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Sex and the City: the Movie

Lynda Moyo has her hit but wouldn't want to overdose

Written by . Published on May 30th 2008.

Sex and the City: the Movie

Fashion. Check. Sex. Check. Love. Check. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte. Check, check, check, check. Yes, Sex and the City: the Movie has finally been unleashed on the masses of fanatical women and probing men. For the past few weeks, Sarah Jessica Parker and co. have taken part in what can only be described as promotional prostitution. Papers, magazines, TV shows and the worldwide web have been pimped out with Sex and the Citypandemonium. Whether it's novels, comics or sit-coms, big screen adaptations are risky and this is certainly no exception.

Expectations couldn’t have been any higher. What other film has left journalists going out of their way to avoid spoiling the plot for frenzied fans? Well this writer is no exception. It’s up to the longstanding loyal followers who made this movie happen to decide its fate. Does the most talked about group of middle-aged New York women still have the spark to go with the plug, or has all the hype-whoring made them one big turn-off?

The movie begins with that familiar piece of soundtrack we've all been waiting for, but hang on a minute, what's happening? “Is that f**king Fergie from Black Eyed Peas?” I whisper to my fellow worshipper as the theme tune disintegrates into what can only be described as an utterly horrendous remix. From there on, it is evident that there has been a need to keep this film young and hip. We have to remember that the ladies are no longer 30-somethings, but 40 and 50-year-olds. Aside from the massacre of the theme tune, as a whole the film embraces a younger generation of women cleverly, by reflecting on the women’s pasts as well as introducing Carrie's 20-something assistant played by Jennifer Hudson.

Similarly to the Spice Girls reunion, we wanted to see the girls back together. We demanded it. We wanted the outfits and banter and hey presto, that’s what we got. The show is more spectacular and with more money, consideration to fashion and styling is at the forefront of every scene.

Much of the movie centres on Carrie and her relationship with Mr Big, better known now by his oh so grown-up name of John James Preston. Sticking with the theme of labels and love, the rest is a long brand placement campaign interspersed between the four women's relationships with men and more importantly, with each other. It’s those same old familiar faces, but this time, years have passed, they’ve grown older and their situations have changed.

We’ve moved on from bar-hopping and one night stands, to a more mature and settled existence. But hang on a minute, this is Sex and the City, nothing is ever that straight forward. And that brings us on to a large portion of the film which is deeply, emotive and sad. But then if by 40 plus you’re still having the same issues as you did in your twenties, this is understandable.

And that’s the most poignant thing about this movie. Despite having come so far, the four of them are still dealing with the same old issues when it comes to relationships, something that everyone can relate to. There may be no such thing as a fairytale ending, but at least they can laugh about it and make the audience laugh in the process.

This film is everything you would expect: five episodes of the series back to back with everything squashed in to make sure all bases are covered including sex positions.

It's not an epic movie. It won’t win awards. It will probably blend into your shoe box-set of seasons 1-6 on DVD, but that’s not a bad thing. What it has and will do is give addicts who have been in Sex and the Cityrehab the hit they really needed. And I’m sure for the film makers, that will be satisfying. (Well, that and the fact it will rake in millions at the box office.)

So what now for the girls? There’s no deep disappointment, no cliffhanger or unexplained scenarios at the end of this film and that is a perfect way to leave it. All good things come to an end. The possibility of a sequel (which hasn’t been denied or confirmed) however, steers towards Golden Girls territory....and no one but no one wants that. The TV series worked and ended well on its own, and whilst we can’t justify the movie beyond our shameless need for fashion and girly gossip, this movie is brutally honest, cleverly captivating and satisfying in that the women and the audience find contentment in living happily unconventionally ever after. Leave it at that girls.

Rating: 8/10

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EllieMay 30th 2008.

Saw this on Wednesday morning before the cinema rush happened. It's an utterly pleasing film, and most of all, retains what SATC did well, mainly, the really good, witty and meaningful writing based on characters who are fleshed out enough to relate to. The fashion was great too.

FlicMay 30th 2008.

It must be just me, then- but I found it depressing, cynical, and crass. Everything that made the TV series light, witty and great has been replaced with leaden bits of dialogue, a pointlessly contrived script yet again retreading the whole Carrie-Big-miscommunication theme that just about limped through six series, not to mention the fact that at least half the cast now look like animated kabuki puppets with oddly white faces and pencilled-on eyebrows. the only good thing about it was Jennifer Hudson, everything else was a dismal parody of its former self. If only Kim cattrall had held out till everyone really was too old to bother.

Kev PMay 30th 2008.

I think it was a bit sickly but I suppose it had to be to please the Hollywood crowd. However, as a die hard SATC fan I am duty bound to love it no matter how bad it was! Did cocktails around the city with a friend afterwards - Warning: Don't ever order a cocktail at Velvet, they have no clue what they are doing!!

Elaine MMay 30th 2008.

Had a FABULOUS night out with Les Girls - Cosmopolitan cocktails at Harvey Nics, then into the restaurant and off over the road to the Odeon Gallery seats with free chocs, popcorn, nachos and wine (not free). A good film (fabulous film for the groupies!) enjoyed with all my friends. What a great night out.

Little Miss SunshineMay 30th 2008.

Come off it. It was rubbish!! Too long, too depressing, too boring and... they're just too old!!!!

Samantha wannabeMay 30th 2008.

Great article! Did you see Dante's penis! Genius! x

SusuMay 30th 2008.

It was FANTASTIC I really recommend it. A whole bunch of us girls went including my sister who had never seen it before and she loved it....so much so she is borrowing my box set as we speak!!!Oh and yes samantha I saw it.....:)

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