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Trof presents the Deaf Institute

Lynda Moyo sounds off about the Deaf Institute

Written by . Published on May 13th 2008.

Trof presents the Deaf Institute

Everyone loves Trof. It's cheap, cheerful and most importantly, independent. Well not for long. It seems Trof may be cashing in on Dolly the sheep syndrome. Luckily for Trofians, each new birth is a distant cousin from the original Trof in Fallowfield, instead of an identical twin. As all first borns secretly know, the first will always remain the favourite.

Each new birth is a distant cousin from the original Trof in Fallowfield, instead of an identical twin. As all first borns secretly know, the first will always remain the favourite.

The third instalment of Trof, like most trilogies, focuses on effects and size. 'Trof presents the Deaf Institute' (yes that's its official name) is located in the former building of the same name. Trof had to endure criticism for their decision not to remove the offending stonework above the door (which they can't because it's a listed building). They got further into trouble for their original idea of calling the bar 'Deaf and Dumb'. I say, why not? Just put it down to a semantic shift where 'deaf and dumb' join words such as 'bad', 'sick' and 'wicked'. Nevertheless the scaredy cats at Trof in the end buckled under the pressure, hence the present clumsy moniker. Most people now call the place, logically, Trof 3.

The row didn't stop the regulars rushing there. As one education focused student told me: “The area by the uni needs a Trof. There's no where else for us to go.” Erm, how about the library? You'll find your degree there, mate.

Food wise, Trof 3 does what Trof has always done best - food which is easy on the eye, palate and purse. Saltimbocca ciabatta consists of melting buffalo mozzarella cheese, sage leaf, Parma ham, and chicken fillet with lemon zest grilled in a ciabatta roll (£5.75). Unfortunately despite this huge list of ingredients the reality looked less than the sum of its fantastical parts.

Trof 3 also boldly boasts 'the best Sunday dinner in the world ever'. This is made up of lemon and garlic roast chicken and stuffing, roast pork with spiced roast apple, cranberry and orange sauce, lamb stuffed with garlic and rosemary or British roast beef rubbed in dijon mustard or even - and let's hope they keep all their pans seperate - an exquisite weekly vegetarian special (£8.55).

A recently sampling of the roast beef option proved satisfactory given the reasonable price. "Their veg wasn't over cooked and the potatoes weren't too greasy, plus meat was still moist. But it was a meal were there were a few negatives rather than loads of positives. It certainly wasn't quite the best in the world or even Manchester."

At least the meat wasn't too dry, which is always a potential problem in restaurant and bar roasts. But this does show that sometimes Trof's irreverent jokey menus and descriptions can turn out to be just plain irritating rather than plain English.

The interior is a jumble of old country pub meeting modern canteen. On one side, murder mystery study room style leather couches, on the other benches and tables with avocado green school plates.

Trof 3 also has a hidden and surprisingly big upstairs room which they use for functions. Again, with the high school theme, this is reminiscent of the Grease 2 school play with its country cabin wood effect, rustic stage area and an oddly clashing disco ball, the size of a small planet.

Staff are like the customers, laid back, care free and very, very friendly. In fact the waitress has to be the smiliest waitress off all the Trofs, if not of all the cafes and bars in Manchester. And it's definitely this type of warm and welcoming appeal which makes Trof accessible for everyone, rich or poor, student or professional, deaf or dumb.

Rating: 15/20
Breakdown: 3/5 Food
3/5 Drink
4/5 Service
5/5 Ambience
Address: Trof presents the Deaf Institute
135 Grosvenor Street
M1 7HE
0161 276 9350
Mon-Thurs 10am -2am
Fri-Sat 10am - 3am
Sun 10am -12 midnight

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10 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ancoats girlMay 13th 2008.

I haven't been to the restaurant/bar bit yet, but I went to El Diablos upstairs the other week and loved it. The room is a fantastic spot for a small to medium club night. The only downside was the miniscule ladies toilets, the overly bright lighting for a club atmosphere and only having a 3 AM licence.

AnonymousMay 13th 2008.

Had Sunday Roast a couple of weeks ago here and it was fine. What REALLY hacked me off tho was the really loud music. It was full on so you couldn't speak or relax in any way. This is fine if they want to be a loud clubby space but totally wrong for a venue advertising sunday lunches to eat, talk and chill out in. A really simple error they need to iron out as several other people complained. Don't mind my music loud but not at 1pm over a sunday lunch!

DisgustedMay 13th 2008.

Went to the new trof on Friday night.1 small bottle of beer and 1 glass of white wine: £8.60!1 pint of bog standard peroni: £3.95.I will not be going back.

CindMay 13th 2008.

The loud music thing again is an issue. I was hear not so long ago and I also agree with one of the posters on this site that they should manage the sounds more. You have to be able to have a chat in a bar with a people a metre away. By the way I'm 27.

AnonymousMay 13th 2008.

I agree with the hundreds of people who think that the Trof that everyone knows and loves has become diluted and spread a little too thinly around Manchester. The whole ethos and essence of Trof 1 in Fallowfield has been totally washed away by its two counter parts in the city. There are enough chain bars and themed restaurants in Britain, and joining this is just tarnishing its good name, which year upon year of students grew to love. Bring on chavs, scallies, townies, pr**ks and slappers!!!!

bossomMay 13th 2008.

i do love troph, odd, kro etc, but im worried these places will become the next typical chain bars. mancunnia is all about individuality etc, and whilst i love drinkin in these places, hopefully they wont turn into ****ty pretencious 'no trainers' bars x

JayMay 13th 2008.

Disgusted: Are you sure they charged you properly? £8.80 for 2 drinks? That’s a bloody rip off. You should have complained. The cocktails are reasonably priced but they are pretty flavourless. Boo to Trof

Craig the Trof workerMay 13th 2008.

Well, to the guy who got told to f**k off, if that happened anywhere where I worked, never mind when i'm responsible for staff, there would be hell to pay. I invite anonymous to come down and explain what happened. The only time i've ever been ready to verbally abuse during my time at Trof is when the esteemed 'owner' of Manchester Confidential called me a c**t. Now that was out of order. PS Love you all xx

disappointedMay 13th 2008.

I have been a regular in Trof since the first one opened in Fallowfield - oh happy times - since they've started to expanded it feels like the brand has got far too big for it's boots - namely the NQ branch. I visited the NQ Trof a couple of weekends ago and was sorley disappointed for the third visit in a row - the staff are the rudest I have ever come across - particulalary the manager who told me to "just F*** off....(F****ing customers)" when I asked to talk to him for a minute. The week before my friend tried to pay on his card, when he entered the number incorrectly (once!) the staff used the same expletives and told him to go borrow some cash from someone next time. Why does it feel like the staff think they're too cool for school and that the customers just get in the way of they're private club. well don't worry I won't be back again.

scottMay 13th 2008.

the reason why no other trof will come close to the first, is that, the first became what it is through a process of evolution, converted house, features left in, the occasional oddity on the wall, but it feels like its just happened, evolved into what it is now.... to recreate this, is impossible... just like when odder opened, and they traded pints of beer for curio's to adorn the walls, it doesnt work

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