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Andrew Nutter: The Big Interview

Rakhi Sinha’s learns about the Andrew Nutter’s meat and two veg and his £100 quid kitty

Published on November 14th 2011.

Andrew Nutter: The Big Interview

INTERVIEWING Andrew Nutter is an explosive affair. Literally. We were just putting the finishing touches to our Plasticine model of Manchester for one of the rounds in the food and drink festival quiz last month when one of the food stalls exploded (click here).

“He came up to me at the end and said, out of everyone you’ve shown the most dedication and drive. So, how about a job at the Savoy when you leave school? I was like holy shit.”

We were evacuated from the site and Andrew Nutter spent the next day doing interviews for local news.

Prior to that we’d had a lovely day and evening at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival, where Nutter was spending this week’s installment of the ‘Monday Club.’

Being a hardworking restaurateur and chef, Andrew only takes Mondays off. After having a lie-in, catching up on TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex - he’s a big fan, he was even wearing a t-shirt that said ‘reem’ on it. If you don’t know what that means, good for you) the rest of the day is dedicated to eating and getting pissed.

Unless he’s been bad and his mum’s docked him his pocket money, in which case, it’s TOWIE re-runs.

“Monday’s my main party day, a special Andrew Nutter club for anyone who wants to get pissed- it’s called the Monday Club.

“I try and start early which means I can get into bed early and I’m bright and breezy on a Tuesday. I don’t have a hangover cure, I just get up and go to work.

“But my mum’s dead strict with my finances. She gives me 100 quid a week which all gets spent on a Monday. If I’ve annoyed her though, she docks me.”

Nutter’s most raucous Monday Club to date was his fortieth birthday party a few weeks ago which Confidential’s Sleuth attended, but doesn’t remember much about. 

“It was great,” said Nutter. “I had a 4½ litre bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a whole cow, loads of patriotic stuff, a boat trip around Salford and a dwarf.”

A dwarf?

“Yes, he had whitebait in his hat,” he answered by way of an explanation. Seeing the puzzled look on my face, Andrew proceeded to get up and imitate a dwarf with food in his imaginary hat to prove that that height is much better for people to pick from: “See, it’s just much more convenient.”

Nutter At His BashNutter At His Bash

Not one to shy away from the limelight, Andrew lives up to his Nutter name and people almost expect it of him: “If I’m ever a bit quiet everyone’s like, what’s up with Nutter?

“I love it though, and the press have a field day with my surname. There’s one headline in the Daily Sport that’s going to live with me forever, ‘Nutter gets his meat and 2 veg mashed.’

“It happened after I went to a pub in Blackpool and a whole group of Fleetwood fishwives stripped me naked and pulled on my privates until they were black and blue. Five forty to fifty-year-old women pounced on me and ripped my shirt open, then they started tugging at my pants and pinned me down on the pool table. You couldn’t get away with doing that to a woman.

“I told a magazine about it and it was picked up by the Daily Sport who got so many people reading it, they wanted me to do a re-enactment. My manager said no, though.”

Another embarrassing moment was when he was on a celebrity chef special of the Weakest Link.

“I was so nervous and I got picked on by the Ready Steady Cook gang. Everyone thought I was going to be totally useless but I got all my questions right and I was still voted off in the first round. I had to do the walk of shame, which was embarrassing.”


Nutter’s been making a name for himself for a long time though, since he was thirteen to be precise, when he began impressing judges at food competitions.

“Me and my family used to eat out quite a lot and one of the best places they took me to was the Yang Sing in Chinatown. Once I got taken into the kitchen to see the chef Harry Yeung and his team firing up the woks. It was great and the main course I made in my first competition was inspired by them.

“The next competition that came up was the Daily Mail cook of the year and everyone else was a proper Daily Mail reader, over thirty, from the Home Counties. And me, a young, Lancashire lad. I got through to national finals and Anton Edelmann, the main chef at the Savoy Hotel, was one of the judges.

“He came up to me at the end and said, unfortunately you haven’t won a top three slot but out of everyone you’ve shown the most dedication and drive and I’d like to have you in my kitchen. So, how about a job at the Savoy when you leave school? I was like holy shit.”

After his three-year apprenticeship he spent a couple of years in France working in Michelin-starred restaurants. He then moved back to the UK and at the age of twenty-one, opened up his own place, which was so successful, critically and commercially, any doubters were proved wrong.

“Our restaurant started off eighteen years ago and it was a bit of a secret. We never advertised, it just grew in popularity through word of mouth.  It was on top of the Ashworth Moors in the middle of nowhere, the locals thought it was namby pamby cuisine and were waiting for me to fail.

“We only used to seat 40 diners but because of media hype, the demand was so high that we were packed every night. So we decided to open up a bigger site, the Manor House in Rochdale, where we’ve been for eight years now.”

I’m a devoted fan of Red Chilli after Tweeters recommended it to me. It’s not like your normal Chinese, it’s diverse and interesting.”

So, what’s he up to these days?

Well, when he’s not working, he’s spending Monday Club in one of the city’s many fine establishments: “I love Manchester and I’m so happy about the restaurant scene here at the moment.

“There are so many different sites opening, and all the commotion at the top end of King Street is exciting too. Rosso, Browns, Jamie Oliver’s place. They’re creating a buzz. I also love Room, Cicchetti and Australasia, and now I’m a devoted fan of Red Chilli after Tweeters recommended it to me. It’s not like your normal Chinese, it’s diverse and interesting.”

C10Nutter with Dianne Bourne of The MEN demonstrating the archery technique of hunting rabbits on the moors above Rochdale with invisible bows and arrows

Sadly though, he has no time for love: “Who’d be interested in someone who only has time for them once a week?” A fellow chef perhaps?

By the time the food and drink quiz is about to start, I’ve been chatting to Nutter for a good few hours and probably have enough to write his autobiography. The explosion brings an abrupt end to what’s been an entertaining insight into Nutter and his Monday Club. I leave him with his mates him to carrying drinking, he still had about £80 of his pocket money to spend.

Keep your eyes peeled on a Monday and you’ll probably see Nutter in one of Manchester’s eateries or watering holes. If not, he’ll be gracing our screens soon with a new cookery show on ITV.

Nutters is just off Edenfield Road  Norden, Rochdale, UK OL12 7TT. 01706 650167. http://nuttersrestaurant.co.uk/

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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 15th 2011.

Nutters isn't special! Overhyped, there are far better places to eat in Lancashire..... Nutter never really made it as a great tv chef... shame.....

1 Response: Reply To This...
Samantha WiseNovember 15th 2011.

Nutter is an amazing place to eat with fantastic friendly service unbelievable tasty gourmet food great surroundings. In my eyes this place should get five stars. Try it for yourself you won't be disappointed.

Pete RansomNovember 15th 2011.

Went back to Nutters a couple of years ago and there's nothing wrong with it, it's just that it doesn't seem to have moved on at all from what they were doing 15 years ago. Nice enough but it doesn't come close to Ramsons if you're visiting that side of Manchester/Lancs.

KevinNovember 16th 2011.

I like Nutters as a restaurant and as Nutter as a man. An amusing fella indeed

Caroline GwenNovember 16th 2011.

Funny man. Good to have him on the local scene.

T ShawNovember 16th 2011.

I love going to Nutters, it's got a real buzz, and the food is good too.

AnonymousNovember 16th 2011.

Never get in the path of Fleetwood fishwives. Terrifying ceatures. They'll have stripped in seconds

AnonymousNovember 16th 2011.

We love nutters for a real treat we love the taster menu the food is bursting with flavour, the staff are attentive, nutters mum and dad give a nioce personal touch...... but when im fed up and need cheering up and to be made to feel special try the sunday lunch (which we some how manage to drag on till 7 pm) great value great food.... ive been going to nutters for about 13 yrs , i loved the atmostphere of his old place on the top road.... My only problem with nutters is getting a booking on a saturday evening for 4 people it just cant be done unless there s 6 or more people!!! Diane

Dave SmithNovember 17th 2011.

I love Nutters, and Andrew is an all round absolutely lovely guy - but a plea regrading the bizarre rule that you can only have the taster menu if all the table have it. I've been twice when one of us out of four was a veggie and the other occasion one of the party of 4 didn't want to eat much, and we couldn't have the taster menu? Can there be a reasonable explanation I am missing?

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