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24 Hour Drinking - Pre-law

Published on December 6th 2005.

We've had a great response to the big 24 hour drinking debate. See below for some of the feedback so far.

We still need more of your comments though, so click here to enter your comments.

Yes we should have 24 hour licensing, and yes there is a problem with people not knowing the difference between social drinkng and getting twatted. I very rarely get twatted, why should I be penalised for the sake of idiots? Making things 'illegal' has no bearing on their prevelance in society, ie drugs. Untill anti-social behaviour becomes completely unnacceptable, with real consequences, then the idiots will continue to rule the roost.Bars should be taking more responsibilty for the behaviour, they make the money, take the responsibility on board.


To be honest I think YES and NO. I think Yes becuase of all the people who will be sensible and won't drink themselves to oblivion and know when to stop. However there will be those who get so drunk they dont know to stop and carry on till the morning and pass out. If people working within the bars and pubs are responsible enough to ensure that they are not giving people who have had too much any more booze, there may be less issues.

Carina Betterwidge Swain

I'm very firmly in the no camp. I'm not trying to spoil anybodys fun but... Even the superpubs that have more staff have not applied to open 24 hours. Smaller pubs don't stand a chance single licencees do need to sleep sometimes. Most pubs have only applied for an extra hour midweek and a couple of extra hours at the weekend. People only have so much money to spend yet the pubs overheads will have greatly increased (staffing, heating, lighting etc.) I fear that the extra costs will have to be clawed back somewhere and expect that the price of a pint will have to rise!!! not altogether a good move for the well behaved drinkers among us. You will however be able to buy alcohol 24/7 in the supermarket SO WHAT... I won't be going there at 3 in the morning for a drink and a dance round the aisles to supermarket music!!

Lorraine Watson

British culture is very different to that on the continent. We don't encourage family friendly venues and given the chance we Brits tend to go in for getting slaughtered - don't stop till the beer runs out! You only need to have experienced a holiday in one of the 24 hour drinking hot spots abroad to see what the locals have to put up with.

Linda Yates

This is something I'm tired of hearing about. 24 hour drinking isn't going to increase anyones capacity to drink. Whilst there might initially be an increase in drink related incidents due to certain individuals trying to prove that they can drink more, in the long term it will most certainly encourage people to drink more sensibly. The biggest problem at the moment, especially in smaller towns with less liberal licensing laws, is that people get tanked up as much as possible and as quickly as possible because they know that after 11pm there's nothing more to be drunk. Take the Mardi Gras - bars were open that weekend until the crack of dawn and was there any trouble? No! It may also discourage the very British habit of cracking on with the booze at four in the afternoon, and bring us more in line with our Mediterranean cousins who don't necessarily go out until after 10pm, because they know they've still plenty of time to drink. Bring it on, I say. It'll be great for the country and it's even better to see the chattering classes getting their knickers in a twist over something they know nothing about!

Paul Hatton

So long as this country is prepeared to put up council tax rates and inflation on everything we own , Why on earth shouldn't we be able to enjoy ourselves when and if we want to. It may even lead to our country becoming more chilled out about work and play and become more like the other parts of europe. In conclusion this 24 party can not do us any harm as we all need to chill out and this is a gret step forward!!

Jamie Dance

I think there will be an initial upsurge in drink-related troubles, but once people get used to the new situation I think drinking will become far less pressurised and more chilled out. I think it will take some time for people to adjust their drinking habits though.

Alistair Cotton

I think 24h drinking is just part of the 24/7 culture we're heading towards globally [shops, jobs, all other means of entertainment, etc..], there will be, however, a greater need to 'educate' british people into this new way of doing things... so that lads and lassies won't go out at 18.00 drinking the bar dry like they do nowadays, wanting to make the most of the 18.00-23.00-02.00 period... otherwise it'll be like holidays in Spain, brits passing out in bars, completely wasted, not knowing how to drink unless rules refrain them from kidney suicide... sad... but true?

Jimi Estevez

Joining in the navy at 16 and being exposed to 24hr drinking from an early age. I soon learnt that the lads who had the best time were the ones who constrained their intake. Give it a try!

Dave Clarke

I firmly believe that 24hr drinking is a positive thing. People enjoy getting drunk; so let them do it without the added pressure of closing time! Just think, you could sit in the pub till 5am and on the way home, get the taxi man to stop at Tesco and get yourself a microwave pizza!!

Joe Marsh

Hurrah! it's about time us brits joined our eastern european cousins in being able to buy a pint of lager to help wash our breakfasts down. ps. if i win, can i have a crate of budvar or becks instead of 'wife-beater'...please?

Jo Richards

If it's good enough for America, it's good enough for us. Since bars started getting 2am licenses, the streets have become safer at 11pm.

Ned Netherwood

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