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The poker blog, freeroll at Manchester235

Chris ‘Dirty Cash’ Grimes wants women but needs more staying power

Published on May 12th 2011.

The poker blog, freeroll at Manchester235

I always look forward to our Confidential poker tournaments and this one was extra special, because Manchester235 had decided to put on a £500 freeroll.

You got 500 chips and could re-buy if you lost them, unlimited, for one hour. It’s great for beginners, regulars and people who have just played at home but never experienced live play

We had a really good mix of all three for this tourney and quite a few ladies, which was brilliant. I wish more ladies would take up the game as it makes for good banter at the table. Three ladies made the final table, which was even more impressive given two of them had never played live poker before, just online.

I wouldn’t usually enter a free roll as new players are very hard to read and extremely unpredictable, plus I’ve been on a bad run lately - not a good mix.

My tournament play was up and down. I ended up  rebuying twice before crashing out just before the final table after my pocket 10s v AK lost out when the flop came down  AAK. Good night Vienna.

It was nice to see my poker blog buddy Kelly “Black Widow” Ormesher still in the tourney. As usual, Kelly was playing very tight and grinding it out to make the final table. Confidential and 235 regular Darren Fernandes held a chip lead going into to the. final table

Final Table:

  1. Pete Beynom
  2. Christian Le Fuervre
  3. John Mortimore
  4. Chris Gregory
  5. Gary Thompson
  6. Darren Fernandes (chip leader)
  7. Amanda Povey
  8. Kelly Ormesher
  9. Justin Adams
  10. Carly Meacher

Justin Adams started the final table aggressively and was picking on short-stacked Amanda as he pushed her all in with Justin’s pocket 10s v Amanda’s A8. The flop let her down and Amanda was out.

More action quickly followed and a huge pot was won by Pete Beynom; he’d raised on the button with J8, got re-raised by Christian with QA but the board came 3,10,5,2,K with the chips going Christian’s way leaving Pete very short-stacked

Next out was Kelly after playing some terrible hands but final got given A10 but was called by Carly who was sat on pocket Qs. The board flopped well for Kelly with A,4,5 turn 8 and a killer river of Q, giving Carly three of a kind and knocking Kelly out

A few hands passed with chips going between players until an all in from Pete Beynom with Q6, as he was getting blinded out. Darren, on the big blind, had to call with 98; he hit an 8 on the turn to pair the board, knocking Pete out.

Gary Thompson and Christian Le Fuerve soon followed Pete out of the tournament both being short stacked and getting called by chip leader John Mortimore, who had won a few good pots before knocking these two out.

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Tournament results...

1Darren Fernandes - £245

2John Mortimore - £160

3Chris Gregory - £110

4Justin Adams - £60

5Christian Le Fuevre - £30

6Carly Meacher - £20

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That left three - John Mortimore, Darren Fernandes and Chris Gregory. The game was hotting up and Gregory, who had been very quite picking up pots here and there, found himself with the shortest pile, and crashed out when his all in with A10 lost out to Darren’s pocket 5s

The final two was short and sweet, thanks to a deal sorted out between the players, who had equal chips. It was all in on the first hand with John’s AK versus Darren’s K10. The 10 hit on the turn giving Darren the title.

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