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The Courteeners

John Robb thinks the Courteeners will be Manchester’s next Big Thing?

Published on August 30th 2007.

The Courteeners

The venue is packed. The buzz is here. The Courteeners are the most talked about new band in Manchester. It’s a 500 capacity sell out.

Its not hipsters or scene faces packing in but normal music fans that are singing along to Liam Fray's songs. He’s a top songwriter this Fray, a charismatic lanky kid armed with a guitar and a guttersnipe mouth who sings songs of the scruffy beat-up real Manchester that was the inspiration for all the great music that ever came out of the city.

Fronted by Liam Fray, the Courteeners are everything you need from a classic Manc band. They’ve got bags of attitude. They write clever, hip songs which are instantly identifiable.

Fray is the direct descendent of the Smiths, The Roses, the Buzzcocks, The Mondays, Oasis, the Manc with an attitude- the smart Manc with something to say.And the city certainly needs something. The Artic Monkeys should have come from here, maybe even the Kaiser Chiefs but the fact that Sheffield and Leeds got there first with the bands that mark a generation says something about the city’s current musical malaise.

Just where are the mouthy, smart, hip, cool young bands that once effortlessly poured out of Manchester? What’s happened to the lineage that ran from the Buzzcocks through Joy Division then the Smiths, Happy Mondays, Roses and Oasis?

Well that’s where the Courteeners step in.

Fronted by Liam Fray, the Courteeners are everything you need from a classic Manc band. They’ve got bags of attitude. They write clever hip songs which are instantly identifiable. They started creating a buzz twelve months ago that’s become deafening, they sold out Academy 3 last month, they were the best band at Dpercussion and their next gig at the 900 capacity Academy 2 sold out in three days, the NME is going crazy for them, and so is national radio.

If there is one Manchester band that could claim to be of the now then it’s the Courteeners. They are going to break out big style. And they know it.

Last time I interviewed them the city’s music message boards were crammed with spiteful missives from other bands resentful of the attention the Courteeners were getting. Liam Fray laughs, he’s spent a lot of time winding up these cliques in song and in interview and he’s quite happy to see the results.

‘There are a lot of green-eyed monsters in Manchester and what they say we take it on the chin! Maybe some of these bands should spend more time on their songs and less on message boards…’ he laughs.

Fray is in the studio recording the band’s follow up to their debut, ‘Cavorting’ single. They are working on two tracks, ‘Acrylic’ and ‘Fallowfield Hillbilly’ which take Fray’s Ray Davies almost Kinks style witty social observation one step further. Like Davies Fray sees through the bullshit that inhabits the fringes of the pop scene, the chancers and fakers who make great targets for his cutting wit, which is what ‘Acrylic’ is about.

“‘Fallowfield Hillbilly’ is about the students,” says Fray. “They come with a thousand quid to spare that they spend on some Joy Division b sides and think that they can tell you all about your culture. It’s not meant to be nasty about students in general- in fact it’s about one person I met on a bus with eye liner and one glove on who thought that he was an expert on Joy Division. Its taking the piss, its not like we are sharpening our knives looking for people.”

Its Fray's Kinks style observations on the current anomalies of the scene that mark him out. His words make sense to anyone following the vagaries of modern music.

Fray doesn’t mind stepping on a few toes. That’s the classic Manchester way. None of the classic groups who ever came out of the city could ever be accused of being unopinionated, The Courteeners debut interview in the NME saw this scattergun approach with bands like The Enemy being targeted by the tongue-in-cheek spleen.

“To be honest I was a bit harsh in that interview. I’d had about five pints but what I said about The Enemy still stands. A lot people from Harpurhey on a raining October morning don't need to hear someone singing that life is shit on an iPod. The Jam did it so much better 30years ago. I'm sure The Enemy are great lads.”

It’s been a long time coming. Manchester needs a band like this. The city can’t be sat idling whilst Leeds and Sheffield get all the plaudits. This was the music city. The never-ending explosion of glass towers are aesthetically pleasing but they don’t make great rock’n’roll. There’s been an interruption in the conveyer belt of great bands.

That was until the Courteeners turned up, they have no truck with this fake Manchester and celebrate the real city. Their songs are semi busked brilliantly constructed slices of melodic guitar action. Their gigs feel like one of those early Roses gigs, that hush of expectancy, that total support for the band. The Courteeners are something special. They are the post-Libertines, post-Artic Monkeys, new millennium Manchester band, they have the brashness and the devil-may-care attitude. Above all they have the songs.

The Courteeners play Academy 2 (0161 832 1111) on Thursday 11 October, £7

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82 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

LukeAugust 30th 2007.

Waste of space? Thats abit rude isnt it. GLH, get out of Jenns arse you bumcheek.

northern roseAugust 30th 2007.

northern rose says..“ to all you courteeners haters, get a grip and each to their own surely ! I'm from Cumbria and myself and many friends travel to as many of their gigs as possible. During the recent floods, with true community spirit we all got together and had a what ended up a party, courteeners came on and nothing else mattered anymore,at least for the time being, a great night was had by all. So relax and enjoy, and if you can't then jog on to some band that will make you happy - be a sheep and follow everyone else while we take the time to enjoy and support one of the best things to ever come out of the north west !!”

sroseAugust 30th 2007.

btw, i know about the gig that robb mentions. it had 150 ppl in. happily manchester doesn't need this nasty right-wing band of bigots. they're a product of clubs like 5th avenue, the nightclub that time & taste forgot. but drinx r a qwid lol

wayneAugust 30th 2007.

srose you're a funny little person with bitterness etched into your character

NAugust 30th 2007.

JC ER jealous bumcheeks.

LukeAugust 30th 2007.

Can i just point out aswell that i wasnt saying the courteeners and the friends go around putting people in there place. I was saying ive seen people act like complete cunts to courteeners & fray or his mates have stood up to them & embarrassed them, and its looks to me as if theyve come on here with comments like "i've had the mis-pleasure to meet Mr Fray and he is an awful, awful person. Rude, arrogant, self-centered and bull-****"Everyone is entitled to there opinion, and if people are gonna come on here and say they dont like there music then fair enough, but dont get personal, its a ****ing message board.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

oh dear ... some people just can't see real talent.love the Courteeners - Lads, lads, lads on tour!!!!can't wait.Manchester la la la!x

.August 30th 2007.

exactly old anonymous again...i agree totally with coll.......they have no staying power and i dont see the point in them really. i dont wear posey clothes, i have no bias, my only reason for not liking them is that they are actually the worst hyped band ive ever known. no one cared about them till people starting noticing they had a lot of people coming to their shows, and even still, promoters arent booking academy 2 for them because they think the band are decent, because they see a fast buck! i speak as an important figure in the manchester music industry, but obviously staying anonymous as its not good business to make enemies, but at least i can say it here with no worries!

OwenAugust 30th 2007.

Coll,Instead of me telling you whats good about The Courteeners which I think Mr. Robb has already done very well in his article...why don't you tell me what you actually like instead of whinging away....!

lukeAugust 30th 2007.

Bloody hell, theres sure alot of people who fray has embarrassed on here isnt there. so let me ask you c*nts, is this your way of getting him back? Lets face it, you probably deserved it, you were probably at some house party thinking your the big time with your q*eer friends, fray and a few of the gang turned up and put you in your place. I should know, ive been there when its happened, and you certainly deserve it. As the teeners are getting bigger and bigger by the day its obvious some people are trying to start a backlash off on them, it happens to all great bands, but they always come out on top. So give that one a rest for now. As for all the fans being d*cks, well, i think thats just other bands coming on here expressing there jelousy. Would you bands be complaining if you sold out academy 2 to 800 d*cks? Would you balls, youde be sucking everyone of those d*cks off. The end.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

Yes, theere's nothing life changing about The Courteeners but they’re a decent band and it’s about time we had a decent band from Manchester who might actually go on to do something.The hype surrounding The Courteeners can surely only go on to help the other fantastic Manchester bands such as Twisted Wheel, Lowline, Sandbox, Grand Volume that are around at the moment. The Manchester music scene is very healthy at the moment, which is great news!

scottAugust 30th 2007.

whatever, im entitled to my opinion, how can something in such a rehashed style be refreshing and new, i wont comment any more

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

these guys are an ongoing joke to anyone that knows anything about music in manchester

factAugust 30th 2007.

he'll now probably consider it if it can further his already contrived career.

yourjustlikeplastacineAugust 30th 2007.

some of you are a little bit jealous i think.to the bloke who said the fans are **** you are a cock. and to the one who said they aint got or gonna have any fans outside of Manc, get yourself down to the next London gig. Cause the proud galleries gig was ****in quality.courteeners are brilliant.

scottAugust 30th 2007.

you cant go top 40 choppa with a handful of fans in manchester and none anywhere else...see case in point above...they cant even sell out the magnet in liverpool. only holds 200 people.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

Eliza 'rock icon'? have i just taken a time wrap to the 80s? I'm not a 'bitter manc has been.' I live in manchester, go to gigs and love the manchester music scene. i think there is so much talent in manchester and i'm gutted that Fray and his cronies are where they are. The music doesn't hold a candle to the majority of the unsigned stuff in manchester and i've had the mis-pleasure to meet Mr Fray and he is an awful, awful person. Rude, arrogant, self-centered and bull-**** just spews from the hole on is face. I really hope this is all just hype because as ER said they are an embarrassment.

alanAugust 30th 2007.

yes they are from Middleton.debs, do you actually know anything about music?and i thnik his hair is pretty awesome considering he cuts it himself.i agree with the comment above you - bring on the courteeners and iab!

OwenAugust 30th 2007.

well, well, well, there's always an anonymous in these debates isn't there! And they always shout 'dickhead' in their whiney trying to appear tough voices whilst coweing behind their anon name. Yeah, I have been to the Courteeners gigs and their audience is susprisngly fresh faced and very non Chorlton. Mmmm not sure I'm the bitter one here! I'm the one who likes the band your the sad one who thinks your in some kind of music elite scene who have been bypassed by what's really happening in the city time and time again. We don't want to hear about your boring bands, we never did and we never will do, your Cord bar cliques are so up their own areses that no-one can find 'em!

baggioAugust 30th 2007.

scott says.." you cant go top 40 choppa with a handful of fans in manchester and none anywhere else...see case in point above...they cant even sell out the magnet in liverpool. only holds 200 people."as i said earlier the stone roses were huge in mcr for YEARS before they made it nationally. so clue yourself up r'kid.

KellyAugust 30th 2007.

Pot Kettle Black Jude. Or should I say Courteeners PR. I wont be going. Theyre rubbish.

StephenAugust 30th 2007.

Well The Courteeners are definately Mickey Mouse.

Jonny JonesAugust 30th 2007.

So true Choppa. It was the same when The Happy Mondays started to break through all the local muso losers & so-called "important figure(s) in the manchester music industry" (most of em based in Chorlton - no wonder wonder Tony Wilson hated the place so much) wanted to see the tossy likes of the Inca Babies succeed - in the same way that the same insipid sorts loved esoteric crap like The Man From Delmonte and hated the Roses (cos they sprayed their name everywhere - boo hoo hoo). These people want to sit at home stroking their 7"s and telling everyone about how their new band with beards are going to bigger than the Bodines. Good luck bitter bitches.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

To Owen, have you actually been to a Courteeners gig? the majority of their mates are Northern Quarter/Chorlton mates. All their aftershow parties are at a flat in Chorlton, their gigs are put on by promoters who are based in the Northern Quarter/Chorlton. Get your facts straight dick head. Sounds like you're a bit bitter. You in some **** band who can't get gigs from these Northern Quarter/Chorlton types?

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

being from midd i've heard about these for quite a while but arn't they from alky? i don't know why they have to name drop places like Harpurhey all the time. Alkys a lovely place they should sing about that and what were those press pictures about on that council estate, do they think they're from langly? they're just milkin this sterotypical idea of a manc and Its all pretty preconceived tbh.. and i think if you're from and know manchester you would understand. And isn't fallowfield hilbily just rusholme ruffians.. ripping of the smiths doesn't mean you're morrissey with strings. I would have been suprised that morrissey liked them but then i remembered he liked the tatu version of how soon is now. If this is the best thing manchester has to offer since the joy divsion/smiths/roses then by god am i ashamed.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

theres alot of jealous people on here ! u lot r just gettin personal about fray coz ur not clever enough to say anything else. dont listen to them and keep goin on about them if u dont like them. im sure if he didnt like u he wouldnt write about it on the internet.gays.

ElizaAugust 30th 2007.

Oh come on! we all know you've got to have attitude to be a great rock icon. Thats what its all about. Are all these posts from bitter manc has beens who never made it??

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

i agree. courteeners stink. really poor band.

sroseAugust 30th 2007.

(on manchester's worst website! tee hee)

cannonballAugust 30th 2007.

Hey Scott whose not rehashed? Music has always been a rehash...The Beatles were copping licks off Smokey Robinson, Elvis was plundering the blues and the Velvet Underground were ad music writer Lou reed pretending to be a left field band. As the great sage tells ya 'originality is in the ear of the beholder!'

NoelAugust 30th 2007.

Exactly. That is the truth in a nutshell. A bunch of fakers, with a no brain following. Merry crimbo.

choppaAugust 30th 2007.

Scott I think you have to be more than popular in Manchester to get in the top 40!Also at this early stage of the game selling out the magnet in liverpool is pretty good going!also to '.' or whatever your name is! what's all this about ...' i speak as an important figure in the manchester music industry, ' are yu trying to be a laughing stock?!!! whoever said **** like that in Manchester!and I'm not sure if you really undertsand what hype is! you say they got the hype AFTER they got people at their gigs- hardly hype then!

CollAugust 30th 2007.

As someone who reglarly goes to gigs of all types, doesn't wear skinny jeans, is a Mancophile and has been around long enough to remember bands like the Courteeners the first time around (this being the 3rd/4th in my reckoning)I hear nothing that would make them popular outside of the Manchester clique they are very obviously in. I have seen the band numerous times and they have a strong fan base and pull in a good crowd for promoters however the attitudes of the band, Fray and their devotees are terrible! Fans that are known to cause fights, a sound that has been heard before and a extreme colloquialisms are no good thing for Manchester when we need to pull together get some bands out there that appeal outside the county and get the city back at the top of the list again.

JackAugust 30th 2007.

One more thing...Why do when aconstructive comment is made against Courteneers an abusive reply is made personally attacking this writer? Instead of just postively defending the subject in question? Because there is nothing positive too defend. Oh and they are childish bullies on fraudster Fray's payroll putting fear into anyone who has a free mind. Is it they are scared of Fray's music standing on its own merit? Or would that just expose him for being a bully who unnecerssary hates easy targets and has never had a real problem in his life but also gives a false impression of his own life. Tell me why on their myspace are these boys posing around a poverty stricken estate? So now tell me on what comfortable village estate were the four courteeners were really brought up on? go on you can say it...coz you were probably raised their also, alkrington. hardly a struggle? I rest my case a career built on a bed of lies, this band will be eaten alive when the nation's kids realise the facts of reality and their belief has been cheated. though the courteeners PR are probably working on it right now reading this. a word of advice stop the pretence, come clean and quit the game before it falls sour. whatve you got to hide? oh all that..lol (and the mundane music). I'm not sorry to admit The Courteeners are a marketing carcrash waiting to happen. Give them their five minutes and then lets move on to our next fad please. So once again its goodbye from me and an early hello to the wolves (their friends) who are coming for my blood. Bye :) lol.

JudeAugust 30th 2007.

mmmm, the nasty remarks seem to be coming from the anti Courteeners person who under their several pseudonyms has managed to call the band 'right wing bigots' amongst other things! Seems like the band's five minutes is lasting a lot longer than the doubter wishes...see you at the sold out Ritz gig next month!

ChoppaAugust 30th 2007.

I didn't know so many jealous local band losers read the Confidential!For far too long these northern quarter dickheads have been clogging up the Manchester music headlines with their boring music and now they howl like petulant children when a genuine talent like The Courteeners start to take off. Thank **** for the Courteeners for winding these fools up and thank **** for the Confidential for backing the band who will go top 40 with their next single (and further wind up the no mark whiner bands who seem to be flocking to these pages!). It was just the same when the Roses and Oasis broke through.

MattAugust 30th 2007.

Is Liam Fray Elvish?

the endAugust 30th 2007.

this band suck.

The Ghost of Bill GrundyAugust 30th 2007.

Knobhead comment No. 1 "Fray and their devotees are terrible! Fans that are known to cause fights"haha! who the f**k are you? Mary Whitehouse?Knobhead comment No. 2"i speak as an important figure in the manchester music industry"You mean you work at some second rate venue in town and have put out a few records by crap bands?Knobhead comment No. 3"no one cared about them till people starting noticing they had a lot of people coming to their shows"er...isn't that a bit of a contradictionYou are a knobhead and I claim my free £5 voucher.

LukeAugust 30th 2007.

Liam Fray reminds me of Zac Efron from High School Musical.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

Jack, well said. I am speaking from personal experience. I can assure you, they certainly are not by any stretch of the imagination scallies/rough etc. They'd run a mile from a fight and i would say, are all mouth. A lot of the 'fans' seem to be attracted by an image of them being proper Oasis style working class lads. This is the reason for my 'rant'. They are not and by mentioning areas like Harpurhey (which i don't think they've ever set foot in) they are misleading these 'fans' of theirs.If it really matters where they grew up, live, drink etc then lets have the facts straight please.Happy Christmas!

waAugust 30th 2007.

I don't think scott is entitled to his opinion if he writes that s**t

JackAugust 30th 2007.

Reading all these comments i have noticed one thing...the people against Fray and Courteeners (poor name), seem decent and reasonable opinions while the opposition for Fray seem a little nasty and desperate. i say watch them eventually fizzle because i honestly believe they are basically him (head boy on his middle class neighbourhood), his cruel lyrics and all his frustrated friends (paid in the bargain) selling manchester on a plan to get the easy life and continue trying to fool the nation. as they ignorantly write their own script, with cheap words of legend, genius, in the same breathe as morrisey and brown. it shows their little game in a nutshell. as for the rest of the world...you must be joking lol. it will not transcend (the end). and as for his calculated spin/public banter with other bands = sorry attempt to step up ladder by association. his displays in nme (the smash hits of rock magazines) shows he's just another wannabe poster boy for this century who will gladly say anything (bend over) to be famous. verdict = hack. i am now expecting a reply from an angry 'courteener teamstreet' footsoldier, becoz i simply (see through) wont agree. i think ive said it all (the truth). goodbye :).

LauraAugust 30th 2007.

I agree with all Jack said. The band are bulls***.

Big JoeAugust 30th 2007.

The Courteeners rule. they're a much welcome change to all the esoteric **** that usually comes stumbling stoned out of chorlton. Fray is the real deal. Magic Arm are ok but they'll end up selling about 12 records.

truthAugust 30th 2007.

liam fray is disgusting. singing about selfish trivial in his privileged life. when you gonna talk about real subjects outside your ego?

hmondayAugust 30th 2007.

I think the gig he refers to is more likley to be the band's recent sellout show at the Acadamy 3 wich is a lot larger than 150 people oh smug srose and I would withdraw that right wing bigot comment if I was you...

AvidAugust 30th 2007.

Liam Fray sings exactly like Mel B from Bo Selecta...Mmmm me graaapes!

MorrisseyAugust 30th 2007.

Ha ha ha. Howard Moon!

TomAugust 30th 2007.

I prefer Twisted Wheel. They are much better than the courteeners and fray sounds just like the singer.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

Manchester must be the easiest city in Britain for a band to make a name for themselves. There's so much help from the local media and venues and yet we barely make a mark on Britain's music scene, nevermind the world.The courteeners are ok a change from our usual singer-songwriter blandness, but there should be so much more.

GLHAugust 30th 2007.

ah, the talentless and pointless wastes of space like luke who hang and leech off others hard work and success. Sort your life out luke, you massive parasite. Carry on the way you are and you will balls it up big time for the band. Nice one. No really, nice one you utter cretin.

baggioAugust 30th 2007.

old anonymous really does like to see his words of nonsense in print doesn't they!the stone roses were big in manchester for years before they made it anywhere else, so the kid who's into the magic roundabout should maybe not be so quick to open his big keyboard!the courteeners are definitely the best band in manchester for years and i know exactly the type of people who'd slag em off. yeah, the skinny jeans n ties brigade!

LeeAugust 30th 2007.

Wow, didnt expect there to be this many rants! but what the hell is everyones problem, Courteeners make good music, fray has got a mouth on him but to be honest everything ive read is funny as ****. People coming on here saying "Fray is such a rude prick etc" NICE ONE, you really think hes gonna be arsed, Him and the band have just got a 4 album deal or sumit. Now as a fan myself i cant understand people coming on here calling the fans dicks, yeah its kicked off abit now and then but doesnt it always when everyone is having to much of a good time.

sixthdanAugust 30th 2007.

actually is manchester's best writer on manchester's best new band being bitched about on manchester's worst messageboard by manchester's biggest liars like srose who have nothing to offer the local scene but made up libel about the courteeners being right wing bigots- that sort of stuff can see you in court chump!

monkeysarewellbetterAugust 30th 2007.

The courteeners have got some tunes but you cant even compare there songs to the standards of "live forever" "Supersonic" "cigarettes and alcohol" "shakermaker". Everytime ive showed somebody a courteeners song they havent liked it, Fray looks like he could be the next manc indie legend but it all comes down to the music and i dotn know whether i can seem goin down in the mainstream charts and being up there with the monkeys, the monkeys are sooooooooo better then them theres no comparsion, oh yeah ive from liverpool too and my new band are gonna be better than the courteeners x

Keith LAugust 30th 2007.

Haha! He seriously does too. Mmmm crabpaste!

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

A truly fantastic band, I love them.If you love the band too join the Snorting & Cavorting forum, the URL is:http://thecourteeners.proboards78.coma great community with a huge amount of sections on the band.I love the S&C Projects section! It the place for all members to actually get involved with the forum.They are designing a Courteeners t-shirt at the moment - Have a look it's really good!By far the best forum or website for the fans to go.

jimbobAugust 30th 2007.

The Courteeners are crap compared to even Northern Uproar

JCAugust 30th 2007.

Soon the only people who will believe in the hype are themselves. Sure, Fray has talent and some great songs which should stand out...not be eclipsed by the size of ego, cockiness and general nastiness that comes out of his mouth!

realityAugust 30th 2007.

the bloke is a false prophet born in comfortable ignorance.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

danny add danny add da do

OwenAugust 30th 2007.

The bleatings on this board are hilarious!What has made the Manchester music scene so stale for so many years is these Chorlton/Northern Quarter prats who think the whole music scene revolves around them. A clutch of self righteous bands and media nomarks who play gigs to their 5 anorak wearing friends, other like minded bands and a packed guest list of clueless media types- these are the sort of bands who think they are breaking the barriers of music by copying some hip American underground band. The sort of bands that write about each other in the local media, get all the radio sessions and all the hip kudos from their clueless mates in the radio and press.It reads like a dismal roll call of jumped up spineless student alt. culture...bands that two years later have disappeared and no-one cares about. These stale farts think they run the scene. They sit there in Cord bar patting each other on the back, all ruddy cheeked with their own self importance...'I'm the king of the scene' they smirk through their scrawny half grown bears, 'I can walk around the Northern quarter and at least three people will say hello to me.' These trolls have clogged up the scene for far too long, The Courteeners have shown that they are yesterdays' news and don’t they know it! The city's music message boards will be alive with this debate- that’s for sure! Because these trolls have nothing better to do, they must be the first musicians in the history of rock n roll who spend more time writing letters or emails than writing songs and that’s why the Courteeeners are breaking through and they are not!I hope the Courteeners will be the badly needed broom to sweep away the Manchester scene dead wood! The yesterday's men are going incandescent with petty rage because they have been bypassed by the Courteeners. The band have shown that despite all the column inches and radio time that the Northern Quarter/Chorlton bands get they are worth nothing and despite all the chest puffing and holier than though pontificating of these bands and all the misguided belief that they are central to the local scene they have yet again managed to miss the one band that will actually break though and mean something to people...and that’s what these fake hipsters really hate and that’s why they are all on this message board!

Jonny JonesAugust 30th 2007.

Look, The Courteeners are complete class. Fray is a genius and their rise is very much welcome and very much due. Hey 'Anonymous' - you're a bit obsessed aren't you? did Liam Fray steal your dinner money once or knob your girlfriend?? you just want to worship the kind of twee toss that has been holding this city back for the last decade via Twisted Nerve et al. The Courteeners are gonna be absolutely massive - don't beat yourself up about it though.

zimmyAugust 30th 2007.

I think some people should listen to the words. Dylan had a similar response and no I am not putting Liam in the same frame. Some people think they are the worlds best experts, shame they are living in a box and cannot see outside it.

CollAugust 30th 2007.

Blimey Owen, relax-I'm not sure people think they're elite here, rather they, like you are giving their opinion! The NQuarter is not a clique, there are too many bars are too many different groups/types of people to generalise so I'm not sure why you feel so vindicated there. Good for you that you like the band...it's quite cute that you feel the need to pick out/on individuals on the board and their opinions rather than put something positive about the band itself.

crossyAugust 30th 2007.

ermmmm ..... sorry to interupt , but ISNT THIS ABOUT MUSIC ????you like , you buy , you listen .simple .if you dont ... well , you dont .most of what ive read on here is pure eliteist **** .if you dont like em , and think there are better bands in manchester ... so ****in what !!! behind every successfull band is a load of these stories .if you do like em , support em , and hope there spotlight touches some of the other great manchester music .just dont get into all that elite i dont like em now they've "sold-out" **** when they do get where they're obviously headed :)

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

the courteeners are brilliant but there mate danny add looks like bungle out of rainbow.

sroseAugust 30th 2007.

manchester's worst writer on manchester's worst band. beautiful.

DebsAugust 30th 2007.

Are these lads actually from Middleton then? Nothing to say about their music - its crap and the same we've been hearing for the last decade. And he has ****e hair.

baggioAugust 30th 2007.

the thing is, even if they become the biggest band in the world, there will be people who still say they're sh!t!

dannyadAugust 30th 2007.

well aren't you all well interesting!no, i don't think so

JennAugust 30th 2007.

Gosh I'm so glad that Manchester has the likes of luke and his friends to put us in our place! What would we do without them?Oh and I'm not in a band, but after reading this-I could be forgiven for thinking that some 'teeners' fans are bullying dicks! I always wonder if attitude is a cover up for lack of something else!?You fans are not helping, if I was considering going to their gigs for the first(I have been to numerous) I would be put off by you lot-would I been seen as someone who needs putting in my place? Surely you WANT them to be sucessful?LET THEM PROVE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR MUSIC!

NabuAugust 30th 2007.

Has anyone ever seen Julian Barratt and Liam Fray together in the same room?

Mr ClarkeAugust 30th 2007.

lol @ Jude. Yeah or maybe, Just maybe. People (that's plural ie more than one person) actually dislike the courteeners. Is that possibly allowed?

LukeAugust 30th 2007.

Jenn jenn jenn, what a tit you are.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

courtneerers awful, spend less time chatting up girls telling them to come to your shows, and spend more writing songs, it just shows how they havent sold out the tiny 'magnet' in liverpool, but sold out manhcester, its cause no one cares about their music, its just their friends buying tickets..........best band in manchester must be magic arm (http://www.myspace.com/magicarm)

ERAugust 30th 2007.

It's all hype, Fray just wants to be a Gallagher in the libertines and it ends up sound like the view. It upsets me that people say that they are the best thing in Manchester since oasis. There are so many better bands in Manchester than these fools, so many other bands who deserve this kind of hype. Fray is an idiot who gives Manchester a bad name (he is the stereotypical 'Manc' a drunken foolish scally) and does not deserve this break. To comment on the above article most of all he DOES NOT have the songs to back it all up and this is the last kind of band Manchester needs. They are an embarrassment for this kind city.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2007.

I'm gonna try and be polite here for once in my life: I dislike The Courteeners immensely. Lowline are the best, or should i say, a much better Manchester band, and my tip for the top.

colinAugust 30th 2007.

Fair enough they're doing well AND they make alright music. But i hope one day all the bollocks they try to make people believe about them coming from ****ing Langly or Blackley or something comes back and bites them in the arse.Fray wishes he could be himself, but he knows that to ever get anywhere he has to lie about where he's from and who he is. Hes had it easy as ****.. and all you's jumping on the bandwagon are gonna let it get easier and easier for the hypocrite.

GLHAugust 30th 2007.

It's funny how these debates always arise. Firstly people need to stop hating the band. They, like every other band are just doing what they need to do. There admittedly meteoric rise around Manchester does seem hinged an mass-frothing at the mouth of the press, all keen to join the bandwagon, but big fookin deal thats how it works.The national radio play and press exposure is massively aided by the fact that they have some very influential contacts. Again, so what? It's in the band's (and any bands) best interests to do this. If you have an influential national radio plugger you will get radio play if you have a dedicated PR team bigging you up and chasing down leads for you, you will get features.Like it or not, whether it be the music, the fact that they fit the expected Manc-band template, or the fact that people know what is guaranteed to gain coverage, the band have something or somethings that make people want to write about and PR the arse off them.If you dont like them, ignore them. If you do like them get on board.Any band that spends their time whingeing about another bands success needs to pack it in and move to a different industry.Thats right it is an industry, cut throat, dog eat dog and possibly largely unfair.And has it not occurred to anyone else that the mass hysteria around them is good for turning the spotlight back on Manchester?I say grab the bastard opportunities by the balls.

northern jimJanuary 31st 2010.

liam fray dresses like a drag queen and yes the courteeners are still poo.

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