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Win Afternoon Tea For Two, £49.90 - With Best Caption

Leckenby's, mad woman, great cakes, seabirds and all for nowt

Published on December 12th 2011.

Win Afternoon Tea For Two, £49.90 - With Best Caption

The winner is: 'She was only the baker's daughter, but her mouth could take two cream horns at once'. So could the Anonymous who posted this please get in touch with me: jonathans@theconfidentials.co.uk so we can arrange their 'teas'. 

SO Sleuth went to the Leckenby's launch.

Leckenby's does cakes, sandwiches, tarts, teas, wines, lunches, meals....it's a Patisserie Valerie for the North but less every-bloody-where.

Apparently at the launch there was a young lady who fell in love with the cakes and fancies on offer. 

This is her here. And above.

Caption Competition

Sleuth has no idea who she is apart from the fact her middle name is 'Gannet'.

Anyway Sleuth has an idea for you.

Give him a caption to the picture of the woman with the love eyes for the cakes and fancies and Confidential and Leckenby's will give you, any time, any occasion, the Luxury Champagne Afternoon Tea For Two for £24.95 per person (total £49.90). 

This includes sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, tea or coffee served with half a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne.

Or even give him a caption to the picture of the Gannet below. That would work for Sleuth as well. 

Gannet Wears Same Look As Woman After Spotting FishGannet Wears Same Hungry Look As The Cake Woman Above

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63 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Glynn OliveDecember 12th 2011.

Decisions? No need for a decision, I'll take the lot!

Eileen HaveronDecember 12th 2011.

"Just give me a mo whilst I unhinge my jaw........."

Denise MullenDecember 12th 2011.

"Aschew! O bless me. Sorry, I've just spat on these....best I pop them out of the way then eh?"

Kelly OrrellDecember 12th 2011.

Ah how i love thee, I'll take them all.....

AnonymousDecember 12th 2011.

Thank goodness my gastric band surgery isn't until next week!

sc00terDecember 12th 2011.

mmhmm you go girl!!!

LooDecember 12th 2011.

Before and After!

Jane WrightDecember 12th 2011.

Is this where you have hidden the £5 grand then Sleuth? Nice one - and I have to eat them all to find it!

Jane WrightDecember 12th 2011.

Oh Strawberries - that'll be one of me five-a-day then!

Leesa SikvelandDecember 12th 2011.

Are they as pleased to see me, as I am them?

Jane WrightDecember 12th 2011.

Janet (Gannet) Planet says "Yeah!"

Jane WrightDecember 12th 2011.

Gannet says - wtf! I thought you sucked the lemon after the bloomin' tequila!

Jane WrightDecember 12th 2011.

Gannet says "Piles - who needs them when you got cake!"

Janet O'BrienDecember 12th 2011.

Ok Blue Eyes hand over the cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tazmin SquarepantzDecember 12th 2011.

Woman: "Sod the diet, gimme caaaaaake"

Gannet: "Touch any of those, lady, and I'll peck your eyes out!"

AnonymousDecember 12th 2011.

I'm just a feuille for your love

AnonymousDecember 12th 2011.

Totes amazeballs!!

AnonymousDecember 12th 2011.

(Woman) Back away from the cakes Gannet! Or I'll roast you up for my Christmas dinner!

John JonesDecember 13th 2011.

When I said, 'I want men to be sweeter,' I didn't want creamy puffs!

AnonymousDecember 13th 2011.

Suzie was frustrated. She'd had a bad day at work and hadn't had any luck in love since splitting from Jeremy six months ago. She decided to cheer herself up by going to the new LECKENBY's cafe. Her face lit up as she saw the handsome waiter approach with a tray filled with delicious creamy fairy cakes and chocolate fingers. As she ogled, lustily, the feast before her, she instantly knew what would make herself feel better...

Jane Dale-beaumontDecember 13th 2011.


AnonymousDecember 13th 2011.

Suzie was not best prepared for the first day of her new course, 'Middle Class Clowning: Basic Skills'

CharlotteDecember 13th 2011.

..so many cakes..such little time!

Amy DowzellDecember 13th 2011.

Cake or death???...............I'll take the cake!

Mark InmanDecember 13th 2011.

Gan n et the lot!

hulmemanDecember 13th 2011.

Chuck 'em in before @simonbinns and @GordoManchester arrive!

AnonymousDecember 13th 2011.

She was only the baker's daughter, but her mouth could take two cream horns at once

ADecember 13th 2011.

Ha! Ok just shove them in then!! Mmmmm!

HeadjackDecember 13th 2011.

Gannet laughed manically as the devilish chocolate slices marched the angel cakes to the front of the queue...

1 Response: Reply To This...
HeadjackDecember 13th 2011.

This was meant to have 'The' in front of 'Gannet', I was going for Batman/Penguin-esque bad guy...

Patricia DolanDecember 13th 2011.

ooh ehr missus I like your Fancies!

Cinnamon MorganDecember 13th 2011.

What do you mean, they're to share??

RandomDecember 13th 2011.

"these look 'pretty phwoar' and will be scone in no time. Definitely beats whole sardines!"

Anne BeswickDecember 13th 2011.

"What those lips were made for". Female stereotypes from Manchester Confidential number.....

mrsplimDecember 13th 2011.

" I vont to eat your cake....mwahh ha ha ha"(evil laugh!)

Gail McNallyDecember 13th 2011.

At least give me a chance to be the gannet I am!

LiamDecember 13th 2011.

"Remarkably each one has fruit in it - so that'll be my five a day"

blokeDecember 13th 2011.

yawn - where's mee double whopper cheese?

AVODecember 13th 2011.

As a result of Gordo's diet, the cake market became saturated.

sarahforanDecember 13th 2011.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!

ThiruDecember 13th 2011.

Fabulous darling, truly fabulous! You have exceeded my expectation dear.......now be a good boy and get me a fork.

andyDecember 14th 2011.

awww whose a pretty bird.... I dont belive that -he just stole a cake did you just see that.

SHKDecember 14th 2011.

you're mine, all mine.... ha ha ha ha ha ha (cackling laughter)

hoopieDecember 14th 2011.

mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...what are you looking at, you can't have one...mine, mine, mine, mine...

Vikki FranksDecember 14th 2011.

Jane was eager to start the new tradition of cake 'bobbing'

Simon BinnsDecember 14th 2011.

"I'm just doing a poo to make room."

1 Response: Reply To This...
RamboDecember 14th 2011.

Straight to the toilet as usual I see.

jacDecember 14th 2011.

Kill them all and save yourself..........you must eat all cakes first

jacDecember 14th 2011.

save me save me said the little butterfly bun to the nice lady .......that Gordo will be back and the nasty fatman has already eaten all my family...........

RandomDecember 14th 2011.

Rickrolled @ Leckenby's; Never Gannet give you up, never gannet put you down, never gonna run around and dessert you...

AnonymousDecember 14th 2011.

Lady Gannet cackled as she spent more of her hubbies wages on .....erm.........food shopping!!!!!!!!!!

the Whalley RangerDecember 14th 2011.

Mens sana in corpore fatto!

HeadjackDecember 15th 2011.

A passing Gannet takes a fancy...

GadgeDecember 15th 2011.

Let's see if these cakes will wear my top teeth down to stumps like my bottom ones.

Denise MallinsonDecember 15th 2011.

Mmmmmm Fancy!

Shireen AshtonDecember 16th 2011.

In the words of Fat Bastard (Austin Powers) 'GET IN MA BELLY!'

littleeveDecember 20th 2011.

As she took in this glorious sight before her. Ganet knew this was love at first sight and this was one affair she would never forget!

AnonymousDecember 22nd 2011.

Are we going to have a winner or is this going to be another one of those which runs and runs indefinitely?

Jonathan Schofield - editorDecember 22nd 2011.

I've asked the woman in the picture to give me a description before tomorrow. The gannet doesn't get a say.

AnonymousDecember 26th 2011.

Hello Man Con, any news on the winning caption?

Jonathan Schofield - editorDecember 27th 2011.

The winner is: 'She was only the baker's daughter, but her mouth could take two cream horns at once
by Anonymous'. So could the anonymous who posted this please get in touch with me: jonathans@cpub.co.uk so we can arrange their 'teas'.

janwanJanuary 19th 2012.

Place all the cakes in the bag provided, when I click my fingers, you'll awake and forget all this!

janwanJanuary 19th 2012.

Place all the cakes in the bag provided, when I flap my wings, you'll awake and forget all this!

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