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Panacea Feedback

Published on August 24th 2005.

What a lot of bleating wimps u lot are! I think Panacea looks great, has the best cocktail staff in town, and Joe Akka( the owner) is always around in the evenings making sure things run smoothly. He has always been super polite when I have talked to him. Yes, I too have been knocked back at the weekend, the first week I think. So what? It was really busy, I turned up late. Big deal. Anyone remember what used to happen in this town, where you could get the crap beaten out of you by dodgy doormen for daring to question their authority. Believe me it's miles better now. The secret to these things is social skills. I have blagged it into countless places over the years by simply talking politely to door staff, they generally have "attitude" if you do. Drop the manc "front" bollocks and be polite, you will be amazed where it gets you. Dress codes are always going to be "flexible" according to how busy it is, if you turn up later make sure it ain't trainers and t shirt! Agree that a lot of the clientelle are saddos though! However, I find it amusing.

Stevie Murray

Had similar Panacea concerns on Saturday night. Outrageous door staff policies as a party had been arranged for 20 people.The Gent, whose birthday it was, is a dentist. The party had come down from The Restaurant Bar and Grill for the pre-arranged 'booths with champagne and 'hors d'ouevres''. The hairy door staff then had the cheek to refuse entry. while the smug little owner came to remedy the problem before slapping: yes, slapping, the gent who was out celebrating. Who slaps someone anyway? And what kind of behaviour is that from someone who has the audacity to refuse entry. Is it possible to highlight this type of behaviour and hopefully put that place out of business???

Kurt Abbott

It looks like the people at Panacea needs to make up their mind. I went there last week wearing jeans, trainers and clutching an Adidas tracky top. By my own admission I was having one of my more chavvier days but they let me in without so much as blink. After Manchester confidential brought to light a few weeks back they were being funny about the dress code, I rang ahead to see if I could get in wearing trainers. They said yes if I came before 6 and left the bar at 8. I turned up at 6:40 and left at 9pm – nobody challenged me about my dress or age (I’m 24) even though they were supposedly going to chuck me out at 8.

Do you think they would be willing to put their door policy in to writing so as the people of Manchester can gauge if we are worthy enough to go, as it seems they change it from day to day?

It’s a nice bar, but when some of the staff are full of facial piercings, its bit rich that they get cocky about how the cliental present themselves.

Jody Appleton

I have been to Panacea a few times since it opened in March and I don't think it's anything special to be honest (although they'd like to think it is). The girl at the door always asks if your on the ' guest list ' but after a bit of explaining and interregation from the bouncers, i've managed to get in (my boyfriend is a friend of the manager). I've seen the way they turn people away at the door and rude isn't the word!! It seems to be all about ' who you know '.

But is it really worth it? I've mainly been on Saturday nights and its been packed out and takes ages to get served. It's crammed full of wannabes who act like they think their famous and collagen enhanced women past their sell by date. At the moment this might be the place to be seen - but what about when the next new bar opens and is flavour of the month, which one of us lesser mortals is going to want to return here?! I give it till the end of the year.

Andrea Ewart

Panacea?! Why have they employed such obnoxious people on the door? Where on earth did they find such a particular subversive bunch? Maybe if they refused entry to prospective guests without the condescending smile and a non existent guestlist which is frankly insulting they wouldnt have attracted such public indignation. It sounds simple but good old fashioned manners; politeness and honesty really does go along way.

Dee Ballard

I went about a month ago for a night out with 2 other girlfriends to Panacea. I've got to say I thought the decor was appalling, and it was full of pretentius people, - w**kers who thought they were the coolest wealthiest people in the room, were intent on buying us drinks and showing off - shame the conversation was up to the 'standard' of their wallets. I love manchester as a city, I've been here 5 years now and the diversity and cool factor is fab but there is a difference between cool and pretentious. I'm not advocating letting all and sundry in off the street but how about a door policy that appreciates creative stylish appearence not the latest beckham hair cut and acres of female flesh. On the plus side it wasn't rammed full. Have to say though, I wouldn't pay to go again - that decor... Rebecca Oates
The management must think people in Manchester don't get out much (or leave Manchester often) Nice enough bar inside but not that special in comparison to what's on offer inside and outside Manchester Isn't the point of a bar to create a venue people want to go to - and return to?Don't the usual customer retention rules apply in bars as in retail?Lets hope it's still open in a year and has chilled out a bit. In the meantime - don't ever dress up or queue up just for a drink. There's plenty of competition and life's too short. Plus - you'll probably end up drinking alongside people you'd normally avoid. Andrew Davenport
Not being from the Manchester area myself, I do enjoy coming into town and experiencing the eclectic mix of bars and restaurants Manchester has to offer. I had a great experience in Panacea, although it was a bit pricey, nevertheless it was a sophisticated atmosphere, a quality that is lacking in so many other places, not to name any names, but you know who you are! It's also very clean and I found the staff to be very welcoming. So what if it has a strict dress code? Where would we be if bars and restaurants didn't stick to their door policies? Scallies and tramps would pour in off the streets, trust me I know, I live in Wigan of all places! So I for one find it quite refreshing and you cannot avoid the class system no matter what you do. These days, you cannot pull the old "do you know who I am" trick. It just does not work. It's simple, if you can't afford to drink there, then don't! If you can't be bothered to dress correctly or book in advance, then its your own fault. Please get over it. People these days spend too much time on petty issues. Life's too short! So go out and get one!Rachel Kenyon
Ate there over the last bank holiday weekend, we had our meal on the lowest, smallest, coffee table you could imagine which barely accommodated drinks and meals at the same time, something of a balancing act, it reminded me of eating on a tray at home in front of the telly, pre plasma of course, the speakers were throughout the whole of the building inclusive of the eating area, and made for the noisiest meal I have ever had, communication with girlie friend required megaphones, the final nail in the coffin was being charged twice for the vino tinto. That was enough for me, at approx. 11.30 we made our excuses and f***ed off! Not too subtle I trust.John Lewis
I’ve been getting refused entry from pretentious Manchester bars and clubs for the last 22 yrs. Guess what ? I’m still here and they have all gone bust ! I actually got welcomed into Panacea not long back. I thought it was rubbish, full of total tossers with bad Kajagoogoo haircuts. It was like an upmarket Branigans “Drinking, Dancing and Cavorting”. Total crap. General rule of thumb, a bar with more than one doorman is usually naff. You either get filled in like some place on Peter St, or its full of bubble headed, 10 Bob millionaires.Simon Crowther
Panacea- I only went once, in the afternoon, as some mates were going there in between Emma james' wedding & reception. There were about 8 of us- all dressed VERY nicely, so no problem getting in- but Christ, how I wish we'd gone to the nag's head. The service was absobloodylutely appalling. Poor oriental girl who couldn't speak English, had no idea what drinks they served, no idea what a virgin Mary was, no idea what anyone had ordered 5 minutes after we'd asked for it. I waited Half An Hour for a simple bellini that was listed on the menu, so it's not like I was being difficult. Then when they finally brought it, they screwed up the bill, and made us late because it took so long to untangle..AND, there's no point having nice toilets if everytime you need a wee you have to run a gauntlet of horrific, Gareth-Cheeseman style dicks in suits, wanking on about their bonuses and guffawing at their hilarious selves. Loathsome, vile, overblown, gangster-loving, footballers-wife-seducing crap. Never again. And while it clearly wasn't the staff's fault that she was catapulted into a situation that made no sense whatsoever to her, because she didn't speak English, maybe the hirers should bear in mind that it's a useful skill to look for on future employee's cvs.Apart from that, it was a great experience..Flic Everitt

At last someone tells the truth!! For a couple of years now, manchester has been labouring under the delusion that because it has a Selfridges and Harvey Nichs that somehow means we are now living in Monte Carlo! You can see it in the idiotic Gucci glass wearing (when it's dull), conti - c*nti - nentals who sit outside cafes whenever the drizzle lets up for 10 minutes and, funniest of all, dress up to go shopping! Panacea is not the first (nor sadly will it be the last) place to operate such snobby door policies. London has its bars like this but to be honest it's earned the right to have them plus there are a multitude of more stylish bars than Panacea lacking any of this sort of delusional attitude. Manchester - we try so hard to be sophisticated, we really do but all we get is ten bob millionaires. Be yourselves, that's what's made this city great!!

Stevo Slurp
Fantastic place , a refreshing change and a joy to go to if you're 30 something and want to chill out somewhere.

Door policy is not what is says it is though - and even more frustrating is that they tell you it's 'guest list only tonight ladies ' and when you call to be put on the guest list - guess what ??!!! They don't have one ! I'd rather they had said ' No , love , you're not beautiful enough or baring enough flesh tonight , and your skirt is not quite short enough ..... ' . I'd prefer honesty than some phoney 'guestlist' excuse......

I tried to get in one night, what ws I told? No No NO, because I was not dressed correctly. I was dressed the same as anyone in a relaxed fashion, casual, nice asics brand new trainers, flaired ripped jeans, smart t shirt, NO NO NO, an utter discrace in todats time!......Riagan Allen
I spent a couple of hundred on a great night in there food/champers a couple of weeks ago and yes it had a great atmosphere (remember mash&air of old). Unfortunately most clubs/bars in Manchester have a couple of monkeys on the door that make judgements based on a couple of brain cells that they may have left. I sympathise with you on this subject but what can you do. Open up some competition to these pompous w**kers......David Pundrick
Don't see the issue: I have been going in on a regular basis both for food and just drinks, normally I wear jeans and trainers, particularly in the evening and have not had problem yet. I quite like it precisely because it doesn't get too full and you can get served without practicing one's scrummaging technique. I haven't been to Sugar Lounge for at least two years and don't like it much precisely because it did get too full; it was like trying to have a drink and chat in the middle of a scrumStephen Lundy
I think that Panacea has really upped the stakes for bars in town. It is about time that someone decided to spend some real money on a venue instead of more make-shift dives getting licenses to sell drinks and calling themselves bars. The atmosphere is nice, the toilets are lovely, the bar staff are amazing and I would even go so far as to say that I am happy to buy myself a drink there!Rebecca Kane

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