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A Lifeline for Canal Street

Gaydo visits from <a href = /go/?go=story-20070803st><b>www.canal-st.co.uk</b></a> with the funniest insight into Village life on the planet

Published on August 3rd 2007.

A Lifeline for Canal Street

Finally, it’s FAB to see some sunshine on the Canal Street Strip. Gaydo had almost given up on seeing all the beautiful boys in their skimpy, sexy, seductive, summer outfits. Let’s hope Lady Sunshine continues ‘til Manchester Pride 2007 and beyond!

Firstly Dears, I must tell you about the amazing new pill that’s out. It’s called ‘Lifeline’ and is available in loads of bars around the Gay Village. It’s claimed that if you pop one before you go out on the lash, you will sing ‘It’s Raining Men’ ‘til the early hours, without feeling like death warmed up the next morning. So, Gaydo thought she would try it out (and we all know how Gaydo likes a sherry or four). Slingbacks at the ready, I minced down Canal Street going from bar to bar and had a swift schooner in each. Gaydo can’t recall what time she laid her weary head on the pillow but Lifeline lived up to it’s claims and “does what it says on the tin” and it’s legal.

Slingbacks at the ready, I minced down Canal Street going from bar to bar and had a swift schooner in each.

The first date in Gaydo’s diary during July was the outdoor garden party at AXM. She was a classy old do with the dreary cobbles having been covered with luscious green grass. Gaydo had a sneaking suspicion that it was actually astro-turf but she kept that to herself. Stilt walkers and fire-eaters entertained everyone and cute waiters served champagne to the tables. I know that Haydon has pulling power but didn’t know that he could arrange for it not to rain. It was nice to see a bit of class on Canal Street.

Thursday 12 July found me in Coyotes for one of the Manchester heats of Miss Gay UK 2007. It was a FAB turnout with an array of girls and boys who had come along to support friends who were in the competition. The judges really had their work cut out as the stage was full of beauties from start to finish. Let’s hope that whoever wins the Manchester final, will go on to win the Grand Final in Nottingham, this November.

Have you clicked on to www.canal-st.co.uk lately? It’s full of community news, great competitions, various offers, a gallery section (have you been snapped out and about?) and much more. Check it out for What’s Hot and What’s Not in Manchester’s infamous Gay Village.

Cruz 101 held the launch party for Schultz Jeans and Underwear. Let me tell you, it was no good for Gaydo’s ticker. All the Schultz models paraded down Canal Street in sexy underwear and these, ever so clever, new style of Jeans that allow you to leave your top button and fly undone without them ending up around your ankles. After the parade, all of the models could be seen strutting their stuff in Cruz. As you can imagine, your hostess for the evening, Miss Cara, knew how to take care of those boys – with a little help from Moi, Gaydo! Check out their website to see the full range available www.schultzjeans.com

I’d love to stay and gossip but with Manchester Pride just around the corner, I’ve got sequins to sew and feathers to attach to my parade outfit. I will be in touch in two weeks with further info on Pride. In the meantime, get out the factor 30 and keep your bits protected my dears.

But in the meantime, here are some things to do in August.

Sun 12 to Sun 19
Pride Games 2007
The largest LGBT sports event in the UK. It is open to all abilities and vital cash will be raised for charity. (Various locations www.pridegames.org)

Sat 18
Munch, Wet and WildA refreshing alternative for women as part of Pride Games. Cruz 101 (101 Princess Street, City. www.clubmunch.co.uk admission price varies).

Throughout AugustCalorific Exhibition
Nick Franklin displays his eighth exhibition exploring the themes of relationships, coming out and food. Taurus (1 Canal Street, City 0161 236 4593 www.taurus-bar.co.uk)

Tues 21Village Barman Rear of the Year Competion
Your chance to see the best bottoms of those who serve you drinks. A live p.a. from the Cheeky Girls. The Ritz (Nightclub, Whitworth Street, City www.poptastic.co.uk )

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AnonymousAugust 3rd 2007.

insider mancon office info... "gaydo is actually gay"

epsAugust 3rd 2007.

Has anyone noticed that with the exception of 'rear of the year', all the recommendations are for Sport,Art and a new club night for women???Some of you are way too serious..The gay village needs a balance between issues relating to 'hearts and minds' aswell as silly camp fun. Content might be controversial, but at least there are no prepositions at the end of sentences.Good to see there is still some passion out there!!

EPSAugust 3rd 2007.

@Paul, everyone knows where you are coming from...You (and your PR company) would love to be Gaydo. But you were NOT asked. Funny that???Where is your sense of fun???

GregAugust 3rd 2007.

You can still be gay and pander to pointless homophobic stereotypes like a Queer Uncle Tom. Nice to see we're still being roundly ignored. Gay Pride eh?

Jonathan Schofield - editorAugust 3rd 2007.

Greg, I'm the editor of Manchester Confidential and decide which articles are posted. Sorry it's taken so long to reply but I've been on holiday. I don't want these articles to offend: they are supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. The writer is merely one voice of the Village and is a lively member of the Canal Street community. Lots of people read these pieces and are not offended by the tone. Please remember that Gaydo is a persona, like Gordo in the food part of the site - both are not to be taken too seriously. Still I appreciate these comments and will talk to people and gauge their opinions. It's always been my intention to vary this part of the site and we will in due course have balancing articles.

Not so limp wristed..August 3rd 2007.

Such a shame - a great idea of ManCon to include a Gay and Lesbian section but c'mon... Surely your Gay and Lesbian audience are the same as the rest of the descriminating, upwardly mobile audience that ManCon appeals to? I would hazard a guess that not many of us wear slingbacks or call each other dear, either! This strikes me as appealing to the a very low denominator. Gaydo could do with looking at who he's writing to - and cutting down on the cliches, and really unnecessary brand name- dropping.

GregAugust 3rd 2007.

Why is nobody at ManCon responding to these perfectly legitimate criticisms? Jonathan Schofield gets to write about 'straight' issues, i.e. the rest of Manchester, and we get this ****? If you're sick of this sort of crap www.get-bent-manchester.com/…/discooppositetescoDon't… let the bastards grind you down.

Paul PattonAugust 3rd 2007.

This is just a pile of tosh! Its packed full of cliched nonsense playing to the lowest common denominator. Its not funny and really poorly written. Who the heck is this aimed at? I can only imagine that for most people its a complete and utter turn off. Come on Mark, get some decent to write this column pleassssssssssssssse.

CSAugust 3rd 2007.

I'm sorry to be unpleasant but what on earth is this? Whichever PR guy you've picked up to be 'Gaydo' should be thrown into the canal immediately. Come on, ManCon, you are smarter than this. A badly written series of plugs for PR events, narrated by a character that is so badly stereotyped that he comes across as a homophobic straight man's perception of a gay guy, is not going to make you any friends. I'm disappointed that, given your track history of being intelligent, sharp and independent, you don't have the courage to publish a gay column which might, you know, have something to say. It also makes me cross that you have so little respect for your gay audience that you would create a section of your site designed specifically for them, only to use it as a platform from which to perpetrate stereotypes that much of the gay community has been fighting against for years.

AnonymousAugust 3rd 2007.

C'mon dears, lets go have one of our gay protests. Oooh she's off!

AnonymousAugust 3rd 2007.

Its affront to anyone Gay and very obviously written by someone straight who very obviously has his eye on the wallets of advertisers

AnonymousAugust 3rd 2007.

insider mancon office info... "gaydo is actually gay"

AnonymousAugust 3rd 2007.

Could this article comment on stereotypes any more? Believe it or not, some of us dont mince down Canal Street in our "Slingbacks," don't say "dear" and absolutely hate It's Raining Men.

oh jesusAugust 3rd 2007.

Christ, thats an awful peice of writing.How much did life line pay you?!It reads like a pastiche of the men diary - your better than that!

pgAugust 3rd 2007.

It's incredible that anyone would want to write, or even publish, what amounts to the rants of an effeminate embarassment who thinks it's clever to ape a very old stereotype. It may well be funny for the writer's friends, but nowhere near the standard of professional writing expected, and seen, on Manchester Confidential. Yes, let's have a Gay, Les, Bi section here by all means - but PLEASE, let's get it right!

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