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Terry Christian. Is he a Manchester legend?

Love him or loathe him, but Terry always seems around? Is he a good representative for Manchester or an embarrassment?

Published on January 5th 2009.

Terry Christian. Is he a Manchester legend?
Yes: - 60%
No: - 40%

Terry Christian looks like an old school tie Etonian and sounds like one. Well maybe not....

However the 48-year-old is sort of ubiquitous.

Turn on the TV and he’s mouthing off about this that and the other, open a ‘paper and he’s either writing in it or being written about (in 2008 over his unsuccessful claim of unfair dismissal from the Beeb). He’s all over the radio like a Manc rash as well.

Now he’s gone and joined the malcontents of Celebrity Big Brother 5.

Putting aside any questions of what celebrity means anymore, the result is that the Old Trafford born (now Bramhall living) motor mouth will be blasting out pure Mancunian until at least next week. Is that good or painful?

Perhaps surprisingly given his abrasive delivery on shows such as The Word and even BBC Radio Manchester’s breakfast and drive time shows, he’s been made head of the Big Brother house because of his good manners. Wow.

Let’s weigh our Terry, good and bad, on the scales of Mancunian judgement?

The pros: he’s articulate, clever, self-made, well-read, often funny, very direct and generally comes across as honest. He’s written pretty decent books too with Reds in the Hood and My Life.

The cons: his intonation (not accent so much) could open cans of beans unaided, he can be overbearing, aggressive, loves United far too much, harps on about being Irish when he’s lived all his life in Manchester, and carries a northern chip on his shoulder about London (never pleasant to behold).

So is he an ambassador or an embarrassment?

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67 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2009.

he is a dick

EditorialJanuary 5th 2009.

Can we have a bit more intelligence in the rants than the first one here please?

TomJanuary 5th 2009.

He's a clever dick.

GrahamJanuary 5th 2009.

Scarily i think that for him, more than any of the others in there, that Big Brother could really relaunch his career. I also have a tenner on him to win the thing too! So if for no other reason than that.... Come on Terry!

Kevin McClureJanuary 5th 2009.

I didn't use to like Christian then I meet him in the Throstle's Nest on Seymour Grove in Old Trafford just by chance. We had a good conversation about Ancient Egypt if I remember correctly. Good geezer.

SteJanuary 5th 2009.

He seems to have mellowed with age! Not so much with the ranting these days. We've had worse try and represent us.

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2009.

i think he is great!i never understood why he was loathed so much? - because he is northern and has an opinion?!!! and isn't just a sheep

Chris BJanuary 5th 2009.

I seem to remember Bez saying 'I fink I'm going mad' when he was without marijuana in the house.. And i seem to remember an oriental looking loudmouth trollop representing Mancunia in teh house prior to that... Terry Christian, whom i met quite recently, abrasive or not, at least injects some intelligence, humour and humility. (And sees it for what it is). Who's that absolutely horrible and embarrassing scouser? She does for Liverpool what Mancs have been trying to do for years.. I'm sorry but she (incorrectly) validates certain negative stereotypes.. Mini-Me looks embarrassed for HER, which is saying something. i hope Terry wins but i'v egot the feeling he won't because he's probably not going to physically fight, racially abuse or have sex with anybody.. Which suits me.. That scouse bird will probably do one of those three.. She's already called Mini-Me 'Cute'. Squirm!

PaulJanuary 5th 2009.

He is thoroughly Manc and if he can follow in the footsteps of Bez and win the thing, then we should not complain. And yes I know Bez is from Salford but let's not split hairs...

leighJanuary 5th 2009.

I think he is already enjoying watching the others start to fall apart...he is a pleasure to watch when he is observing others reactions...La toya wont last more than 36 days any advances on that?

Flixton RedJanuary 5th 2009.

Nice guy and good Red. Better than that fat scouse bird anyway.

emskiloveJanuary 5th 2009.

What a good bloke - totally not what I was expecting. Go on Tezza! All the way!

emskiloveJanuary 5th 2009.

The fat scouse hag is wrong on so many levels! Loved Coolio laughing at the Princess Shrek comment!

JanieJanuary 5th 2009.

He may have a voice that gets on a lot of peoples wick, but face it, his conversations are intelligent, his wit is sharp and dry and he obviously loves being on TV as he's a natural in front of the camera. That he speaks so positively about Manchester is great and of all the people in the house, he's the one who I love to see in the diary room as I love listening to his observations of what he sees. Come on Terry, I'm backing you to win.

zabzyJanuary 5th 2009.

He is 100% a Manchester legend, love him or hate him he is still a legend.

mark mJanuary 5th 2009.

he may be a manc legend, but he is still a tit

EditorialJanuary 5th 2009.

Dear Mark, I refer you to the second posting, by us, on this rant.

IheartMUFCJanuary 5th 2009.

You gotta love him!

mark mJanuary 5th 2009.

thanks ed. i saw that, but feel that it needed reitterating. it is terry after all.

RichardJanuary 5th 2009.

He's a good guy - bright and humble. His nasal tone is a bit annoying but we can live with that. And who says a chip on your shoulder about London is a bad thing - somebody has to put the southern swindling tossers in their place (PS Job Centre isn't there a job down t' pit for all those ex-bankers?)

StuartJanuary 5th 2009.

Terry's a good lad, I really enjoyed his book the Word. I overlook the football allegiances though.

embarrassed for ManchesterJanuary 5th 2009.

this is a pretty sad debate to be fair. Just because someone is from Manchester doesn't mean they represent us. Nor should we want them to.Why can't us Mancs just focus on being ourselves rather than seeking to validate our existence through the reputation of others? I've lived in lots of places and nowhere is so obsessed with its own identity as Manchester. Manchester as a community has a massive chip on its shoulder. If it's not jealousy of Liverpool's capital of culture status it is an inferiority complex about London. Manchester is a decent enough place, but we're a bit insular aren't we?Civic pride = good.Judging yourselves by the behaviour of a celeb big brother contestant = bad.P.s - I think Terry Christian is alright.

LiamJanuary 5th 2009.

I had previous misconceptoins of Mr Christian as being loud mouthed, arrogant and uneducated. I must admit I've been pleasantly suprised by his demeanour and contribution to the house so far. I still can't help myself laughing at Verne though, even though I know i shouldnt!!!

Emma BurnsJanuary 5th 2009.

I agree with embarrassed for Manchester. (Except for the jealousy towards Liverpool - are people really jealous?)

embarrassed for ManchesterJanuary 5th 2009.

the jealousy of Liverpool bit I picked up on listening to XFM. Some of the presenters were scoffing at it. There's also some banter going on at Old Trafford about being 'capital of trophies' or something.I think Capital of Culture is a pretty lame accolade any way, but let's be honest, if Manchester had it, we'd all believe the hype and no doubt have another Manchester themed exhibit at Urbis.Happy New Year by the way!

Mary ClareJanuary 5th 2009.

Well it takes all sorts to make the world and how boring would it be if we were all the same. People are a product of their parents, their upbringing, their environmnet and their beliefs and values (and much more). Some people have had much fewer chances in this world but it doesn't make them a lesser person and vice versa. I value people on the way they treat other people and the way they value themselves. Terry will do for me. He knows it's a game but he is struggling to decieve the rest of the players. However, he didn't set the rules so carry on playing, Terry, all the way to the winning line if that's where it takes you. Good luck! P.S. The only one I can't stand watching at the moment is Coolio but unfortunately I have no choice (unless I turn the T.V. off) because he is in almost every shot no matter what anyone is talking about or who they are talking to - he's too much!

scoteeeJanuary 5th 2009.

Come on folks Christian is Manchester through and through.He was brought up and studied in Trafford.He spent the best part of the 80's hammering Manchester's best bands across the airwaves and outside of Manchester he flies the city's(not MUFC) flag with pride...So who do we compare him with in that house? So far we have a woman on who is so frightened of cats she locked herslef in a police car, yet the scary irony is that she actually looks like a cat ?? We have an ex- crack cocaine addict from the states who had one hit album, a fat scouser with a foul mouth and the rest dont really bear any comment because of how ordinary they all are,Ulrika?that Munta girl that cant sing anymore and the pretty one who is bright and very pretty but only really gets her bean bags out! and what do positives can we say about vern? his acting was terrible last night and hes 2ft tall!!! so what !!! Terry, I back you all the way...

rosstamonJanuary 5th 2009.

I'm a city fan, and he's a rag, but I love him and think he's the next Mr Manchester. C'mon Mr Christian.

drew peacockJanuary 5th 2009.

Used to like him..before he went on GMR, he then became rubbish and no wonder he got the sack.He knows a lot about nowt.Don't watch this BB rubbish, I have a life.

drew peacockJanuary 5th 2009.

Surely newest posts should appear at the top!!??..Is it just me thinks this??....

scoteeeJanuary 5th 2009.

drew, I never check at the top,I have a life...

millieJanuary 5th 2009.

Big brother is long past its sell by date, total car crash tv. I would rather **** off with a handfull of nettles than watch it

free dockleavesJanuary 5th 2009.

i'd pay to see that!?

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2009.

i met him at a take that fan event and he was nice enough but his voice annoys the hell out of me.we cant have the world thinking mancs sound like that.

EsquiloJanuary 5th 2009.

I reckon Terry's coming across well. As for Mimi-off-Shameless, she is drrrrrrreadful. What a hideous person, inside and out. She says she's only gone on CBB to show her vulnerable side. Well if someone finds it can they stick a fork in it please.

Red RocketJanuary 5th 2009.

I've always quite liked Terry, but I'd never go on an internet messageboard to say this, I have a life.

jollieJanuary 5th 2009.

mancs are proud people and that is one of our defining qualities. You should take pride in your roots. In terms of size were quite a small city and most of us see our 'celebrities' out and about quite often. Its nice to hear them promoting our city and being proud to be a manc. i'm not knocking scousers or southerners but at least were friendly to each other in the streets and we dont steal from our local footies players whilst there out playing.

TimboJanuary 5th 2009.

He's a legend. I even liked him when him & my best mate were laughing at Man U putting 5 past my team a few years ago when they were recording a show together & getting updates thru TC's earpiece. I hope he wins, and hope he gets a go on Lucy as a prize... If he doesnt fancy the prize i've got the greenlight offa my Mrs so Hurry up Lucy !!!!

TedJanuary 5th 2009.

He gives our city a bad name and perpetuates the idea that impertinence is valuable for its own sake. It isn't. He should get out of the public view. But he won't - it's better than working.

The Blue MaxJanuary 5th 2009.

I thought he came from Burnley with that accent.

ScunnerJanuary 5th 2009.

Sounds like a bad faux Salford twang to me, and as an Irishman I disown him.....what a Merchant! (as his friend ds dahn sarff would say!)

lizzieJanuary 5th 2009.

Glad they've got his age right.In some papers he's been 45yrs.Cosidering he was in my sister's class at St Alphonsus School Old Trafford.We were wondering when he tell the truth!He lived round the corner from in Old Trafford.Don't know where his accents is from though?

DigJanuary 5th 2009.

I don't know what you're all complaining about. We have Tina Malone representing us. Do you wanna swap?

GezzabelleJanuary 5th 2009.

Eugh! Tina Malone has just claimed that everyone in the world wants to **** her. Please can everyone confirm that this is not true? Is the bitter bitch with chips on both shoulders annoying the hell out of anyone else or is it just me?!

emma graceJanuary 5th 2009.

That whole conversation was a bit disturbing wasnt it...

Liam GallagherJanuary 5th 2009.

Me n our kid can't stand the orrible red gobs***e. His mouths too big for his face thats why he talks with that stupid drawl. Anyway c'mon city, wheres all the sunshhhiiiiiinnnnne!

scoteeeJanuary 5th 2009.

Tina is foul mouthed she is socially and physically repulsive.In fact i really would rather have a relatiosnhip with the princess from Shrek!

emma graceJanuary 5th 2009.

I wouldn't mind if she was the smallest bit humble either, but she blatently thinks she's Gods gift and tells anyone who'll listen!

mark mJanuary 5th 2009.

Stop ranting emma and go to work...

emma graceJanuary 5th 2009.

Ah yes, work...thanks for reminding me Mark

DigJanuary 5th 2009.

Nobody want to swap Terry for Tina then? OK I'll do you a deal. I'll chuck in Pete Burns as well.

Paul MJanuary 5th 2009.

I was once running the door at a little gig in Didsbury for a mate's band. TC turned up, very shiney, struggling to speak, big grin. He didn't want to pay to come in, I pointed out it was a mere £3 and he could afford it. He sat at the back nursing a pint and sporadically leaping up to dance (to an accoustic folky-rocky band). Funny as fook :)

bluemoonJanuary 5th 2009.

i agree with the very first comment, tho to put it a bit cleaner i'd have said he's a typical united fan.

Flixton RedJanuary 5th 2009.

That's right, he is a typical red. Knowledgable, clued up and wants to win stuff. He'd never make a decent bitter.

Ali McGowanJanuary 5th 2009.

'embarrassed for Manchester' - 3 words: get a life!! You make Manchester sound like some kind of sad case... I'm not even a Manc either before you rant some more. What exactly is wrong with a city being obsessed with its identity? We aren't a city with an identity crisis but a city that's fiercely proud of itself... and moreover wanting, and succeeding, to be very different - something we should all be proud of! Meanwhile, back to the actual question - Terry may get on some people's tits but having listened to him regularly on BBC Radio Manc, he's a quick-witted, amusing and clued-up man. He also doesn't give a **** about what people thing about him, which is good... and it also means that if the No vote wins, he won't give a toss anyway haha!! He's a legend. Let's make him Mayor of Manchester ;)

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2009.

I'm glad to see him back on Channel 4. Terry to win, in fact in these times of Doom and Gloom, lets have The Word back too when he gets out - you can chuck even Danni Behr in there too, I'm all about the nostalgia, me.Friday night TV has never been so **** so The Word would be a more than welcome pack of toilet roll.

Andy CJanuary 5th 2009.

loves United and hates Cockneys... those are pros in my book, not cons

scoteeeJanuary 6th 2009.

What about a cockney that loves united?i take offence to that!

The WordJanuary 6th 2009.

He seems to be doing OK as King Terry and dealt with the task of putting others up for eviction quite well I thought. Not sure why he felt the need to start making up stories about 'Gooch & Cheetham Hill going down to Twice As Nice in the early 90's to tax it' it wasn't even around in the early 90's but there you go. I suspect his history timeline is a bit mixed up somewhat, either that or he is a complete bullsquitter.

special KJanuary 6th 2009.

well one thing about us Mancs is that judging by the amount of posts here, we are much more interested in BB than anything else on Manc Confidential!!... come on everyone, lets go check out the arts and architecture page.......(and of course, Terry to win.....or LaToya...!!)

AnonymousJanuary 6th 2009.

Oh I thought you said fake tan event

Lou BJanuary 6th 2009.

Liked the quote he said about BB being the best boss he ever had, and then Ulrika flouncing off like the Egomanic she is when he suggested that she may possibly have the biggest ego, he speaks the truth, he has to win.

rico flaventeJanuary 6th 2009.

Terry Christian is marvellous. I saw about 5 minutes of Big Brother the other night, when some glamour model had to show her 'talent'. Although Terry could have laid into her, I thought he displayed superb tact and diplomacy when the whole country watching (erm...apart from a few WAGs and other mindless morons) was dying to slaughter her.

rico flaventeJanuary 6th 2009.

Andy C (above): does he really hate cockneys. EVEN BETTER!! And he has the same name as ... wait for it ... "Viva John"!! brilliant.

missfleaJanuary 6th 2009.

As a 'southern swindling tosser' (thanks Richard) who moved to Mcr 25 years ago, I think Tezza's fab and always have done. He should rule the country as far as I'm concerned.

AndyNorthStandJanuary 6th 2009.

As well as having an inbuilt suspicion of southerners and their bulls**it - he says what he thinks and says it quite well - plus he is a red and actually lives round here and goes to Old Trafford.Unlike those great blue hero brothers from Burnage who (whilst telling the world what great mancs they are) hardly ever venture out from London - apart from touring to promote their latest repetitive album (which sounds the same as their stuff in 1996)

CameramanJanuary 6th 2009.

I went to photograph Terry Christian for a National Newspaper. He would not take his Sunglasses off. We were in a hotel. I decided it was not worth the effort to try and persuade him, I said thanks and started to leave without a photograph, he lost his "cool" who was I to treat him like this etc., I think he believes his own publicity. Which is bad. Terry is a TiT.

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