff are friendly, the seats are comfortable and the drinks (depending on what time you get there and what you're drinking!) are reasonably priced. It's everything you need and pretentiousness is generally left at the door!

GJHApril 28th 2008.

Hattori - bang on! Blatant blags from the owners on a lot of these.Jamie Hyland is mad. Or works for the bar. You guess!The Circle is horrible by the way. They are a very cheap, barely making ends meet establishment. pretending to be Soho House or similar.THEY STOLE MY MONEY & RUINED MY BIRTHDAY!!! But that is a different story altogether (see another rant!

kittyApril 28th 2008.

Zinc has to be the best bar around. So much so I live and work at the other end of town and still class it as my local. Staff are friendly and helpful, drinks are amazing and the food rocks too. I always bring my mates here and they always adore the yummy cocktails! And if News Bar can get a mention, then Korova definitely deserves one too!

johnthebriefApril 28th 2008.

At the risk of being unoriginal and with a nod to Kev P above, I will also vote for Tribeca. Why? Firstly it has the funniest (and best) doorman in Manchester, Sean, who never has to resort to thuggery or threats and is great company. Second, the staff recruitment policy means waiting to be served at the bar is never a trial, because the eye candy is entertainment enough. Their mix of events (pub quiz, karaoke, live music) on quiet nights means there's always a good reason to go in, and you can usually get a contrast of atmospheres (and music) by choosing upstairs or down - Thursday night 80's night is my personal favourite, but then I'm an old git. And last but not least, for whatever reason, Tribeca is not popular with pretentious braying wannabes. It gets my vote.

Kev PApril 28th 2008.

A hot guy!

CharliebirdApril 28th 2008.

Socio rehab - its dark and candle lit which gives it real atmosphere. They also give you with the Rainbow Road cocktail - an astrobelt!! Thats right free sweets with your fabulous cocktail. As for all this rubbish about overpricing, for gods sake your on a night out, go for it! You only live once x

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