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Should men wear 'meggings'?

Russell Brand thinks they should, but are male leggings really going to catch on?

Published on March 13th 2009.

Should men wear 'meggings'?
Yes: - 10%
No: - 90%

There was once a time when the only jeans deemed to be fashionable for a man were a sensibly safe pair of Levi 501s. But in recent years skinny jeans have become acceptable leg wear for any fashion conscious male. It seems male fashion has taken tips from the women's department in many ways. 501s are now for frumps and fuddy duddys. In one sense it's great to see wider variety in menswear but is the new trend one resurgence too far?

'Meggings' is the buzzword for man leggings.

Russell Brand has been seen rocking a pair whilst nipping out to buy some milk. But if we think about it 'meggings' aren't a new invention. Historically, there’s always been men in tights. Ballet dancers, jockeys, soldiers and gymnasts wear some form of leggings or tights to perform. However, the 'megging' wearers of now deem practicality as a minor factor. You see there's a new breed of male for the 21 century in case you haven't heard and he's called a metro-sexual.

He takes pride in his appearance, fashion in his stride and is all the while 100% hetro-sexual. David Beckham is his muse and putting on a pair of leggings is as natural as Rab C Nesbitt putting on a string vest.

It seems the motto for the latest look is 'if it's not tight, it's not right.' Not only are they much more comfortable than jeans to some men (think of the comfort of a pair of long johns), they're fashionable: all the top designers are squeezing their male models into 'meggings' this season and they show off all those hours spent in the gym. And to women, a man in 'meggings' is a man who isn't afraid to show he's got balls.

Unfortunately, your average Joe may beg to differ. After all, leggings are for women aren't they? And even then, it's only a select few who can get away with not looking like an over-stuffed sausage. Leggings have endured the test of time and now it's time for both men and women to lay them to rest. The new trend goes with sarongs and make-up as the result of consumerism stripping men of their masculinity. A metro-sexual is a man who is over-feminised and confused.

Do you think we'll be seeing 'meggings' parading down Market Street any time soon? Vote on the Manchester Confidential homepage.

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36 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

RavenMarch 13th 2009.

The horror, the horror

Wayne CleverMarch 13th 2009.

I thought the metro-sexual and disappeared years ago. let's not have them back.

Trevor HooperMarch 13th 2009.

I like meggings because they really show off the man I am.

CastlefieldMarch 13th 2009.

I for one would like to lick russel brand all over and remove his leggings with my teeth!

The genuine CastlefieldMarch 13th 2009.

Ha an imposter! Immitation being the most sincere form of flattery and all that ...

RayMarch 13th 2009.

I don't see what the fuss is. If a guy wants to wear leggings and has the legs to carry them off, then good on him. At least it adds to the utterly limited clothing options open to guys. I also sigh in despair at the clichéd insinuation that as soon as a guy takes care of his appearance or takes an interest in fashion (and/or pushing the restrictive boundaries of the male fashion prison), he suddenly has his sexuality called into question. I'm not a fan of leggings on anyone, as they are...unfinished...but I've worn thick tights in winter for sports and for warmth, and funnily enough, I didn't sense any change whatsoever in my sexuality? How odd. All the papers seem to suggest that I would turn into a screaming camp effeminate guy, and it just did ot happen. As for sarongs - oh, give over. 500+ million men around the world wear sarongs, sulus et al without any problems with their masculinity. You try and question a 20 stone fijian man in a sulu about his masculinity? Go ahead. By the way, the name "meggings" is really stupid. Just call them leggings. That's what they are, yes? Righto - I'm off to kill a deer with my bare hands now as I'm hungry, then I'm going to beat my chest on a hilltop, King Kong stylee

Mark Garner, The PublisherMarch 13th 2009.

Would the person who did the photoshop piece of me in meggins please see me in my office, first thing Monday.

Beefy StewMarch 13th 2009.

Mr. Garner, I would keep quiet if I were you, they actually flatter you...

rosieMarch 13th 2009.

and i quite fancied you in them xxx

AnonymousMarch 13th 2009.

Whats all the fuss about. Our running champion Ron Hill's company has long since done a fetching line in tights for men, which in the heavier version (very hot for fell walking) could be called leggings. See you all at the GNR.

AvoMarch 13th 2009.

Can't beat a pair of Ronhill Tracksters!

mark mMarch 13th 2009.

You gonna wear those on wednesday Mr Garner?

cigpapersMarch 13th 2009.

Only a BNP Government can finally dispel the " metro sexual - I'm not gay really " myth with manly clothing!

AvoMarch 13th 2009.

Why the hell do you need to bring the BNP into everything cigpapers?

scoteeeMarch 13th 2009.

because he is an idiot?

trevor kayMarch 13th 2009.

He's an annoying idiot who makes people like the BNP even less. God, you really wouldn't want a pint with this fool.

emma graceMarch 13th 2009.

Gordo, I think your meggings look fab. They are all obviously jealous of your fabulous legs

DescartesMarch 13th 2009.

Hm, I've been using photoshop for years and in my professional opinion that picture hasn't had any work done to it, looks original to me.

Mr WhippyMarch 13th 2009.

I thought all BNP party members were S&M gay folk anyway, don't they all like whipping each other's genitalia with cat'o'nine tails and then all having a cuddle afterwards.

DescartesMarch 13th 2009.

Let's keep on topic people, surely we won't get another chance to mock gordo like this ever again?

Ex LabourMarch 13th 2009.

Personally I agree with the cigmeister and still think he should have a " cigs in the city " column!

AvoMarch 13th 2009.

Excellent. I look forward to seeing the BNP manifesto which dictates what people can wear.

JoMarch 13th 2009.

Give me a 'real' man anyday, meggings....pah! No, seriously...they look disgusting!

scoteeeMarch 13th 2009.

Ms G = Creep! :@)

emma graceMarch 13th 2009.

Excuse me Scoteee but I happen to have a particular penchant for a man in tights...I've got that picture of Gordo as my screensaver.

lindaMarch 13th 2009.

He may like to wear them but then again, he's an odd ball anyway!

John S. LockeMarch 13th 2009.

I actually have to say that I have seen Gordos legs sans 'meggings' and standard men slacks and they were not bad for an old fella!...Can't tell you were or how but I will never forget them pins!...I have to also admit that I have been known to wear leggings in the past (before Brand jumped on the bandwagon)...They were great!..Got 'em from the sadly missed, and wonderful Geese clothing emporium...they were the business - unfortunately I am somewhat of a different shape to how I was back ijnh the early 90's and would not carry them off now as I hope I did then!...Did love them Meggings!

BrunettechicMarch 13th 2009.

Leggings are made for girls and girls only, men just would not look right wearing them at all, the same goes for ugg boots. Guys just stay away from them both and just stick to what you no.

RayMarch 13th 2009.

Brunettechnic - on what basis do you make such an idiotic statement? If you think women's legs are better looking, then fine by me; I've got no problem with you having lesbian tendencies. I would posit however that both men and women have legs, and thus - logically - both could wear leggings. Whether you think they are fashionable or not is neither here nor there. Frankly, I think there's a reasonable argument that women should cease wearing them as leggings have the tendency to make their already wide @rses look like a bouncy castle. In a similar vein, both sexes have feet, so oddball looking boots designed to make the wearer look like a yeti from the ankle down are again up for grabs by both men and women. Arent they known as "ugh" boots?

beeMarch 13th 2009.

why am i seeing a lot of girls wearing leggings with normal length t-shirts? it's not the bums that bother me - it's the serious camel toe each of them get!!i say get the boys in cycling shorts - then we get the hairy knees too! yey!

Jonny Van GothMarch 13th 2009.

We all know they're your real legs Gordo. Don't try to hide it.

emma graceMarch 13th 2009.

I think they should abolish Ugg boots...and crocs while they're at it, on the basis that they are just vile!

BluestiltonMarch 13th 2009.

I can't see how you can make the connection that a man who wears skinny jeans or indeed leggings cares about his appearence, they look rediculous! Especially when finished off with those crappy white pumps that everyone is wearing (and maybe a dodgy lumberjack cheched shirt). Look in a mirror, cos you look like twáts, not like someone who cares about you appearence at all... Just cos rocks stars (Kings of Leon, who I love by the way) and people like Russell Brand wear Skinny jeans etc.. for there image, to stand out and look different, doesn't make it a good luck!If you wanna wear it fine, but just cos its different doesn't make it good fashion! I for one would not be seen dead in skinny jeans, or leggings etc... and I have fantastic legs!

HonestopinionMarch 13th 2009.

To those blokes out there (and some girls), leggings do not look good on you! Neither do skinny jeans (very few people can get away with it).And what I find most annoying and ridiculous is when boys (and sometimes girls) have their jeans hanging halfway down their a**. It is laughable and whoever told you it looks good was lying.

brunettechicMarch 13th 2009.

Ray, where in my comment did i say i have lesbian tendencies, further more i never said girls legs were better than mens. i was simply stating a fact that girls legs are better in leggings, there are just some things that girls wear that boys should not, same goes with the other way round. As for your comment about womens bums looking like a bouncy castle, thats very idiotic of you to say because women are not all the same and i can safely say that my * @rse* looks nothing like one. As for your yeti boots comment you must be an older gentleman because nobody calls them that in this life time

BenitoMarch 13th 2009.

Oh it does make me laugh to see people posting opinions as actual fact! I'm slightly irate by the fact Bluestilton has pretty much summed up my wardbrobe as being vile when in actual fact - I thought it was just me wearing what I like... whilst I dont agree with meggings, there is nothing wrong with men in skinny jeans providing they have the right frame to pull it off. I hate seeing tall lanky or fat guys in them - its enough to turn me straight!

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