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The One to Watch: Go Superlambananas!

The big yellow one has spawned 100 offspring for Culture year. But what's the story, and could they run the city?

Published on February 7th 2008.

The One to Watch: Go Superlambananas!

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, ye....
Shut it, will you. This is a no-Ringo zone. There are other big, brightly coloured things in Liverpool, you know.

I know, I saw them in the Newz Baa last Thursday.
Not spray-tanned men and women. I refer to Superlambanana.

Ah yes, the Gulshan does that
NO! Not a super lamb bhuna. S.U.P.E.R.L.A.M.B.A.N.A.N.A!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
It's half lamb, half Geest. Once derided and defaced by the citizens of Liverpool, Superlambanana was created by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo to warn of the dangers of genetically modified food.

What's that got to do with Liverpool?
It is appropriate due to the port's rich history in the trade of lambs and the import of bananas. Now it holds an affectionate place in the hearts of city dwellers. It's peripatetic....

It's not that bad
...meaning it moves about the city.

Like the Big Dig?
Quite. But now it has gone forth and multiplied.

Go Superlambananas, go go!
To celebrate Capital of Culture year, 100 “fun sized” plain white SLBs, wrapped in plain brown paper bags, arrived in Liverpool at the end of last year. Now a call has gone out to artists to come up with designs to paint them. One has been painted like a rocking horse and sits in Garston, another, with a load of magnified germs, sits in Fazakerley Hospital

Steady on!
And there will be a whole flock of super lambs around the city come June.

There are a lot of terribly exciting events, like the World Firefighter Games, this year. Is the final of One Man And His Dog being held in Liverpool too?
Probably. Why?

Those Superlambananas had better watch out. They might all end up being rounded up and put in a small pen on the dockside.
That's no way to talk about the Arena.

But what will happen to them all at the end of the year?
Rumour has it that they are to form a political party and run for municipal office. They will look good in the council chamber, won't get the city fleeced, will not speak out of turn or put their foot in. In other words cheap and cheerful.

Or sheep and shearful?
That's it, I'm out of here.

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V. I. Lenin AirportFebruary 7th 2008.

Mr. Crane, I have a horrible feeling that you are being ironic...

V. I. Lenin AirportFebruary 7th 2008.

I am past being surprised. Nothing – the most ridiculous, half-witted, evil, block-headed, destructive and/or suicidal, hare-brained scheme by Liverpol City Council and its highly-paid mercenaries in the Culture Company could possibly do – would not surprise me.As many have said before, you couldn't make these horror stories up!

banabamanFebruary 7th 2008.

The opportunity to make money has been nearly lost.Get rid of the imperialistic liver bird and replace superlamb as the new symbol of Liverpool - sell it as an image, a concept, a sign of regeneration from filth, ignorance and the morass of crime and drug abuse that liverpool so nearly became.Get one of the footy clubs to endorse it as their motif, give it a kids tv programme, breakfast cereal and computer game.Make money from it.

London RoadFebruary 7th 2008.

I don't expect the Superlambananas would quaff champagne and canapes with quite the same enthusiasm either.

lexicons dadFebruary 7th 2008.

Editorial says: Rant removed because it's the lonely weekend nutter.

AnonymousFebruary 7th 2008.

The pink one in the middle is Storey, the little yellow one to his left is Bradley.

Lex IconFebruary 7th 2008.

Surely that should be "go AND see"? You don't put two verbs next to each other in English without a conjunction between them.

Yellow TedFebruary 7th 2008.

I see the superlambanana is under threat now because Liverpool council didn't realise they didn't own it. Bit of a slip up there!

George CraneFebruary 7th 2008.

There's better to come, I hear....

go see thisFebruary 7th 2008.

go see the lamby nativity at utility bold street.it makes you smile and at this time of year thats a good thing!

Colin CoverupFebruary 7th 2008.

NO one asked me for my design! I would have suggested covering one of the blank ones with some used tenners, out of my petty cash. On second thoughts, I could have covered them all with my petty cash....

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