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CLOSED: The Lawn Club Shuts For Reshape

Spinningfields bar and restaurant to take over The Lawns as nineteen-storey tower goes up

Written by . Published on January 27th 2015.

CLOSED: The Lawn Club Shuts For Reshape

HOLD fire, untwist those knickers, The Lawn Club hasn't been chopped for good.

The reshaped venue will take a 90 degree turn towards the Haig Club (formerly Long Bar) and spread over the third grass lawn.

The popular bar and restaurant has closed temporarily on the (not so green anymore) green, green grass of Spinningfields while that 60s horror-show Quay House is demolished.

Falling concrete and hairy-arsed builders doesn't make for great eating'n'drinking. 

The new extended and reshaped Lawn Club - operated by Fluid Bars - should reopen in April 2015.

The Lawn ClubThe Lawn Club

Quay HouseQuay House

In an elegy to the doomed Quay House, Confidential editor Jonathan Schofield wrote how the 'somehow heroic' Modernist building by HS Fairhurst & Son was a 'building of great subtlety and balance'.

Still, most thought it looked like an Old Soviet hospital, so down it comes to make way for the Ian Simpson-designed No.1 Spinningfields - a nineteen-storey office tower with potential for ground floor cafe, restaurants and retail units.

Building work on No.1 Spinningfields is expected to finish in 2017 and will swallow half of The Lawns'.

No1 SpinningfieldsNo1 Spinningfields

Lawn Club plans: yellow outline is reported new shape and the red arrow is remaining green areaLawn Club plans - yellow outline is reported new shape and the red arrow is remaining green area

New plans for The Lawn Club show that the venue will be cut in length to make room for building work, however, the reshaped venue will take a 90 degree turn towards the Haig Club (formerly Long Bar) and spread over the third lawn.

This means only one Spinningfields lawns will remain. Less The Lawns, more, well, Lawn.

Confidential is told the 'new look venue will include an outside decking area with additional seating, all-weather parasols and an outside BBQ, ready for the summer months'.

There'll also be a new private dining area and extended capacity in both the bar and restaurant.

The reshape is welcome news, Executive Chef David Gale and team are cooking beautifully at present - read our latest review here.

Still, good luck finding a bit of green to plonk your arse on come summertime. Game of 'German Towels', anyone?


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38 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

Hated signs of grass anyway. I love concrete like the rest of central Manchester. I feel sick when I go to London and see huge parks and flowers and stuff...i hope humans are taken away soon too and it's just robots and concrete in Manchester.

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AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

Part of Manchester's style is the intense urbaness of the city centre. Huge parks would ruin this. Central London doesn't have huge parks. You have to travel many miles from the centre of London before you hit parks. There's hardly enough room for a pot of geraniums in The City. Trees and green spaces are much closer to the city centre than the parks of London are to it's centre. If you want trees, Manchester's suburbs have the in abundance. No objection to having trees in the city centre though where they don't get in the way of the architecture of course. And the sooner the 'lawns' of Piccadilly Gardens are replaced with some high quality paving like in St Peter's and Albert Squares the better.

AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

Well that's bollocks. It's under 2 miles from central London to Hyde Park. I wouldn't call that many miles.

AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

It's a lot less from the centre of Manchester to our green spaces and suburbs though isn't it? Get you facts right. And less of the profanities. Swearing won't make your assertions any more right.

Will GoughJanuary 27th 2015.

The first reply to this is rubbish. As already mentioned, there's Hyde Park plus St James' Park an Regents Park in central London to name just 3 large parks. On top of these, there must be over 100 parks and gardens similar to Parsonage Gardens. People need to walk around a bit down there rather than sticking to jumping on the Underground to get around. It's sad to be losing green space in Manchester.

DarrenJanuary 27th 2015.

We have the potential to have some really good large open green spaces that are within a stones throw of central Manchester. With a bit of money and ambition we could have some really great places to walk and unwind, free from glass and concrete. The Meadows and Pomona are the two that spring to mind.

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

I'd rather see pocket parks on the many surface car parks blighting the city centre. Surface car parks aren't something you see in London.

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

@Will....London is 5 times bigger than Manchester. The centre of London is incredibly urbanised. The royal parks of London are in the same relative position to Central London as Platts Fields are to Central Manchester. You are not comparing like with like, they are different cites in style and scale. There is no room for a huge park in the city centre. Get over it.

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

I once suggested that the surface car parks could be little garden squares in the city centre like anon 2 above. I did it on here. The amount of abuse I got from people who thought that I and my idea was stupid was unbelievable. I stopped posting under my name. It was too difficult to deal with. I still believe, that like the above anon (2 above) that turning those surface car parks into gardens is a good idea that would improve the city no end.

DarrenJanuary 27th 2015.

Anon above. I agree with you. I'd prefer those spaces to be used for little gardens. There are thousands of spaces to park on the edge of central Manchester, either people don't know about these car parks or they are to lazy to walk for 5/10 minutes? Less cars in central Manchester and more greenery is better in my book.

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

CENTRAL LONDON is FULL of PARKS..ST James etc are in the MIDDLE of the centre!!!!!

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

Mancs need to know what LONDONERS mean by CENTRAL LONDON maybe?

rinkydinkJanuary 27th 2015.

Comparing Manchester to London is like comparing an orange to a cow

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

The Royal Parks are in Westminster not in London, the original centre of London is east of St. Paul's in the City and there are no parks.

David SouthamJanuary 28th 2015.

The centre of London for mapping and mileage purposes is Marble Arch, at the top of Park Lane, and in the top right corner of Hyde Park.

AnonymousJanuary 28th 2015.

Impose a map of Manchester over London with the city centre over The City, the Royal Parks are as far out, if not further, than the likes of Platt Fields or Alexandra Park. People in that part of London have about as much access to green space as a Mancuian does in central Manchetser.

AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

I hate 'the lawns' as it is now anyway. Gone are the days when you could go and just sit down in the summer without feeling like you had to buy a drink for the privilege. Shame because it was a great space before they surrounded it with bars.

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AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

It's basically a beer garden now with it's own bouncers on weekends rather than a place to sit with a sandwich like it used to be, shame.


"most thought it looked like an Old Soviet hospital" Presumably that's based on some sort of survey, David? Or are you just assuming that most people share your own opinion?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonJanuary 27th 2015.

I'm with David on this one, I've never known anyone like this monstrosity.


On the other hand have you known many people specifically say they don't like it?

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

Personally I had no objections to Quay House. Not everybody's cup of tea perhaps but you can see its been designed with some thought. I can think of an awful lot of buildings in Manchester that could have been demolished before this one.

Sue GrimditchJanuary 27th 2015.

A scrappy flat area of grass by the London Eye was transformed into the attractive Jubilee Gardens with pathways, raised areas and an eye pleasing practical playground. Cost £5m mainly donated by corporate sponsors. Managed by a registered charity trust of volunteers, it can be done, just needs vision! The reputed £3.5 million spent on Leese's 'sore' at Library Walk would have gone a long way to creating this type of garden in the city. Piccadilly Gardens springs to mind!

1 Response: Reply To This...
DarrenJanuary 28th 2015.

Yep. Fully agree. When do we here if that monstrosity has to be ripped down or not, does anyone know? It'd go a long way to making my 2015 if they were told to remove it.

NickiJanuary 27th 2015.

Plenty of grass in Piccadilly Gardens- but its the kind you smoke not sit on.....

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2015.

Once again, Manchester cc loses yet another bit of open space to apartments, office blocks and metro links!!!!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
rinkydinkJanuary 27th 2015.

Oh get a grip!

GimboidJanuary 28th 2015.

Those bloody metro links

AnonymousJanuary 28th 2015.

I think its disgusting that the green areas of Spinningfields are being sold off in favour of profit. It used to be a wonderful place for people working in the area to escape their desks and grab a bit of fresh air during the drier months with their own lunch, without having to trek out of the complex and squash onto a well used park bench in the small, packed retreats dotted around. It also brightened up the place and removed the "concrete jungle" tag. The plans were sold on the basis of greenery around the corporate offices and for that to change without consultation of the people that spend their working life in Spinningfields is pretty selfish in my opinion.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 28th 2015.

Spinningfields, like the rest of Manchetser, is all about profit. They will be keeping the space that is left but even that was originally supposed to have been built on. Just enjoy the intense urbaness of the city. There are plenty of trees, gardens and parks in the suburbs.

SmittyJanuary 28th 2015.

God, that post makes me feel old. Wistful nostalgia for a green area of Spinningfields?!? I remember Spinningfields before it was there. Believe me, what we have now is a massive improvement! It would be nice to see more green space in central Manchester, but as others have pointed out, it's not something you get in big, urban cities. Bear in mind that within a couple of miles of the city centre we have some fabulous parks, including the UK's largest urban park and second largest in Europe! And don't ignore our lovely waterways in the city centre, and the nice wee parks we have in the heart of the city such as Sackville and St John's Gardens.

JoanJanuary 28th 2015.

The green space is Spinningfields is very recently established. It was built on for years. The original plan for the new/current Spinningfields was to build on it. Allied London, who own the site as a whole, have, to their credit, scaled down the intended buildings footprint and scaled up the long-term green area.

AnonymousJanuary 28th 2015.

The masterplan for Spinningfields had no green space on it whatsoever originally.

James CunninghamJanuary 28th 2015.

People saying Spinningfields 'sold off for profit' should realise it's all private land anyway! YES it's sad that it will be significantly reduced but just as sad that the area next to Leftbank is being built upon.. let 's hope the river space becomes more vibrant this coming year. For a NEW space - ManCon always remark about 'The Square with no Name'.. why not start a campaign to have that grassed over to be more akin to the very popular Parsonage Gardens - could be a really nice area linking in to Spinningfields - and a public one for sandwiches, picnics and lunchtime getaways!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
SmittyJanuary 28th 2015.

Thing is though, you can get quite nice spaces that don't really need to be grassed. Greenfield is really nice to have a butty on, for example.

SmittyJanuary 28th 2015.

Sorry, Greengate. I think that I slipped one in there (a Freudian).

Joe McDonnellJanuary 28th 2015.

That grassy area was originally going to have a tower built across the whole thing, i would take some comfort that the open space is being retained in one form or another?

ScoteeeFebruary 17th 2015.

The last green space opposite the RBS building is now an 40 ft deep hole ready for the construction of the cotton building ...

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