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A new women's magazine claims modern women don't want celebrities, diets and fashion. They want intelligence, sex and men

Published on June 26th 2009.

The Vote
Yes: - 34%
No: - 66%

A new magazine called Filament has launched this month claiming to cater to the female gaze. Attempting to break the women's magazine mould which sees fashion, beauty and celebrity at the forefront of adult female aspirations, Filament is reportedly 'the thinking woman's crumpet'.

Editor Suraya Singh writes: 'If I look for us in magazines, films and on television, I won't find us . . . there is only so much to be said about the state of women's media before you have to sort the problem out yourself.'

The magazine is made up of '72 quarterly pages of intelligent thought and beautiful men'.

The first copy features an article entitled 'Hard Core v Soft Core,' an article about pubic hair promising to get to 'the (front) bottom of what women are doing to their pubes these days'. There's also an article on 'Singleness and Coupleness' and 'Does being single always mean sh****ng around' with imagery of 'beautiful men' throughout. You won't find a Brad and Angelina update. Nor will it tell you what's new for Autumn-Winter 09 because according to Filament, women prefer to be left to their own devices when it comes to their looks.

But if the sales figures of the highest selling women's magazines are to be believed, women do want the female fluff stuff. On Body Confidential, the most popular articles our female readers rant on are those about topics such as Brazilian waxing and make-up recommendations. That alone speaks volumes about what women are interested in.

On the other hand, Filament could be on to something more positive for the female population. Whilst it may not appeal to every woman, there must be a lot of women out there who couldn't care less about what Kerry Katona did next and are looking for something to fill that intelligent gap in the market.

If you scan any newsagent shelf you'll find the vast majority of women's magazine covers feature a pretty female model or female celebrity. Filament on the other hand says they 'let you be the sort of person you want to be.' No amount of make-up or fashion is going to improve women's lives, but with magazines such as Filament women can at least be entertained in the same way men are. This is why sex features highly on the editorial and pictures list for Filament.

But is voyeurism really what women want on their tea break? PlayGirl magazine folded at the beginning of this year and oddly only 23 per cent of its subscribers were female anyway. The so-called crumpet imagery in Filament, which claims to be the result of research about what women find erotic, is in fact of peculiar-looking, androgynous males wearing eyeliner. It could seem as though Filament are trying to define modern day femininity by making men look weak. But nevertheless the Filament team are ready to dive head-first into the highly competitive female magazine market anyway. The question is, are women ready to take the plunge with them?

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

emma graceJune 26th 2009.

I personally think the majority of the womens magazines available at the moment are a complete insult to our intelligence. I never buy them because they are just so full of drivel. It really makes no difference to my life knowing that Jordan is single again, or how many pounds Nicole Richie has (supposedly) put on and I will never waste my money finding out. The only ones I will read, and even that's a rarity, are Elle etc, as they normally have pretty well researched, factual, well written articles in them, but like I said, even that's a one off when I've forgotten my book.

scoteeeJune 26th 2009.

I agree Ms G,women's magazines are awful,who wants to see Jordan half naked and read about peoples personal sex lives?I never glance at them in when the Mrs is out either...And why arne't you recycling plastic?you could make a whole new jacko out of that lot you carry in your wheeled shopping cart!

emma graceJune 26th 2009.

I am in talks with Madame Tussauds Scoteee.........I've been scavaging old nearly finished candles for weeks

botty_riderJune 26th 2009.

Does anyone remember the magazine launched about 15 years ago called 'For Women'? A similar USP (albeit with more male genitalia)Anyway, I actually think its patronising to think that intelligent women need a contrived magazine like this to fill their cerebral boots. You see, Im dead clevaar and if fancy something sensible to read I simply buy a sunday newspaper. If its porn Im after there's an entire world wide web to go at. Why do we have to make things so complicated for ourselves?

leighJune 26th 2009.

I'll tell you why botty, because most of the people that buy them are dumb assed women with the intellectual depth of your average toilet.And given the amount of magazines that clearly earn these companies millions,It doesnt take much to acknowlege that most british women in their 18-30's are nothing but tits and arse or tits and arse wannabe's... so for those specific women, don't complain when all men seem to want to do is knock one up you on friday night after 14 pints of wife beater!

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

Intelligent people get their magazine fix via the internet, cheaper, easier to choose what you want and well, I just don't know why people buy magazine's these days. Particularly drivel like Heat, I swear that magazine must have some sort of chemical in the paper that transfers by osmosis to the reader and makes anyone that touches it braindead.

lucky-chrisJune 26th 2009.

Glamour Magazine.... now that thing has a lot to answer for!.......I'm still waiting to be contacted about being on the cover for next month's Filament.... yep, still waiting.......

DidsburyGirlJune 26th 2009.

Just because someone likes to read about celebrity gossip now and again, doesn't mean they are braindead. I myself read online celebrity magazine Digital Spy, but I also enjoy reading other publications, especially Bizarre and - shock horror - Books! Gasp! Why does it have to be so clear cut that you only read one or the other? Personally I would like to read this mag, if just once, to see what its about.

ktfairyJune 26th 2009.

Well said Didsbury.. I buy Heat Magazine every week and enjoy it. I just don't take it too seriously. Am I a brain dead WAG wannabe - no, I'm a member of Mensa and also buy the FT weekend at the same time for my well paid finance job (no sponging off footballers here).

big bad bob...June 26th 2009.

ktfairy, fancy a drink sometime you sound like my sort of girl???

lucky-chrisJune 26th 2009.

......still waiting......

BellaJune 26th 2009.

Years ago there was a magazine called J17 which, despite the name, was aimed at the age group 13 - 16 year olds. Heat Magazine is also aimed at the young woman, if any of you have ever read this you will see what I mean, barring the 'position of the fortnight' the main bulk of it is for a young teen wishing to feel grown up. There are plenty of women's magazines out there which are not all full of benign celeb gossip and pointless personality quizzes. I agree there is nothing wrong with a bit of 'thicko reading' as I often enjoy picking up a copy of Take a break when I am in a reception, it is like watching footballer's wives, you almost feel a bit sickly after like you have eaten a huge cream cake of nonsense.

JackieJune 26th 2009.

I used to love reading Jackie when I was a child. I think they should it bring it back. Without 'Jackie' the kids of today have gone to pot!!!!

BellaJune 26th 2009.

I agree Jackie, I used to buy Smash Hits, this was good clean fun, not like the drivel that is churned out nowadays.

DidsburyGirlJune 26th 2009.

Lucky Chris - What did glamour do to you? I take it you didn't make their front cover as you weren't willing to dress like a woman ;)

ktfairyJune 26th 2009.

big bad bob - sorry love - already got myself a man who apreciates my bountiful assets (and doesn't sponge off me either). Tee hee

leighJune 26th 2009.

Jackie and Bella,so what we are now suggesting is a magazine with horsey stories and a Dear Deirdre section discussing periods and the love of Kadjagoogoo? This week is just 59pence and you get a free Justin Timberlake sticker?! Do me a favour,that wont sell if its not about how to give your man the best blow job and a free sachet of sex gel, These little slappers don't wanna know!... Pft!

DescartesJune 26th 2009.

Aw DidsburyGirl, say it isn't so? Whoever said braindead probably went a bit far, but mag's like heat should be banned, our whole celeb obsessed culture is ridiculous.

JinkiesJune 26th 2009.

It's like Harry Potter books. Did you know if you took all the printed copies of Harry Potter and stacked them side by side they'd cover around half the area of the Amazon rainforest! Which they used to do - as tress!

8 Out of 10 CatsJune 26th 2009.

Jinkies, you joke stealer!!

lucky-chrisJune 26th 2009.

DidsburyGirl - I take it you didn't read the March 07 issue ;) There's a girl I used to know who tried to win arguments with "....because Glamour Magazine said so....". Ughhh! Come on Filament - I even got a new tattoo yesterday! Sign me up!!

Guilty PleasuresJune 26th 2009.

I am happy to admit, I love reading rubbish celebrity magazines! Nothing better than Closer, a cup of tea and a hobnob on a tuesday afternoon. However, I do read other things... and readily admit that most celberity magazines are entirely vacuous but if you read them in tandem with 'proper' newspapers, books and the news - what's the harm?

Innocent FunJune 26th 2009.

The harm is that they dull the mind and make you stupid, slowly liquefying your brain so you end up a hapless fool.

DidsburyGirlJune 26th 2009.

hapless fool? That seems a bit harsh. I dont think they should be banned, there is a place in the market for them, and yes, some people, not using any stereotypes here, do use the as their "bible", but for the others who enjoy reading it for a giggle (and if you have picked one up, you will laugh as some of the things they write about are either tongue-in-cheek or completely ridiculous) It would be unfair. If you want to ban these magazines, shall we ban all newspapers as well? When the Katie Price/Peter Andre saga was being written about I even saw an article about it in the Financial Times for gods sake!

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

I haven't bought a 'womans' mag in the format you mean in years....... the one I do read though is SCARLET...... a good read for anyone (inc men) who don't want everypage filled with tv/celebs

Innocent FunJune 26th 2009.

I don't think they should be banned (not sure if I suggested that?), I just don't like them and won't ever appreciate why people bother with them. I do stand by the hapless fool remark mind, but... each to their own. There's probably plenty that I read which people would have an equally negative reaction to. I just think there are more important things to find out about than Peter Andre, imagine if we were as interested in politics as we are with celebrity, image the way the country would change.

Gordon BrownJune 26th 2009.

I love Heat magazine......I am currently in talks with Peter Andre regarding his views on the current economy.

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

Haven't bought a womens mag in years. They are so expensive and generally a total insult to our intelligence. However got a random email to join Companys reader panel and I have been pleasantly surprised with the content-and it's only £2 :) I don't want to see naked men, thanks, but male beauty can always be appreciated ;)

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