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Snoop Dogg Live Review And Video: MIF 2011

Lynda Moyo believes every Dogg has it’s day, and the Doggystyle album was definitely Snoop’s

Written by . Published on July 16th 2011.

Snoop Dogg Live Review And Video: MIF 2011
The Confidential MIF rating: 13/20 Originality 3/5; Performances (acting, singing etc) 4/5; Audience delight: 4/5; Production 2/5

IT all began with a lowrider bike, a picnic table and a fire hydrant.

Expectations were high, so to speak. Was Snoop Dogg going to have a picnic then light a joint which would result in him setting the place on fire thus having to make a sharp exit on the bike?

No. He was here to do it Doggystyle and the stage props were linked to Snoop’s persona and some of the lyrics from that phenomenal debut album of his.

I think all minute’s ‘silences’ should be observed with the chorus ‘I’ve got hoes in different area codes’ playing in the background. It somehow takes the edge off. RIP Nate Dogg.

Pandering to the packed out Apollo, a dog-faced mascot appeared wearing the signature Crips gang colours - of which Snoop is arguably a musical mascot/member himself.

Then on came the air 'fresheners'. Apparently Glade plug-ins now come in a new ‘Purple Haze’ fragrance. Or maybe it’s just that when Snoop Dogg’s in town, the smoking ban becomes null and void among his concert crowds.

Amid the smoke, the mascot ‘Crip Walked’ to Snoop’s most famous collaboration track ‘Still Dre’. I was hoping beneath the dog-face, Dr Dre was going to yell 'Surprise!'. Sadly he didn't, but female rapper The Lady Of Rage, was next to arrive, soon welcoming onstage the big man himself.

A Family Night Out At Snoop DoggA Family Night Out At Snoop DoggNaturally, Snoop opened with ‘Gin and juice’ - a track significantly older than the pre-pubescent lad on his dad’s shoulders next to me. The boy was nodding along to every expletive as though it were a Justin Bieber special. Goes to show how good music transcends through the generations.

In fact this particular gig was all about remembering just what has made Snoop Dogg the leader of the rap pack for almost 20 years now. He was here to perform the Doggystyle album in its entirety with live appearances from the original featured guests. Well, almost in its entirety with almost all of the D.P.G.C. (Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips) original crew.

 Tracks such as ‘Serial Killa’ ‘Murder Was The Case’ and ‘For All My Niggaz & Bitches’ went down a storm. From the back to the front, the very diverse crowd had one thing in common. Their “m*therfuckin’ hands in the air”.

Snoop certainly knows how to hype a crowd. All he has to do is turn up. His incomparable voice and signature rapping style does the rest. Yet Manchester International Festival had promoted a ‘unique multimedia experience’ for this gig which unfortunately didn’t really work properly and wasn’t necessary anyway.

There was a huge screen positioned centre stage which, every few tracks, played a random home movie-style skit featuring Snoop Dogg, the terrible actor. It kept jumping, interfered with the flow of the gig and wasted precious time. Time, that could have been spent giving us at least half a dozen more tracks from his bulging back catalogue.

 There are plenty of other innovative ideas that could have and perhaps should have featured in this MIF event. Snoop did have a few provocative female dancers mind, but that’s hardly original in hip-hop culture.

SnoopOther let downs included Snoop performing that God-awful song ‘I wanna love you’ featuring Akon, who thankfully wasn’t the mystery mascot either.

He also insisted on performing House of Pain’s track ‘Jump around'. Granted most people jumped, but knowing he does this needless rendition at all of his gigs made it feel boringly bog standard for MIF.

Worse still, when Snoop shouted “I’m gonna play y’all something off my new album” I reckon if you could have got inside every person’s head in the Apollo, you’d have heard a resounding “Nooooooo”. Snoop went ahead though, telling us to punch our fists in the air to his latest single ‘Sweat’. I imagined I was punching David Guetta. In the face.

Luckily this was a reasonably short, shameful section of the show. Other highlights included a moment of silence for Nate Dogg (Snoop and Warren G's fellow 213 hip-hop group member) who passed away earlier this year. I think all minute’s ‘silences’ should be observed with the chorus ‘I’ve got hoes in different area codes’ playing in the background. It somehow takes the edge off. RIP Nate Dogg.

Nate Dogg also featured on the timeless track ‘Regulate’ and Warren G was in attendance to rap the big hit. Snoop and the others sang the chorus along with the crowd. It was a winner.

Snoop too went out on a high note, with the commercial yet credible ‘Drop it like it’s hot’. He then went on to tell us how he’ll come back to Manchester anytime we’ll have him and customs' drug squad can’t stop him so ner! Or something like that anyway.

I’d certainly have him back, stoned or otherwise. But it’d have to be on the condition that he only peforrms his tracks from last century. You see the Doggystyle section of the show was great, but unfortunately the rest ruined it for me. An old Dogg with no new tricks, we saw what made him and what's made him lose it of late.

Snoop, it’s been emotional.

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Lynda Moyo shared this on Facebook on July 16th 2011.
AnonymousJuly 16th 2011.

This was MIF simply showing (trying) that it's covering some remit or other that allows the management to get back and preen with Yentob and co. Poor.

JamesJuly 16th 2011.

No it wasn't Anon, that's silly. It's more about MIF being interesting and interested in lots of ideas and cultural resonances. That's good. If there is a problem with MIF it lies with trying to shoehorn well-known gigging stars into a Festival format that is best when it brings us things we don't expect or have never known. Possibly Bjork and Snoop Dogg - definitely the latter who didn't mention the Festival - will be the least memorable occurrences of 2011.

AnonymousJuly 16th 2011.

It was great. In fact he should have included more of his hits; beautiful, lets get blown, gansta love, sexual eruption etc to compliment the origional album. But the additions were welcomed amongst the prescribed doggystyle setlist. I have to say that this review was poor!

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AnonymousJuly 16th 2011.

Poor? This review said what most people were probably thinking!

ThedukeabidesJuly 17th 2011.

Short and to the point, most of the audience were always going to go home happy. I was more a fan of the mascot.

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