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Oasis review

Alastair McCall on the Gallagher brothers' big boozy bash at Heaton Park

Published on June 10th 2009.

Oasis review

On 31 May 1982, a religious fervour gripped Heaton Park. Crowds of thousands gathered to see the man who, in their eyes, was as close to God as a mortal could be. The masses hung on every word that Pope John Paul II uttered that historic day.

Last weekend, a religious fervour gripped Heaton Park. Crowds of thousands gathered to see the men who, in their eyes, are as close to God as mortals can be. The masses hung on every word, chord, snarl and swagger.

Mrs Gallagher’s little boys had come home.

I’ve a feeling the Christians were better behaved.

And I’ve a strong suspicion that nobody in the crowd on that holy day in 1982 was trying to drink their own body weight in lager. I don’t reckon anyone stole the loo roll from the portaloos to lob at the pontiff when the time came. And I certainly don’t think you’d have seen a man openly urinating in the bar area. Come to think of it, there probably wasn’t a bar area.

This weekend? A right rum do.

Floppy hats and sky blue shirts adorned the park as far as the eye could see as the disciples of Noel and Liam donned their uniforms and prepared to worship at the altar of Oasis. Football chants rang out, the beer and urine flowed in equal measure and the atmosphere was electric.

Warmed up by The Enemy and the brilliant Kasabian, the fans were gagging for it when the time came for the hometown boys to take to the stage, ripping into 'Rock n’ Roll Star', and looking every inch of it themselves.

This was Sunday and all the demons of power cuts had been swept away as the set, full to bursting with their big hits, chugged by smoothly and without a hitch.

Now, here’s my confession, I’m a bit of a fair-weather Oasis fan. I only really know the singles and even then when I try and join in I’m quite often left humiliated when I sing about a family full of concentrics. With only one unfamiliar song (the perfect opportunity to empty the bladder and fill the pint pot), nobody could criticise the set list.

If there was a criticism to be made, it would be that the sound was a little wishy-washy in places. Admittedly there was a bit of wind, but a decent sound set-up should overcome that easily. I got the feeling that the council were banging on the ceiling with a broom, telling us to keep it down. I also would have liked to have seen some better screens. These two factors made me wonder what the experience was like for those at the back of the park who, after all, had paid the same money as those of us lucky (and early) enough to be at the front.

All in all though, a great day, celebrating a band that should take their place on the impressive list of Manchester legends.

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JillyJune 10th 2009.

How can anyone slate the Oasis gigs? Even the fact that there was a power failure on the Thurs should be completely disregarded. It was absolutely amazing, Oasis and Kasabian on top form (as always) and the Heaton Park gigs will be right up there with Knebworth and City stadium. Without doubt the best gig I have ever been to. In fact they were so good, we have bought tickets to see them tomorrow in Cardiff! And for all those moaning about the piss, I agree it's pretty vile, but it's expected at all gigs and festivals nowadays... right or wrong it's part of the event and ranting on ManCon won't stop people doing it!

emma graceJune 10th 2009.

I was there on the Sunday. It was fab...more like a festival than a gig. And how brilliant were kasabian?! Loved it loved it loved it!

lisa looJune 10th 2009.

there was no wee-free zone, i was right at the back and had about 3 seperate launches of nice warm wee hit my head, plus the added bonus of not being able to see a bloody thing, and only person i could here singing over everyone else was the fat bloke next to me who didnt know the words. Still, a brilliant gig though !

Wee-Fee ZoneJune 10th 2009.

Would you prefer to be at the front with fair chance of being covered in wee, or at the back with no wee missiles? I'ld rather go in the wee-free zone

scoteeeJune 10th 2009.

I did find it surprising that although it was the "DIG OUT YOUR SOUL" tour. from the album they inly manged to dig out 2 tracks...Yeah... I think the album is **** too

CynicalCyrilJune 10th 2009.

Oasis were brilliant, by far the best live performance I've been to since Fat Freddy’s at the academy. I paid £50 for Thursday’s gig, which started off in glorious sunshine. Heaton Park, what a great place for a gig. No queues for the beers, nor for the toilets before 6pm. The brilliant recycling opportunity of bringing the cups back to get 10p was an act of genius, although some scally robbed my collection of 12. At the counter 2 scavengers made £29 in returns. I got there about 4pm and tickets were being sold for a fiver on the gates. My main issue was the barrier between the front pit in front of the stage and the rest of the park. No one told us that a) there was a barrier, b) they let the first 20,000 into the front bit and c) even though I had paid the cash to get in I wasn’t going to be let into the front part. The Enemy apparently didn’t show because someone allegedly had a dodgy curry. Kasabian were ok but I was way too far away to appreciate it as the crowd soon built up, crushing us at the fence. The security dudes were from Group 4 Security, the prison people who started getting a bit upset that the £35 ticket holders were being advised that they wouldn’t be let through into the front bit even though there was loads of space.Consequently, people started jumping the barriers, chants of “You’re only on £5 an hour" to the security guys didn’t go down well. Thankfully, after jumping the barrier, being escorted away and advised to sod off, I managed to sneak back into the front bit with a little charm & guile. Then Oasis came back on and were fantastic. All the classics, pretty amazing really, a cracker sing a long. Sensational evening, to be honest.

IanJune 10th 2009.

getting covered in piss and part of the fun? gerra life, you must be bonkers.

JennyJune 10th 2009.

Alicia is talking rubbish as far as I'm concerned! Too crowded? Area too small-is she serious? We did the park and ride and and is went without a hitch. If you actually read the signs telling you where to get them there was a fleet of buses waiting to take us back and we didn't queue for a single minute. I thought Heaton Park was a great venue and the event was well organised but the sound was quiet-to the point where I couldn't hear the band when the crowd was singing along. Get that right and they've cracked it.

MarieJune 10th 2009.

I was there for all 3 nights, on the Thursday I was in the front pit but didn't have such a great view being only 5'2" & could only see the top of the screens but it was still a brilliant gig, best of the 3 in my opinion, (apart from getting a cup of pee down the back of my head) they gave it their all once the generator came back on. Saturday I was in the front pit again but at the far left, not a great view again but got to see them close up as they came on & off stage & got a wave off mummy Gallagher & big brother Paul, along with Manny from the Stone Roses. Sunday we stayed in the pub right up until Kasabian came on so ended up right at the back but was still a great atmosphere, I just hate the way its to be expected to be covered in pee at these gigs!

jillyJune 10th 2009.

They were brilliant... Kasabian and Oasis. I saw them in Cardiff at the weekend and Heaton Park was FAR better!!

JenJune 10th 2009.

I was there on Sunday and although I did not get covered in anything suspicious, I did get a lovely full frontal of a man relieving himself. I thought the transport was reasonably well organised. There were loads of buses running from town and we got a tram back - only waited about 45 mins. Only gripe was that the arena was too small and I couldn't see the screens, but otherwise a brilliant day out! Kasabian Rocked!

I'm not crying, someone's pissing on my face.June 10th 2009.

Wee being 'better' than poo is hardly justification! :) Although when the Arctic Monkeys played Old Trafford there was a lot of poo flying round, luckily I avoided being hit!

emma graceJune 10th 2009.

I got covered in something...but I didn't go out of my way to find out what it was. Beer or water or wee, I'd rather not know. It all washes off!

scoteeeJune 10th 2009.

I left my car at a pub near Sainsbury's which charged a tenner.I got it the venue at around half two and then managed to get in the front pit 4 rows from the front.But after being totally piss covered, me and the G/F moved to the back of the pit before Oasis came on.The first act though was hilarious as the lead singer had the most enormous crow hanging out of his nose...each time the evil camera man closed in on him the crowd cheered wipe ya nose...so funny, poor bugger

I'm not crying, someone's pissing on my face.June 10th 2009.

Why do some people insist on weeing in cups and throwing them over the crowd. It is vile.

lisa looJune 10th 2009.

there was no wee-free zone, i was right at the back and had about 3 seperate launches of nice warm wee hit my head, plus the added bonus of not being able to see a bloody thing, and only person i could here singing over everyone else was the fat bloke next to me who didnt know the words. Still, a brilliant gig though !

brynJune 10th 2009.

I went to the sunday gig to see the mighty oasis, now as much as this pains me to say/write it, i thought oasis were a bit average and seemed like they couldn't arsed!!! I am however comparing it to 7 other oasis gigs that have blown me away, it just should of been so much better, though it wasn't helped by the crap sound system that I reckon they bought cheap from glastonbury festival 2007 after that system nearly caused a riot! It was no-where near as good as the City of Manchester stadium gig thats all im saying! The enemy were superb as usual though, brilliant. Kasabien have had better days too!

Ali McGowanJune 10th 2009.

I was there on Thurs and luckily did not receive a golden shower. Yes it's grim, but better than poo, I suppose.

AliciaJune 10th 2009.

I went for the husband - not my thing and we were at the back, I couldnt see a thing except flying cups of pee one of which hit me, but at least that made some atmosphere. far too crowded there should have been more space I would like to know why in such a huge park the area was so small. As for public transport and park and ride what a sham. Im not a festival goer but I used to live in Middleton so I parked on a local street and walked from the centre - I saw not one bus the whole way there or back - tonnes of taxi's. A freind paid £10 park and ride to find huge crowds waiting for non existant buses so had to park and walk back. The north west is so behind the times we should not be allowed to hold such events.

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