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Dpercussion says goodnight

Manisha Gharu wonders: was it good for you?

Published on August 7th 2007.

Dpercussion says goodnight

So after ten long years and with much regret D:Percussion came and went on Saturday for the very last time, leaving us with many good memories - most of them lost in a drunken haze on the walk back to the bus stop.

As promised it was the biggest and busiest yet as, it seemed, the whole of Manchester had come to wave goodbye. There was a carnival atmosphere with fairground rides, overpriced burgers and all round merriment.

Musically it was a mixed bag. As usual the detractors were quick to point out that (for the majority) the line up was unknown and no one goes for the music. However all the stages were busy throughout the day with personal highlights including Tangled, Broke N English, The Courteeners, Cherry Ghost, The Whip, Prophecy, The Sunshine Underground, and the ever present Clint Boon playing all the classics. It was almost surreal at times when trains were silently passing over the bridges as the bands rocked on.

Of course there were issues, the map was difficult to use if you weren’t familiar with Castlefield, and the signposting to the various areas was poor. And some of the stewards didn’t have a clue.

But despite this – and it even added a little to the organised chaos of the festival – everyone was having a good time which made it even sadder that this was the last one. Having become a Manchester summer institution it’s a shame that it’s so cruelly been made redundant especially for an area like Castlefield.

Long queues and the fact that the event was packed within a few hours shows the demand is still high. Speculation is rife that this may not be the end and that those tricky devils at Ear to the Ground (the organisers of the event) will be back with something bigger and better. Perhaps by charging a higher, but reasonable, ticket price, greater investment, a new Dpercussion could live forever. Manchester will miss it.

Where were you when Dprecussion died? Were you one of the people refused entry? What were your highlights? How should Dpercussion be replaced? Drop us a line below and tell us what you think.

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47 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

I also left for a few minutes and was told I was not allowed back in!!! Which also meant that my large group of friends who were still inside had to leave to come and meet me. Very unfair that I wasn't told I wouldn't be allowed back in when leaving even though I had paid for the day!!!

markAugust 7th 2007.

thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely miss it next year unless ETTG can come up with a suitable alternative. It was only marred by the very poor staffing on bars and awful stewarding at the gates. Why not just give out limited tickets on entry which can be reproduced if re-entry is needed thus not allowing too many people in and spoiling it for the unlcuky ones who get stuck outside?!

treAugust 7th 2007.

After a hard days graft i came home to my castlefield apartment to the sound of people having lots of fun and damn good beat... so i get my glad rags on and head out.. Living on the opposite side of the white bridge to the carnival of fun I was confronted by two huge bouncer type men guarding the white bridge using big metal fencing. I asked to be let across. He bluntly told me there was no way I was going across. I asked how I was to meet my friends he told me to walk round. Soooo wait a minute... let me get this straight. I live not 100m from the event, i can live, breath, eat and smell it but i cant actually get in... i have to put up with the noise, small and the crap of the aftermath but I cant enjoy it. He was suggesting that a young woman must walk down the lonely canal (where lava is etc.) right to the end, walk up s tower of step, back down the cobbles near dukes and try to get in at that end. There were hundreds of louts. I decided it safer to go to bed. Very disapointed. The over the next couple of days my home area stunk, the canal is a mess (worse than usual, if you can imagine) stickers and rubbish everywhere. If I could have been part of the fun I would have walked past the emptys the next day with a smile.... now im just annoyed

SarahAugust 7th 2007.

I thought it was brilliant...it's great that Manchester has events like this, it's usually the other places like London that get all the fun.....hope it does come back bigger and better...Rock on!! p.s the bands were brill...

UnhappyAugust 7th 2007.

I was sooo looking forward to Dpercussion and was totally Gutted ! I left to pop home just across the brige came back about half an hour later and then was told that i wasn't allowed back in as it was full and the police advised it was cancelled as the council's poor management had let in too many people ! Well that's not my problem i paid my money like everyone else and wanted to see the acts and was totally let down ! Then even on the Monday morning the area was a disgrace all dirty and full of rubbish left over from Dpercussion ! Sort yourself council !

catarinaAugust 7th 2007.

hey what about norman jay at the arches stage?! pure classshame about the ting tings not turning up :-(i loved it - it can't be the last one!

blackbooksAugust 7th 2007.

So very badly organised... maybe its a good thing their not doing another one! Bands and atmosphere were fabulous though!

munklefishAugust 7th 2007.

Its all hype!This was never going to be THE last one! It will be back next year, with a different name, possibly a different venue, but with a pre-purchased ticket price of approx £15.Im no insider but you guys gotta see through the hype. It blatant when reading between the lines that this is just the end of D-percussion by name and price only.I mean Ear to the Ground are an events company, so theyd go bust if they didnt keep something going to generate themselves income. Just think how many staff they will have employed over the years purely on the back of organising the D-percussion event.I predict they may even get involved with the New Islington festival and move things away from Castlefield but im only guessing on that.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

I am sad to agree with the complaints. Left to grab some food came back and was told it was closed. The police said the event organisers were at fault for leting to many people in and the stewards said it was the polices fault. As usual, no one to blame, but never the less I'm stood there locked out of a party I paid to get into. Very poor show. I can't believe it ended that way. I've been every year for 5 years.

andyAugust 7th 2007.

must admit, i queued for about 30mins, but once in it was great. they were allowing people to walk to the front of the queue, not good on behalf of the door men..

JohnAugust 7th 2007.

I woke up in the morning and the clouds had decended, I was gutted! Went for pre-drinks at the Commercial, wandered more or less straight in at 1530 and stayed until the end. Had an amazing day dancing at the Arches and at the main stage, it went so fast! I can't believe people are moaning when the entrance cost the same as a pint. Was my highlight of the year for me, a brilliant day.

half blood scouserAugust 7th 2007.

Which boring prick suggested platfields. Half of depurcussion's charm was its location. Did you not read the article? At one point I witnessed a freight train pass by. The guard had come out onto the open platform of his cabin and was cheering with the croud. It was 'surreal'momment. Thats why I loved it. All the nooks and crannies of those massive industrial arches to explore. Platfields is park people, just a park! 'easy to control' put a 'fence round it' ****in' ****! 'castle field is the most sterile and boring place in manchester'-your a ****in'idiot mate! not when 50,000 peolpe are using it.

Aching Feet - ManchesterAugust 7th 2007.

I was interested to read above that they weren't letting any other peeps in at 6:20 - my Partner and I turned up at 6.30 and queued for an hour alongside some right scallies to be told once we gotten to the front that they weren't letting anyone else in!The whole entrance system was badly policed - whilst we were in the queue for what seemed the longest hour of my life, quite a number of those scallies jumped the gates/walls.My chap and I decided to hit OX where we received a warm welcome. Having downed a fair few pints of lager from a plastic glass (trying to get into the festival spirit), we moved on to Dimitris - my first time there and absolutely loved it. I just wish I'd given dpercussion a miss altogether! Good riddance to such a poorly put together event!

RichardAugust 7th 2007.

Bring back the Move festival at Old Trafford - why can't we have a decent music event in Manchester. Bowie, Keane, New Order - Move was brilliant in its diversity and the highlight of my summer!

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

platt fields park would be the right venue for something like. can be cordoned off properly, therefore ticketed properly, is central enough for everyone, maybe even more so than castlefield. i would rather go to a festival in fallowfield than castlefield, its the most sterile boring place in manchester. when graham coxon and others played in the park last summer it was a massive success by all accounts and enjoyed by all. also charge real ticket prices to avoid scallies drunks and people who dont care. even as much as £30 a ticket would be acceptable if the beer isnt extorniate and warm and the bands are decent. dpercussion also suffers the problem of having the same bands and lacking all ambition in the programming. maybe down to budget. but real ticket prices would overcome this, providing budget for bands and making it better for everyone! manchester needs its own festival. london has hundreds, nottingham has dot to dot festival, leeds frequently does outdoor music events also.....what do we have to compete?

BocaAugust 7th 2007.

I got in and out about ten times without any problem at all. Maybe everyone was queuing at the same entrance. I would also gladly pay a tenner or more to go to it. I would also pay another tenner if they got rid of the fairground rides. What's all that about? It was very difficult to hear the acoustics sets when ther are pikies blasting out music about thirty feet away. We need to get this back on next year. I may even promote myself if that's what it needs.

JohnAugust 7th 2007.

Dpercussion is always great, the comment "it's not about the music" has some validity as it's more about the atmosphere but there are always some great bands. This year's highlights were The Elektrons, my heart sank on seeing a black guy in knee length shorts come on stage as this is usually the warning that we're going to be subjected to some prat shouting "Manchester in the area" for half an hour but instead we got something half way between Seal and Moby Grace were like a young U2 (in a good way)and George Borowski showcased his classic rock songs with a world class band. Not bad for three quid. Was it chaos? Of course it was, but not as much as the utter chaos that descends on Old Trafford at matchtime so stop moaning.

What a messAugust 7th 2007.

Well done Ear to the Ground for creating a huge legacy for Manchester but Dpercussion has to move to pastures new. Castlefield just is not suitable anymore for such a big gig. On Tuesday the place is still a mess and its not the council's fault ... it is ETTG's responsibility. The numbers no longer stack up and New Islington wont be able to hold it either. This must go to one of our Parks and the price has to go up to get the headline acts and get the security and entry right. ETTG has done well in Castlefield but time to let it grow into what Manchester needs. People need to stop blaming Castlefield for its failing ... where else in the city could have got it this far. Time to leave home our kid ... you're too big for your boots!

JAugust 7th 2007.

I completely agree with Nikki - to all the people who've moaned on here: don't leave the venue and don't turn up late otherwise don't expect to get in! I arrived there at 3pm and got in straight away. I stayed until the bitter end and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Cherry Ghost's performance was fabulous and a surprise 3-song set by Badly Drawn Boy was an added bonus to the start of the afternoon. Yeah, the queue for beers was long but I was pleasantly surprised by the portaloo situation and never queued for more than 10 minutes at a time. C'mon guys - this is a FESTIVAL - queuing in some form is par for the course! We knew this was going to be a popular event, it being the last and all (although I completely refuse to accept that it will be) so the people who are moaning should've planned properly by getting there early and staying there once they were in. This was an excellent Dpercussion as far as I was concerned - it felt like the whole of the city had come together for one very special day. A lovely vibe about it all and some fantastic music to be found on every stage, whether the acts were 'well known' or not. Long live Dpercussion!! It must be saved!!

lindaAugust 7th 2007.

Appalling organisation this year. After paying your 3 quid and queing for half an hour for a drink, only to be told they're out of lager, the usual form is to nip out to the Ox or nearby pub, get a drink and come back. But they wouldnt let people back in! Closed all the exits bar one which had an impossible queue and then even that got closed. No wonder people were storming the railings castlefield side and running in over the bushes. Total greed, letting too many people in. A total piss-take! They dont deserve future funding.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

We had the best time, didn't really see anyone, but it's all about the atmosphere, dancing to Guilty Pleasures...wicked! bring it back next year please!!

LeahAugust 7th 2007.

This was my second Dpercussion and it was far busier than last year. Comparred with the Arctic Monkey's fiasco at LCCC a few weeks prior, I was impressed with how fast I got a drink, albeit not much choice. I also checked if I could get back in if I left and decided not to when they said there was no re-entry. Quite a few idiots about this year - people clearly not there for music. If it does come back they could do with ditching the Urban Stage, it's rubbish anyway - since when is talking like Charley from Big Brother over a heavy bass beat classed as music? The Courteeners were class as always and should have been on the main stage. I was disappointed the Ting Tings could not make it, but with an injured drummer in a 2 piece band, you can understand why! Will miss Dpercussion next year, Manchester needs more quality music events just like this. I'd be more than happy to pay for a top day out like Dpercussion.

mark daveyAugust 7th 2007.

i popped down there for a few hours early evening and the atmosphere was amazing, the music throbbing and everyone having good natured fun.this cannot be the last one!

NickyAugust 7th 2007.

Gutted went for an early night out and the queing was a nightmare and no one could get in.The music sounded fantastic and that made it even worse.I think it is respectable to pay £10 entrance to get in and have more mobile bars etc.This is one of the first and last ones that I have missed, and I think it is fair to say it has people coming from all over the northwest.Platt Fields would be a great venue and more toilets would be good for future.I felt sorry for the people who did croud control and the police did look stressed, the local bars, door staff where wearing bullet proof vests it is a shame that such gatherings can sometimes get violent.

DanAugust 7th 2007.

I left the event at about 6:00 pm to nip out to the cash machine (there were none inside that any of the stewards knew about) and when I returned at 6:20 was told that the gates were closed and no one was coming in. So spent the next 2 and a half hours hanging round outside. First and last DPercussion for me - even if they do ressurect it.

excitedAugust 7th 2007.

I can't wait for the New Islington Festival on 1st September. The line-up looks ace! Another waterside festival on the other edge of the city centre. Maybe that'll end up being the next DPercussion??? And its free!

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

Very very very badly organised. I also popped out of the gigs for a short while and wasn't allowed back in. It doesn't really enhance or deserve a last ever hype and status that it has rightly deserved in the past. Reputation has gone very downhill for me and has definitely left a bitter taste. Sorry guys!!!

NicAugust 7th 2007.

What a bunch of moaning minnies. Got there late/went for food/went to get money/popped home to change/blah blah blah. If you headed to a gig in an enclosed venue that had reached capacity you'd be refused access. Then you'd toddle off to the nearest bar for a pint whilst considering where to spend the rest of your evening. Yeah you'd be a tad disappointed at not getting in but you wouldn't spend the best part of the week moaning about it on a bloody forum would you? The only reason you're ticked off is cos YOU know YOU should have got there earlier/stayed in once you were in. We all know it's a small venue to hold such an event, which is why you get there handy so as not to miss out. And as for the £3 issue - i honestly CAN NOT believe people are complaining about that! I bet half of you moaning Minnie's spend that on a lunch time sandwich!! Christ, it costs the same to park in the Arndale for an hour - there's something to moan about if you wanna start getting all Scrooge aout it.The end.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

Arrived at 3.00 p.m. and stayed until the end. Had a brilliant time, The Whip and Cherry Ghost the highlights - and of course the real Manchester Anthems being played on the decks at the main stage. It is a shame so many left outiside, but hey - like any other gig there has to be a limit to the people in there, and passouts would have been a nightmare to administer. The random organisation added to the event, there was a feeling of 'its ours' and Manchester was having a good time, come what may. Maybe the only downfall was the lack or any good festival food. But we ate at Dukes, and the burgers there were mmm. Well done Manchester, and I didnt see one spot of trouble ...

laydeeAugust 7th 2007.

Spent most of the time either queueing for beer/loo/beer/loo x10 .Was a great atmosphere though !You know it's not Glastonbury,it was practically free so to complain its badly organised is a bit miserable really.I will miss it .

Clur100August 7th 2007.

Very badly organised, we spent a long time queuing only to be told the event was full and it was one in one out! This has not been reflected in the media reports the event was not the success it is being hailed as. I find it disgusting that the council is trying to find ways to bring people to castlefield but will not sponsor a festival of this nature. Is it due to the fact that all the young guns who bought flats there are now old and grumpy and complain about the noise???

JenAugust 7th 2007.

I too nipped out at 6.30 to go and get some cash and a bite to eat and returned later to find the gates had been closed. Thank you so so much to the guy that gave me his VIP pass so I could get back in. Missed most of Cheery Ghost but the Sunshine Underground were awesome.I was extremely lucky but have to say it was really disappointing to see such bad organisation at a high profile event. Those who turned up early doors to support the whole event were penalised whilst those who just turned up to see the big names got in.

lemonAugust 7th 2007.

I can't believe everyone is complaining about not being let in when they only got there in the evening - did you not realise this was going to be packed?? You can't just let everyone in, it wouldn't be safe. I got there at 3pm and walked straight in, straight up to the bar and got served. And why was everyone leaving the venue ("to pop back home", "to grab some food")??? Everything you needed was there, of course you can't come back in with more people arruving all the time. D:percussion was wicked, we had friends up from London who loved the venue, the atmosphere, sitting on the grass in the sun with beers - a brilliant day out!

UNHAPPY!!!August 7th 2007.

We got there at 3 and walked straight in, but we went round the back next to Lava and there was no Q atall. The music was rubbish this year compared to last year and it was a total mess the way it was organised with not enough toilets and bars and the prices on the bars where even more expensive than the usual castlefield prices. I'm glad it's the last one becuause I wouldn't pay 3p to go to an event like that again (I've been to the last 3 btw).

AngelaAugust 7th 2007.

I'm really going to miss D'percussion. It has it's faults, massive queues, a rather random line up and really overpriced and understaffed bars but it's a mnachester institution and summer really won't be the same without it. It always feels like the whole of manchester is up for a party and really brings the city together. There's no other event Manchester that can match it's atmosphere.

VIVIENNEAugust 7th 2007.

I had an amazing time! - i missed last year but the years before that were just as good. It was busy but the atmosphere was amazing and it seems like the whole of Manchester goes to party! I love it and i will miss it if it doesn't come back again ): Didn't really see any of the bands - but it doesn't matter because the atmosphere is so good - its like a mini glastonbury which is never a bad thing! xx

ljnolanAugust 7th 2007.

This was my first ever dpercussion and I must say it will be my last even if it does start up again. We got there early and it was already packed, you couldnt find your way around, the bar queues were ridiculous and you couldnt move between stages because of the pure volume of people. Maybe if it does come back someone else organising it might have a better idea.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

There really was no need to queue. We came at 5.30 and saw 2 hour long queues, but if you walked to the front you could just walk straight it - typical british attitude to queue for no reason!

SiAugust 7th 2007.

My 10th Dpercussion and one of the best. Arrived at 12:30 and left at 10:00. Saw some great bands and DJ's. Sampled all stages.Highlights for me The Answering machines, Cherryghost, Norman Jay, The Naughty's and the Lo-fi.I too went out and couldn't get back in, but I went round the back of Aqua and got in via there. Not sure who's fault this was. At free abd a couple of quid the event does attract the lowest common demoninator, but hey lets educate all.I did see some anti-social behaviour and the stewarding was limited.I for one would pay £10-£15 for a days entertainment more if the bands were a little more high profile and not from Manchester. I have tended to see all the manchester bands already. The only one this time I hadn't seen was The Naughty's.I think Castlefields fantastic as a venue for a festival. Difficult to secure though.I think we should applaud all at Ear to the Ground who have organised this festival for 10 years. Let's not forget why it was started. We Mancunians would not stop going out and enjoying ourselved in the face of cowardly terrorism.

scottAugust 7th 2007.

not moaning john, just it has the potential to be so much better. the counci wont grant permission for a lot of this kind of stuff, so lets make sure its done properly when we do have it

Captain BAugust 7th 2007.

Err..I actually thought it was pretty well organised and enjoyed it a lot. Maybe if all of the whingers & moaners had made the effore to get there earlier they might have got in? Just a thought!

yardyAugust 7th 2007.

I had a top time and so did the people that I was with. It was so much better than the year before The Whip were ahighlight + the dance music on the arches (?) stage. Great time & good memories (well the few left intact!)

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

I and the group we were with had a great day, we also arrived around 3pm and got in without any problem (there seems to be a pattern developing).The bands/DJs were great, the atmosphere was amazing and location is perfect (forget Platt fields, the atomosphere just wouldn't be the same).As for people who didn't get in by turning up late, I bet they are the same people who talk about what they plan to do all week on facebook, instead of getting out there and actually doing it!

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

'no one goes for the music'! i did and saw some great stuff - Denis Jones and The Mekkits being highlights. BUT i left at 6.30pm for a better bite to eat and couldn't get back in. Badly organised! why were they letting so many people in? why didn't they have some kind of counting system? i was very disappointed as there were some bands that i did want to see.

AnnoyedAugust 7th 2007.

After being told of course we'd be allowed back in with our stickers, we were refused entry at about 7.30. If they'd have said "We can't guarantee it", we'd have never left. Absolutely disgraceful as so many people who had already paid couldn't re-enter when they left with false assurances. Very unprofessional organisation - I'm disgusted.

NikkiAugust 7th 2007.

Had a great time - highlights where definitely Norman Jay and the mad girl from Guilty Pleasures and the new band the Corteeners! Came early around 4pm and found no queue. If your going to turn up late, don't be shocked its at capacity and you can't get in - the walls don't expand! You wouldn't leave any other gig and just expect to walk back in again.. Apart from dreadful signposts, can't complain at all for an English festival, barely a beer and toilet queue and some great times had by all for £3. Anyone who waited for hours for a loo or a beer at the Arctic Monkey's the week before would sure appreciate the MAJOR difference!A complete loss if they don't do it again.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2007.

Over crowded but certainly a good evening was had by me and mine... Even if I dont actually know what bands I saw! I think it was us lot who emptied the bars! Gutted that its the last one ever - that cant be right?!

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