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Boon Army is having a tea party

Live music, cakes and drinks at Mrs Boon’s Fabulous Tea Party every Saturday

Published on September 24th 2009.

Boon Army is having a tea party

On Saturday 3 October, Mrs Boon’s Fabulous Tea Party re-launches at The Ruby Lounge, High Street, Manchester. Charlie and Clint Boon will be entertaining at the event which Clint describes as, “a rock & roll Alice in Wonderland.”

Each week there will also be a live music set. Recent bands included Reverend & the Makers, The Enemy, Maximo Park, Aziz Ibrahim and Kid British.

Charlie will serve up her range of delicious homemade cakes whilst Clint plays a selection of cool tunes on his authentic 1960’s record players. Cups of tea are free, and the bar is open throughout.

Each week there will also be a live music set. Recent bands included Reverend & the Makers, The Enemy, Maximo Park, Aziz Ibrahim and Kid British. Some of the best new up-and-coming stars of the Manchester Music Scene, such as The Jessie Rose Trip, The Travelling Band, Gideon Conn, are also frequent visitors.

Mrs Boon’s Tea Party came about because Charlie and Clint wanted to create a cool place to hang out for music fans who suddenly feel excluded from most things when babies arrive on the scene. Towards the end of the Tea Party, Charlie gathers up the younger children for ‘Mrs Boon’s Storytime’.

Occasionally there will be a surprise story teller - actress Sally Lindsay turned up recently and delighted the little ‘uns with ‘Henry, the Incredible Book-Eating Boy’.

Mrs Boon’s Tea Party is family-friendly and open to anyone who loves music, eating, drinking and socialising. Mrs Boon’s Fabulous Tea Party takes place every Saturday, 2-5pm at The Ruby Lounge. Entry is £2 for adults and all children under 16 get in free.

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AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

The principle of what? Liking something for nothing?

StephenSeptember 24th 2009.

To put this in perspective... When the Tea Parties started many moons ago (at The Koffee Pot), it was £5 to get in. This was to cover costs at a small venue, because although they believe children should have access to live music, it's not a charity. It went free at TV21, and stayed so for a long time. The Ruby Lounge holds approximately 150, so the (paltry) £300 is to cover venue hire, staff and outlay on raw materials for cakes etc. Anyone who thinks them charging £2 is an early route to retirement is seriously deluded. At the end of the day, you have a choice. If £2 seems like a lot to you, don't go. Plenty more sane and deserving people will take your place. And if you want to put a price on a great spiritual experience, turn up early, see for yourself just how much work goes into preparing and running the Tea Party, then look me in the eye and seriously tell me £2 is 'too much'. As 'Get a Grip' say...get a grip.

get a gripSeptember 24th 2009.

I am constantly staggered by the idiocy of people who think that anything pleasant should be free! What do they think pays for the venue hire, the cakes, the tea, the time of the people involved, the promotion..? God knows, independent businesses make virtually no money as it is at the moment, and to begrudge £2 for a full afternoon's entertainment is astounding, mean and brainless. The world does not owe you a free good time- and besides, £2 is as close to free as it gets. Get a grip, will you?

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

To be fair it's nice be able to go to a bar on a sat afternoon to buy a drink and cake and listen to a dj for free, i doubt the bands are getting any money, ruby lounge should be grateful for any thoroughfare on a sat afternoon haha and i am sure it will continue to be successful anyway, its just refreshing when things in the arts and entertainment and music scene can be experienced for free thats all, like the great Hungry Pigeon Festival this year at Piccadilly Gardens!!!

Unbelievable!September 24th 2009.


ChickSeptember 24th 2009.

Why do people think things should be free or stupidly priced because we're in the middle of a recession? Businesses still have to make money, even if they're only breaking even

JaneybabySeptember 24th 2009.

they probably need the two quid to cover all the Anonymous skankers who go in and nurse a cup of tea for an hour, desperate not to put their hands in their pockets.

mark mSeptember 24th 2009.

kids are free, and they obviously have to pay for the venue. are you honestly saying 2quid is too much? arrse

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

what's with the 2 quid entry every where it's been it's always been free, i know 2 quid isn't much but it's the principle of it's supposed to be for family's and time are hard and moneys tight.

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

I don't think £2 is asking too much!!

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

It is the principle! I can afford £2 but a cool free thing on a saturday avo to pop into should stay just that, a nice slice of cake and a drink will now be nearly a tenner and when you like to dip into a bit of everything on a saturday it all adds up, why do things have to start being profit based instead of good old cake based exchange?!

east lancsSeptember 24th 2009.

Erm, is this a homage to Mr Scruff, or just a blatant rip off, of an original idea?

east lancSeptember 24th 2009.

I sit corrected, upon actually reading the details, this is - at worst - inspired by Mr S. I think I'll go ... can I get some humble pie with my cuppa?!

Big Hairy BlokeSeptember 24th 2009.

Anonymous, where do you think the money comes from? The money tree? As Anon says above, the principal of what? Spongers? I bet you are one of those that thinks tipping is wrong as well. Blooming hate spongers me.

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2009.

It actually used to be somewhere cool to pop into for a nice slice of cake and have a cheap afternoon out, now you have to pay to get in?? Have cake prices gone up? What next, no free tea? Not impressed!

outragedofm1September 24th 2009.

Except, of course the Ruby Lounge is generally not open on a Saturday afternoon so all extra revenue is a bonus. Hence the suprising decision to charge, which is a landgrab by RL to claw back any costs associated. By comparison, somewhere like London's Big Chill House does something very similar on a Sunday afternoon but is completely free. Perhaps, something for the brilliant Nexus Cafe to consider?

RozzerSeptember 24th 2009.

I think the first anonymous here is a fool. £2 is fine. Love these things.

AndySeptember 24th 2009.

Went to Mrs Boon's shindig at Oldham's Jackson Pit t'other week and a fine time had by all. Travelling Band ace, Gideon Conn intriguing, cake excellent.£2 a problem? Tightwads!

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