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How far will we go for fashion?

Lynda Moyo won't be falling for the no-heeled heels trend

Written by . Published on November 28th 2008.

How far will we go for fashion?

The things we do in the name of fashion. Firstly, tit tape. Ripping tape off your nipples after a night out all for the sake of wearing an uncomfortably low-cut dress ain't fun. Then there's corsets. Beautiful, elegantly feminine, internal organ crushers.

Now it's the turn of the feet. As if wearing heels wasn't torturous enough, now they're becoming phantom. Heeled shoes with no heels aren't a new design either. British designer, Antonio Berardi- yes a man- came up with the suggestion over a year ago. Posh Spice was the first to swoop on the catwalk like a hawk and capture this fresh, fashion fodder. She then appeared at her fragrance launch in L.A in September wearing the £3,300 a pair freak footwear with a 'see I am talented, I can balance on my toes David' half-smirk on her face.

Aside from looking so horrendously uncomfortable, there's something haunting about this footwear. Looking at them gives a feeling similar to that of when you see someone with a missing limb. You don't mean to feel awkward about it, but you can't help it because your eyes are willing for something to be there. It's just human nature I guess. However, not everyone shares this opinion. Shoe-aholic, Amanda Richardson from Swinton will be first in the queue for the new trend.

She said: “I look at them and just think they're so individual. It's a classic shoe with a twist. They're statement shoes that would look great in the day with nice chunky knits and then equally as good for a night out, plus excellent in the bedroom, on their own. Hahaha. They're fashion history in the making.”

But do you think you could walk in them Amanda?

“I'd take a taxi.”

We spoke to Manchester-based chiropodists, Claire Stones and Colette Cubells at C 2 Feet about what heels and no-heels are doing to our feet from a health perspective. They said:

“What is considered a normal shoe for one person may not be for another as we all have inherited different foot shapes and ways of walking. The impact that these new non heeled shoes can have on our feet are :- Calf pain, callouses, corns, no support which can speed up the development of bunions, inflamed muscles in the foot. All of the afore mentioned problems are also more likely to occur if people suffer from over-pronation (rolling inwards too much of the feet ) and completely flat shoes would only add to the problem.”

So some heeled shoes are good for our feet?

“There are some good points about wearing heeled shoes as if you have inherited a foot shape where the forefoot is in a dropped position (forefoot equinas) then you would benefit more from a heeled shoe, than a completely flat one. Also with this condition, wearing completely flat shoes may cause calf pain. They also offer no shock absorption as the sole is usually very thin with no cushioning. We find the majority of foot problems to our female customers are down to inherited conditions. high heeled shoes only speeds up the problem. Even problems like bunions can start developing in childhood. We generally get the impression that some designers concentrate more on the appearance of the shoe, rather than the comfort or the support, although it is fair to say some are now not just considering the aesthetic side.”

What can we do to support our feet?

“Party feet can help, but care is needed to ensure that they stay in place as they can easily dislodge and cause more discomfort, especially after a heavy night of party dancing.The tips we would give women who wear high heeled shoes everyday is to try and reduce heel hight by one inch and not to keep switching from completely high to completely flat shoes as this could have impact on the calf muscles, hamstrings and spine due to body compensation and bio-mechanics (movement of the body).”

On average over 8,000 women a year are admitted to casualty for tripping in high heels in the UK. Naomi Campbell famously took a fall in Vivienne Westwood's nine inch creations. So how on Earth can you stay firmly on Earth in these teetering moon boots? Apparently the secret is in the platform base of the shoes which have extra weight in them. This forces the foot forward and downwards. A spokesman for Berardi said: "When walking, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you can't wear them for very long. They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over." Whilst Berardi himself said: “When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty.”

These boots are made for walking after all. Or maybe not. Would you extend your fashion perimeters to no-heeled heels for a night on the town? Rant below...

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silver tiaraNovember 28th 2008.

whats with the huge heel things at the back? she looks like shes got GOAT FEET!

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