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Yang Sing Feedback

Published on December 6th 2005.

Yang Sing Feedback

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Having eaten in the Yang Sing for nigh upon 25+ years, I feel I have some degree of expertise to comment. Not only that, being a part of the local Chinese immigrant community, I have a somewhat educated view of all the local Chinese restaurants. If you need more credentials, my parents have run a Chinese takeaway for nearly 30 years in Manchester, and I have served my time there, as invariably all Chinese children do at their parents' shops, and I can turn my hand to most Chinese cuisine.

Firstly, the level of cuisine in the Yang Sing is touted not only by the food critiquing denizens of Manchester, but particularly by the Chinese community in general. It is the standard to compare all other Oriental restaurants in Manchester, and although the quality of the restaurant's fare may fluctuate occasionally, it is always held in high regard as to the scope and originality of its dishes, especially as so many of them are what you may expect to eat at a lavish, traditional Chinese feast.

In the past, when newcomers attempt to upstage the mighty Yang Sing, the response has been to view what the competition offers, and then improve on it and delight customers to draw back the wavering clientele. What you find in the Yang Sing is when the competition is lacklustre, the Chefs' attention to detail in the Yang Sing wavers, ever so slightly, as the repeat custom will continue, without the draw of other restaurants to tempt them away. But when an upstart springs up or another dining establishment boasts a new Chinese chef, drawing the potential guests, we see a flurry of activity in the kitchen, and the meals to be had then are amongst the best in Europe, attested by the packed tables on such occasions in the past.

What the Yang Sing also does so well, is the delicious, comforting Dim Sum, made in-house and rarely bettered, which reminds one of the best eateries in Hong Kong, though without the arduous need to fly there. Add to all this the marvellous atmosphere and the grandiose decor, there is little to touch the Yang Sing as a fine dining experience. That most Chinese families in the region will only hold their wedding feasts there is a true testament to Harry and Gerry's adherence to real Chinese cuisine, and no oriental restaurant in London or its 'burbs could hold a candle to it, and I have eaten at many when I lived in the City. Lastly, I know for a fact that the staff are the best available in ChinaTown, for the pay is competitive and if you don't cut it, you don't work there.

Upstarts like the Glamorous or the TaiWu can only envy the level of service, and even established eateries like the Hong Kong or Woo Sang will struggle to hold their best staff when a position becomes available. Yang Sing does not tout itself as the best restaurant in the world, or even in Manchester, indeed, any establishment which would is most likely to be avoided. Instead, meet Gerry or Harry Yeung, both humble masters at their game, and understand that they have a love of good food and fine dining, expressed in the smiles of appreciation on their customer's lips, who come back time and again. Ask any infrequent British Chinese visitor to Manchester where they would eat when they frequent the city, and I'd wager they would say the Yang Sing.

Jason Lo

At last, someone alse who knows good chinese food when he tastes it or in the case of the Yang Sing - not! Giles got it spot-on as my experiences of the food (if you can call it that as it's barely edible) I have been forced to endure in the Yang Sing over the past couple of years at various corporate functions/lunches has been dreadful. I feel sorry for the friendly and helpful staff who have to serve the tasteless goo. I know I am not alone on this one.

Lyanne Allan

Yang Sing does appear to have fallen by the wayside, relying on its reputation rather than the quality of the food. I experienced one of the worst dim sum Soups that I could ever imagine, a different kind of unforgettable taste to what I was used to. With Quality alternatives in Pacific and the new Ikan, the Yang Sing really should start to take note.

Kurt Abbott

Having lived in London for ten years and recently moved back to Manchester I can say this with confidence - the Yang Sing stands head and shoulders above any Chinese restaurant in London. I have come to expect nothing more than this type of sloppy journalism from the Times in recent years as they have become increasingly tabloid in their attempts to increase circulation in the South. It is rare that an edition of the Times does not carry a piece disparaging to the North of England. The food at Yang Sing is always of the highest quality and absolutely authentic. I have also eaten at the best Dim Sum places in Hong Kong although no doubt Mr Coren would be shocked beyond belief that anyone from Manchester could afford the £600 airfare and is therefore qualified to dispute his frankly ludicrous opinions. I am also astounded to read a London based reviewer criticising the quality of service in Manchester. I have paid upward of £180 for a meal for two in top restaurants in London and have still failed to receive the quality of service we northerners expect from our lowliest "greasy spoons". This review is diabolical and I suspect deliberately provocative. The only positive aspect is that Mr Coren has succeeded in displaying his laughable ignorance of Chinese cuisine.

Moira Singh

I too, visited the Yang Sing, after dreaming about going for years when I was younger. I found the staff, on the whole to be extremely offhand and at worse very rude. After having to ask for a menu each, because we were given three for a party of eight, we then proceeded to order. The waitress told us in a derogatory tone that we had ordered far too much food. We felt embarassed but really we wanted to try a wide variety of things. I have been to a large number of restaurants and can honestly say that I have never felt as uncomfortable. And I am no country bumpkin! I consider myself a good judge of food and service and appreciate the delicate nuances and etiquette attached to eating out. But to be fair, even if I didn't, what gives someone the right to make you feel that way, when it could be the first time you have ventured out? The food was mediocre and average and the presentation was shoddy. To top everything off, it cost double the amount that I would normally pay, where I have really enjoyed the food and the whole restaurant experience but paid half the price for the pleasure. To be the flagship of Manchester and entice people from London is a fine title indeed. How embarrassing for Mancunians when the Yang Sing is a resounding failure and lives off a reputation that is long gone and undeserved. I think we need another establishment to take up the gauntlet, before we ruin our reputation completely.

Sharon Whitehouse

I feel that the Yang Sing uses excellent ingredtients and produces very fine Chinesse dishes. My only gripe would be that it's becoming quite expensive.

Peter Martin

We have eaten at Yang Sing several times each year since 1988. My brother regularly drives over from Lincoln to join us and we have yet to be dissapointed. However although we have eaten in a few places (including Michelin starred ones) we do not possess Giles Corens - self professed - in depth knowledge and expertise of Chineses cuisine so perhaps we should have been!

Paul Newman

I have never had a bad couse, let alone meal in the Yang Sing. The Yang Sing offers exemplary service, wonderful food, and interesting food choices. The critic doth protest (way) too much!!

Robert Smith

I ate at Yang Sing in June for the first time. We had a banquet meal and the starters were all fantastic, really unusual dishes appeared from the kitchen. The main courses were disappointing though, pretty standard Chinese restaurant food and nowhere near as good as the starters. I would have been only a little disappointed had the bill not been so incredibly large. I'd need the £100 voucher to venture back to the Yang Sing again!

Carolynn Spraggon

I fell the service is good but the quality of food is nothing special, the dim sums are very greasy and the main courses are quite bland.

Louise Green

we have used Yang Sing for a number of years now, especially for christmas functions, we went last year and no doubt we will be going this year. The food and service was absolutely brilliant, you could not fault it. It is unfair of this critic to slate this fine resturant. Maybe things might have tasted better if he brushed his teeth before he went for a meal or did not have a cig before he went into the resturant, has having a bad taste or bad breath would make any of the best food not taste so good.

Val Baisley

I have eaten in many of the restaurants and for what I paid in Yang Sing, I felt sorely disappointed. The food and service well below par and the bottle of red- watery and vinegary- when I complained about the wine I was told that was the normal taste! My advice, spend way less and get a far superior meal at the Tai Wu- it may feel like a canteen but the food has never disapointed!

Jamie Laidler

I recently visited Yang Sing and as a regular to the "Little" version I am happy to report that I have never had a bad meal in either. The only complaint I would make however is that the prices could do with a review..!

Sarah Capper

I was taken for a meal at the Yang Sing about a year ago. I had really been looking forward to it, and I was unbelievably disappointed. The food was a little dissappointing, but the service was truly terrible. Half the table didn't get their starter, even though we had been told they were 'on the way'. The missing starters didn't arrive even when the luckier half of the table had finished their starters and had the plates cleared away. The missing starters arrived 15 minutes after the lucky half of the table received their main courses. Despite complaining about the missing/late food we didn't even get an apology! I think that the Yang Sing has got far 'too big for its boots!'

Emma Radcliffe

Living next door! to the Yang Sing it is a restaurant that I frequent regularly and I would like to say that having eaten there in the past week and ordering the usual £30 a head banquet, I found it poor much to mine and my husbands disappointment. To be honest there was no difference in the price budget we may as well have eaten the cheapest banquet. We felt that the food was overcooked or undercooked, quite tasteless and the ostrich steak was so tough and chewy it was quite disgusting. As I have said before I have been a regular customer of the Yang Sing over the past two years and having had such a disappointing meal last time round we will definately be heading to Pacific which is fantastic and possibly the new Yang Sing.

Alison Abbott

With Manchester's redevelopment scores of new restaurants have opened up that have put more and more pressure on the likes of the Yang Sing to stay ahead of the game. Over the last few years I feel that the Yang Sing has suffered and hasn't stayed as far ahead of the competition as it should. The main reason for this has been the service. With inattentive and unfriendly service many people would rather go elsewhere, like the Little Yang Sing, Pacific or Wings where the service is much better (or many non-Chinese restaurants). Over the last few months I have seen an improvement in the service, partly fuelled by a string of below average reviews. The food remains fantastic but they still have a long way to go with the service. What Gerry and Harry need to remember is that even 5-10 years ago the Yang Sing was generally seen as the best restaurant in Manchester, now they are competing with many other top-quality reaturants, both Chinese and non-Chinese. Harry, Gerry, you MUST improve the service and quickly.

Will Chadwick

The Yang Sing boasts the best carved carrots this side of the Great Wall, I once watched a whole TV show devoted to it( So consider I know enough to comment). The food, service and presentation has always been second to none. Harry and Jerry are excellent hosts. Can we trust the judgement of a gentleman who seems to know what a sweaty t-shirt tastes like?

Lisa Murphy

Yang Sing is still the King of Chinese cuisine in the City. Far from catering for local tastes it has preserved its Chinese roots and the quality of the food is actually setting new international standards. I always lunch in Yang Sing when in Manchester on business and I'm never disappointed. But in the evening, with friends and going for a banquet, Yang Sing really takes off. And if you close your eyes just for a moment you could believe you were actually in China. Now that's a flight deal with a difference!!

Kevin Lynch

I've been going to the Yang Sing since before I was born (thanks to parents with good taste) and have had some magnificient meals there including a banquet following my graduation. My concern in recent years however is the inconsistent nature of the establishment. I have been when it has been absolutely wonderful and have then taken other guests having told them to expect a great culinary experience only to be disappointed by churlish waiting staff and distinctly average cooking. To my mind the mark of greatness comes from consistently high standards whether enjoying a top of the range banquet or a dim sum snack. Having said all that, Giles Coren is expressing the typical opinion that anywhere outside London isn't worth a pin which simply isn't true.

Mary Cross

I am slow slorry to have to slay that I aglee! Joking aside the restaurant is pretentious expensive and highly overrated-for a great meal go to Wings in Manchester or the Peking Garden in Bramhall. Now thats what I call Chinese!!

Martin Cunningham

The man is an *idiot. I have been going to Yang Sing for 17 years and have NEVER had a bad meal. They are always changing the menu and bringing in new ideas - particularly dim sum. We do not need people like him at it. Long live Yang Sing

Susan Newman

Whilst the Yang Sing is not the best Chinese in Manchester it does not deserve the comments contained in the article. The place is too big and the food tastes a little mass produced. It is definitely not the place to go for a Christmas party. The top three noshes in Manchester at the moment for me are, 1 - Sams 2 - Cafe Istambul 3 - Panama Hatty's Great food, service and atmosphere.

Tony Sloan

I arranged 2 big client events at the Yang Sing in December just gone, they were a great success, one thing you cant take away from the restaurant is the atmoshere, but even when I have eaten there on a personal basis- there always seems to be a good buzz about the place. 1 negative point to make, the Yang Sing really do try and push that you have the banquet menu as opposed to dim sums or individual dishes! Personally I think the decoration and carpets are in desparate need of a update, it is looking quite tatty, but the staff, food and atmosphere make up for the dated and worn surrounds.

Samantha Bradbury

Yang Sing remains one of the finest Chinese restaurants in the world. In the experience of myself and my friends, who are all frequent Yang Sing diners, the food and atmosphere remains top class. This review of the restaurant really should take a repeat visit!

Rob Appleby

The last time i ate there ,i could not fault the food, saying that i am not a expert on food tasting ,yes i find some items of food to sweet but hey if you dont have a sweet tooth then you tend to stick to the savouries.

Karon Brown

I disagree with his view that the food is poor. The trouble with the Yang Sing though is it has stood still for too long. I have ordered a banquet numerous times and for the past few years have got almost the same dishes time and time again - the ostrich fillet steak, scallop in shell, samey dim sums. The banquet should be the chef's equivalent of the menu degustation which changes from season to season. They need to be more adventurous. Great wine list though.

Paul Carter

Best Chinese restaurant in Manchester for the simple reasons, fine food, excellent service, vast selections of foods and beers. Certainly recommend to anyone looking for a friendly, cost effective chinese meal.

Paul Coverdale

I have eaten at the Yang Sing around 5 times in the last eight months and have to say that I believe the Yang Sing to be the best Chinese Restaurant in Manchester - I would recommend it 'without hesitation' to colleagues, friends and family. The 5 times I visited the restaurant - each time with a different group - there was no one complaint and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the service and the atmosphere. 10/10 everytime.

Karen Shotbolt

My husband and I visited the Yang Sing a couple of months ago and we really enjoyed the food and dining atmosphere. All the food was cooked perfectly and tasted great. One of the best establishments I've visited in China Town and would definately return.

Serena Rice

Whilst Mr Coren is entitled to his view of the Yang Sing, as a "local sweet" toothed Northerner I have to disagree with his comments. The last time I ate in the restaurant I took a Soho frequenting Londoner with me and, quite frankly, his opinion was the same as mine that the food, service and ambience of the place was absolutely what I had described to him. Like being in a Hong Kong restaurant 5,000 miles and 20 hours journey away. And he had to agree, easily on a par with the remaining quality Chinese restaurants that haven't been "drummed out" of Soho. One thing I did have to laugh at is the fact that this review came from someone who seems to be more familiar with tasting the likes of "pig poo", "sweaty T-shirts" and "play doh". Say no more... Whilst most of us don't have the luxury of comparing the Yang Sing to the Peninsula Hotel's Spring Moon Restaurant, I would suggest that Mr. Coren takes himself back off there to enjoy the delights of his "pilgrimage", whilst the sweeter toothed amongst us get on and enjoy a restaurant that has and continues to easily satisfy its regular "Mancunian" visitors.

Karen Hough

Review seems a bit harsh but I have to say we were recommended Yang Sing when we first arrived in the NW from london 3 years ago. Decided to give it a try for husband's birthday and were totally underwhelmed and couldn't see what the fuss was all about. It seems very difficult to get good Chinese food in the North West - we tend to stick to the buffet at Pan Asia which is always fresh and lots of choice and a real favourite with our young kids who are always made to feel very welcome - a pleasant change!

Michele Hart

Yang Sing - have never understood the hype about this restaurant, went for the first time a few years ago, really looked forward to the night, what a mistake, was gutted, the food was poor, the decor dissappointing and the service slow. Vowed never to return. 6 months ago a friend celebrated their birthday there so I went along hoping that my previous visit was a once off. Alas, it wasnt, the food again was poor and the service too. I can safely say that Yang Sing is on my list of 'never to repeat again' that and scrapping wallpaper...

Maria Murphy

Sad to say the review is true. The once mighty Yang Sing has dropped it standards. Even the staff aren't as friendly as they used to be. The mixed starters are those you can now find in any good supermarket. I've tasted better tinned soups. The once fluffy rice is now stodgy and stuck together. The beef dish I had was like having beef flavoured chewing gum in a flavoured oxo sauce. So, so sad that the once best Chinese eatery outside China has become a run of the mill restaurant

John Warmisham

Coren's snide and snobbish comments about Manchester are completely unnecessary. Having said that, I've been to Yang Sing only a couple of times and neither time been very impressed with food or service. Having lived in China, the place which impresses me most in Manchester is Tai Pan. Food, ambience, everything took me back to China and my old friends and eating habits.

Laura Maley

I prefer Pacific for its chinese food, but Mr. A. A. Gill's comments should be read in the light of him making a living from his exagerated critisiscm. His comments are genrally aimed to entertain, rather than objectively inform.

Caroline Farrelly

Having been an avid fan of the Yang Sing for many years and then for some unknown reason not eating there for approx 6 months I was slighlty dissappointed upon returning that the food didn't please as much as previously, even the 2nd revisit seemed to be lacking in something. But I have to forgive any downslide that may have occuerred after the opening of Lotus which has firmly won a place in my tummy's heart!

Katy Brown

I've been to the Yang Sing once before and to be honest I was mega disppointed and came away wondering what all the fuss was about for a supposedly brilliant restaurant. I wouldn't go back. the Ocean Treasure on Greengate, Chadderton is far far superior.

Lisa Smith

Whilst I am a big fan of the Yang Sing and regularly bring clients, I am increasingly dissappointed with the service. Quality of food is in general, excellent. However, sometimes I feel like an inconvenience rather than a customer. A couple more friendly faces would be gratefully received.

Angela Canny

My boyfriend and I visited the Yang Sing in February for a special birthday meal. Having never been to the restaurant before but having heard me rave on and on.... and on ... about it, my boyf was looking forward to a meal to remember. Unfortunately, our food was the worst I have ever had at the Yang Sing. When we received our dim sum starters, the seaweed tasted and smelt of dirty cooking oil (when we complained, we were told there was nothing wrong with it and thats what it always tastes like... having visited the newly opened Lotus, I would suggest that that is certainly not how the Yang Sing group serve their seaweed!) Following this, the main courses were bland and very dissapointing. Top this off with a bill for nearly £150 and we left with a very bad (cooking oil) taste in our mouths. We have not returned since. I sincerely hope that the Yang Sing have managed to resolve their wide and varied issues, what was once a great Manchester institution certainly was (in February at least) a shadow of its former self!

Clare Wilson

I dined in July at the Yang Sing for my mother's 50th Birthday, and the food was lucious. The service was superb, we were greeted by a hostess who was very caring. She asked us if we'd like to try something different, so we thought we'd try ostrich as an additional course to our banquet; and what a choice! - the meat was tender and gorgeous in taste. All the other courses were equally good with great attention to detail on presentation of the food. Overall a perfect night out. The Yang Sing is going places, NOT going down the drain. Keep up the excellent work.

James Fox

Disgusted with this man's comments. Anyone in Manchester will tell you that the Yang Sing has a reputation for excellent food. Not only that, but their friendly atmosphere is a delight to dine in. The staff work very hard to please. If I won the £100, I would spend it in the Yang Sing with pleasure!!

Jane Gregory

I have to agree with the critics on the Yang Sing I'm afraid! My last visit there which admittedly was almost 12 months ago, was most unsatisfying. I'm no food critic so I won't go into the gory details regarding the actual food exept to say I have enjoyed much much better Chinese food in Manchester before and since my visit there. As a paying customer at many restaurants in the City however am do feel qualified to comment on service. At Yang Sing I found the service abysmal. The place is understaffed making it difficult to get the waiters attention. When you do, you feel rushed by their pushy style. I honestly felt unwelcome, certainly once we had finished our meal. To cap everything, once I had paid and left the restaurant, one of the staff actually ran after my partner and I claiming we hadn't paid for our meal! Only on production of my still warm receipt were we allowed to proceed. Of course it is the food that attracts customers to a restaurant, but for me at least it is also the way I am treated, and made to feel that determines wether or not I return. Sadly in my experience Yang Sing is greatly lacking in the customer service department, and I suspect it will be a long long time before I return. Pity that. As for the critics having a go Manchester, wake up.

David Hughes

Are you sure that this fella actually went to the yang sing? or indeed Manchester from the outdated southerner prejudices he proffured? The Yang Sing has, does and probably always will, serve a beautiful dish. I concede i have never sampled the shark fin soup, but all my experiences there have been outstanding, and any visitor I have brought, from as far afield as Toronto (where they have an exceptional china town) and Oz have all appreciated the visit. Hpowever none of these folk bore city envy grudges agaibnst against Manc

Leah Brown

Having eaten at the Yang Sing last Friday with 200 other media folk, I think this journalist is speaking through his arse! The media buyers of Manchester should boycott the purchase of his paper until he prints a retraction statement. Once again the food, service and hospitality of the Yang Sing were top class and far superior to the many inferior chinese restaurants in London that take our money when we entertain clients down there.

Ian Cook

Having eaten at the Yang Sing numerous times over the last few months, especially following a trip to China late last year as we wanted to compare the taste and quality, the Yang Sing still rates for me one of the best in China Town, perhaps a little more expensive than some of the others but nevertheless the quality far exceeds that of the other 'cheap and cheerfuls'. In response to Giles Coren's quote, I just want to know how he knows what Pig Poo tastes like!!! Is this a reflection on where he normally dines?

Alexandra Sharman

taste is a personal thing! Mancunians obviously have it-shame the rest of the country have none. go Yang Sing!!

Beverly Paul

My thoughts on the Yang Sing have wavered over recent years. As a child it was the ultimate treat to be taken for a family meal at the very bastion of Chinese cuisine in Manchester. As an adult the illusion has faded. Service which used to be prompt, courteous and friendly seems to have jaded to business like and mechanical. In the 15 years of dining at the restaurant, I can honestly say I have never once been disappointed with the food. I do not profess to be a food critic or even expert. I do however, know when food is good or below average. I’m with you Gordo, in the words of our local superstar band the Yang Sing will surely “Live Forever” regardless of the belief of some “critic” from the land of the wannabe world epicentre!!! The Yang Sing is ours, Enjoy it.

Iain Evans

My Parents have eaten at the Yang Sing since it first opened. They have been taking my brother and I there since we were tiny. I have been taking my daughter since she was a baby. Three generations of the same "highly discerning when it comes to our cuisine" family can't be wrong. The Yang Sing rocks and Southern softies wouldn't know good food if it stood up and smacked them round the chops. I should know, I've had the misfortune of spending the last 20 years dining out with clients and suppliers in our capital. Give me "home" cooking any day.

Jo Cooksey

I last ate at the Yang Sing in February this year. Maybe since then the standards have dropped quicker than Malcolm Glazers popularity, but all I can say is that it was probably the best Chinese I have ever eaten in. I have lived in South London for a year so am experienced in the delights of the southern China Town. In my humble mancunian opinion there was nothing down there that us peasants don't have up here. My girlfriend and I went for the approx £25 per head menu stating a particular interest in shell fish. The variety and combination of dishes were absolutely perfect, as was the service. What more can I say? another classic example of a London "officianado" getting frightened that us gravy lovers covered in coal might actually have something to rival ( if not beat) their global centre of perfection.

Con Allday

We all take our eye off the ball. And we need to be told!!

Paul Brown

For years we chose the Yang Sing as the restaurant to be in. Following the fire that gutted the main restaurant, we ate at the Little Yang Sing. Sadly although the staff were eager to help & serve - for an intimate casual evening dinner it was a little overpowering. Felt more like a cattle market - get them in, get them out! This We've found also to be the general experience in the Main restaurant. It's a great shame. Our preference now for a gentle relaxed eating experience is Wings Restaurant on Lincoln Square

Valerie Humm

I feel the same regarding the Yang Sing, I took my sister a few weeks ago who does'nt go out very often, we wasnt impressed at all, the food was tastless it tasted all the same and as if it had been microwaved at the local chippy, the staff didnt want to help and we felt we were rushed.

Rachel Taylor

I went to the Yang Sing at Christmas for a Chinese Banquet and could not fault a single thing! The food was amazing - normally at a banquet there are quite a few things you don't like but I couldn't find fault with anything even items I would not normally try like Dim Sum all was happily consumed!!! The quality of the food is fantastic and its great value for money!

Cheryl Johnson

I went last week and thought it was fantastic!! Not as good as when I went last year but still a very high standard.

Clare Riding

This isn't maybe what you want to hear but the Yang Sing has been overrated for some years, now. Last two meals were very poor and I will not visit again unless someone else is paying! Chinese food in general, and throughout Manchester, is overrated, badly prepared and, almost without exception, a dog! C'mon Yang Sing, stop living on your past reputation and give us some innovation and standards.

Jeremy Dent

I attended the Yang Sing last week on a Women In Property Lunch and it was very enjoyable. The food was hot, tasty, well presented and the surroundings were spotless. In addition to that we were all made to feel very welcome and the staff were more than efficient!!

Julie Bennett

I feel the same regarding the Yang Sing, I took my sister a few weeks ago who does'nt go out very often, we wasnt impressed at all, the food was tastless it tasted all the same and as if it had been microwaved at the local chippy, the staff didnt want to help and we felt we were rushed.

Rachel Taylor

Having heard great things about the Yang Sing- prize winner, famous 'big brother' of the little one etc etc, I was extremely disapointment with my dining experience. I ate at this restaurant very recently at a media industry event and, I can safely say, mass catering is definitely not their strong point. Although I appreciate that it must be difficult to keep over 400 diners happy, the simple criteria of producing tasty food simpy was not met. Each dish was extremely greasy and, by the time the third round of battered starters was wheeled out I had started to lose all hope of getting a decent feed. On the whole the service was fair. However, when we asked for some boiled rice I could have sworn that the waitress thought I'd offered to boil her mother she looked so startled! We received the rice promptly enough and it was definitely fresh. However, they certainly lost the merit points they'd received by returning to our table several times to take a bowl full of rice from our serving dish to give to other table! Not very professional, prepared or polite - boiled rice isn't too strange a request in a Chinese now is it? All in all I was extremely disappointed. When my sister asked eagerly how the 'famous' restaurant faired I had to respond with a definite thumbs down. I certainly won't be singing their praises to anyone.

Laura Brown

About time too! The Yang Sing has been trading off an underserved culinary reputation for some time. It used to be very good, but following all the hype after the TV programme, it became arrogant and uncaring. The motto… “we don’t have to try hard, so why should we?” After an absence of some months, I visited the YS again recently and was treated to hard grey fish, tough tasteless prawns, and very greasy brown soft noodles. Unbelievably bland stir fried (not) vegetables, that owe more to the steamer and cornflour glaze for their appearance, than to the wok. The service has gone off too, with the staff intent on selling the fixed banquet meals. Despite protestations, we were placed under a cold air-conditioning outlet and had to endure the cigarette smoke from the adjoining table despite requesting a smoke free area. There are much better restaurants in Manchester. But I’m afraid it’s a case of the “Emperor’s Clothes”; the Yang Sing really is crap and I can’t understand why people (including Gordo), can’t see it.

Paul Banks

I went to the Yang Sing for an industry party on Friday for the first time. Considering that there were hundreds of us there, expecting our lunch all at the same time, i think the chefs coped pretty well. Granted, the food was by no means exceptional (for great Chinese in Manchester i think the Laughing Buddha in Didsbury is extremely hard to top.) But it was not as dire as this pretentious Londonite makes out. I've just moved back from London to Manchester because in short, Manchester is just nicer. It has everything you need, at a good respectable quailty and at a reasonable price PLUS people talk to you! So you can keep your perfect non anaemic crispy wan Ton Mr Sunday times. I'm willing to slightly compromise for a good atmosphere and respectable price..... Knob! (You can cut that last comment out if you like, but I feel it sums up this guy quite well.)

Jody Appleton

Once a tour de force of chinese fine cuisine - now sadly often clumsy in preperation and service. Still one of the best but not where it should be.

Morgan Cox

The YS was a real discovery when I first moved to manchester about two years ago. Never before had I eaten chinese food cooked with seasonal vegetables, gorgeous fish and dim sum to die for. I went back recently and was a little let down by the service and some of the grubby clientele (who were a little menacing - not that you can stop scum coming in). Previously, when I asked, the question "I want to eat something different and seasonal, the geezer who owned it brought me something spot on." The second time I came I got blank looks from the staff who didn't really know the menu. Moreover all the food was covered in some goo and didn't have that fresh feel. The YS should be a chinese show case, and should reach for the extraordinary. It needs to clean up a bit and up its game, as it seems we all expect a little more from the very top restaurants now a days. I love the YS, so let's hope it can get the standards we expect back.

James Crawford

I went to the Yang Sing for an industry party on Friday for the first time. Considering that there were hundreds of us there, expecting our lunch all at the same time, i think the chefs coped pretty well. Granted, the food was by no means exceptional (for great Chinese in Manchester i think the Laughing Buddha in Didsbury is extremely hard to top.) But it was not as dire as this pretentious Londonite makes out. I've just moved back from London to Manchester because in short, Manchester is just nicer. It has everything you need, at a good respectable quailty and at a reasonable price PLUS people talk to you! So you can keep your perfect non anaemic crispy wan Ton Mr Sunday times. I'm willing to slightly compromise for a good atmosphere and respectable price..... Knob! (You can cut that last comment out if you like, but I feel it sums up this guy quite well.)

James Crawford

My husband and I have been a couple of times but each time found the food overpriced and have certainly tasted far better tasting food in other restaurants for a greater deal less money and with much friendlier staff. I think it is overpriced and over-rated.

Dawn Purcer

I can understand the comments made about the Yang Sing, I think they were a bit over the top and smacked of typical London arrogance, however the last time I ate at the YS I wasn't impressed. The food was full of MSG's and when you compare it the freshness of the food served at Tampopo or the Mongolian BBQ it doesn't stand up. His comment about Manchester however, I strongly disagree with, the pompous tw@t obvioulsy hasn't eaten at the likes of Greens, or Bistro West 156 or the Manchester Bar & Grill.

John Thornton

I've been a regular at the Yang Sing for the last 2 decades and recently have found it to be a bit inconsistent. Sometimes the Dim Sum isn't quite as fresh and vivid as it should be. However, when it's good it's fantastic. The clear, bright flavours result in peerless dumplings! I've never been as convinced by the main dishes, which although not bad, have never scaled the heights that the Dim Sum achieves. The Yang Sing is a superb restaurant, maybe not quite as good as we like to think it is but a million times better than Giles Coren believes it to be. We're lucky to have it.

Christopher Davies

I am afraid to say that on visiting the Yang Sing in January, a highly anticipated birthday treat I might add I was sorely disappointed with both the quality of the food served and the service itself. Perhaps a hangover from christmas, but the vegatables served all seemed very much past their best. Having also ordered the char sui bun I wish I had been advised to pre-book a dentist appointment, with the filling being enamel strippingly sweet, not at all what would be expected in China according to my dining companion who has spent time living and working in China so is not just making this up. The atmosphere was very hurried and we didn't feel at all welcome. We enjoy dining out but we have not been back to the Yang Sing as it was not at all enjoyable.

Cath Pearson

Yang Sing I too was annoyed at Corens comments on Manchester, I don't know why I was surprised as between him and A A Gill they do a great job of rubbishing anything outside the M25! However part of me had to agree with his review, (Manchester comments aside). I have for some time thought The Yang Sing to the "Emperors New Clothes" of restaurants. The Yang Sing was previously head and shoulders above other restaurants in Manchester but of late I have had the feeling it is living on past glories (beware Alex Ferguson!) In the last 2/3 years we have seen many new restaurants come to the fore with the growth of Manchester. Many of the new eateries are catering for more sophisticated palates and are focusing more on the customer experience along with providing first class food. The Yang Sing will have to change if it does not want to slip further down the list of people’s choice for a night out. I genuinely hope the Yang Sing takes on board the criticism and responds. This is not the first bad review. I can remember when getting a table at The Yang Sing was an achievement, not any more.

Garry Drinkwater

Did the Yang Sing take one eye of the ball ? Probably. But we all have bad days. I don't think it helps that some national paper such as the Times, renowned for its culture and cullinary reviews ;-)looks at one of Manchesters great institutions and slates it based on one sweet char sui and a soup. Yang Sing is simply superb, it puts the overpriced and underperforming throng of glorified takeways in their place, jabbing them in the eye with a pair of expertly honed chopsticks. Service is superb, efficient and polite, a courtesy not often provided by our Southern broadsheet's local Chinese. Maybe the MSG ladened taste buds of the reviewer mistook authentic taste for bland cuisine. I suggest the reviewer stick to Sainsbury's meals that ding.

Chris Keller-Jackson

Having moved to Manchester after living in London for the last 8 years I've had two meals at Yang Sing. I have to say the first time was wonderful. The atmosphere was so electric I hardly noticed the simple but exquisite food and was taken back by the northern welcome. The next time I met Gile's dog.

Hugh Molloy

I completely disagree with this article! Sankeys Soap use the Yang Sing for every DJ who visits our club, they come from all over the world and we have never ever had a bad report.. in fact it s DJ SNEAKS favourite restaurant. they can t all be wrong can they?

Kirsty Smith

Let me start by saying - I do believe in constructive critism but how dare this supposedly food critic pretend he knows indepth knowledge of Chinese and Cantonese cookery. I personally think the Yang Sing is good, albeit in my opinion too large a venue now. I prefer Lotus and intimate but as excellent as the fare is at Yang Sing there are great great rivals in China Town too.

Elaine M Brignall

Have to say never been to Yang Sing, but bloody hell how dare they? Its got a fantastic reputation, now I'm just going to have to go.

Diane Muir

I went to the Yang Sing about a month ago and found it to be still good food. However I do not think that this is the best Chinese or oriental restaurant in Manchester anymore. It lacked that something special. I think it needs to have a bit of a rethink about how to bring itself into the 2000s, e.g. look at Sweet Mandarin in the Northern Quarter - now that's a top restaurant!

Clare Hollingsworth

I come from LA California, where there is an abundance of traditional Mexican food; I have lived in the UK for about 8 year and have never come across a good Mexican Restaurant in Manchester. The El Macho needs to clean the place up and take a trip over to Mexico and learn how to cook or bring in a Mexican Chef. I've been there once and would never ever go back!

Michelle Guest

Well all I can say about the Yang Sing is I don't think they have taken there eyes of the woks at all I have eaten many many times at the above and I feel the food and the amazing services gets better each time. Maybe the person who wrote the damming article may have used a different denture fitting glue which impaired the taste buds.

Andrew Gosling

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