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Dogs'N'Dough New Menu The Dogs?

Now with more dogs than a Vietnamese BBQ

Written by . Published on February 11th 2014.

Dogs'N'Dough New Menu The Dogs?

ALLEY-bound new'ish Americana joint, Dogs’n’Dough, on Bow Lane (a ginnel off Cross Street by Subway) has become one of the city’s foremost find-me-if-you-can venues since its opening last September and is hotly contesting that elusive ‘Where The Bloody Hell Is It?’ category at this year’s Manchester Oh-Sod-It-Then Food And Drink Awards alongside:

Pie and Ale: Hiding somewhere in NQ’s Hive Building

Umezushi: Beneath a railway arch somewhere near Victoria Station

2022NQ: Sub-pavement somewhere on Dale Street, NQ

Antwerp Mansion: A run-down rave house somewhere in Rusholme

Montpellier: Not even Marco Polo could find it.

We like odd, we like tryers and we like those that try at odd. Dogs’n’Dough are certainly having a go. Good on ‘em. Anything but more fucking pulled-pork.

Dogs’n’Dough is a fantastic underground cavity of a venue criminally under-used as a bar space (something the owners are looking to rectify quick sharp) and reminiscent of 80s cult American sitcom Cheers (“Everyone says that, luckily that's what we're after” replied co-owner Adam Jones), all Jaguar-green tiles, exposed brick, neon bar signs, leather table menus and a fat alcoholic accountant called Norm slumped at the bar. Could do with turning the lights up a tinkle, mind. D’n’D titters on the edge of dinge.

Find it if you can...Find it if you can...

Less than half a year since opening Dog’n’Dough are rolling out a new menu with more dog than a Vietnamese barbeque. The hotdogs selection (£4.50-£8), jumping from eight to eighteen, now come with chilli, pastrami, doritos, chipotle, sauerkraut, corned beef, Bombay potatoes, tikka masala, bbq beans, poached egg and ginger amongst others, along with enough cheese, onion and sauce to overwhelm a Texan toll-booth attendant.

The new Monte Cristo hotdog (£6.50) with cheese, strawberry jam and peanut butter is just about the oddest item we’ve seen on any Manchester menu since the Editor was made to drink a three willy wine by a Wong at Chinatown’s Pacific Restaurant five years back (this was a wine distilled with penis of seal, deer and dog. No really.) The intention was to buttress Ed's manhood - something he insists has never been called into question.


But jam on a hotdog? Pass. The Gladiator (£8) though, a hotdog posing as a calzone in pizza sauce was great scoff (main picture), if a little heavy-going. The only thing that rivalled The Gladiator for unfinishability was the mac’n’cheese pizza, a novel and not unpleasant dish that needs to be destodged by half (my companion only managed two slices). It would also benefit from a splash of colour. There are bananas with Yellow Fever wearing Brazil football shirts laying in vast fields of rapeseed flowers less yellow than this pizza.

Still, we like odd, we like tryers and we like those that try at odd. Dogs’n’Dough are certainly having a go. Good on ‘em. Anything but more fucking pulled-pork.

Here's the full new menu:

New menuNew menu

The mac'n'cheese pizza ran-away with the 'Yellowest Ever Food' gong

The mac'n'cheese pizza ran-away with the 'Yellowest Ever Food' gong

All beers by the Hawaiian Kona Brewery (£4) hit the markAll beers by the Hawaiian Kona Brewery (£4) hit the mark

The Double Deuce (£8) was the pick of the cocktails (right): Rum, citrus, orange and.. Budweiser?The Double Deuce (£8) was the pick of the cocktails (right): Rum, citrus, orange and.. Budweiser?

The Triple threat pizza (£10): Burger and fries on a pizza. 3 or your 5-a-dayThe Triple threat pizza (£10): Burger and fries on a pizza. 3 or your 5-a-day

Dogs'N'Dough, Bow Lane (just off Cross Street), M2 4JW. 0161 834 3996

Open: Mon-Thur 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 12pm-9pm

Website here.

Follow @dogsndough on twitter

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38 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

avoFebruary 11th 2014.

"Now with more dogs than a Vietnamese BBQ" - Not really funny is it?

7 Responses: Reply To This...
Hew MooreFebruary 11th 2014.

I thought so

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2014.

Yep good gag.

Henry VFebruary 11th 2014.

I laughed at that one! Love a bit of non-pc me.

MeFebruary 12th 2014.


AnonymousFebruary 12th 2014.

Avo, whats not funny about a racial stereotype? afterall this is the 18th century right?

GimboidFebruary 12th 2014.

Not a racial stereotype. www.theguardian.com/…/eating-dog-vietnam-thailand-kate-hodal…

GimboidFebruary 12th 2014.

But don't let the facts stop you enjoying a right-on knee-jerk reaction.

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2014.

so is this a paid advert since there is no score? mac n cheese on a pizza? stupid. looks as bad as something Dough would have on the menu.

13 Responses: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldFebruary 11th 2014.

Difficult this. We were invited to taste the dogs but we didn't pay for them. Dogs'n'Dough don't advertise with us yet we thought they were worth writing about. So we did. But we couldn't score the experience because we hadn't paid for everything. I hope that clears things up. And reinforces again to the dreary naysayers that our reviews are rammed full with integrity.

avoFebruary 11th 2014.

I think the MEN have done the same with a mini review based on last night too.

Henry VFebruary 11th 2014.

they have Avo, but not as funny as Shifty Blake.

PryonicFebruary 11th 2014.

Jonathan - is there any scope for being a bit more obvious with the 'advertorials'? Usually an 'advert' article doesn't have a comments box (e.g. the new Bierkeller article) or is missing a score (e.g. this article). Both of these are fine, you need to pay the bills and it's interesting to see new places and read about offers even if they're not as impartial as the genuine reviews - but it would be good to see a "This is an advertorial" or "This does not constitute a review because [we didn't pay]" line at the beginning of the article.

Barry MaginnFebruary 11th 2014.

Pryonic - I'm pretty certain that advertorials (ie any kind of paid for editorial content) legally have to be clearly declared as advertorial content. So if ManCon doesn't they are probably breaking the law. Probably. So your idea isn't just good, it's critical.

Mark R GarnerFebruary 12th 2014.

Mr Maginn, allow me to make it clear. An advertorial is a paid for advert made to look partially like editorial. The Client gets to vet it. This is common in print publications. Then there are professional comp meals. These are where restaurants want publicity and they try and show the food writers their best sides, and hope they get some editorial. Most writers try and be polite. We go to lots of these, and over a ten year period have become well known for saying it as it is; no bullshit. At all. By the way, not only are we not 'probably' breaking the law, there is no law as laid out by you. Restaurants that regularly do this kind of promotion can usually be relied on to be proud of their proposition. Crap ones tend keep their heads below the parapet.

Barry MaginnFebruary 12th 2014.

Your telling me, that in your opinion, there is no obligation for media outlets to declare when editorial content is paid for advertorial? I am very well versed in what an advertorial is, by the way. I was not implying that comp meals are advertorials. I am implying that paid for editorial content is. Don't try to belittle people's intelligence to dodge a legitimate statement.

Barry MaginnFebruary 12th 2014.

Actually, I'd say your interpretation of an advertorial is naive. It is not an advert. It is paid for space, yes, but that is not the same as an advert.

Barry MaginnFebruary 12th 2014.

Also, maybe read this if you don't think you have an obligation to clearly declare advertorial content: www.asa.org.uk/…/SHP_ADJ_165590.aspx…

GimboidFebruary 12th 2014.

That link just makes it clear that an advertorial is an advert in the form of editorial. The above article is NOT 'paid-for space', so by no interpretation is it an advertorial. Simple.

Mark R Garner The PublisherFebruary 12th 2014.

Barry, I love you. Can you turn your attention to the Save The Children fund? we could uses your considerable spare time and energy there. On something that matters to the world.

avoFebruary 12th 2014.

How are the bowel movements?

Barry MaginnFebruary 12th 2014.

Gimboid - if you read my comments in full (and the comment from Pryonic which I wrote in response to), instead of trolling like a half wit, you'd see that (capped for clarity) I NEVER SAID THE ABOVE ARTICLE WAS ADVERTORIAL. I merely said that THERE ARE MANY INSTANCES OF ADVERTORIAL CONTENT ON THE SITE. I further contended that THOSE PAGES WERE NOT CLEARLY MARKED AS ADVERTORIAL. Gordo - nice to see that you don't think transparency in the media is 'something that matters'. Also, if you are under the impression it takes considerable time and effort to write a couple of comments and do a quick google search, you probably need to surround yourself with a more efficient team of writers.

AnonymousFebruary 12th 2014.

where is the pulled pork? this place is a joke

1 Response: Reply To This...
PryonicFebruary 12th 2014.

Haha best laugh I've had all day! (doesn't say much for my day so far...)

MeFebruary 12th 2014.

Best dogs in town by far, I love them. The No Way Jose is my favourite!! Need to gve the pizzas another go, the mac and cheese does look disgustingly good!! Service is always spot on too.

DogLuvvaFebruary 12th 2014.

If you I had paid for a review I would want it to be better than this TBH .. This place is miles better than this review!

Rosie PerryFebruary 12th 2014.

Had the worst hotdog I've ever had in there, one Saturady lunchtime. Think it was from the day before- horrible and dried out. Chilli also tasted like it was from a tin, sorry. And Heinz ketchup bottles refilled with non-Heinz ketchup

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 13th 2014.

this should be against the law. I was in Trof Fallowfield a few years ago and a member of staff was filling up heinz bottles with a huge non-heinz bottle in front of customers

WFebruary 12th 2014.

I too was disappointed with the food. In particular, the chilli fries were luke warm and serve in a basket on top of a paper towel. Half of the fries were stuck to the paper towel.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
ShybaldbuddhistFebruary 13th 2014.

Yeah that did my head in too. Having to pick the green paper towel out of the cheese.

MGSFebruary 14th 2014.

Life is hard

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2014.

This is the worst place I've been to in Manchester, the cocktails were alright, but the food was disgusting. Like a previous commenter, the hotdogs tasted like they had been heated up from the night before, and the pizza I had tasted very much like an "alright when you’re pissed" pizza from a kebab shop. Oh, and the kitchen roll in the bottom of the basket of fries! Ridiculous! I hate those shitty baskets, but if you're going to use them, at least put some greaseproof paper in there or something. Rant over.

1 Response: Reply To This...
David BlakeFebruary 13th 2014.

None of the cocktails we sampled on the night faltered in any way. The only real issue with the food was the sheer scale of it all. Could have brought down a cruise ship. The Market St vagrant on the way home was very thankful, mind.

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2014.

As said above, this place looks like they're serving take away food with gimmicks at restaurant prices.

Barry TravisFebruary 13th 2014.

Loving all the slating of the standard of "dogs" on offer....ITS A FECKIN HOT DOG!! It is in no way one of these Gloucester Old Spot Artisan Sausages that the farmers/foody markets are packed with. They're all smoked processed meat aren't they? The menu does look a tad heavy, but go and have one of the same type of meals at the Wannabe Mecca that is Almost Famous and tell me that its not equally overloaded with messy cheese and sauce. I didnt want to eat for 4 days after going there. OTT Americana seems to be the trend now and between BlackDog, Almost Famous, Dogs n Dough and All Star Lanes I think we have it covered......can we have a couple more places where you don't need a bath and/or a medical immediately after eating?

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2014.

I really like the feel of the place, the music, the bar staff but we've been several times now only to be treated very rudely by the owner/manager (eg demanding we order at the time we'd booked the table for despite the fact that a few of our group of 12 hadn't arrived yet and him admitting there's was no later booking/insisting we ordered/paid for everything together despite us saying we didn't mind if the food came at different times). We won't be going again for these reasons as there's plenty of much friendlier places in Manchester to spend our dough in (pun intended).

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