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Rules of engagement – an idiot’s guide

If women are from venus and men are from mars, then how are you blokes supposed to know what women want? Wave Jewellery help you plan for that Valentine’s day proposal.

Published on January 26th 2007.

Rules of engagement – an idiot’s guide

The female psyche is a confusing place at the best of times, full of contradictions, dramas and unpredictability. You think you’ve got her sussed and then in one talk to the “hand gesture” you’re greeted with your old pal, the silent treatment.

So when it comes to choosing engagement rings, the brave and clueless should go to Wave Jewellery in the Royal Exchange Arcade.Wavelogo After opening their Manchester store six months ago, they have not only rescued thousands of women from wearing frightfully mundane, cloned engagement rings, but also saved many men from rejection.

From the traditional to the contemporary, Wave have a stunning array of engagement rings and feature designs by celebrity favourites Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane. Rumour has it that Leane is designing a diamond glove for one celebrity at an impending premiere. Vogue have the exclusive. Shucks.

Paul Henderson and staff at Wave jewellery, just your regular cupids have forged the path of love for many engaged couples.

They give us their top tips on the rules of engagement.

Common Worries:

1.Will she like it?

You’re worried the odds are not favourable. She’s returned every gift you’ve ever bought her so why would she gush at this one? Well, the important thing is to follow intuition, you know her better than anyone. Pay attention to hints and cues. Trust us, all girls drop them, however cryptic. Look at her present jewellery. Does she favour white gold, yellow gold, two-tone or platinum (currently the most popular metal for engagement rings and the most durable)? Consult her trusty girlfriends. You could always buy a cheapo ring temporarily and then choose a ring together. A very chic idea is to present her with a solitaire diamond, which you can then have made into a ring which you both like.

2. How much shall I pay?

This is completely personal, although the rule of thumb is pay one to two months’ salary. Spend whatever you can realistically afford. If she’s not happy with that bin her. She’s shallow and could cost you dearly over 50 years of marriage.

3. Will it fit?

60 – 70 per cent of blokes usually estimate the average size. You can easily get the size altered. Paul says he knows of people who have tried to measure their girlfriend’s finger in their sleep. Foolish. She will think you’re mad.

4. Will she say yes?

Stop worrying, it’s out of your control. If she says no – get over it. Move on and get a refund. Quick.

To find out how to receive a complimentary bottle of champagne at Wave Jewellery click here and enter your details.

Important Stuff – The Four Cs

Cut: It is how the tiny planes cut on the diamond’s surface are angled and sized, which affect how light reflects into the diamond. A diamond which is cut incorrectly will lose its sparkle. The cut also determines shape – round, emerald, pear, marquise, princess, oval and the unusual web cut, which is designed on a spider’s web.

Colour: The more colourless the diamond the better. Jewellers grade colourless diamonds with a D and the scale moves up to the murkiest at a Z.

Clarity: Diamonds have small "inclusions" which affect their clarity and are invisible to the naked eye. As long as the stone is minimum graded SI1 (Slightly Included 1) you should be all right. The best and most expensive diamond is IF, or Internally Flawless. The worst is I3, or Imperfect 3 for cheapskates.

Carat: The weight and size is measured by carat. A carat is divided into 100 smaller units called points. So ¾ of a carat is 75 points or 0.75ct. The average size of most engagement ring diamonds is somewhere between one carat and half a carat.

Try not to get too hung up over “diamond speak”. Wave are the experts and will guide you to making the right choice.

Just remember, she’s been waiting for this moment her whole life. You could stick some kitchen foil round her finger and she’d still say “Yes”… But we’d strongly advise against it.

If you spend above £500 on an engagement ring, Wave will compliment the purchaese with a bottle of champagne. To find out how to take up this offer, enter your details below.

Wave Jewellery
14 Royal Exchange Arcade
M2 7EA
Tel: 0161 8329868

For more information on Wave Jewellery click here and visit the website.

Vanessa Lees

If you spend above £500 on an engagement ring, Wave will compliment the purchaese with a bottle of champagne. To find out how to take up this offer, enter your details in the form below.

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