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The Vote

Is the return of Jonathan Ross, a welcome January boost?

Published on January 22nd 2009.

The Vote
Yes: - 49%
No: - 51%

Jonathan Woss is set to return on Friday from the wilderness of immense wealth after his suspension over the Sachs-gate affair.

No doubt he’ll be again taking up permanent tedious residence in our newspapers and magazines with interviews and opinion as he starts to broadcast once more on both TV and Radio.

But we’re wondering: How much ‘face’ can you get, before you get tired of it?

At Confidential opinion is divided.

Lots of people think he’s a talented entertainer, as witty as it's possible for any human to be. So it’s great to have him back, the little ray of showbiz sunshine. After all with the gloomy job announcements on Wednesday, we need as many funny men as we can get.

Others think he’s had his time and should be left to moulder quietly in some very late-night Radio 2 slot, mentally masturbating (as he does) for the voyeuristic benefit of insomniacs, long-distance truck drivers and wired clubbers.

A couple of us even think he should see a psychiatrist.

He clearly has issues over sex. On Jonathan Ross Tonight he’s become increasingly an embarrassment in his constant unfunny references to the subject. To watch guests sit there glassy eyed as the Ross-man makes another buggery quip, is almost nauseating.

Perhaps the fact of his return is irrelevant though.

Perhaps the real talking point should be the Beeb's attitude through all of this. Nobody was fooled by the BBC's tickle on the wrist and Ross' suspension. It’s clear they were desperate to hold on to him and make a fall guy of Russell Brand.

Nor does anybody really think he (or they) overly regret referring to a young lady’s sex life on her grand-dad’s answering machine - do they? Fact of the matter is that the BBC has made its token gesture and now normal double entendre service can be resumed. The hound-dogs of the Tory press have been appeased.

After all has anybody noticed a toning down of the comedy on Aunty? Would we want them to play it safe, in any case?

So are you glad to see Rossy return or what? Vote on the homepage and let us know.

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19 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

IheartJonnyWossJanuary 22nd 2009.

should never have gone in first place!!! Pleasure to have him back. They better not have killed his humour!

Inside JobJanuary 22nd 2009.

I ont think he should have been suspeded at all. The BBC shouldnt give into pressure from right wing dingbats.

paulb.January 22nd 2009.

Glad he is back.The BBC has lacked a boorish self obsessed unfunny pretentious sex obsessed prat on our screens

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2009.

I think he is awaful. Rude offensive and one tracked mind. All I can say is that his his constant references to sex demonstrate all the qualities of a man with 1) a very very small brain and 2) an even smaller sexual organ.

Patrick StarJanuary 22nd 2009.

Perhaps the BBC money could be better spent looking for more recent talent. Who may be even funnier, and not so boorish in manner. Ross has had his day, and is too big a drain on the Corporations finances. Let's get more and better for our license payers money.

Mr NottyJanuary 22nd 2009.

It's not that he's had his day - he never was any good. Pension him off, and in particular get rid of his immensely tedious Radio 2 show on Sat a.m. (proportion of music to verbal crap = 0.003%. And the music's crap too)

joJanuary 22nd 2009.

He's ok but it's the fat salary that makes me puke...or was that the curry?

susan callaghanJanuary 22nd 2009.

I for one was so delighted to hear of Jonathan's comeback this Friday a little bit of wee came out. Not down to my age I am sure but in the worst month of many a business person's life surely this has to be light refreshment even if you are not a fan. I think we have had enough of politically correct BBC for the last 3 months so lets look forward to a good nights viewing for a change. Give the guy a chance, we dont know what he's going to do yet do we?

BasharJanuary 22nd 2009.

Amazing to have him back, shouldn't be suspended in the first place, Welcome back...

the dudeJanuary 22nd 2009.

I agree that he should never of been suspended in the first place. Its pathetic that Brand had to go too, people with no imagination & no sense of humour won the day there! As for what happened, i'm sure its been said to death, but i for one find it pathetic that someone that gained fame for appearing in a very tongue firmly in cheek tv series & what can only be described as a talentless, attention seeking little girl were made out to be such victims! The girl performed at Erotica last year & was dire, worst performance ever seen there! & Then in Nuts lads magazine! No talent, an even less impressive figure! Brand & Ross did her a favour. SHe should be grateful.

emma graceJanuary 22nd 2009.

Totally agree. We've definitely had this debate on here before...very pleased Ross is back

Jonathan RossJanuary 22nd 2009.

Susan, like how you called me by my Christian name. Now which innuendo do you want?

Samantha ArthurJanuary 22nd 2009.

If you like him, and a lot of you do on here, could you tell me, as the article points out why he does the whole embarrassing smut thing with guests on his TV show? Don't you cringe?

Chris BJanuary 22nd 2009.

Simon Amstell could step up to his spot! He's wit without the cringe-worthy sexual-ness. And he'd rip chunks out of those half-baked American guests they get on. Reese Witherspoon for example... 'Wossy' would just perve and present her with a phallic gift.. Amstell would just tell her that he doesn't fancy her and carry on taking the p1ss! I actually quite like JR but this will have killed his spirit for 'adventure'.

esquiloJanuary 22nd 2009.

I suppose I'm glad to see him back and I wish to god the press would let it go, but all the same he is a smug, leery, overpaid and possibly past-it twat and his Uncle Disgusting act towrd female guests is getting creepier by the day.

ErnaldJanuary 22nd 2009.

The BBC must have a very low opinion of the young people they are so desperate to attract if they assume that they will want to watch this foul-mouthed boor any more than older people.

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2009.

By earnals the average age of the audience to the R Brand show was over 50 :-) and Andrew Sachs has got his part in Coronantion Street now

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2009.

his interviewing skills are non-existent he only ever interviews himself and the guests are at best irrelevant if not embarrassed by his schoolboy toilet humour.

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2009.

No. He bores me to death

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