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THE VOTE: Should we name and shame kids with asbos online?

...or have they got the same rights to privacy as everyone else?

Published on November 4th 2009.

THE VOTE: Should we name and shame kids with asbos online?
Yes: - 59%
No: - 41%

GORDON Brown is planning to name and shame, on the internet, people who have anti-social behaviour orders against them. Is he bang out of order, or is it about time we took a harder line?

As part of a renewed focus on law and order, the Prime Minister has announced that unruly youths (for all this appears to refer to teenagers) will have their misdeeds publicised via leafleting and online.

Previous Government initiatives to publicly hold up those guilty of anti-social behaviour have been attacked by defendants' lawyers and civil liberties campaigners.

But Mr Brown is no liberal softie, oh no, and he used his latest Downing Street podcast, timed the day after Mischief Night, to insist that local communities had a "right to know".

"I'm proud of our record, but I will never be satisfied while a single British pensioner hesitates about going out, or a couple think twice before heading into the town centre for a meal," he insisted.

"So this week I will set out plans to publicise the names and details of those people subject to anti-social behaviour orders and other orders, using photographs, public leaflets and online.

"The consequences for committing anti-social behaviour should be clear."

Mr Brown said he was renewing the Government's focus on crime in the weeks ahead as he promised to "make life better for the mainstream majority".

But by mainstream majority, does he mean NIMBY, Cameron-cheering Middle England whose votes the Labour Party desperately craves to cling on to power. And do asbos exist to get people used to the arbitary exercise of power without due process.

And why target teenagers, or “yobs” to use the downmarket media's beloved vernacular? After all, sex offenders still enjoy anonymity, and we are still a world away from other classes of rogues' galleries being put up online and sanctioned by the Government.

With cached internet pages, once any info about a person is posted online, it never disappears completely. There is no date a conviction is spent in the e-world and you are never allowed to forget.

Is it fair to brand, in this way, a young tearaway, who may have, a year or so down the line, atoned for their misdeeds - or even joined the Young Conservatives? In theory, such public castigation could affect their employability and other relationships for the rest of their lives.

Or shouldn't these feral monsters have thought of all that when they were giving people in their neighbourhoods the heebiejeebies in their hoodies, smashing up bus stops, driving quad bikes around, drinking cider in the park and thoughtlessly playing music late.

Will they see it as a hall of fame, rather than a hall of shame?

And what about the 13-year-old served an order banning him from using the word "grass" anywhere in England or Wales for six years? A Clackmannanshire man who was banned from shouting at his television. An 18-year-old from Swindon who was banned from playing football in the street. The Somerset man who was banned from having a rooster and the Dolly Parton fan from Leeds who was banned from playing music in her home.

Perhaps you think the people in charge, parents, authorities, teachers, politicians should be named and shamed for failing to set the young people of this fair isle any boundaries?

Or is it, in fact, simply the Daily Mail's fault? Is the whole notion of asbos just another bit of spin without substance and is Gordon Brown clutching at straws (Straw's what? ed).

Go on! Vote on the Homepage.

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7 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DreamgirlNovember 4th 2009.

I think that Gordon Brown should be given an Asbo and told to keep away from the Labour Party as it hasn't got a hope with him in charge.

scoteeeNovember 4th 2009.

Individuals who see an ASBO as an award are in my eyes the type switched on by gangland affiliation. The ASBO has given them a bit of attention and will get them recognition. But this is due to the American style FBI wanted board that glamorises what they think is hard and clever or (sick) to coin a more up to-date phrase. Place their mug on a large bus stop poster where all the school kids alight with bad images and texts stating "I is one of your annoying local idiots who thinks it’s really (sick) to beat up on anyone in the street and scare old ladies innit (written in pink), And all of a sudden the “look at me I’m such a bad mutha”, attitude may not be so apparent. So yes, I fully support it providing it is delivered in the correct places, near their homes, through the locals letter boxes at the bus stops and on bill boards. What is key is that it must cause embarrassment. None of those examples need be online either for those who choose to improve their behaviour.

DiddymanNovember 4th 2009.

I guess the idea is to humiliate them. Wasn't this what local papers used to do anyway? I remember when anyone found guilty had the case written up in the weekly rag. All change and everything stays the same.Make them drive around in the back of a pickup with Ken Dodds 'Happiness' blaring out. That should be enough of a deterrent, and cheer us all up.

ONovember 4th 2009.

it's a good idea if their images can be doctored a little. Example, take an image of an ASBO kid, photoshop a pair of cords and a wool jumper on to him and an image of his mate kissing him on the cheek. If this image was put on the internet he'd be gutted. All his mates would call him a batty man. For girls, doctor the pictures so they appear to be pregnant at 12 so they look like slags. They'd get bare mirked innit, blood.

AnonymousNovember 4th 2009.

We should publish Gordon Browns miss deeds in leaflets and online? Thanks for the recession Mr ex chancellor, my 8 year old nephew thanks you too, the future's real bright thanks to you and president Blair.

AnonymousNovember 4th 2009.

I've been invited in a Police Survey to say would I like to decide the jobs people with community penalties should do. I have sent iyt back saying perhaps the jobs should be given to the unemployed and they should be properly paid.

DaveNovember 4th 2009.

Now I'm not saying "hug a hoody", but further alienating the alienated isn't going to make them empathise with wider society and behave like they are part of it.

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