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Hear Emily Deyn's top ten tunes

Manchester artist and supermodel sister, Emily Deyn, shares her eclectic mix

Published on May 7th 2009.

Hear Emily Deyn's top ten tunes

Hometown: Manchester

What do you do? Artist

What types of music do you like?
Wow now that's a question. My music taste is extremely varied, anyone who's been on my iTunes will tell you it's a crazy mish-mash of different types of music from different eras and genres. I don't like to pigeonhole myself to one type of sound or vibe. When it comes to music I feel like I'm adaptable enough to allow myself to desire different types of music without making a major change to who I am as a person. But unfortunately I have a tendency to revert back to what I know and love most.

What is the song that means the most to you and why?
'RA (Original Sin Remixed)' by G Dub. This is my favourite track because it reminds me of the summer of 2006, when me and my friends had no major responsibilities and we spent the summer hoping from one rave to another and dancing till the sun came up. Phipps, this one has your name all over it <3

What are your top ten favourite songs?

1. Illum Sphere - Murky (You know)
From the debut EP entitled Incoming, getting hype from Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder camp as well as Rinse FM. Illum Sphere is smashing it at the moment and I love his stuff.

2. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Sister Nancy – known as the first original dancehall female DJ with her dominating voice for over three decades on the dancehall scene – and this tune just makes me wanna dance.

3. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
One of the best British rock bands from the Seventies. I love this song and it reminds me of my sister. I love listening to it with her and dancing round like a crazy fool.

4. Wordsmith - Apocalypse When?
Good mood/bad mood I love this song. I can listen to it day in day out.

5. Mc Det- Raver Raver
This track is MC Det's latest unreleased track. Det's a good friend of mine and always gives me tunes before they're released. I love to listen to this track when I'm driving my car to a DnB night with the girls.

6. The Bug & Warrior Queen -Poison Dart
Some of my friends are DJs and when we hang out we usually end up in a record shop. Me heading straight for the hip-hop, I stumbled upon this vinyl in the wrong section. I bought it and played it every day till my house mates wanted to throw it out of the window.

7. Bubbz - Citizens Of The City
Bubbz' newest single soon to be released, this track is from the forthcoming album which will be released summer 2009. All Bubbz tracks are sick – you should check him out.

8. Higher Ground/You Brought the Sunshine - The Clark Sisters
I love this track. Every time I went to HOYA HOYA, Ryan Hunn and Jonny Dub would mix this tune at the very end. It's one of those tracks that makes everyone go crazy and wanna dance. Love It.

9. The IRS (KING KIAOW solo) - The King Has Arrived
King Kiaow – one of UK hip-hop's outrageous rappers. I have a love-hate relationship with this song. Today I love it so it's made my top ten.

10. J Dilla - Wild
Track from the album Ruff Draft, J Dilla is one of the most played Artists on my iTunes at the moment.

Click here to listen

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63 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

emma graceMay 7th 2009.

The constant name-dropping just rubbed me up the wrong way I'm afraid

Didsbury GirlMay 7th 2009.

Amen Anonymous!

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

Sanity, I think you're wrong. I think she wants us to admire and respect her and think 'wow, she's so cool' or sick?!As a ManCon reader like Tom I'd like to know why they picked her? She isn't an artist, she works at Ticketmaster doesn't she? At least the lady last week had a career. Next week can we have someone more interesting than a student/ticket seller and if you can't get anyone, use Gordo. That'd be better, can't wait to learn his 'eclectic' mix!

BeeMay 7th 2009.

I'm not keen on this series because it makes me feel uncool, so rather than be rude, here's my top 3: Nik Kershaw - The Riddle, The Source - You Got the Love and The Stone Roses - I am the Resurrection.

Pun princessMay 7th 2009.

Given the surname change, could this be a case of No Deyn no Gain?

Beefy StewMay 7th 2009.

Captain Sensible, well said!

toothfaceMay 7th 2009.

I don't know lots of the music, apart from J Dilla who is ace, so can't really comment on that... My gripe is with the pathetic celebrity obsessed aspect of this piece - the tone and the superior/cool/cliquey-ness of it. As anonymous says, she wouldn't be featured unless her sis was Aguinness... She may be the loveliest most talented and supercool person in the world but taking her sister's fake stage name and then rabbiting on about how "inneresting" her tastes are does not endear. (I can't bring myself to repeat "eclectic", probably the most cliched word ever used to describe music).

KelMay 7th 2009.

Jesus - she's only young. She seems to be doing more than most!

AnonymousMay 7th 2009.

The difference is Mr Stew that Lou, Emma, Didsbury or any of the others have not put their taste out there to be judged by others. I googled the young lady and she did an interview with Body Confidential where she and her friend basically mock Manchester and it's taste, so excuse us for having a pop back. Fact is if her sister wasn't who she is, ManCon wouldn't want to know. I assume she is the one who entitled herself 'artist', well then where's the art? Fashion Designer? Her sister has worn her stuff and it still hasn't taken off. Her surname isn't Deyn, her sister took Deyn as her stage surname. So Emily followed to make sure she could squeeze every little bit of gain from it. So if people want to have a go, they are entitled to. And if she doesn't want people to do that, get off the stage, lose your sisters stage name and make a name for yourself!

Didsbury GirlMay 7th 2009.

I didn't mean to come across as nasty! Everyone likes their own stuff, fair enough, I think most of us are just having a bit of a giggle!

Chris DeynMay 7th 2009.

Emily: To be fair, a couple of good tracks here (having never heard any of them before). No interest in fashion or whatever it is your sister does, so I'll leave that subject well alone. Good luck and stuff.... BUT, here: "When it comes to music I feel like I'm adaptable enough to allow myself to desire different types of music without making a major change to who I am as a person." you sound like a pretentious douche.

Beefy StewMay 7th 2009.

Good God Lou, how bitchy are you? She looks and sounds like a smart young girl who is simply looking to get on withy her life, why the bile? What have you done?

Crazy DiamondMay 7th 2009.

Oooooo saucer of milk for all of the above. . .

time get hard for lady gagaMay 7th 2009.


unluckyMay 7th 2009.

lucky: it is an eclectic mix. I've heard of most of these and they're all from very different artists. maybe have a listen to the playlist to hear for yourself.

Emily DeynMay 7th 2009.

Wow, this is all a bit serious isn't it, I seriously didn't realise how much I upset you all with my top ten tunes, So I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to each and everyone of you, I really didn't know that being a art student and having a part time job to pay for my studies and art materials would make you all so angry. I also apologise for my family name and for my mother for giving birth to me and making me the younger sister of my two older siblings. For all of this I'm extremely sorry and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. xx

Manchester's Voice of Sanity humbledMay 7th 2009.

Charles Butterworth, I was only taking the mick! I actually think I'm in agreement with you as I just thought it was funny that people were getting so hot under the collar about this young lady, who I am sure is actually, beneath the pretension, quite sweet. Her response to all the bad comments is very witty. I forgive you Emily. And, by the way, where did you get the earrings. But, Charles, how dare you suggest I'm a pub bore. Bon viveur, perhaps. Witty raconteur, even. But dull! Never!

Captain SensibleMay 7th 2009.

Steady on fellas and ladies. Why the nastiness? Do you obsess over each and every article in other publications, this is just a harmless bit of fluff, leave the girl alone?

BenMay 7th 2009.

It would be nice just once to read an artical on here without having to then be subjected to the moronic bile that is this castlefield fool...why do you think people are interested in anything you have to say?! You must literaly fill ur day sifting through this website trying to find ways to make your self feel good by trashing people. I think you should get a job writting for the daily mail. fair play to Emily...well said!

emma graceMay 7th 2009.

Didsbury Girl and Lou...didn't you know you have to know the artists themselves to be in the know these days?? Listening to music that's already been released is just so uncool daaaaahhling...

AnonymousMay 7th 2009.

Ah, so you'd be the Hussain in hussaindeyn then! 'Worked hard to get where's she's at' - where's that exactly? Is it really that hard to get a job at Ticketmaster these days? If she doesn't need her sisters help then why change her surname? Why name drop her at every opportunity?

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

Confused now, looked at website. Love the logo, clever that! Is she an artist, fashion designer or a student? Or a professional sister of supermodel? I like that mending broken street furniture thing.

scoteeeMay 7th 2009.

Screw her musical choice, how long have they been auditioning for Deirdre Barlow's position?

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

Can you put on a link to some of the art work. Otherwise it just seems like it's on here as she's the sister of a model. She may be the next big thing for all we know.

Didsbury GirlMay 7th 2009.

I feel incredibly old and "uncool" after reading this and not knowing one song on her list. And im only 25. I have a theory she made all these up as her favourite songs and really has an i-pod full of Michael Bolton, Disney ballads and Celine Dion. Although I am myself partial to a bit of Disney music...maybe we would get on...

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

unlucky, I tell you what, I have read it and that's how I take it. Is it made up tat that's she's changed her name? Is it made up tat that she isn't actually a working artist? Fabricated and made-up, that's pretty impressive that. Unlucky.

luckyMay 7th 2009.

Can anyone shed any light on wether this IS an "eclectic mix"? I've only heard of one of these tracks.If you discount her forehead, the earrings are bigger than her face...

Wayne-popsMay 7th 2009.

Emily that's a brilliant response to a bunch of fools. Well done. I don't know you from adam but that was funny.

DrakeMay 7th 2009.

You do have to feel a little sorry for ManCon here. A cheap and easy space filler and every week the subject gets lambasted by the readers. (Hong Kong Garden was about a Chinese Takeaway, perhaps an oblique reference to her sister's supposed previous career?)

unluckyMay 7th 2009.

Castlefield, get your facts right before posting. Emily did not say that Manchester has no fashion or art scene and the music scene is past it. It was actually Aliyah Hussain who commented on those things but what she actually said was: "Manchester has a fashion week? Really? (laughs) No seriously, I think Manchester is great for fashion. I guess the problem with Manchester designers like Agyness' mate Henry Holland, is they tend to move to the capital. It's almost as though unless it's music related, Manchester isn't really recognised as a key place. And even with the music it's all old stuff. The city tries to be strong in fashion and get on the arts culture map but it never really takes off. It's a shame.”

John McrMay 7th 2009.

I've got to say I've really enjoyed this article.. why would anyone read someones top 10 chart then totally rip into them for their music taste?That's the whole point of the article, its someones taste and you know what, if you actually look at her chart and do some research you may find some new music you may like?!Your ripping into someones personality after reading a few paragraphs of her music taste which is pretty unfair but one thing I will agree on is the name, she should use her actual name rather than her sisters but hey if you want to get ahead of the game then thats the way to do it.

emma graceMay 7th 2009.

I just think she sounds like a bit of a t1t. But then, I'm sure I've been guilty of that on more than one occasion...

unluckyMay 7th 2009.

I tell you what Castlefield, why don't you go back and read it properly before posting fabricated and made-up tat. No- she didnt agree. Here you go: www.bodyconfidential.com/index.asp…

JinkiesMay 7th 2009.


Manchester's Voice of SanityMay 7th 2009.

People! You're all falling into this young vixen's trap. She WANTS you to talk about her, she WANTS to be the centre of debate and attention. Resist! Resist! However, I do want to know where she got her earrings.

emma graceMay 7th 2009.

"When it comes to music I feel like I'm adaptable enough to allow myself to desire different types of music without making a major change to who I am as a person". Jeeeeeeesus

GHDMay 7th 2009.

Sister Nancy's Bam Bam....great tune

Didsbury GirlMay 7th 2009.

Wow, this all got a bit serious didn't it?

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

Charles I think it's that people who spend all day every day working their asses off to get to where they want to go or who have done so in the past, get a bit irked and envious when people get so many leg ups. If you can't make your way as a fashion designer when one of the world's most famous models is your sister (and you take her name), and wears your clothes, then perhaps give other young artists and designers a go on here instead. Emily Deyn herself said that Manchester has no fashion or art scene and the music scene is past it. Surely ManCon can help prove her wrong rather than cosying up.

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

I think this is a joke, I think ManCon have set us all up here to shoot it down and there's going to be a punchline! Anyway is the chippy in Ramsbottom, where her big sis worked, the only eating establishment in that town that ManCon haven't reviewed, get on down there!

M30May 7th 2009.

The hunt is over, Manchester has found it's own Peaches Geldof in the form of Emily "Deyn"

LouMay 7th 2009.

I am 25. Definately too past it to understand such a cool statement.I shall retire with some ovaltine...

LouMay 7th 2009.

Me too Emma. That and I don't understand how you can want people to take you seriously whilst using the word "sick"

Tom HilesMay 7th 2009.

I'm restraining my gut instinct reaction to this posturing... person, and so will just ask, Man Con, surely there are loads of people in the whole of Manchester with something more interesting to say, who you could be interviewing?

luckyMay 7th 2009.

"...anyone who's been on my iTunes will tell you..."so? go on then...where are all these people who've been on her iTunes?

LouMay 7th 2009.

http://www.hussaindeyn.blogspot.com/Examples of T-shirts and photography.

MarshallMay 7th 2009.

My mate works at Ticektline too, can he have a segment on this site?

LouMay 7th 2009.

Thank you Emma. I was a foolish individual and did not know such things.I think I may have to burn all my clothes, ditch all my friends and start all over again. Otherwise I will have to resign myself to being uncool forevermore.

louMay 7th 2009.

Well. Considering I can only find evidence of her designing the one t-shirt – which are supplied to order I would rule out fashion designer.I would bet that her artistic endeavours don’t pay enough to get by – it doesn’t look much like a professional venture.And considering a good portion of her website includes her sister I would say she is a professional sister.

Charles ButterworthMay 7th 2009.

It's a universal truth well known that anybody who really calls themselves Manchester's Voice of Sanity must be a right conceited fool who thinks they are somehow more sensible than anybody else. God I bet you're dull in the pub, making your comments, settling back with your arms folded having said the LAST WORD. You're as bad as those people who call themselves realists meaning they're cynical neg-heads. Why on earth you're all getting so upset by this is beyond me.

emma graceMay 7th 2009.

Inspiral Carpets...This is How it Feels. LOVE that song

HussainMay 7th 2009.

Emily Deyn is one of the most amazing people i know, and she's worked hard to get where she's at without the help of her sister. She's creative and talented and by the way, got wicked taste in music ( i am one of the people who has been on her itunes) so i suggest you stop bitching and go listen to some good music.

AnonymousMay 7th 2009.

The girl seems to be a prize cock.

GENERAL DINEMay 7th 2009.

Yes Emily..we've been partying together to similar tunes for years!!! Ignore the haters! (they dont know!!)With regards to a couple of the tracks selected here - 'Murky' by Illum Sphere is stated as getting hype from Flying Lotus and Rinse FM...basically anything endorsed by either Flying Lotus or Rinse FM is definitely a tuneeee!!! If it's good enough for them its mos def good enough for me! Higher Ground/You Brought the Sunshine - The Clark Sisters...I agree - this will get one in the mood to party!! ...and last but definitely not least J DILLA! He had to be in here! Forever will such an amazing producer live on through his music! RIP J DILLA.

KelMay 7th 2009.

Jesus - she's only young. She seems to be doing more than most!

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

didn't mean to be anonymous for the above rant. twas me.

toothfaceMay 7th 2009.

And I thought Aygynessysss "worked in a chippy in Ramsbottom" was annoying.

M30May 7th 2009.

...this week I'll be mostly wearing a collection inspired by Su Pollard

CastlefieldMay 7th 2009.

'unlucky', she then agrees does she not? I accept Emily's apology.

LouMay 7th 2009.

Beefy stew. Castlefield seems to have very kindly answered for me.I looked up her work and there was very little to justify her giving herself the title of artist as a profession, hobby maybe, but not exactly a full time career.I didn’t like her style of answering the questions or the fact that her mother, sister and herself have all changed their name in line with Deynn (and all sisters dyed their hair exactly the same colour).Who would take much of an interest in her without her famous sister?

JinkiesMay 7th 2009.

God Lou, you're just not cool at all are you?

LouMay 7th 2009.

I too don't let the music I listen too change my personaility! Its called having depth.Am I seeing her ears right? Hasn't she put her earrings in upside down?Now that is just stupid, and must hurt?

AnonymousMay 7th 2009.

Ben, there's a really simple answer to that mate. Don't read it. What are all the other articles as I can't find any bile? In fact the only comment I can see is about Gallaghers and it's hardly bile. 'mornoic' and 'fool', pot calling pan?

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