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Why vote? The Confidential Hustings - via podcast

Jonathan Schofield quizzes three would-be councillors before 1 May elections

Written by . Published on April 25th 2008.

Why vote? The Confidential Hustings - via podcast

This is a little first. Here we interview via podcast the candidates from the three main political parties for the city centre ward. They are Marc Ramsbottom for the Liberal Democrats and the siting councillor, Anthony McCaul for Labour and Rob Adlard for the Conservatives. When they stop talking about bloody trees in the city centre it's interesting stuff. So much so that this writer quite forgot to take a picture of the three of them in the publisher's office.

The city centre was the Manchester ward with the lowest turnout at the last elections. Let us know if you think that anything these three gents say here might make people more likely to vote.

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19 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

anneaApril 25th 2008.

Councilors don't forget that last years 17yr old will be up for voting this year. my son has not been approached as yet! they will not be voting for trees in city center I can tell you. what is on their minds is going to the Met without facing a gang and feeling uncomfortable after 8pm. Councilors should not live in the city center. They get to understand the rest of residential born and bred Mancunians what is wrong in their areas. What a cheek trees are they removed the best area which was Piccadilly gardens trees and all. Who's idea was it to put up concrete with water for the children to play and then stopped it. That cost us Council Tax payers for years who live in the Manchester area money. what we are seeing now is a hell of a lot of 'apartments going up spoiling the Manchester skyline. Wake up and stop thinking £££ to build more of the same.

PhillApril 25th 2008.

The same old platter.....I can only assume the above people posting have done so with a non independant view!If people in the city centre want trees, go and live in Delamere bloody Forest.The Labour bloke was patheitc, merely says 'vote for me rather than having 3 Lib Dem clls in the city centre' but doesnt say why we should not have 3 lib dems clls. Why shouldn't we have 3 Lib Dems? If they are doing the business then fine, if not, tell us why not! Where is the Green Party here?The time is right for independant clls to rise to the fore.

HelenApril 25th 2008.

I listened to this and whilst I thought it had value, it still seemed to me that all three (less so Adlard) were really straining to keep their real selves from popping out and saying anything that their party press offices might get alarmed by.

PhillApril 25th 2008.

Well if Sir Dick is happy, we are all happy (rolls eyes)

Tom MayApril 25th 2008.

Trees? I love when they started talking about the number of trees they would plant and how much they would cost. The big issue is police numbers, a visible presence of the latter, and good design to make the city attractive and safer.

central mcrApril 25th 2008.

I'm up for Anthony - has to be said the current sitting cllr is a bit rubbish! (No offence!) Come on city centre residents, lets see Anthony elected so he can work with the chiefs and get things moving and deliver for us - the residents - not just mess about in opposition! :-)

Anthony McCaulApril 25th 2008.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our virtual democracy experiment - it was really great. Richard Leese told me he thought it went really well and we'll defo be doing it again.

MaxApril 25th 2008.

This is great. Since GMR has gone all silly and giggly, lost that serious news edge, you guys want to tap into the market and do some serious - and probably some satirical - radio in effect.

Cllr Rosa BattleApril 25th 2008.

Brilliant to see Confidential doing something like this - I hope it inspires lots of city centre dwellers and Manchester residents alike to head down to the polling stations on May 1st. Check out Manchester Labours 2008 Manifesto Launch on YouTube to find more about what Anthony and Manchester Labour has to offer - subscribe to MCRLABOUR

Kev PApril 25th 2008.

You have absolutely no clue whatsoever what you are talking about, you must be a member of the central tory campaign team! Had our day? In the city centre where the tory was so deluded that he actually thought he could win, he got pretty much the exact same vote as last year. Despite the so called 16% boost in the polls the tories supposedly have at the moment. In addition to this Labour doubled their lead over the tory candidate. In the rest of the city not a single tory got in. Your party is still a bunch of right wing fascists beneath the veneer of 'compassionate conservatism' and the people of Manchester are not going to be fooled by it so just give up and go back down south where people buy your rubbish.

SuzanneApril 25th 2008.

Anthony is making a difference working on issues that matter to people who live in the City centre. He is a really hardworking guy and would make a fantastic Councillor and voice for city centre residents on the Labour Council. I am telling all my City Centre friends to vote for him!

City Centre ResidentApril 25th 2008.

This debate has helped me make my mind-up as to how I will vote on Thursday. As a previous Lib Dem voter I will be switching to Rob Adlard as I feel he's the only person in this debate who actually said something concrete and with conviction. Ramsbottom (who I've previously respected) was wishy-washy and never really said anything new - I feel he's lost interest in the city centre too. McCaul sounded like his puppet master (Cllr. Karney) was pulling his strings and came across rather weak. Mind, I'd never vote Labour anyway...

Anthony McCaulApril 25th 2008.

Thanks to Confidential for hosting this high-tech hustings. We're following this with a first for Manchester - tomorrow at 12pm Richard Leese, Pat Karney and I will be holding a text-a-thon about your experiences of life in the City Centre and how we can improve things. Send me a text on 0781 309 2040 from 12pm and we'll ring you back asap to listen to your views. Virtual democracy? Yep I hope so!

TrueBlueApril 25th 2008.

Labour have had their day (and their chances) at making the city a better place to live. All they care about is building up the business/residential skyline to pocket more rates and council tax yet you barely see a copper in sight and yet street/violent crimes is at its worst ever level, but they keep attracting ever more people into this already overpopulated, small city to the detriment of the native city dwellers and commuters making it aggressive and unpleasant! Yet, they still they talk of expanding manchester university even further! its ludicrious! Labour have got brains for rocking horses and the amount of public money thats been wasted over the years is phenomenal....Piccadillly regeneration a case in point....its still full of scum lowlifes only now you have a choice of scum from all over the world to choose from. The other week a black guy punched a chinese guy broad daylight near Nobles amusements, blood everywhere, nice for the tourists to observe eh? Get tough vote Tory!

Chaplain..“April 25th 2008.

Er....Kev P, would you look up fascist in the dictionary...please.

JoApril 25th 2008.

I'm naturally a tactical liberal democratic supporter in the city centre but party political affiliations apart, Adlard, the Tory came out of this the best. He seemed the most focused in his opinions and I liked that he was getting annoyed about things in his own street. Wasn't the Labour guy just going over all the campaigns I've seen on this website - Jeez is Manchester Confidential setting policy for the city? Since I agree with most of them I'm not bothered but that's interesting don't you think.

Kev PApril 25th 2008.

Phill - We shouldn't have 3 Lib Dems because they're rubbish, quite frankly! I've lived in the city centre for 9 months and I haven't seen any of them once (none of them live here). The only communications I've got have been rehashed leaflets with bland issues and negative campaigning that don't speak to me as a voter at all. Furthermore, the Councillor who is up next week has apparently spent most of his time in North Manchester trying to oust a Labour Councillor there and he is also the Parliamentary Candidate (which he says openly in his leaflet) for Manchester Central at the next general election. In short, HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE THE CITY CENTRE COUNCILLOR. So, lets oblige him and kick him out!

Brian CandelandApril 25th 2008.

How can you claim this as an exercise in democracy when you only cover three of the 4 Parties standing? There is also a Green Party candidate, Peter Birkinshaw. And as for 'main Parties', as well as standing in every seat in the City the Green Party have an elected councillor in neighbouring Hulme, the Tories haven't got anyone elected in this City for over ten years.

Kev PApril 25th 2008.

There's a Green Candidate in the City Centre? Since when?! I've had nothing through my door, nor has anyone else I know and I haven't seen anything anywhere with any information about this guy... perhaps the Greens need to be a bit better organised!

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