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Alexandra Burke interview at the Christmas lights switch-on

Lynda Moyo talks Manchester, Christmas wish-lists and the Peter Andre romance rumours with the reigning X Factor Queen...

Written by . Published on November 13th 2009.

Alexandra Burke interview at the Christmas lights switch-on

Last night saw the Christmas lights switch-on in Albert Square. The huge crowd was gathered for the music and gunpowder: X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, ‘Supernova’ singer Mr Hudson, and the firework finale.

Other entertainment came from Hollie Steele from Britain's Got Talent, the cast of Aladdin, Magic of Motown, Grimm Tales and Horrid Henry and the Manchester Show Choir. Despite sound problems and mass booing for the Lord Mayor’s speech, most of the audience cheered eagerly throughout, beneath the looming Santa who lit up, along with the rest of the Manchester lights, after the countdown at 8pm.

Whilst the template for the switch-on may now be familiar, year after year, the turn-out gets bigger with ever more spectacular fireworks. It made 5 November seem like a rough first draft.

One person who was particularly excited to be in Manchester was headliner Alexandra Burke. As she waited nervously in the Town Hall she took a moment before her interview with Confidential, to listen if the crowd cheered when her name was announced. Luckily, the roaring screams were more than reassuring as they rippled through the Town Hall walls. And with that Alex recomposed herself and joined Lynda Moyo for a quick chat...

I’ve read that you once said Manchester is your favourite city. Is that true?
It’s one of my favourite cities. I’ve got to say the Primark here is great, it’s massive and I support Man United. I’ve always supported them because David Beckham was in that team and even though he’s left I carried on because of Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney in week two of the show predicted in the Sun’s big front page spread that I was going to win and I won, so it was all Wayne Rooney’s fault.

In that case, is there any chance of you moving up here to join the footballers and the Cheshire Set perhaps?
I’m loving Barnet - where I live at the moment. It’s really green and not too far from Central London and my mum, so no moving for me just yet. Although if I did, it would probably be to Hertfordshire, because my brother is there. It’s all about the family.

Have you got family up here?
I’ve got some family members up here- some Aunties and stuff although I don’t know them too well. I think they live in Piccadilly. Is that an area? They live quite central I think.

What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?
All I want is a peaceful happy Christmas and a dog

Surely you don’t have time for a dog?
Yeah I will. I’ll buy it a passport and it can travel everywhere with me. I want a Yorkshire terrier size, that way it can’t fit in my handbag so I have to really take care of it. I love my dogs. I used to have a Yorkie but that was when I was much younger.

This has been a great year for you with the single and album. What other plans do you have, aside from more music?
I would love to do perfumes one day. I don’t know about make-up yet as I’ve got a lot to learn but I do actually want my own clothing range because I was doing it before the show. I put it on hold when I went on the show but I think I’ll take it a step further next year.

How would you describe your style then?
Very in-between high street and designer because I like both ends. I’m probably more of a high street girl though. I like Topshop a lot and I’m wearing a Warehouse dress today. I love what the high street has to offer and I love one-off great pieces

So we should expect to see ‘Alexandra Burke- the high street clothing range’ at some point?
I don’t want my name on it! I don’t know what I’d call it yet. We’ll see. I haven’t given it enough thought because it’s not something I want to pursue right now but in the future? Definitely.

Finally, you’re a big fan of Twitter and today it has been awash with rumours that you’re going on a dinner date with Peter Andre this weekend? He’s cooking you Caribbean food actually...
(Laughs) It’s exactly what you said - a rumour. I know he loves Caribbean food and so do I but no, we’re just friends and I’m very good friends with Katie as well. I think it’d be quite inappropriate don’t you?

Watch Alex’s performance at the Manchester Christmas Lights switch-on below...

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DidsburyGirlNovember 13th 2009.

Alexandra was great, nice to see a live performance from the X Factor lot. But the best bits of the light switch on is always the fireworks for me, although how packed was it this year compared to last year?

EmmaNovember 13th 2009.

I see santa still looks like zippy ... blergh, horrible thing :(

IheartMUFCNovember 13th 2009.


FanNovember 13th 2009.

That Lynda Moyo puts Alexandra Burke to shame doesn't she. Phew.......

EmNovember 13th 2009.

Was I at a different event? I didnt hear any booing of anyone (except perhaps at the mention of Jeward, but then who wouldn't). Great event but too crowded and little evidence of crowd management by the organisers. Though don't think organisers can be blamed for not planning for people trying to get through the crowd with a huge suitcase and a bike...

LouNovember 13th 2009.

Oh my god the man with the bike ran me over. ALong with so many pushchairs running over our feet.That said I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I do have to question the stage being tucked in a corner, I could not see a thing. Amazing fireworks.

AnonymousNovember 13th 2009.

Our evening was spoiled by some crowd bullies, a big scary woman who verbally abused us & poked and pulled our clothes, & with her bloke & friends formed a human wall to stop me & my daughter getting back to my husband who was waiting for us after we tried to get to a toilet. We ended up shaken & almost crying. Why are some people like that! But apart from that, the best lights switch on ever, thanks to all involved.

SunshineNovember 13th 2009.

I notice from the image above that the front row was saved for members of the Sunshine Variety Club then?!

LozNovember 13th 2009.

I enjoyed it but one of the mikes played up all night so could barely hear most of the acts. Couldn't even see where the stage was this year and, although the fireworks were fantastic as usual, they were spread over 3 songs so lots of people were leaving whilst they were going off. Alexandra was superb tho.

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