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All Star Lanes For Food And Families

Jonathan Schofield takes the family and proves to be a competitive dad

Written by . Published on March 15th 2013.

All Star Lanes For Food And Families

SOMETIMES you have to put the upstarts in their place. You get these two sixteen year olds and a twelve year old and they think they can beat the old man at sport.


Not a chance of it.

Wise parenting is of course to rid them of any such notions very very quickly. Competition is everything.



I wasn't really thinking like that until the magic started to happen at All Star Lanes.

I was last to go. I'd chosen an easily manipulated 10 ball, I could have thrown it fifty yards it was so light. 

Strike first go. My turn again. And Strike. Third time up. Strike.

Apparently three strikes in a row is called a turkey

Jonathon (sic) gets three strikesJonathon (sic) gets three strikes

A turkey will never happen to me again but it felt good. I finished with a score over 160 which I'm told is just dandy. The boys didn't get anywhere near.

Perhaps the food had helped me. 

The All Star Lanes menu is a filler with flavour.

The food is massively enjoyable, finger-licking, Americana; optimistic and packed with satisfying bite and goo (descriptions with the pictures below).

For a family, the meal and the game, the whole occasion was a tremendous laugh; a grand day out despite the competitive dad. As we've said before at Confidential, All Star Lanes increases the attractiveness of the city to visitors and locals, gives tourism a boost. 

And come on folks. A turkey.

Read it and weep, bowler boys.

Drinks: rich, heavy, shakes, and a spicy as hell but invigorating Virgin MaryAll Star Lanes drinks: rich, heavy, shakes, and a spicy as hell but invigorating Virgin Mary

Eggs Florentine (£7.5) delicious and vigorousAll Star Lanes: Eggs Florentine (£7.5) delicious and vigorous

Bacon topped hamburger (£12) monster mealBacon topped hamburger (£12) monster meal

All Star Lanes: fried chicken with a weirdly effective maple syrup (£10) that turned out to an absolute revelationAll Star Lanes: fried chicken with a weirdly effective maple syrup (£10) that turned out to an absolute revelation

All Star Lanes: I will eat it all and go on to get a 'turkey' on the lanesAll Star Lanes: I will eat it all and go on to get a 'turkey' on the lanes

All Star Lanes menuAll Star Lanes menu

All Star LanesAll Star Lanes

You can follow Jonathan Schofield on Twitter here @JonathSchofield or connect via Google+

Prices and details (per person, per game)

All prices include shoe hire

PEAK £8.95

Thursday to Saturday: 6pm – Close

OFF-PEAK £6.95

Sunday to Wednesday: All Day
Thursday to Saturday: Open – 5pm


(Only with a valid NUS card)

Sunday to Wednesday: All Day


(Per child,per game – 12 and under)

*Please note we can only accommodate under 18s on the lanes until 6pm, after which they are welcome to dine in our restaurant.


£5.95 per child, per game
(Under 12s bowling) 


Any kids main & side, soft drink with one refill, choice of a dessert or shake and one game of bowling for £15 per child. View the menu here.

*Please note we can only accommodate under 18s on the lanes until 6pm, after which they are welcome to dine in our restaurant.

All Star Lanes is taking bookings now at Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN. 0161 871 3600. Manchester@allstarlanes.co.uk

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20 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousMarch 15th 2013.

Christ! £7.50 for an egg on half a muffin with spinach & a hollandaise sauce?

JimMarch 15th 2013.

It's £27 for steak and chips. I was hoping for an impartial review so I could see if the food was worth that price. However as there are no scores I assume this is freebie? Will man con be going back to score the food properly? The actual bar looks very nice.

AvoMarch 15th 2013.

So you're probably looking at around £150 for a family of four to go for a couple of games of bowling, food and some drinks? A tad on the expensive side I reckon.

AnonymousMarch 18th 2013.

Brought the London prices?

Food BabyMarch 18th 2013.

Crickey! The food is so expensive! It is more expensive than the London venues.

JoanMarch 18th 2013.

Not only that but some of the cheaper options available in London do not appear on the Manchester venues. I had thought it might be a good evening out with the nephews and nieces, but looking unlikely unless there's some offers coming up.

AnonymousMarch 18th 2013.

Popped in for a drink on Saturday evening and that was all after seeing the prices! Hopefully Dog Bowl will be a bit more reasonable. The actual place inside does look fantastic though.

Cynthia BoxMarch 18th 2013.

Joan, it really is a cracking day out with the family. £15 for food, drink and a game. How much is the cinema plus drink plus vast box of crap popcorn?

AvoMarch 18th 2013.

And which child will settle for just one game? They're going to want at least two or three games all of which will be charged at full price along with the adult games and the food and drink the adults consume.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

Control your children and teach them the value of restraint...

AnonymousMarch 19th 2013.

I think its great, All Star, please keep the prices where they are.

Multiplex laserquest neon light disco bowling shite is for kids, so head on out to Parrs Woods all you child bearers!

PaulMarch 21st 2013.

Jonathon - you are a moron, I have signed up to this purely to give you some abuse. How can you possibly not mention how expensive the food is in this place.....I that is because when you were there yuo weren't paying for it I guess. It is digusting!!!! No suprise though - yo always talk s**t and I HATE your writing style....hate it!!

£12 for a burger. £10.50 for a chicken sandwich…..who is coming up with these prices? I would love to know what their reasoning is or how they came up with this for a Manchester based Bowling Alley. Come on…..live in the real world…..

You can get the best burger in Manchester for £8 at Almost Famous. How can you charge £12. I think the decision maker is deluded.

Why have they even got Lobster and Rib eye steak on the menu? Do they know their market? People don’t want to pay £9 per game (so most people play 2 games £18) and then another £30/£40 per head for food. They want a burger, pizza, hotdog, burrito etc….diner style food (£7/8), not a Sirloin steak……especially not in Manchester….come on this is obvious.

I just read £12.50 for Mac and Cheese…….haha….I am going to have to stop looking at the menu before my brain explodes as I simply cannot begin to image how this inappropriate menu and off the mark pricing has come about.

They are going to get blown out of the water when Dog Bowl opens. I happen to be friends with one of the owners and am aware of their prices for bowling and food/drink. I’m afraid that All Star Lanes will be going down the drains if they persist with this crazy pricing strategy.

Oh no - they'll always have you and your company credit card to go and pay for it.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 28th 2013.

Calm down, dear xx

Jonathan Schofield - editorMarch 21st 2013.

I thank you Paul. I admire your writing style immensely but it's Jonathan with an 'a' at the end not an 'o'. Word of advice. Don't be so angry. It's makes you sound ill.

Jemma MillmanMarch 25th 2013.

Went here last night, cost £17 odd for a game of bowling for 2 that lasted 15 mins and a beer. Bad customer service, will not be visiting again. The only benefit of going here is opposed to a chain is the craft beer (I don't drink it) and it is less chavvy.

Jemma MillmanMarch 25th 2013.


Damien BrownMarch 26th 2013.

Odd that you corrected Paul on the spelling of your name, when you seem unable to spell it correctly yourself, according to the scoreboard...

I went to the opening of the lanes and enjoyed the free cocktails and nibbles but there is absolutely no way I would return as a paying member of the public. The prices are extortionate and, while I'm sure this may have been inexperience, the bar staff were completely inept. Every order at the bar took around 20 minutes and my girlfriend was served a cocktail with broken glass in it - after informing one of the waiters, we then had to wait another 15 minutes for a replacement which was clearly made in a hurry and of poor quality. At one stage I ordered a white russian, only to notice the barman pouring in captain morgan's instead of kahlua - upon realising his mistake, he simply topped it up with kahlua and gave me the drink. Astonishingly poor service (it was horrid by the way - don't consider it an avant garde cocktail recipe...).

Overall not very impressed and won't be returning. If they reduce prices and improve the quality of the bar staff I might return but it looks destined to be a yuppie hole.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan Schofield - editorMarch 27th 2013.

Damien, I didn't put my name on the scoreboard.

AnonymousJune 13th 2014.

I went here for a work do. Food was good but expensive for what is really fast food. Service left a lot to be desired.

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