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LG Action Sports World Championships

Published on October 27th 2005.

This event was officially totally radical dude. With big air, rad moves, and…..blimey what am I talking about? For anyone over the age of 16 who needs more explanation, this was the LG Action Sports World Championships held at Manchester Arena last weekend.

The Championships is the season-ending competition for skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and freestyle motocross (FMX). The event serves as the ‘Super Bowl’ for the booming world of action sports. This was the first time the championships had crossed the pond to Manchester.

We went along looking forward to seeing some decent BMX, skateboard and motocross stunts, but also anticipating our own fancy manoeuvres to avoid the sk8ter bois in baseball caps and baggy shorts who might be scuttling around the sidelines with their hands in their pockets.

The athletes who qualified for this invitational event were based on their worldwide results from the 2005 contest season. Only the top 50 pros from each sport globally qualified.

Initially, we made a dive into the press office. All the food had been scoffed by the writers of the extreme sports magazines that were in there by the time we got there. Luckily there were a few cans of Pepsi Max to celebrate our new affiliation with our extreme sports buddies with, so we grabbed some and sat down. We were initially only able to talk to them about how dated BMX Bandits looks and younger memories of skateboard in the streets though.

We were there for the BMX Vert Competititon. The first batch of about 10 riders, were thoroughly rubbish. I could’ve done better on my mountain bike without any practice whatsoever. One of the riders was more concerned with turning the Iron Maiden soundtrack that accompanied his spell on the half pipe up, than bothered to entertain the crowds that had paid a tenner to come and watch this rubbish. Each rider had about 45 seconds on the pipe to show us what they had in their locker but this bloke didn’t even bother using all of his allocated time – a couple of standard jumps and he gave up.

After a couple of riders, we were hoping that at least some entertainment would arrive in the form of some of the riders falling off and hurting themselves quite badly. When one of them did, one of our new extreme sports buddies turned to us and said: “"Whooooaaah maaaan, that fall came deeeeep into transition. That musta hurt." We left the press office.

With an anxious American announcer vainly attempting to gee up the crowd by claiming that “Manchesteeeeerr as the quitest crowd I’ve eveeeeer seen”, things had to improve.

Thankfully, they did, and then some…

Down at the half pipe, the elite BMXers came on who were instantly better, the moves were more impressive and the crowd woke up of their own accord – they didn’t need some Yank screaming and bawling at them to be told when to cheer and make some noise.

Close up, you can really see just how high these riders were jumping, most went upside down, slid along the top rim, twisted the bikes around underneath their legs and with their hands in the air - see our table of definitions for the proper terms……

Want to he a BMXer? Here are some a few tricks...

  • Air = a jump
  • Bunnyhop = A small jump whil riding along
  • Endo = Making the back tyre jump up
  • Icepick = bunnyhop onto a wall and land on rear peg, and sall for a few seconds.
  • Double Peg Grined = Bunnyhop onto a wall and land with two pegs on the wall and glide across the wall.
  • X Up = While in the air turn handle bars all the way around and back before you land.
  • Truck Driver = When in the air turn handle bars right to left.
  • Massive Flairs = a huge pair of bell bottomed trousers
  • Deep Transition = We have absolutely no idea what this means

You can see from some of our pictures just how well these guys performed, and while some of the riders still carked it on the ramp in impressive style, this was much better fayre for the paying punters, with riders like ‘The Canadian Beast’ doing particularly well, even though most of the riders were in their mid-late 30s and probably need to start thinking of getting a proper job by now....

Eventual winner was Jamie Bestwick (32) from the UK, who also happened to be the reigning champion. Some of the riders were doing stunts on every second or third trip up the half pipe, but Jamie was performing every single time he went up the ramp.

Later on, the motorcross took place which by all accounts, was equally impressive, before Welsh scallies Goldie Lookin’ Chain and the Daywalkers took to the stage in the evening.

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