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Coronation Street party

Lynda Moyo paints Weatherfield red with adidas

Written by . Published on June 7th 2010.

Coronation Street party

On Saturday afternoon I received an anonymous, Mission Impossible style text: 'The Adidas Originals party is at postcode M60 9EA. Please get here for 6.45pm, prompt.'

As the evening drew on it became increasingly surreal with random celebrity sightings such as actor Craig Charles DJ-ing on the street, the Zutons propping up the bar and Badly Drawn Boy having a fag outside Dev's shop.

After a bit of Google mapping, the realisation set in that this was no ordinary street party. It was a Coronation Street party.

Weatherfield has been a glum place of late, what with Gail's unjust sending down and all, so what better way to revive those dismal cobbles by allowing real people (with real problems) to descend upon them.

Adidas Originals threw the street party along with the cast of Corrie as part of a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the show. It was organised by Manchester-based international events and artist management company, Sparkle Street, who manage Mr Scruff amongst other things.

Sparkle Street has worked with Adidas Originals for nearly ten years and produced many special projects for them including the launch of the very first Adidas Originals store and the Ting Tings paint party.

This particular event cost thousands and was probably one of the most expensive and highly organised events for the team.

Gary from Sparkle Street said: “ The current Adidas Originals ad campaign is called 'Street Party'. Head Office asked Sparkle Street to hold and produce a street party and film it in HD. We suggested Coronation Street. They liked the idea, so we put the show together within six weeks of the proposal. I had contacts at Corrie, so we made it happen as fast as we could, while trying to keep it a secret. It took 185 crew to deliver the show.

“The Coronation Street crew stopped filming at 7pm on the Friday evening. We took over the site at 7.30pm, built, produced and filmed the show, then handed it back tidy at 7am on Sunday morning ready for the Coronation Street crew to carry on their filming.”

Following the ad filming, the street party event began with a full buffet banquet on the cobbles. With the catering provided by Teacup in the Northern Quarter, elated attendees munched on all the typical party snacks of sausages, pork pies, cheese, cupcakes, the lot.

Click to view the video

Traditional teapots were filled with a suspicious substance which looked like tea but tasted of vodka. Bottles of Budweiser were passed around as we sat, mystified, in the World War II street party set up. After the food, the tables were cleared away and the stage at the end of the street was revealed.

The event was in-keeping with the theme already seen in the latest Adidas advert which features Snoop Dogg, Agyness Deyn and David Beckham to name but a few, all having a roof top party.

Low and behold big Snoop Dogg loomed down from the big screen by the stage in Manchester and dropped it like it's hot...pot.

His shout out went as follows: "What up dog? It's your boy, big Snoop Dogg saying happy 50th anniversary to Coronation Street and all my peoples in Manchester UK gettin' in there doin' it big.”

Doing it big indeed Snoop.

Sets from the Whip, Bad Lieutenant and an extremely cool busking set by Badly Drawn Boy outside Roy's Rolls followed. And then the rain came...

Now I must admit, the grey skies had been clouding my high, after all those Coronation Street houses aren't real inside, so there'd be no running into Ken and Dierdre’s for shelter and a brew.

We like to avoid that Manchester rain cliché here at Confidential but Adidas don't. They had pre-organised hundreds of white Adidas brollies for the event of a down pour. This is probably one of the only times I've been glad of rain in this city. The crowd became a blanket of bouncing white shapes as people did their Gene Kelly impersonations.

As the evening drew on it became increasingly surreal with random celebrity sightings such as actor Craig Charles DJ-ing on the street, the Zutons propping up the bar and Badly Drawn Boy having a fag outside Dev's shop. There were even rumours that Dizzee Rascal was on his way and that Noel Gallagher would be putting in a surprise appearance. There was some truth in the latter - however Noel had to pull out due to a family illness.

Still, the event was an astounding success and it makes you wonder why no one has ever thought to hold a big party on the Street before. It's ideal. Even with a free bar, the Street itself was left tidy and its integrity respected. No one even threw up on the cobbles, despite the fact that would have made a great Facebook status update.

Adidas will be holding more World Cup related events, but mainly in London. However there will also be a series of events through and beyond the Olympics and you can expect some of those to be held here. After the success of Coronation Street, a little birdie told me that Sesame Street could be next on the hit list. Now that would be weird.

Pictures courtesy of Shaw&Shaw

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20 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JJJJune 7th 2010.

Sounds great fun - if you were there. If they're planning another one can they remember to let the neighbours know? Or invite them? That's the usual practice on Corrie.

Marketing BolloxJune 7th 2010.

Full of northern qtr tw*tty numpties

There ThereJune 7th 2010.

Awwhh. Cry baby 'Marketing Bollox' didn't get an invite! Shame.

AgricolaJune 7th 2010.

Chip on the shoulder types like that Marketing Bollox embarass me. Seems like a good party to me. Wish I'd gone.

Secret RobertJune 7th 2010.

We live in the apartments next door to the Corrie set and we had to put up with that noisy cack all afternoon and all evening. Would've been nice if they'd given us, their neighbours, a bit of warning, or even have invited us? Perish the thought.....

AnonymousJune 8th 2010.

hey secret Robert. time for a place in the country for you. the party was over by midnight. cities are noisy, sometimes exciting places where young people drink and make merry. there'll be plenty more parties in the future. get yourself out more and you might get invited.

Martin WaysideJune 8th 2010.

Secret Robert does make you sick doesn't he? What the hell did he move to the city centre for? And in any case, when was the Corrie set last used for a late night party? It's not exactly a weekly occurrence is it? Although that's an idea. Robert but some double-glazing or bugger off.

DescartesJune 8th 2010.

I moved to the city centre a couple months ago, living just on Oxford Road and it's incredibly noisy at times - and I love it. It's exactly why I moved to town. Course if I close the double glazing it's silent, but where's the fun in that?

JohnInstructJune 8th 2010.

Was a pleasure to work it and a special night being there, so much planning and hard work went into it to make it something unforgettable. Oh and thats me on the first picture laughing ;)

RebeccaWhoJune 8th 2010.

Wow, Hipsters.

AnonymousJune 8th 2010.

Rebecca your the biggest hipster I've ever seen, you make the Mark Addy look cool ;)

Jonny McSourGrapesJune 8th 2010.

Does any one know how you got an invite to things??? i single-handedly kept adidas afloat all those years ago when it was on its backside for money! (i did NOT support it when it went through the terrible 'adid-colour' stage....) perhaps adidas remembers me constantly walking around the old adidas shop.... huffing and puffing at how poor the clothes and trainers had gone! Remember folks…… unset adidas…… and you don´t get cake!

mike hulmeJune 8th 2010.

I can't believe that some people are being so bitter about this. Looks like everyone had a good time, wow there was a bit of noise but what do you expect?
Does anyone know if this is going to be shown on the adidas website (the article said it was filmed in HD)?

AnonymousJune 8th 2010.

Mike - More vids will be released soon, they were editing all the footage all weekend to get this first one out but where filming for all of the set up too, I know it's weird being bitter... if anything it's good that Manchester can put on such good events like this

Criag DavidJune 8th 2010.

Wheres the girl with blue hair from?

JJJJune 8th 2010.

Of course city centre dwellers should expect and put up with more noise than elsewhere, and we generally do. But we can't have zero limits either for noise or bad manners. On Saturday, when I'd planned a rare quiet night in, the bass vibrated through my apartment. If I and my friends made a tenth of that noise the police would be called. It's simple. Whether it's city centre or the terraces of Weatherfield there are limits to the noise you should inflict on your neighbours and if you're going make a rare journey towards those limits you should at least have the courtesy to speak to your neighbours first. Otherwise I've no objection to someone having a good party. I've had plenty.

WallflowerJune 8th 2010.

Wish we'd been invited, it looks like a great party. We were being crushed in Dukes 92 round the corner at the time as when the heavens opened about 500 people from the outside terrace tried to fit inside! (O.K. maybe not 500 but it was a lot! :) )

Secret RobertJune 8th 2010.

Totally agree with JJJ. You´ve managed to make the point I was trying to make but you´ve done it much more effectively!
@Martin Wayside: Calm down lad. I moved to the city centre for.....surprise surprise...WORK! Not all of us city-centre dwellers focus our lives entirely on partying – I like a nice balance. You´ll understand that when you get older. Echoing JJJ, it would have been nice to have been forewarned about the event.
And in response to the post by Anonymous 15:23, why do you class an event like this as being such good thing? It´s just part of yet another banal marketing campaign for a shoe manufacturer who, let´s not forget, has been regularly reported as enforcing appalling conditions on its workforce in disadvantaged areas all over the world. Where´s the good in that?

AnonymousJune 14th 2010.

I have never understood why Coronation St thinks that street posters are put up at funny angles one over the top of the other- if anyone did this in real life they would soon be out of work - Sparkle street would know this surely.

AnonymousJune 14th 2010.

Anon if you did this in real life you would be arrested, Flyposting is illegal and those posters are on a fake wall, not Coronation Street. Flyposters are put on top of one another normally as people would cover rival events with their own, hence loads piled up. Surely you would know this?

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