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£50 for kebab competition

Tell us where the best kebab in Manchester is and win £50

Published on May 5th 2010.

£50 for kebab competition

A gentle morning in Manchester Confidential, the gentlemen are all wearing dinner jackets and the ladies evening gowns. There are candelabras on the tables and a string quartet is playing Bach in the corner. Sleuth is twiddling his thumbs wondering if there's ever been a vanilla slice as big as a camel.

So for £50 out of Gordo's pocket, Sleuth is asking Confidential readers where he can find the best kebabs in Greater Manchester. They could spend the £50 on something really healthy. Or even on getting smashed and then buying a big dripping donner. In Rotherham.

A jolly young dandy from the PR of WKD calls. He says, “we're running a competition to find Britain's best kebab.”

He talks. Sleuth listens.

“Young sir,” says Sleuth, “WKD and kebabs eh? Not going for the high-end of the market then. Is that what's called 'synergy' in your game.”

“I believe it is,” says the Jackanapes.

“I love a company which knows its limitations,” says Sleuth.

“We think it's a fun idea,” says the enthusiastic PR boy.

Sleuth has a vision of girls lying on their backs on pavements at 2am with a WKD in one hand and a dirty donner in the other. Or of lads in a state in a bus shelter shouting and pointing with WKDs in one hand and shabby shishes in the other. For some reason Sleuth is imagining this in Rotherham.

But Sleuth knows it doesn't have to be that way.

Even people in evening dress should be able to love a donner or a shish. There must be some cracking takeaways out there offering some cracking kebabs. There must be kebabs of delight, kebabs full of taste, kebabs that lift the soul above this world of sorrow and toil.

So for £50 out of Gordo's pocket, Sleuth is asking Confidential readers where he can find the best kebabs in Greater Manchester. The winner gets the £50 to spend on donners and shishs - which for anybody sensible is probably a lifetime's supply. Or they can spend the £50 on something really healthy. Or even on getting smashed and then buying a big dripping donner. In Rotherham.

The WKD awards, judged by two men Sleuth's never heard of, will be based on appearance, distance to taxi rank, nearest pub/bar, queue factor, chilli sauce strength, flavour, chip appraisal, sit down options and of course, kebab breath-o-meter.

Sleuth just wants a brief reasoned argument and the name and location of the kebab vendor. The winner will be chosen from the best rants below on Ranger's Day - May 14, 2010.

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73 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Katrina Kat Kat MeouwMay 5th 2010.

I like to smear my body with donner kebabs and call myself names. And people say I'm weird. Abduls by the way. They're genie-us.

Aston Villa LadiesMay 5th 2010.

Kebabs will only split familes. You know this.

supersophMay 5th 2010.

Saajan on Wilmslow Road in Fallowfield....best chicken shish kebab I've ever had.

NeilMay 5th 2010.

You may jest but a good kebab is a work of art - fresh bread, spiced lean(ish) meat, salad, yoghurt, chilli sauce…absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of grot options but I'll go out of my way for a trip to Saajan in Rusholme. A choice of rotating elephant or tiger legs, seekh kebabs or chicken or lamb on the grill and - as a departure from kebabs - some of the best curries in Rusholme (not as though that says much anymore). Forget your drunken kebabs in trays, this is one of the best culinary delights that Manchester has to offer.

NortherngeezerMay 5th 2010.

I'm with the greasy Kat woman on this. My fave is Abduls on Oxford Rd near the hospital. From a takeaway point of view they give you the sauce seperate for putting on when you get back to work, that way the bread dont go soggy. 2 oop for the Saajan eh, i'll have to give it a try, its only down the road from Abduls. FFS...............I'm DROOLING NOW!!!!.

Leigh ScottMay 5th 2010.

Watched a YouTube documentary on cruelty to animals last night.The bastards have had me eating Fukin egg and cress sandwiches all day.And now I'm starvin and need my meat what crappy bloody timing I tell thee...

A Donner kebab should be huge, dirty and offer the worst case of ring sting at 6am the following morning,then you know you've had a proper one! And for that I recommend the Golden Tandoori on Great Ancoats street. It's next door to the Picadilly Club massage parlour and just up from the Frog and Bucket-so if there's a queue you can always drop in for a rub and a tug Gordo!

Smyth HarperMay 5th 2010.

When I used to work nights in the city centre, the night went that little bit faster when I visited the kebab shop on Oxford Road, near the top, by the Spar and near the junction with Hulme Street. Dunno what it's called though...

AgricolaMay 5th 2010.

Ashiana, Upper Chorlton Road. Succulent, gorgeous, clean and with expert staff. You kebab genes will multiply.

P DiddyMay 5th 2010.

Smitty - it was called 'Monsoon' - and it did some tasty kebabs!

Nowadays, I get my 'Chicken tikka on naan bread' - with all the sauces in separate bags of course - from Abduls, Oxford Road (All Saints) and all I can say is that they are addictive, even when sober.

AnonymousMay 6th 2010.

Arndale food Market , chicken kebab at dinner cant be beat!!

Jamie BoulgerMay 6th 2010.

This 'n' That opposite Mojo's do a mean chicken kebab, although every time I go in the bloke tries to talk me into having a curry. I just want a kebab.
As runner up I would also vote for Abdul's (All Saints)

Mahinda KularatneMay 6th 2010.

As a student, I undertook The Great Kebab Survey of 1996/7 -- a donner kebab from every donner-vending establishment along Wilmslow/Oxford Road, between Withington (Noddy's) and town (Monsoon's).

Each one was rated in terms of value for money, quality of naan bread and general tastyness (largely due to the sauces used).

The winners:
- Value: Caspian's (Rusholme)
- Naan bread: Camel One (Rusholme)
- Tastyness: Monsoon's (BBC area)
- Overall: Lal Qila (Rusholme)

I only suffered food poisoning once, from Haji's in Fallowfield, and that was fairly mild -- a day on the bog and I was fine.

Sadly, Monsoon's then started its descent into mediocrity, and Lal Qila switched from cabbage to lettuce.

If I were to go again, Saajan's (Fallowfield) would get a shout.

But that's all from the elephant's leg. If you were to go on shish or seekh kebabs, I reckon the curry cafes would come out clear winners. Cheap as chips (almost literally), with cracking naan bread (or chappati if that's your thing). This 'n' That for me. If only it was open late. You can't beat Hunter's for a 2am shish.

Simon McDonaldMay 6th 2010.


I just liked the name, and the guy gave me change from a £20 note when I only gave him a tenner.

Almost made up for the fact that one slice of the meat contained what looked suspiciously like an anus.

gooseMay 6th 2010.

Abdul's chicken. There is no need for further discussion.

AnonymousMay 6th 2010.

Camel one? yeah 5 years ago...

Kabada Palace (Rusholme)
Rusholme Chippy (Rusholme)

and can we PLEASE not forget the best kebab house in Manchester by a long way..... SANTOS in Cheetham Hill.

Santos gets my vote everytime!

MmmMay 6th 2010.

Panico's in Chorlton - Recommend the lamb Shisha Kebab, you can have your own choice of accompaniments, I like to throw some Hallumi in there to mix it up a bit!

AnonymousMay 6th 2010.

Defo got to be Hunters opposite Bluu in the northerm quarter, they do the best kebabs and have spent many a night in there after stumbling out of one of the many bars round there. The staff are friendly too and its cheap, I also recommend the rice and three curries deal. Am sure there kebabs have saved me from having many a hangover!! I get the chicken tikka with extra chilli sauce on nan...mmmmmm.

Leah BrothertonMay 6th 2010.

I love Turkish Delight in Chorlton... sit down restaurant at the back of the takeaway through saloon style doors, and staggering distance from Dulcimer... awesome!

AvoMay 6th 2010.

The Kebab House on Milkstone Road in Rochdale is off the beaten track but has to be in the running. The donner kebab is made in-house to the takeaway's own secret recipe and has a glorious red hue rather than the depressing grey/brown which usually afflicts the spit roasted monster. Seek, lamb chop, chicken tikka and lamb tikka kebabs are also offered as well as apna style curries which can be garnished with donner meat if you fancy a filthy treat.<br><br>The deal clincher with this place however is the speakeasy style hidden dining room which is controlled by a buzzer operated by the guys behind the counter. Only those in the know get let in with a nod and a wink. Much like the Ballroom at the Blackdog but with less likelihood of bumping into a highly inebriated Gordo on occasion.

Katie AmosMay 6th 2010.

ooh a vote on election day. Hunters in the NQ was voted a top kebab house by The Guardian, not that I listen to much of what they say as they think we should be run by the ranting looney bank hating Clegg. On kebabs they are right however - so I vote Conser... I mean Hunters!

J SmithMay 6th 2010.

The two Zam Zams (Chorlton and Rusholme) are both excellent. These places both the cooked in a tandoor, and they serve extremely good kebabs. The two places are not related - the one in Chorlton is a Pakistani/Inidan style kebab house, and the Rusholme one is Middle Eastern.

thevultureMay 6th 2010.

Persian Tasty Grill in Levenshulme.

The Grill Special: lamb chops, kofta and chicken kebab.

All servered in a massive nan.

Damn need one now

Tess TickleMay 6th 2010.

Abduls, Fallowfield. The best by a country mile!

Mahinda KularatneMay 6th 2010.

Abdul's? Really? I've had many a kebab from the All Saints Abdul's, plus a few from the others, and never found them anything better than average.

To those who like the Hunter's rice-and-three, have you tried any of the other curry cafes? The rest offer far superior food, but unfortunately don't open late.

You're all MAD!May 6th 2010.

You are all clueless!

Persian Tasty Grill in Levenshulme very good.... Abduls Rusholme.... brilliant!

Santos Cheetham Hill the BEST!

Hunters?? i wouldnt even decribe them as a kebab!

i love kebabs and if go to hunters i get a lamb burger and chips cause everything else is reheated muck!

Michael Al-'AunMay 6th 2010.

If you mean those Donner ones, they all come from the same place I understand, like a lot of naam. Koobeda are always fresh with fresh naan at Camel One. The strangest kebab costs £6 from a Bengali place on Brinnington Road in Stockport, it has donner, naan, chicken, baji, salad and a huge naan. Chepeast Al-Medina (The City) near the Job Centre in Rusholme, £2.50 and a can of pop.

Becky BooMay 6th 2010.

In my experience of 20 years of eating kebabs all over the greater manchester area - one stands out to me and thats CINNAMON on gorton road - reddish - truly amazing these guys no the real meaning of stuff that nan bread full - delicious I challenge you to try one !!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh ScottMay 6th 2010.

After 20 years of eating kebabs Beckyboo- I bet you'd win to be fair...

daisydukeMay 6th 2010.

hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters! hunters!
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gazbo91May 6th 2010.

ALZ Kebab House, Huddersfield Road, Oldham,
Alz has been a religion on Oldham for decades now, although it has moved a few times.
It is all down to the red donner meat, you just can't beat it, far better than the brown same old same old stuff. Although after reading AVO's mention of the red hue of the donner in Rochdale i think a short trip over there is in order.
I am drooling now.

AnonymousMay 6th 2010.

I'm really not sure why everyone is rating Hunter's kebabs as on each occasion that I've been in, the naan breads have been premade and are stacked up in a microwave to keep them at a below ambient temperature, the lamb and chicken tikka have all been pre grilled and stored in bain marie pots and the donner kebab is not freshly carved off the spit. These things do not add up to sa decent kebab I'm afraid.

DekeMay 6th 2010.

Al Madina in Rusholme does the best kebabs. The lamb shish kebab is made from prime cuts of lamb fillet and they'll cook it to your liking, ie from rare to burnt to a crisp. Try a double lamb kebab for £6. Cant beat it. I've tried

GordoMay 6th 2010.

Omigod, are we really talking Kebabs?

Jonathan15718May 6th 2010.

Anyone plumping for Abdul's (especially the one near MMU) is naive and simply going for a brand leader in a way that one might suggest BK does the best burgers. Saajan is good, Haaji's has repeatedly being fined for poor hygiene. But the best kebabs are those where the naan is cooked fresh in a tandoori oven - the Tandoori Kitchen used to have a takeaway a couple of doors down from Saajan in Rusholme that did this - not sure if any shops still bother though. ManCon, can you find one?

jeffro21May 6th 2010.

Has to be Caspian in Rusholme. Only 1 of 2 places I've found that sell Kobeda Kebabs the king of shish kebabs (the other is D'Lish in Sale not sure if that counts as manchester but it's the same chef making them there)

Stephen14616May 6th 2010.

I love Kebabish in the Northern Quarter.

kev the kebabMay 6th 2010.

Without doubt 'SANTOS' in cheetham hill does the best kebabs.kebabs and nan breads cooked in the clay ovens.You've not had a kebab until you've had a santos kebab!!!

sandyMay 6th 2010.

Wierd, was asking a friend where was the best local kebab place just yesterday, as a good kebab is pretty healthy! Went to Turkish Delight as its got a good rep, went there 3 years ago & was NOT impressed, yesterday's experience confirmed that! NASTY kebab, not even a fresh naan, bread out of a packet plus it was well dried out. Longstanding for me was Saajan in Fallowfield, not been there for ages, but it was the best. As for Abduls, last time i went there and ordered aloo tikki's, the guy stuck his thumb in them before he put them in the micorwave - lovely....I couldn't believe what i was seeing so decided i wasn't gonna pay for that!

GJHMay 6th 2010.

I've got this.

The Kismet, Burton Road, West Didsbury.

The Chicken Tikka Sandwich, good quality, soft, indian restaurant naan, chicken breast cut into really small cubes & marinanded in something lovely, just wet enough - does not feel stodgy on the tummy. Amazing.

donna shibabMay 6th 2010.

mogul in prestwich does a mean mixed kebab...although dont order it to be delivered unless you like eating food as cold as corpses....naan bread and all the trimmings. get your gob round that

Kebab KingMay 6th 2010.

Kobedah in Russholme without a doubt. Looks a bit rough but have been buying the best kebabs from there for 20 years. Meat and home made pitta / nan is fantastic, salad is good and chilli sauce is hot and just right. How can you argue with a kebab where if the chilli sauce hits your jeans it dries instantly! Potent eh?

AnonymousMay 7th 2010.

I would agree with the Kobeda merchants in Rusholme.

Also highly recommended is Venus Foods, the Turkish supermarket and take-away on Anson Road. Very tasty kebabs made with love and care.

helsterMay 7th 2010.

turkish delight, chorlton, done!

Flavours Of ManchesterMay 7th 2010.

If the question is about real food (rather than ‘elephant´s foot´) then I have the following recommendations from our great city:

Saajan (both Rusholme and Fallowfield) - for Indina/Pakistani, with chicken tikka probably the star, no tandoor bread but everything else up to scratch and very reliable.
Lahore Karahi Cheetham Hill - excellent tandoor bread and particularly good seekh kebabs.
Kobeda Place - Rusholme, huge kobeda, good salad, great bread, Zam Zam too (a few doors down).
Jaffa & Falafel in Rusholme for proper 'Sharwarma' - ie real doner, with (yes) actual lamb. Unfortunately no tandoor naan but the meat is excellent.
Town centre - maybe Cafe Marhaba on Back Piccadilly. Good use of the clay oven but there's only a small range available.
Chorlton – either Panicos for Greek style or Zam Zam Tandoori for tikka meat and fresh naan

...a few of us go round everywhere we can and review pretty regularly.

PickleMay 7th 2010.

Don't forget Zam Zams on Hollinwood Avenue in Moston!

ADMay 7th 2010.

I dont think panicos will like being decribed as greek style what with them being turkish and all.
Turkish delight is excellent great meats and they make there own proper chilli sause its really fresh looks more like a salsa and is god damn devine. Not to mention that if you ask a simple question about the food you can end up with a free turkish cookery lesson in explanation.

Sssshh ADMay 7th 2010.

Panico's are Greek Cypriot.....

C in MMay 7th 2010.

In the city centre the chicken kebabs in TasteMasters (Oldham St) are excellent. Massive chunks of chicken tikka, salad, hot sauce all wrapped in delicious thick naan bread.

Outside the city, Panico's in Chorlton. They do a homemade steak donner which is ace , plus you can have it in their restaurant in the back so you can pretend you're eating something a bit classier than a kebab!!

ADMay 7th 2010.

Ssssshhhh yourself, the panico's menu says Turkish, and I guess they know what there serving. or did the printer get it wrong?

Mike ProctorMay 7th 2010.

Janam on Portland St , Manchester....friendly service and they dont bat a eyelid when you ask for piles of fresh chilis and all 4 sauces.

Simone13024May 7th 2010.

There's one on Whitworth Street West, kebabs aren't the best but they cook their chips in vinegar I think. Brilliant.

Andrew RevansMay 7th 2010.

North Manchester: Santos, Cheetham Hill. Mixed sheesh & kobedeh huge and flavoursome; even the salad is enjoyable, rather than just being there to assuage one's guilt.

South Manchester: Rusholme Chippy. Amazingly consistent over the years (20+); puts the surrounding sit-downs to shame. The chilli sauce is properly evil.

The seedy, depressing and frequently dangerous Yorkshire Street in Oldham boasts one fine establishment which we found by accident post Colosseum pantomine last winter. Can't remember its name; will revisit it over the weekend.

GeorgeMay 8th 2010.

Venus, Victoria Park. Hunter's NQ are decent and there's a good couple in Chorlton and Levenshulme, but none as good as Venus, up from the Rampant Lion and I should know- I'm a tape worm!

Johnny TaskerMay 9th 2010.

How you lot can eat this stuff is beyond me !

Paul MastersMay 9th 2010.

its diet food you eat it then spew it up later and the donner meat is suitable for vegies get real kebab houses cabbage is for cows

QEMay 10th 2010.

Golden Tandoori, Great Ancoats Street. The chicken tikka, with mint sauce on a Naan is the best kebab around! Bar none!

flicMay 10th 2010.

Abduls on Oxford Road is far and away the best kebab in the world, as all right-thinking people know. But Aladdin in Withington comes second.

MiflindtMay 10th 2010.

Beyond any doubt, the completely home made (meat et al!!), wonderfully friendly and warm, utterly dedicated to their craft and each mosel made with complete love- PANICOS- Chorlton, no contest.

AnonymousMay 10th 2010.

turkish delight on barlow moor road, delicious, fresh and full of flavour!

AnonymousMay 11th 2010.

Abduls Fallowfield and ZamZam Chorlton for tikka/naan type.
Rusholme chippy for the Kobedah.
Turkish Delight Chorlton for the all in mixed grilled meats variety.

FooDeeMay 12th 2010.

Bloomin 'eck. I can't believe this has stirred up so much passion. When I was a student (a very long time ago) I bought a Sunday night kebab every week from a different place on Oxford Rd and Rusholme using the chicken kebab as a means test.Rusholme Chippy outright winner by far. Was just as good when I went back down memory lane a few months back (with the kids.)

NortherngeezerMay 12th 2010.

sat sitting here half way through a donna from the Sajaan............mmmm, bliss.

John18753May 12th 2010.

Had to laugh at the Hunters recommendations.. I used to work above it and the things I've seen...!

For me it's a chicken kebab from Kebana just off Thomas Street, not a kebab house for pi**ed up people but to fuel the workers, all fresh and made in front of you. Nice.

SophieMay 13th 2010.

Turkish Delight in Chorlton is my favourite - the chicken special is delicious

Andy17639May 18th 2010.

So who's won the £50 then?

Jonathan Schofield - editorMay 18th 2010.

Andy give us until Thursday. Rushed off my feet at the moment. Soz

tevezMay 18th 2010.

The Alladin in Withington. The original Shawama carved and served in piping hot pitta heated on charcoal, and dressed with a dual sauce of light tomato and tahini. A delight to the sences and if cheeky, a pint of bitter outside the Red Lion on a sunny day.

Leigh ScottMay 18th 2010.

No wonder he does'nt like training hard!

AnonymousJune 1st 2010.

We got a winner then???

Cook for us competitionJune 2nd 2010.

Doubt it!

Jonathan Schofield - editorJune 2nd 2010.

I need to go and buy an example of the best to take a picture. But either way, today is the big day. £50 for the winner. And maybe something for the worst entry as well. Announcement at 4pm.

Kebab Luva!June 3rd 2010.

Where's the results? I can't find them

Simon McDonaldJune 8th 2010.

Yeah, I deserve recompense for enduring the anus kebab.

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