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Published on January 24th 2008.

Something on your mind? Let us know..

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Dave WoodJanuary 24th 2008.

Can't believe Liverpool Confidential thinks the god that is Mr Bill Shankly is from Glasgow! He came from a small mining village called Glenbuck, which is over 40 miles away. Shame!

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I was out on Saturday night for a mates Birthday.we visited THE BIG HOUSE on lime street. as I was waiting for my friends to come out I witnesed an argument with the MALE bouncers on the Door with two well dresses women who apparently had there drink yaken from the as a mistake. the were man handled they were spst at they were even called a FAT T--T and the real blow below the belt was the youngest BOUNCER of the all said to one hey you YOU OLD PENSIONER shouldnt you be at HOME WITH CANCER riddled through yer.I Have to wonder what type of men do there Job know we all know THEY are SCUM and god help us some ones SON

Startled of StoneycroftJanuary 24th 2008.

Did anysee spot something about the Daily Post: Tuesday May 27. Seems they have introduced Front Page advertising. The main story: Seven Days to savour in city's culture showcase. Liverpool offers unbeatable line up of events.So what are these unbeatable cultural events?The opening of Debenhams, a pensioner twanging on a guitar at Anfield. Phil Redmond says it shows the real depth and spread of what culture means in Liverpool in 2008. I think easyJet and Ryannair should have clubbed together to supply a sick bag with every copy of the Liverpool Daily Post!!!

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

Liverpool is England's worst local authority. Official. Did we need the Audit Commission to tell us that? Discuss.

EditorialJanuary 24th 2008.

Mr Pastry is not a slim attractive lady, not when we last looked anyway. Git is what you are getting.

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

Who is this Monica who you are rumbling?

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

Where's Fat Git got to then?

Sir Walter RaleighJanuary 24th 2008.

What would legal firms want with a bike anyway? They only go around to Carolyn Hughes' bedsit to pose with their poorly-knotted ties, red faces and orange secretaries for the camera 'By Invitation Only'...

Liverpool ConfidentialJanuary 24th 2008.

Comments removed for legal reasons.

ChumkiJanuary 24th 2008.

Thank you so much for restoring my paragraphs for this novice ranter. Much appreciated. Was thinking of copying to your Tesco feature, as a comment, though doubt I can figure out how. Would that be OK?

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Forget Hondapants. Most Honda cars have VSA to minimise skids.

christ mandys backJanuary 24th 2008.

just sat down with a nice cupper to watch fridays newsnight. all going well until they said they were going to the liverpool review.then up pops hope you have enjoyed this.. eh? well my considered (yes i know i spelt it wrong last time)opinion newsnight is an ass why did they cut the liverpool piece for tv on demand. knickers to them!

Lord StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

I can only assume that Advice Please isn't drinking enough. When sufficient joy juice has been bibbed, the conscious mind just chucks in the towel and goes into limbo.In this state one is functioning on basic instinct and one's 'beer compass' always gets one home. The trouble is that the beer compass evolved in the days before motor transport. Therefore, avoid being taken for a ride by drinking any money that might serve as train or bus fare - swap your Saveaway for a couple of loose Superkings. Shanks' Pony will get you home no matter how long it takes and just think of the health benefits of a 14-mile walk! It is the only truly painless form of exercise I know.

Dave WoodJanuary 24th 2008.

Thanks Liverpool Confidential for the quick edit. You may have been getting Shankly mixed up with Alex Ferguson! [runs for cover!]

Paul CleinJanuary 24th 2008.

I'm off.

ushaJanuary 24th 2008.

As were thickets for the War Requiem which hardly ever performed. Can Ruritania commision a Requiem for Our City Council? Would be good to gibe them a splendid send off

lisaJanuary 24th 2008.

Word of advice for any readers thinking of going to the panoramic restaurant. Dont! Its overpriced, overrated, the food isn't all that and the staff are up their own backsides. All in all 'fur coat and no knickers'

Greasy gringoJanuary 24th 2008.

I smelled a barbecue today. Anyone else?

Saint RingoJanuary 24th 2008.

I hope this means that the smut campaign launched by some of your readers on the Fat Git review has finished.

Moose MolloyJanuary 24th 2008.

Not 'Moose Coffee' in Oxton? Where orange people with bottle-blonde hair go to pass an hour or two waiting for service or at least someone to come and wipe the crumbs off the table?

The Old Gentleman from 'The Railway Children'January 24th 2008.

£50m revamp for 'worst stations'Apart from the last ugly, drastic and inappropriate ‘modernisation’ after the IRA bomb and the Commonwealth Games, what exactly is wrong with Manchester Victoria Station? It is far more handsome and pleasant than 1960s eyesore Piccadilly a mile away.As for Liverpool Central Station, that’s awful because of the very recent ‘modernisation’ over the last few months which removed the ticket office and replaced it with a sweetshop and newsagents. So now passengers have to queue for a train ticket behind hordes of people buying sweets, magazines and cigarettes. It’s complete madness.Preston used to be a lovely station until it was made into an ‘open’ station in the 1990s. Previously it was a pleasure to use because it was open only to bona fide ticket holders who were actually using the trains; now one is persecuted by tramps, beggars and feral children, just like Liverpool Lime Street since its ‘modernisation’ at about the same time.What stations need are proper ticket offices sufficient for demand, decent, clean, sheltered waiting areas with adequate seating, proper cafés with chairs and tables (to avoid slippery and filthy spillage in the concourse from junk food) and floors that don’t need ‘Slippery when Wet’ notices.

Phil HasitallJanuary 24th 2008.

6) Finish me CSE maths

Tommy TJanuary 24th 2008.

Anyone know anywhere that puts on Hip-Hop nights in town?

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Give me a call with your requirements and I'll see what I can do for you. 01517098261. My real name is Phil.

CorrespondentJanuary 24th 2008.

Angry of Aigburth, indeed she was. Not just that, she was Kinnock's dutiful cheerleader in the city when attacking a Labour council was seen to be more important than fighting Thatcher. The rules on registering family members who are employed by MPs have been in force since August. Kennedy registered her partner late last week. For five months she was in clear breach of the rules. And she used to accuse Militant of dishonesty?!

declan macmanusJanuary 24th 2008.

Anyone know an estate agents called BASE?, they have been taking rent from tenants and not passing it on to landlords, they have taken themselves out of the Association of Retail Lettings Agents, and no one can get a straight word out of them - anyone know what the story is with them?

Sir Thomas StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Whilst I would like to see the back of the Lib-Dem shower of sh*te I hope, should Labour take power, that they’ve bucked up their ideas since their last lazy and complacent administration. For one example, remember that it was under the Labour council that the Grade 1-listed Employment Services offices on Leece Street had its roof sneakily removed so they could knock it down once the elements had done their worst. Fifteen years later it is still a rubble-strewn hole in the ground behind ugly hoardings.

WeaselJanuary 24th 2008.

Professor, you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm almost glad they've finally blown their cover but it's a shame the printers are paying the price.

Stanley StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Whatever happened to 'Meet the People'? It used to be in that menu bar down the left-hand side. I really miss it.

Professor ChucklebuttyJanuary 24th 2008.

Dig, my dear friend are you up for us enetring the competition for the "Girls Night Out" this mob are running. It's at the Mal Nourishment, I know you like it there. if they don't let us win we can take them to the High Court for discrimination. I didn't burn my bra for nothing (a string one) alright I should have taken it off first. C'mon we could win this or get some compo.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I agree. That would keep the Peeping Toms quiet too.

Two-wheel driveJanuary 24th 2008.

I'd put Alan Bleasedale down as a Fiat Punto. Willy Russell as a Passat and Reggie McCough as a Nissan Bongo.

silver tiaraJanuary 24th 2008.

SUPERLAMB BANANA!? mouflon !!! www.maltergalleries.com/.../nov2004/1101_1.jpg… CHECK THIS OUT!

Stafford StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Is it one of the Cheeky Girls?

CheeringJanuary 24th 2008.

Why disgusted? I am absolutely delighted - I haven't had so much fun since they cancelled Mathew Street and tried to blame everyone else but themselves. Lee Forde must be laughing up his sleeve now - totally vindicated! The bastards deserve everything that is coming to them.

adamantJanuary 24th 2008.

This is a warning to anybody in Liverpool who enjoys good food to stay away from The Restaurant Bar and Grill. On all fronts this place fails to come up to the mark. I was unfortunate to make my second visit to this place on Saturday 19 July on a birthday party with 12 friends. On my first visit some months earlier I had the pleasure of having a bottle of red wine poured down my back whilst sat at a table only centimeters away from the rat run to the toilet. On that occasion the waiter/maitre d' kindly compensated us with a lovely bottle of the cheapest wine on the menu but I don't really want to talk about that visit, my visit on Saturday being the one I'm here to report. Arriving at 8.30pm for a 9.30 table, our party had a few drinks at the bar. Eventually we were asked to our table at 9.45pm, no reason given for the delay. Ordering wine and champagne - no problem. Our food orders were taken 25 minutes later, 5 minutes after the olives and 'bread' arrived. Poor quality bread. Starters were served an hour and a half after sitting down. I ordered risotto of smoked haddock which arrived as a dried, congealed lump almost cremated on the hotplate. Sure enough the waiter took it back and returned with a watery mass of mushy rice. Not wanting to ruin my friend's party I bit my tongue and decided to give it another chance. The mains arrived a full 2 hours and 10 minutes after being seated. I ordered halibut. This was overcooked and rubbery and the accompanying asparagus was stone-cold. I have to emphasise, however that the service of the wine was excellent throughout and our glasses were never empty. The Restaurant Bar and Grill are very efficient at supplying a steady flow of alcohol. The fact that the chef doesn't know how to make a risotto or cook fish is obviously of lesser importance to this establishment. The final straw came when a waiter, who when earlier asked a question said he couldn't speak English, proceeded to fall over and smash a variety of plates and glasses almost in a friend's lap splashing all kinds of stuff all over him. A maitre d' going by the name of Robert plonked himself next to me and acknowledged what a poor experience it had been, kindly allowed us two bottles of wine on the house and, with a nudge and a wink, offered to 'look after' me on my next visit to this wonderful eatery if I asked for him by name on arrival. I won't be accepting this bribe as I won't be going again. What really gets up my nose about this whole sorry affair is that this level of service and mismanagement would not be allowed anywhere else. What you have here is a company not cut out to serve good food but having the nerve to charge fine-dining prices. They have no problem separating honest, hardworking scousers of their hard-earned but have the arrogance to regard us with contempt. If this happened in one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants the chef would be sacked and the maitre d' would also be looking for work the next day. This experience cannot be an isolated incident, as five of our party would never return again. Those of you out there who have had a similar experience, speak out against it and those who haven't had the pleasure yet, don't sit there in silence in true scouse sufference. Be suspicious of establishments trading on reputations not hard-won, more by getting the punters bladdered so that they don't notice the difference. The Restaurant Bar and Grill is preying on the good nature and attitude of the people of Liverpool and laughing. We expect better.

HelpfulJanuary 24th 2008.

Bookmark this in your browser and it doesn't happen http://www.liverpoolconfidential.com/index.asp

Rusty SpikeJanuary 24th 2008.

Surely 'Bungalo Bill' Ringo should be able to get stacks of free tickets for the Love stuff in Las Vegas. He can then make amends to the distressed of Liverpool, heart-broken and bewildered at the notion that he wouldn't want to return to the city that is one of the worst managed in the UK, and lash out said freebies to the needy - or better still why not give a handful to Warren Bradley and his mates, to get away from the nasty people who are bad mouthing him. He needs a break. Ho, ho. Incidentally, where is the once upon a fairy tale ubiquitous Councillor Mike Storey of late? Not a word, or a sighting, or even a photo in the newspapers. Strewth, things must be bad. Maybe he's in Las Vegas lapping up Cirque Du Soleil's The Love show. Nah, he's more of a Rolling Stone kind of guy.

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

taxi drivers are hardly gourmets! these sort of people wont appreciate fine dining but probably want masses of greasy junk food washed down with cheap lager. sorry cabby if you want rubbish, eat out of a bin.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I understand there is a slight contradiction in my rant but I know what I meant. Scouse institution/ Scouse claptrap. It can be an institution and spout claptrap at the same time.

Confidential Technical bodJanuary 24th 2008.

Paragraphs are an ongoing discussion A. E, but in the meantime, as a special favour for chumki....

A FriendJanuary 24th 2008.

We would love to use some of the restaurants you advertise - but, apart from Hope St. we don't know liverpool well - please put the address and area - are they within walking distance of the city centre? Thanks.

WarrenJanuary 24th 2008.

I have never found it so

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

we should have a dedate about that bleedin tram that is going to cost the City a fortune

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I suspect it is only a tiny majority who feel they have a moral and a standard as to how they would like The Echo to abide by. We would be pissing ourselves if The MEN was printed in Knowsley.

John Lennon AirportJanuary 24th 2008.

Queen of Drive: Could you rant on the appropriate article which Mr Vincent Lawrenson Woods has written about La Princesse. We are talking about the Echo on here.

A. E. ScousemanJanuary 24th 2008.

"Fookin'"? That sounds distinctly Southern, like 'oop north'! Warren's Dad, do you sip shandy from a half-glass by any chance?

Beiderbecke AffairJanuary 24th 2008.

and Cathy Tyson once chatted to me in the top deck of an 82C bus before she was famous!

Skint TaxpayerJanuary 24th 2008.

Sir Diddy Henshaw is back in town!

Paul TergeistJanuary 24th 2008.

4)Sneak up on Tom Slemen with a sheet over me,tap him on the shoulder and shout Boo! See how bloody smart he is then eh?

Stanley StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

According to yesterday's Daily Post, Lee Forde's out-of-court settlement with Liverpool City Council was a mere £12,000 and opposed to the £34,000 he asked for. This was because whilst in service he was put through the MBA course. Was a similar measure taken to recoup taxpayers' money when Jason Harborow was sent at our considerable expense for a short course to the world's most expensive technical college, Harvard University? I suspect not!

MariaJanuary 24th 2008.

Hii... please do you guys know something about The Room???is it close forever ???

KnowledgeableJanuary 24th 2008.

There are a lot of problems with the Echo. But I don't see why I should point them out.

LEON KAYJanuary 24th 2008.

Did you have to use the word Jew it is Jewish ,other than that a good article on George Melly

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Did you not think to ask me 1st Sweeney Todd? I might not want my head shaven. To be fair I will do it if we raise £100. Although I'm keeping £20 for a Chinese banquet from my chippy. It's not just those Africans that are staving you know?

Auntie Maggie (and her Home-Made Remedy)January 24th 2008.

Eh up! One of t’turns at the Potting Shed Cabaret tomorrow night is the Ukulele Orchestra of Wales! It's on t'boat in t'dock - where can I buy a ticket for cash? PLEASE, somebody!!!!

cillaJanuary 24th 2008.

The city council's taxpayers have paid my whacking great fee - not First Family Entertainment, cos the Culture Company are paying FFE to put on the show. Strange but true. Anyone who had a heart would take it...

Lord StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Hear hear! I blame the media. They are so OBSESSED with the United States; the BBC has one 'North of England Correspondent' yet employed 180 staff in the U.S. to cover that distant, foreign country's last election. They don't even mention the European elections (in which we DO have a vote) so it easily possible for relevant elections to pass by unnoticed by the voters!

Lord RedmondJanuary 24th 2008.

EVENTS: So many to go to, so little time. I turn up to the opening of every event. Recent quarterly statistics agree with this. I have attended a record number in 2008. Art galleries, book signings. I speak. I don't speak. If people say they can't find something of interest in my column, then they aren't reading it properly. One Step Forward, One Step Back, just like the Culture Company. And only this week it was St George's Day. Truly an 08 event. Culture is often more about individuals that individual events. And I can say that again. Events: To me they are like the opening of a ciggie packet - and Sheila Grant used to smoke.”

ushaJanuary 24th 2008.

one to one attention for children is called having parents that care

alan r.January 24th 2008.

I remember when I was a kid we had no shoes and me mam would give us sugar butties (if we had any sugar, or bread). Me dad was a hard man who loved his woodbines, a drink, and a bet on the gee gees as he called them. When me mam died he married me auntie Cissy and we was brother and sister with me cousins. It was really strange but we were happy because we made our own games and had sing songs on sunday when there was no joint in the oven.When Cissy passed on me Dad said that he missed me mam more than ever and wouldnt let me sister go out with boys till she was 21.Those were great days all right.

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

Have you been taking drugs, Spike, old bean?

normalJanuary 24th 2008.

dimensions. How about that nice Mr. Pastry who wrote the feature about Turmeaus the tobacconist’s? He smokes cigars and sounds like a good egg!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Great idea Prof. I've entered us as well. Just to give us a better chance of winning I've changed my real name from Phil to Philippa so don't tell anyone incase my moniker is rumbled!

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I joined Liverpoolconfidential, as living in N.Wales, I wanted to know whats on in Liverpool.If I felt the same about Manchester I'd join that. But I dont. You have far too much about Manchester on the lpool site.

Ken Dodd's dadJanuary 24th 2008.

I would love to go and see that Beatles musical Love, the one that's on in Las Vegas. Come on Confidential, get your finger out and get us some freebies for that. It can't be that hard, can it?

EddieJanuary 24th 2008.

Has anybody seen a brilliant band called Northerndaze. I caught them at the Kicking Donkey in Ormskirk and would love to know where they are due to appear next??

WarrenJanuary 24th 2008.

Has someone got something out of the city council?

Oldham Bill BaileyJanuary 24th 2008.

2) Shag Cyril Smith. Oh no, he's in Rochdale isn't he?

EditorialJanuary 24th 2008.

It's back now Dig. Don't know how that happened (Tamar!)

Jimmy McCorkhillJanuary 24th 2008.

3) practise my golf swing on (sleeping) Joe Riley's paunch

PatJanuary 24th 2008.

The onloy encouraging thing about this is the small number of people on the ECHo's own forums who have kicked off and are having a go. But they are a tiny minority - as i suspect are the people ranting here.

queen of driveJanuary 24th 2008.

Having spent the weekend mainly standing among a sea of children held aloft by their fathers' shoulders waiting for a princess to move/arrive I have to say I am dissapointed,the princess herself was magnificient but temperamental as she was always late and then held no surprises or excitement, i have attended most of the big events in Liverpol since the launch of the CoC and this was the least interesting and i suspect, the most exoensive. My huge concern was the lack of safety and the amazement that no-one was killed or injured, unless you know bettr.This comes at a time of the 2nd Anniversary of the ban on flypoting in our City resulting in many independant event organisers unable to publicise their details and so the demise of the original and the different was started,yours Her majesty.

Warren's DadJanuary 24th 2008.

I think it's a fookin' disgrace that my poor lad is being made a laughing stock on the front page of the Echo tonight. All he has ever done is break a few promises, send a few emails and text messages, hold a few secret rendezvous(es?), completely bottle sorting out an army of over-paid and incompetent officials, and believe his own spin and hype and the astonishing sycophancy of Storeyteller, Hurst and Clarke. What has he done wrong? He's a simple lad. He has always had his own interests at heart. Anyway he is off to Mexico for the weekend now, Viva Zapata! I'm going to complain to the Press Complaints Commission about the Echo. And that Brown fella is a complete waste of money. If I had my way (cont Page 94, ed)

TATTYHEADJanuary 24th 2008.


WarriorJanuary 24th 2008.

Now the light nights are here,we now have every little oik getting the ball out and trying to be a little Wayne Rooney,much to everyones concerns. This will mean no peace on the streets while the little Fookkers annoy everyone in sight by kicking a bloody ball around all hours of the day and night. Maybe we should ban ball games in the streets after 8pm. What does peeps think

Dirk McQuicklyJanuary 24th 2008.

How much is the Culture Company being paid to do things cack-handedly? Well, I'm sure the Audit Commission can tell you, Sir Howard, following today's damning news that Liverpool is the WORST performing local authority in the country. Maybe they will also tell you that it is run by complete incompetents who seem to spend all their money on spin merchants to shut them up and fiddle with the facts. This is the culmination of ten years of cock ups and mismanagement. It makes you want to move to Rutland.

David Lloyd CentreJanuary 24th 2008.

What re-lunch, Stinky, old bean? Are you coming over to do a bit of moonlighting from the Oldham Chronic?

The Confidential TeamJanuary 24th 2008.

To all those entering the office bike competition, as it were, your answers are all very amusing and we never realised such humour existed in various legal firms around the city. Keep 'em coming, folks!

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

Bloody genius. Love it!

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I hear Fat Git is having the water drained from his legs.

Frank O'FoanJanuary 24th 2008.

Bonjour tout le monde! Où est M. Fat Git aujourd'hui? Je ne l'ai pas vu cfor trois semaines! Est-il sorti pour quelques morceaux?

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

A romance that began with the death of a pig. I don't know what it is but all my romances seem to start like that. I'll have to stop stalking farm hands.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I buy the Echo almost every day. But no more. It's only today thinking about it how much there is in it I don't like. Joe Riley being one of them. But that's just my opinion Prof. Mike Torpey is a human cliche of Top Gear talk in the 70's proportions. It journos needs a radical shake up and the powers that be there need a major shake down. The Liverpool Echo, the voice of Merseyside, the betrayer of Merseyside people.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Office Bike your grammar is terrible. Tut tut. I shall bend you over my knee.

D. LiverJanuary 24th 2008.

That's why he is always 'on the rank'. I suspect his mystery illness is something to do with his wrist.

A. E. ScousemanJanuary 24th 2008.

When can we Liverpool Confidentail readers and contributors have our paragraphs back?

Vauxhall Victor SylvesterJanuary 24th 2008.

Don't give him the address Wag. he came round to show me his brochures and I left him alone for a minute to make a drink. When I came back the budgie was gone and he was sitting there with a feather in the corner of his mouth and one floating down onto his head. He also shoved a load of beaks down the side of the couch so he's obviously got form.

Stanley StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

I am told by people who have seen the photographs and video recordings that the Viennese Ball on 12th April was a bit rubbish. Despite the announcements made beforehand, those privileged few who were able to get tickets because knew people in the C.o.C. bureaucracy, never even took the trouble to dress properly for this auspicious occasion. Apparently the only people in white tie were the estimable Mr. Petrenko and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra! What a pile of half-baked tripe, just the usual ‘oh that’ll do’ attitude from Liverpool City Council pissing away the tax payers’ money!

ushaJanuary 24th 2008.

why are tens thousands pounds being spent altering a school FOR ONE boy when there is a purpose build school nearby?

silver tiaraJanuary 24th 2008.

Liverpool is burning!! at the Adelphido you have any fotos on this WONDERFUL event???m i wanna see if there are any pics of ME!!!!!

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I think a majority of people in this city just don't give a ****. Otherwise why would they continue to stay away from the ballot box every May and allow these corrupt and incompetent Lib Dems to be voted back into power again and again. People care more about what Ringo says or doesn't say on the telly and then they all act surprised and indignant when the lovely Edge Lane houses get demolished. Start caring, Liverpool!!

Angry of AigburthJanuary 24th 2008.

Wasn't she the one parachuted by Labour H.Q. to prevent the re-election of Terry Fields?

Kirkby ladJanuary 24th 2008.

damn right, Prof!

Amy WinebarJanuary 24th 2008.

Have you thought of rehab?

christ mandys backJanuary 24th 2008.

thanks professor,had no idea that there had been anything about liverpool on newsnight.i am just of to watch it will return with a conciderd and intelligent review.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Spare a tought for our wonderful CoC team of 107 people at Millenium House. Within a fornight they will all be unemployed along with a good few more council staff from various departments. Let's hope that redeployment register can cope with the mass unmployments there are soon to be.

Colin CoverupJanuary 24th 2008.

I only give money to my mates...

Alistair MacCrapJanuary 24th 2008.

Is this not the "Voice of Liverpool?"

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I joined Liverpoolconfidential, as living in N.Wales, I wanted to know whats on in Liverpool.If I felt the same about Manchester I'd join that. But I dont. You have far too much about Manchester on the lpool site.

Stanley StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Come again! A facial book?

Stinky Ink BartlettJanuary 24th 2008.

Following your Re-Lunch on Monday, is it true that if I want to print off a page from Liverpool Continental, I will have to do it in Oldham? If yes, can I quilt you on that? And can you explain the "No Teeth project?" How will you continue with your restuarant reviews. this isn't Gumtree you know? If you are only going to concentrate on the good and positive, how will I know if the sausages are off?

Elephant's memoryJanuary 24th 2008.

I see that Councillor Joe Anderson has had his mobile phone records scanned by the extremely paranoid city council mandarins because they were trying to cover up the spiralling costs and mess they were in over the McCartney gig at Anfield and someone did a leak to the media. Did these same people look at Councillor Bradley's mobile phone records that time to see if he did or did not text Lee Ford when he said he didn't during the Peroni Plot? I think we should be told.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I'm back I'm back Angie. Sorry for my temporary defection. Conversation a little faster there. Nobody said anything here for hours!

EditorialJanuary 24th 2008.

You may or may not be aware that Confidential's reviewer Fat Git, currently in hospital with a mystery illness, wrote a review of Bistro Jacques' sister restaurant, Bistro Pierre, last Valentine's Day. Left in his capable and somewhat fleshy hands, Git felt it would be prudent to provide a yawning gap before grappling with his appraisal of the food of love at Bistro Jacques, which he assures us he will attempt this Valentine's Day. Doctor's orders permitting, you understand.

Stanley DockJanuary 24th 2008.

you could have slept on the beach (there's plenty of it) and got the stopper to manchester, plenty of room there for a continuance next day, maybe next time!!!

watching with interestJanuary 24th 2008.

i think that reggie mccough may have started something.i reckon by the end of the week the ballad of dig and pinny will be fifty verses long.genius indeed

jonjoeJanuary 24th 2008.

Tommy T, I have had a good look around the city and I'm sorry to report that I can't find any hop-scotch events on anywhere!Sorry it's taken so long but I did have a good look!

Sir Howard WayJanuary 24th 2008.

Hear hear, Your Excellency! Similarly all the tickets for Sir Simon Rattle conducting the Berlin Philharmoniker and the performance of Donizetti’s Lucia di Liverpool were ‘sold out’ already when the events were announced!How much is this Culture Company being paid to do things so cack-handedly?

DisgustedJanuary 24th 2008.

The Lib Dems appear to have pressed the self-destruct button and given up any hope of clinging to power in May. Not before time!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Hello Prof. Any chance I could blag some tickets for one of your shows in The Phil at the end of the year? I do realise I will have to show my true identity to a fellow LC ranter but be that as it may, I'm willing to sacrifice that. It's a small price to pay for happiness.

Pauline's mateJanuary 24th 2008.

I have just translated this from Dictionary.com and this is what it came up with: "You must have missed the voyage of Conceited person Git at Ikea. But it is a piece not to miss a writing and the Tony Cousin swears by his meat pellets. It is here for your pleasure of reading and he will be of return soon.”Yeah, right!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

I didn't misread Wag. Jazz, Civic, FRV & CRV would all fit the bill I think Wag. The Jazz is very popular. We have magazines/brochures on all of our range. Would you like me to post a Jazz mag to you?

decentJanuary 24th 2008.

pubs, none of which are in or about Mathew Street.

Doctor RuthJanuary 24th 2008.

I imagine that after bulky, ungainly lovemaking it is the only time someone says to Fat Git 'thanks for the tip'.

Sir Walter RaleighJanuary 24th 2008.

About an hour ago I found the website for 'By Invitation Only – with Carolyn Hughes'. I am still weeping with laughter at it!

MarisJanuary 24th 2008.

I Just want to say , After a lovely Meal at Bistro Piere in mathew street I took my Friends to a few Bars in the area.and I felt so let down by them. The are Realy Dirty Every Toilet was in such a state . E.g Flannagans Rubber Soul and the bar next door. I asked the Girl behind the Bar Why the Smell that was in all of them was so BAD she said it was the MERSEY. surley the City capital of culture could do something about this . My visitors were So shocked at this . And Me! SO ASHAMED

HPJanuary 24th 2008.

don't lay off the sauce whatever you do!

TonyJanuary 24th 2008.

not just jobs, but Trinity weekly papers on Merseyside closing too www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/…/080908shakeup.shtml…

Liverpool WagJanuary 24th 2008.

How much can you let me have some sort of Honda vehicle that will transport all the camping gear, two adults, two kids and a dog for, Dig?

lilo lillJanuary 24th 2008.

Me to Shanks. Is this now Cheshire Oaks Confidential and i missed something???

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

'Glorious Lights of the Souls' at the old Pilkingtons warehouse on Sparling Street is fantastic. I would really recommend seeing it. When the lights start it certainly has the 'wow factor'.

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

well,well,well,Jane Kennedy has been up to some naughty tricks,by having her local bruser on her payroll and did not declare she was giving him a cut of her massive tax payers £83,367 allowance.Is this not the same thing that tory MP David Conway did by putting members of his partner on the payroll.See page 14 Mail on Sunday.

Tricky WooJanuary 24th 2008.

The Echo: Speaking up for Merseyside. Yeah. Right.

Dr NookieJanuary 24th 2008.

Ooooh! You seem saucy enough already.

Count Bernard of BreslauJanuary 24th 2008.

I read in yesterday’s Daily Post that ALL the tickets for the Viennese Ball have been allocated, no doubt to the usual suspects in the Council and Culture Company (not forgetting Colin Hilton’s mum). - Wouldn’t it have been much better and fairer if the release of tickets had been advertised properly to the people of Liverpool in advance? - If Crown Prince Harpik had been overseeing matters I’m sure that the average Liverpool Ruritanian on the Street might have had a chance of getting a pair, and he always has such magnificent balls!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

There is no rudeness in my blog. Merely an observation and an offer for help. If it is not required then that's great. Well done you..

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

I see the Ukulele orchestra of GB has been glossed over, I'm with you sister, they were absolutely brilliant, and didn't even have an 08 sticker anywhere near them!. To see/hear 'I'm just a teenage dirt bag', 'yes sir I can boogie', followed by 'leanin on a lampost'- russian style was a sight to behold..we've got to get them back to Liverpool, and fast!!

tony taxiJanuary 24th 2008.

i am local black cab driver, for the past 30 i have driven the streets of liverpool making a living could not resist the temptation to try the MALS £28 for two dinner offer ,what a dissappoitment, all i can say is it took nearly 2 1/2 hrs to serve what could on ly be descibed as pretty food which would not fill a budgie!! i ordered the roast pork of the special HOME and LOCAL menu and what i got was a tiny portion of mash potatoe with a piece of pork the same size and SHAPE as a dairylee cheese and three pieces of apple, i asked the waitress were are the veg and she replied thats your lot!! and finally the arrival of my eccles cake ice cream which looked and tasted like garribaldi biscuit,the size of a bottle top,if i gave service to my customers and tried to charge them 10% on top of what was on the clock the likes of what i had at the MALMASSION i would be embarassed to say the least,

Doctor NookieJanuary 24th 2008.

It is not for you to judge, "well and truly pissed off". Where did it say that? If you fancy yor chances with an office bike I suggest you try your luck like everyone else before you, when entering. Ooooooh, matron!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Are you dyslexic Anonymous? I know someone who can help you with your spelling, grammar and articulation. Do you speak as you spell and write? You must sound crazy when you open your mouth. Poor little fella. You can be helped. I promise.

0151omskiJanuary 24th 2008.

Just wanted to say what a great time was had at the Reverend and the Makers gig, part of Sound City at the Carling Academy. The Rev sure knows how to end a show. Having recently brought Sheffield to a halt by continuing a recent gig in the city centre, the Rev jumped off the stage at the end of Thursday's performance and took his guitar out in to Hotham Street. Don't know what the neighbours' thought - not a lot judging from the drawing of curtains and shutting of windows!! All hail the Rev and as some wag put it: "He's not the Messiah, he's just a naughty little boy!!"

Lord StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Exactly! People posting in Liverpool Confidential argue excitedly about the relative merits of the candidates in the leadership of the ‘Democratic Party’ for the imminent Presidential election of some distant foreign country, YET apparently we can’t get rid of this clique of blithering incompetents that ‘run’ our own city and make it a laughing-stock! And this is 2008 when the world is watching! It puts one in mind of that parable about taking the speck of sawdust out of your brother’s eye whilst having a plank in your own!

Liverpool ConfidentalJanuary 24th 2008.


Franco DoranJanuary 24th 2008.

Vous devez avoir manqué le voyage de Fat Git à Ikea. Mais c'est un morceau à ne pas manquer d'écriture et le Cousin Tony jure par ses boulettes de viande. Elle est ici pour votre plaisir de lecture et il sera de retour bientôt.

Joe AndoJanuary 24th 2008.

Not for me it ain't

JakeJanuary 24th 2008.

The fact that the Echo are not printing in Knowsley only goes to prove that there isn't a God.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

What a nice bloke Alan Bleasdale is and what great taste in cars he has too.

Lord StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

I saw on the front of yesterday’s Daily Post that Frank McKenna’s DLIB social club wants a “zero tolerance” private police force to operate in the city centre. I wonder if this new police force will be able to look into cases of election expenses fraud?

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Lets boycott the Echo until they agree to stay in the city. It's an absolute joke. I'm sure they have their (financial) reasons but what about their morals and dignity? Moving to Oldham removes any morals or dignity. Moving to Oldham is the final nail for me. I echo The Profs sentiments about Scouseology claptrap and fairyland Scouseness. I only bought it because it was a Scouse institution. Not any more. I certainly didn't buy it for the quality of it. Pete Price? Joe Riley? What a laugh. Delusions of grandieur. After the outcry about Everton (talking) about moving out of the city why did The Echo think they could get away with it?You'll be selling your papers in Liverpool but you'll be leaving your soul in Greater Manchester. Bye bye Echo.

Ken DoddJanuary 24th 2008.

Maybe you can join the all-new Liverpool Confidential "group" on Facebook and post that as the first topic for discussion, Stanley Street. I'm sure it would lead to much lively debate, missus!

Professor ChucklebuttyJanuary 24th 2008.

Dig, I know you'd be up for it so I have already entered us both. We should also enter for the Wonderbras as well since we may need to dress the part and we could use them as doggy bags. Do you still have those court shoes? I think Mrs Cs converse trainers won't go with the trapeze dress and anyway they'd be too big for you. I'll wear the usual Katie Boyle original and the football boots. We'll knock em dead. We should charge them for the photo spread as well and check them first as they usually make people look bog-eyed and that seems to ruffle feathers if you say anything.

Liverpool ConfidentialJanuary 24th 2008.

Sorry everyone. Been moving office. Normal service to be resumed when we've put the kettle on.

Plum McDuffJanuary 24th 2008.

This production is really good but it somehow slipped through the LivConf net: http://www.hillbarkplayers.co.uk/

Dan StaatJanuary 24th 2008.

Went to Plumleys, a little restaurant/cafe on College Road Crosby, last Sunday... Really looking for a good breakfast but instead got: coagulated mushy beans, cheap fatty sausages, burnt bacon and warm coffee and had to pay £1.25 extra for thin slithers of black pudding! Behind the facade of quaintness lies one of the worst things on God's gastronomic earth - a cheap and nasty caff masquerading as an olde worldy tea room. Avoid at all costs - and take yourself over to Moose instead where great service, fresh hot grub, and wonderful ambience comes for not much more than the direness that is Plumleys.

BlacksheepJanuary 24th 2008.

If you want to see real raw talent, seek out Northerndaze who are gigging all over the area. Go to to their website at http://myspace.com/northerndaze and let everybody know what you think.

DanJanuary 24th 2008.

Hear, hear!

MarkJanuary 24th 2008.

Very funny, Lord Redmond. You should write a column.

Sweeney ToddJanuary 24th 2008.

Please can Dig have his head shaved for Comic Relief?

Auntie Maggie (and her Home-Made Remedy)January 24th 2008.

How have the otherwise estimable staffers at Liverpool Confidential forgotten to mention in their weekly round-up that the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is performing at the Philharmonic Hall this very evening? Harrumph!

mal jonesJanuary 24th 2008.

Cabbies are scruffy and there cabs are always dirty. try and find a clean cab or cabby (shold be called scabbies i reckon)

ProfJanuary 24th 2008.

Dig, it is nothing compared to the contradiction that is the Echo. The paper is now exposed as just another commodity and latterly a propaganda rag for the Resistable Rise of Redmondo Huey. I would't lump Mr Riley in with all of the worst aspects, he will have a go but it is his voice and often knockabout in style rather than the editorial exposing or commenting on the real issues about allegations of corruption and lies.They can esily switch their local folksy rubbish to the people of Oldham and they are welcome to it. Let them suffer the morons who will soon be wasting a fortune on the as yet unlisted compulsive disorder to cover the entire house in illuminated tat for christmas.

The HoodJanuary 24th 2008.

A thousand curses, International Rescue...

HelpfulJanuary 24th 2008.

L1, L2, L3 are city centre. All the other restaurants also have postcodes at the end which are easily looked up.

BaffledJanuary 24th 2008.

can someone please explain to me what all this Las Vegas themed undercurrent and lightning is all about. You need a bloody degree in current affairs to keep up with stuff on here.

christmas maryJanuary 24th 2008.

get down to bold st and check put the lamby nativity in utility.its the best christmas window in town.

Frank DrakeJanuary 24th 2008.

Perhaps they think they will need a new office bike should they run out of orange secretaries....

Advice pleaseJanuary 24th 2008.

I bought a Saveaway ticket last Friday and, starting at Noon, had a pint of Carlsberg at the Hunts Cross Hotel. I caught a passing train and alighted at Cressington for a gin and tonic in the Kingsman. Got another train to St Michael's and had a bottle of rioja in Keith's before moving on to Liverpool Central for a few in the Post Office pub. I had a particularly fun filled session in here. And on it went, up the Northern Line and I alighted at Southport at 10.30 for a large rum and black in the Slug and Lettuce. Then I caught the last train back to Hunts Cross where I don't even live. I live in Seaforth. Do readers have any ideas where I might go over the forthcoming Easter break or do they think I should lay off the sauce for a while. I would appreciate some advice.

Digby DoodlesJanuary 24th 2008.

Velcro.... What a rip off.

Liverpool WagJanuary 24th 2008.

I said the kids, not the skids...

Professor ChucklebuttyJanuary 24th 2008.

That's the problem with this new fangled stuff. Fortunately, I recorded it on my Thomas Edison wax cylinder.At least you have my reliable and comsidered review of the review above. If you want pictures too they are on Capital of Custard. Knickers to Paxman if my theory is correct.

John StalkerJanuary 24th 2008.

Which Grapes, Pauline?

Rusty SpikeJanuary 24th 2008.

Just been listening to Bruce Springsteen's new album Magic. Strap me britches, I thought, this is Liverpool's very own hero Ian McNabb. Now I don't wish to appear partisan here but the so called - and presumably self styled - sound of The Boss is a blatant rip off from McNabb's wonderful style, surely. The cheeky git.

Fireman SamJanuary 24th 2008.

It's all going horribly wrong.

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Where's the Public Enemies review gone? I was going to complain about the lack of a mention of my old friend and Kirkby kidder Stephen 'Dutchie' Graham who portrays Baby Face Nelson in the film.

EbenezerJanuary 24th 2008.

I have done something to my jaw while eating a pannini from the Italian Club. Not balming them, but I may have busted it. Any ideas?

Stanley StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Gringo old chum, you ought to write to the The Times about that.

Saint RingoJanuary 24th 2008.

Funny though!

Moose by name...January 24th 2008.

It's the same at the Moose in Crosby, I'm afraid.

RocketJanuary 24th 2008.

How about bringing back steam trains as well. Bit of soot never harmed anybody.

Lttle Miss EchoJanuary 24th 2008.

How do you do hello, hello. Things to do before I move to Oldham5)Move the Liverbird logo to the right of the banner and claim it is a re-launch. New look same toss.

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

I, for one, am utterly appalled by today's news that Jason Harborow, a T shirt salesman from Chorley, has been paid £230,000 to "fcuk up and fcuk off" as the phrase goes, the day after Liverpool was on the front page of the Guardian newspaper as the council with the worst managed finances in the UK. Now they are paying yet another commercial PR agency in Liverpool an undisclosed sum of money to try to cover up their incompetence. This really is taking the canape, the foie gras and the fcuking biscuit.

Angry of AigburthJanuary 24th 2008.

Have you considered asking Felix from Viz Comic if you might borrow his 'Amazing Hondapants', Wag?

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

...what could be more romantic than treating your beloved to a burger or a burrito this Valentine's Day? If you mean at Barburrito I could think of any number of things1) Inserting red hot pins in their eye2) Dumping them for their best mate3) Supper with a senile elderly relative4) Serving up cold vomit soupneed I go on? Poor show confidential.

profJanuary 24th 2008.

but don't lose sight of anger towards the weasel Echo. let them know what you think!

EditorialJanuary 24th 2008.

Our tongue was firmly in our cheek about the romantic nature of this prize.

ShanksJanuary 24th 2008.

Please stop with the Cheshire Oaks brain washing, i give in, i believe!

DigJanuary 24th 2008.

Could somebody from the Liverpool Confidential team tell me when the car pages and Brendan Coogans blogs are kicking off? Been waiting for that for months. Must be almost a year since I was in your Manchester HQ speaking to your big cheese about it all.

PaulineJanuary 24th 2008.

I've only just seen Advice Please's plea(?) for advice (?) about where to go for an Easter Break. As an experienced imbiber, my advice would be to splash out and invest in a sat-nav, before you step outside the front door this Good Friday. Tuck it into your coat pocket and when you end up in Hunts Cross again in the wee small hours of Easter Sunday, instead of Seaforth, at least you will know in which direction to stagger back home. I wouldn't be without my sat nav nowadays - and I have also found the slight vibration next to my skin quite comforting after I've had a few Pinot Grigio's washed down with a chardonnay and ice. It always makes me fancy a stiff one, for some reason. Secondly, my advice would be to mark Good Friday with as much bad behaviour as you can possibly manage. After all, sitting at home weeping about what happened all those years ago, isn't what life is all about. Is it? I would be in the Grapes for about 12 noon - in fact i WILL be in the Grapes at about noon, then onto the Post Office and finally ending up in Rigby's at about 7. After that the sky really is the limit. As far as food is concerned - don't let it get in the way of having a good time. And anyway, there wll be loads of pissed-up people leaving Easter eggs under the tables in the saloon, so you can help yourself when they have stumbled off home empty-handed. Buy twenty Bensons in advance, because around about 9 you are sure to fancy sucking on something. Don't go anywhere near the Living Room of course, for all the obvious reasons. Later on, The Blue Angel will be worth a shuffty, if the council haven't closed it down, and it always warms up in their after midnight with energetic young lads who are up for anything. You will have to pay for the taxi, though. I shall have a think about Easter Saturday...but I am sure there's lots of exciting new possibilities in Europe's Capital of Culture.

London RoadJanuary 24th 2008.

Funny that, isn't it? At least Lee has emerged from all of this with a measure of dignity intact after refusing to play the game of Bradley and Storey to oust Harborow. You're better off out of that, Lee. You would think Storey et al would have all learned by now, wouldn't you?

Tommy MartinJanuary 24th 2008.

The anorexic Daily Post, now printed in faraway Oldham, has launched a campaign to save the Jaguar plant at Speke. In the spirit of goodwill, shouldn't Liverpool Confidential launch a campaign to save the Daily Post?

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2008.

Dig I wrote My artical when I was so upset over what I had witnessed.At the Big House (vines) but you my poor big man!!! No excuse for rudeness.And if I did have a problem!!! I would not now write on this page.

Joyce JonesJanuary 24th 2008.

Why are there no street signs to guide people to Ormskirk Market Hall in Ormskirk Town Centre? There are those for the Magistrate court, Police Station. As a historical "Market Town" myself as a Market Hall trader (The Bra Detective & Propriator of "Sweets 4 U") feel devalued as a trader of many in the Hall providing a valuable community service.

Lord StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

Hear hear, London Road! We are sleep-walking towards an elected Mayor. Of course 'Horror' Storey, his Lib-Dems and law-breaking street-trading pals are part of the conspiracy. Storey thinks he's popular enough to be elected! Fat Chance! We might end up with weirdo Redmond! Oh dear...

well and truly pissed offJanuary 24th 2008.

where the **** are all the office bike comments. i have spent hours on this ****ing site trying to find them. do they exist or is it all a product of someone's imagingation. why can't we judge the best entrys? (as it were)

Graham BandageJanuary 24th 2008.

Can I just add my agreement to the warm tribute paid to radio's Larry Neild by himself in this morning's Liverpool Daily Post? "The hallmarks of my career as a journalist have been trust, integrity and professionalism." And, may I add, self-effacement?

NadiaJanuary 24th 2008.

So you have problem with drinking too much, calling yourself Advice Please. Back in old country we drink vodka to stay warm all day. On train to Vladivostok,on bus and in bed with real Russian man. Not so here. I have many cigarettes and I sell you cheap and real vodka too this Easter weekend. I would like to meet man like you who can take his drink like man from home.

William Brown-StreetJanuary 24th 2008.

If Phil Redmond turns up at every opening, why doesn't he go to the opening of a barber's shop? He's in a responsible position of Culture Chief and is a representative of the proud, stylish, city of Liverpool. Would it hurt him to look like it?

Queen of DriveJanuary 24th 2008.

Ey up me lasses does anyone know wats goin' on with International Womens Day next week,bet they haven't got any 08 dosh but will put on a good show anyway

Steve LambertJanuary 24th 2008.

We're starting a Liverpool Wiki - a community created and edited guide to Liverpool - and we'd love to have your help. We just got started and we're working out of FACT for the next few days so come by or contribute online - http://liverpool.wikispot.org

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