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Should the clocks have gone back last weekend?

What is it about this British Summer Time (BST) stuff? Why can’t we keep the clocks as they are in October?

Published on October 27th 2008.

Should the clocks have gone back last weekend?

The Results..

Yes: - 66%
No: - 34%

Surely it’s better to have lighter evenings than lighter mornings. In fact why not move the clock forward another hour rather than back one?

Apparently one reason behind BST is that farmers and other outdoor workers prefer it to get lighter earlier. But if so, sod ‘em. Take the farmers. There are less than 2% of the population actively farming these days, so why should they make us go home in the dark?

Another reason is that Britain gives good latitudinal length. North to south we’re well-endowed. This means that Scots in the far north would have to wait until 10am or later for sunrise. But as with the farmers, as about 17.5 Jocks and their sheep live north of Glasgow and Edinburgh why listen to them?

More pertinently, safety campaigning groups such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents , point out that evidence suggests BST results in many more road accidents than need be the case.

So make your vote on the Homepage and put your comments below. Do we need to forget about the current British Summer Time provisions?

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36 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DescartesOctober 27th 2008.

I always liked it when I was a youngun, darker evenings meant we could hang out down the park with bottles of 20/20 and diamond white and chat rubbish and get nicely smashed, it gave us the freedom to muck about and have a laugh without adults or police having a go. Now I'm getting older I'm afeared of the 'gangs' of youths hanging around our darkened parks, it's just not like it used to be, they're all drinking vodka and peach schnapps and talking in rhyme.

johnthebriefOctober 27th 2008.

There's no reasonable defence that can be made of the status quo

AnonymousOctober 27th 2008.

When it's dark in my house we turn on a light, couldn't they just have given the farmers torches or something, seems a bit over the top changing world time.

mark mOctober 27th 2008.

Don't think the animals care if they are farmed an hour earlier

JimOctober 27th 2008.

a) Farmers: "Sod 'em" - Great attitude for a website principally involved in promoting food.b) What a pointless article anyway.c) Doesn't Gordy control the seasons in Manchester anyway?

AnonymousOctober 27th 2008.

There is nothing grimmer than having to get out of bed in the dark! I would much rather walk home in the dark!

AnonymousOctober 27th 2008.

You're a mugger aren't you anon?

a Manchester galOctober 27th 2008.

does it actually make a difference... its dark when you get up and dark when you go home! I do enjoy that extra hour in bed though, even if it is just once a year.

PaulOctober 27th 2008.

It really messes with my Grandma's head. She can't comprehend that she does not in fact lose an hour of her life when the clocks go forward in Spring. She thanks her lucky stars when she makes it through to the end of October though and gets it back. If she pops her clogs between the clocks going forward and the clocks going back, she will have lost an hour through no fault of her own, bless.

AMCOctober 27th 2008.

Does anyone actually care? Same old tired debate every year. It's not going to change. Deal with it.

Mr NoseyOctober 27th 2008.

I care

EdenOctober 27th 2008.

It is much easier to get up in the light and schoolchildren can then walk to school in the light. Hopefully they are back home before dark.

RebeccaWhoOctober 27th 2008.

I always forget and somehow get into trouble.

Professor Rob RightOctober 27th 2008.

Obviously Manchester must be a really happening city this week if this is the best thing you can think of to discuss!

mark mOctober 27th 2008.

I was actually thinking how much more mancon is putting up every week and how much better this site is getting. Keep it up guys n girls.

MotorsportsfanOctober 27th 2008.

The bit about farmers is just "urban myth", after all they are not tied to the clock in the same way as us city dwelers who are reliant on bus timetables and "office hours". BST was introduced during World War 1 as an energy saving measure to make the most of the available daylight. In these more enlightened times (pardon the pun) surely anything that saves energy should be welcomed? Now the question should be, does it really save energy?

angieOctober 27th 2008.

Never mind the clocks, the real question this week is should the BBC fire Ross and Brand? I say off with their heads!

MotorsportsfanOctober 27th 2008.

That's more than a little "off topic"

emma graceOctober 27th 2008.

I don't think they should be fired...yes they were bang out of order, but I imagine this is exactly the sort of negative press that Brand thrives on. Guaranteed he will use it in his next stand up show and get 20 minutes of material out of it that will, no doubt, be shamefully funny! A bit of tongue in cheek, non-pc humour now and again never hurt anyone...or should we just stick to the good old knock knock jokes?

mark mOctober 27th 2008.

they should be sacked. more than out of order, they were ****ing rude

angieOctober 27th 2008.

Motorsportfan, I know it's off topic but the clocks changing is such a tired debate. As old as time itself.

GezzabelleOctober 27th 2008.

mark m, are you one of the people that has jumped on the band wagon since its been in the news? The actual show was aired nearly 2 weeks ago now and they only had 2 complaints at the time, now since its been given some air in the media they have had over 10,000 busybodies complaining about something that, lets be honest, it to be expected by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. Why should they be sacked? They're just doing what they do!

emma graceOctober 27th 2008.

The fact is, this girl is an aspiring model who is getting loads of publicity out of this...she will be loving it! Just a bit embarassed that her grandfather now knows all the details of her sex life. All publicity is good publicity I think the saying goes

scoteeeOctober 27th 2008.

Eh? are we on clocks still?

mark mOctober 27th 2008.

yes gezzabelle, but how many of us actually listen to radio2? i think i am capable of listening to it post airing and making an informed decision ty

mark mOctober 27th 2008.

ross n brand been suspended and an investigation launched. wonder if the editor/producer who let the programme out will survive. i think he is more than culpable

angieOctober 27th 2008.

Scoteee, the lunatics are taking over the the asylum! :-D

GezzabelleOctober 27th 2008.

Here, here emma grace! she's in a band called . enough said i think! mark m, there’s no need to get shirty my dear. I was just pointing out the fact that no one cared until it appeared in a newspaper and then the world went crazy! The fact that even Gordon Brown has commented when we are all skint and worried whether we can heat our homes and put petrol in our cars, is ludicrous! I am frankly shocked by the reaction of so many to what was a largely un-listened to radio show. To ask the BBC to sack them is laughable in my opinion. Yes they should be reprimanded for what was clearly a poor lack of judgement but sacking them just because a bunch of Mail on Sunday readers are upset is ridiculous. If anyone should be sacked, it should be the Producer who couldn't control them in the first place! Sacking them won't do anything - Russell Brand was sacked from MTV and look at him now, he’s richer than he's ever been!

emma graceOctober 27th 2008.

hahaha Gezzabelle...I love it. "because a bunch of Mail on Sunday readers are upset". You've hit the nail on the head with that one. Except I think you missed out the word "oversensitized". And he was also fired from Century I think for doing something similar. It's sad that the grandad has been affected but come on, the girl is a wannabe model who's also in a band and slept with Russell Brand. She can't exactly be the shy and retiring type!! I say carry on with the coverage. Brand will be absolutely loving it and, dare I say, finding this all very amusing. As am i :)

GezzabelleOctober 27th 2008.

Thanks emma grace. Do we think that mark m reads the Mail on Sunday? ;) Also, I mis-typed earlier. She is in a band called the Satanic Sluts which defo says it all! It is definitely sad that little cute Andrew Sachs is upset, but suspending them is ridiculous. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross would have got more viewers than ever this Friday if it was allowed to be aired. By the way, did Andrew Sachs every say why he didn't turn up to the show in the end?

AnonymousOctober 27th 2008.

emma grace, I suspect the word you're looking for is 'oversensitive'. And I'm not sure Brand has been fired from Century. Or ever employed by them for that matter. Apart from that, you too have hit the nail on the head. Could you just clear up whether you're finding it 'bang out of order' or 'very amusing'?

scoteeeOctober 27th 2008.

I think Brand will be drinking tap water from plastic bottles very soon !!

GezzabelleOctober 27th 2008.

Hi anon! I listened to it on You Tube yesterday and I thought it was really funny. I feel sorry for Andrew Sachs as he is just a cute little 78 year old (with a sl*t for a grand daughter) who shouldn't really have had to listen to those messages, and I wouldn't go so far as to say it was 'very amusing' but I was laughing when I listened to it. Does that make me horrible and evil? :/

emma graceOctober 27th 2008.

no...it just means you're not a prude with a stick up your ar$e and you're not afraid to laugh when things are funny

angieOctober 27th 2008.

I see Brand has just resigned...

seabeeOctober 27th 2008.

my mum is 78 today.she died 10 years ago but i keep her in the attic so i can visit her whenever i want.after the intial smell had died down it is now possible to see her without vomiting.the only friend i have now is mr wongs of wongs chippy but he only speaks chinese.

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