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Rant of the Week - 10/11/05

Published on November 18th 2005.

Rant of the Week - 10/11/05

Traffic wardens, should they be shot? Have the council got themselves in a position where they are drunk on the money they take and couldn't give a toss that the policy is starving retailers of visitors who are now buggering off to the Trafford centre where there is free parking? Don't they give a damn about the businesses in the town centre?

Dave Smith

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Of course the council, along with their partners in crime, the wardens have got completely out of control with their discovery that parking equals an income stream to fund the wages of the idle toerags who pop into the Town Hall every now and then between 'sickies' to attend endless, time wasting "meetings" usually to decide how to further to screw up life in Manchester. The latest wheeze is to make all parking bays into disabled bays.

For instance outside Deansgate Locks, a great favourite of the morally disabled but somewhat less so of the wheelchair bound who actually get refused entry on the grounds of being a fire hazard anyway. Then, of course, there are 24 hour loading bays which we all know are just chock-a-block with vans unloading at 1 a.m. The very people charged with encouraging trade in Manchester are damaging both the day and night time economies of the City with their greedy short sighted policies.

John Nuttall

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Traffic wardens are not only starving retailers in the city centre. Beech Rd in sleepy, downtown, south Manchester is also suffering from this licenced robbery with menaces. Traffic warden man zooms around on his little scooter at all times of the day and night. They are positively orgasmic when a victim is spotted as they approach an unsuspecting car, dribbling, panting and making convulsive, spasmodic thrusting motions with their machines and notebooks. It's sickening!

Worst part is when they arrive early on a Saturday or Monday morning to book the vehicles left by law abiding drinkers who decided to get a taxi home and leave the car overnight. Shooting's too good for them. Boiling in oil uses too many precious resources so I suggest casting a spell to ensure they live forever. That way they'll really suffer! .

James Chapman-Kelly

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I dont go into Manchester town centre at all these days as it cost a fortune to park. that if you can get space I dont take lifts so any thing past the 3 level in the Arndale is not in my favour there are a lot of stairs and some where people have been sleeping and using them as a toilet. God knows what out side visitors think. The met is getting more expensive as well the prices have risen so that for me to come with my 2 children (teens)would cost more than the parking charge. The trafford centre has more space, no charge and plenty shops. I do go to the Market in December near the town hall that's when we see the lights,that's well worth the visit..

Jean Verity-Doyle

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About 2 months ago I recieved a parking ticket on a Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm the sign on the nearest lampost clearly stated restrictions only applied on Saturdays till 1.00pm .When I got home I phoned the number on the ticket explained what had happened and was told I was correctly parked and the warden who booked me was making his number of bookings up.I then wrote to the issuing office who wrote back telling me my case had been refused and would still have to pay the fine.I went back to where I had parked took photo,s and reapplied to have the ticket recinded,to which they agreed.A lot of effort on my behalf because of a greedy council and an incompetant warden.I have had the letter of apology framed as a reminder that they can be beaten.

Keith Akister

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Maybe people should just learn to park properly, then the traffic wardens wouldn't have a job to do. It's bad enough with all the "disabled" people parking their X5 just off St Ann's Square so they can dart into Gap, presumably to buy some new khakis for their... erm..... wheelchair?

Tom Parish

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