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Ice rink returns to Spinningfields

Manchester's winter wonderland spreads as far as the Salford border

Published on October 22nd 2009.

Ice rink returns to Spinningfields

Christmas in Manchester is getting bigger every year. With ever-expanding markets, twinkly lights covering the sides of whole buildings, and almost every public space given over to something festive, it makes you wonder whether the Town Hall has been bewitched by Christmas elves intent on transforming the entire city into a glittery winter wonderland. Bring it on, we say. The stronger the smell of roast chestnuts and mulled wine the better.

Seasonal tipples will include a vodka-infused 'winter crumble' which you can sip on amongst the 'contemporary winter décor'.

At Spinningfields, they'll be creating a beguiling winter playground that ought to make it a prime destination for festive crowds who want a place to relax after charging around the shops. As well as the popular ice rink, they'll be hosting the North Pole Bar which set up camp outside Urbis last year, and a magical carousel ride.

The New York-style ice rink will open on 12 November and run until 3 January. Tickets are on sale now, including the opportunity to book it for private hire. This could make for a memorable office Christmas party, particularly if you combine it with a visit to the North Pole bar next door.

This Arctic-themed 'pop up' bar is delivered by the Ear to the Ground team and will provide a festive hangout with a laid back vibe. Seasonal tipples will include a vodka-infused 'winter crumble' which you can sip on amongst the 'contemporary winter décor'.

With pine trees outside, the sound of skates on ice, and the lights and music from the magical carousel, Spinningfields will be one of the most Christmassy spots in a very Christmassy city.

To book tickets for the ice rink, call 0843 208 1853 or visit www.quaytickets.com. One hour’s skating, including skate hire, costs £7.50 for adults aged 17 and over, with cheaper rates for Spinningfield Yellow Card holders, senior citizens, students, people with disabilities, youths, and children. Under fives skate free. Special rates are available for families, groups of ten or more and school visits.

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23 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CasOctober 22nd 2009.

Is it just me or are those apartments that hang over cafe rouge and strada, mid air, starting to dip a little? Have a look next time you walk past. Scary.

Beefy StewOctober 22nd 2009.

Scrotes even.

KisscurlOctober 22nd 2009.

I don't ice skate for fear of breaking something, but always enjoyed watching other people wizz round the rink in awe. I do like a good drink though and throughly enjoyed the North Pole last year. However, to put both in the wilderness that is Spinning Fields is beyond my ken! I too have watched a film there or should I say part of a film there, well maybe a tenth of a film there as it was so cold and windy I just didn't think it was worth catching Pneumonia. It's a shame but whoever the architects were for Spinning Fields got it sadly wrong, it is just one long wind tunnel reminiscent of the shopping precincts of old. Piccadilly is far more central and the first thing people see when they land in Manchester, all twinkly and Christmassy. Please bring back the ice rink and cone shaped tree back to it's rightful place in the 'centre'!

Laura LeeOctober 22nd 2009.

Why Spinningfields, it's not central, move it bakc to Piccadilly Gardens it's much better !!!

AnonymousOctober 22nd 2009.

From someone who lives in Leftbank and had to put up with this joke last year, I am very angry. Also talking as someone who works in spinningfields and made no income from it I can safely say that this is a pointless act! There is no need to stick this eyesore in the middle of this residential area and cause all of this chaos. I am very disappointed that the council has not listened to our sheer disapproval of it.

AnonymousOctober 22nd 2009.

Who waits 40 minutes at a bar?

massivenapaOctober 22nd 2009.

I for one LOVED the North Pole bar last year - all swirly mists, cool whites and purple lighting - a lovely little winter grotto for grown ups!!! These are the things that make Manchester special at Christmas, so bring it on!!

CasOctober 22nd 2009.

You are joking about London city centre residents right? They are so organised in their opposal of most things, well anything really, that the 'Residents Groups' resemble small political parties. I like the ice rink though but that Kro Bar thing was awful. I absolutely loved the big screen!!!!!!!!!!

Compare the meerkatOctober 22nd 2009.

If they run out of mulled wine you can always hop over to the Christmas markets for a cheeky gluhwein, then back to the North Pole bar once they have restocked. Simples!

Another leftbank residentOctober 22nd 2009.

smitty that's what most of them do. I love it, it's the whole reason I moved to the city centre, but so many of the people around here move in to poorly sound proofed apartments and then whine when anything happens that's louder than a whisper, but they love city life, so don't move out (ie: they like not commuting but really miss being in Chorlton or Didsbury). Can you imagine city centre folk in London or Birmingham making similar complaints? Nah me either.

AdeleOctober 22nd 2009.

Oh God, stop your whining, the North Pole is a wonderful addition to our Christmas festivities, which btw are the envy of other cities. No one's got a gun to your head to go there, and Piccadilly Gardens is a general embarrasment and scroat fest, if kids aren't getting washed in the fountains, someone's eyeing up your handbag, walk 5 minutes to Spinningfields, enjoy yourself, stop moaning and support some of the positive things this city has on offer. Oh and it's not Spinningfields' fault we have dodgy weather here, at least they tried something new with the open air cinema.

DidsburyGirlOctober 22nd 2009.

I'm no Scrooge I LOVE Christmas, and i'm very excited about the skating and the Christmas Markets and I even go to watch the Lights get switched on, but to me the North Pole last year was just a waste of an Idea, it could be improved on so much, and I hope they have done for this year, otherwise I will be steering clear. Has everyone else forgotten? If you look at what people said about it last year on here i'm not the only one who thought so! See: www.manchesterconfidential.com/index.asp…

DescartesOctober 22nd 2009.

Weird, I really liked it last year, mind you anything that combines alcohol with hot chocolate is a winner for me.

JayneyBabyOctober 22nd 2009.

Spinningfields has come of age this year, as Mark Garner rightly said, it's the village green of Manchester. As for the whinging witch who lives in my block in Leftbank, move you silly old btich.

HeartOfTheCityOctober 22nd 2009.

Boooo, let it go Spiningfields is a dead horse, bring the icerink back home to Piccadilly Gardens!!

Another another Leftbank residentOctober 22nd 2009.

I agree entirely with Another Leftbank resident - I am all for the events that are held at Spinningfields, it's helps make the place more vibrant. God knows that when we first moved in, it was like a ghost town. It's gradually been building up steam because of these events/initiatives. There are unfortunately a number of vocal people who have nothing better to do all day but complain. Move to the suburbs if city life doesn't agree with you, but please, try not to ruin it for the rest of us!

Beefy StewOctober 22nd 2009.

Spinningfields, having watched Withnail and I in the pouring rain, is Manchester's village green. No Scroats. I think it's the new snickers creme brulee.

bloggerOctober 22nd 2009.

maybe they'll have great stews too...

AnonymousOctober 22nd 2009.

cold wet tatty and windblown surrounded by expensive mass diners which close after dark.Just right for Manchester.

AnonymousOctober 22nd 2009.

DidsburyGirl=scrooge?The ice rink is one of the best things to do at Christmas time in Manchester...I for one am thrilled it's coming back! If they're out of crumble, have a skate and come back!

DidsburyGirlOctober 22nd 2009.

Oh Goody, the North Pole is back, So you can wait for 40 minutes to be served, then get told they have run out of winter crumble/Mulled Wine etc and won't have any for another half hour. Wonderful!

Yet another Left Bank ResidentOctober 22nd 2009.

JayneyBaby, not a very class comment about a fellow resident. I work from home most days (lovely) but look directly onto the area where the events are held (Ice Rink, Kro Bar, etc) and they have been noisy. Yes, I want city centre living. Yes, I want all the convenience of bars and restaurants on my doorstep but I don't want an eye sore or something that disturbs my free time. I am pleased to say that Spinningfields Management have listened to some of the comments from last year and I am hoping that I'm not looking down on tat this year and constantly being interrupted by the Health and Safety announcements. Most of you go home after having the wonderful experience. I love Christmas and I want the ice rink to be a lovely experience for me over 10 hours each day 7 days a week. I will have to wait and see. Have fun.

AnonOctober 22nd 2009.

Kisscurl, that rather depends on how and where you arrive. I'd go out of my way not to make Piccadilly the first thing I see when I land in Manchester.

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