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Should Woolworths slide into extinction?

Is Woolworths, the shrunken retail giant, really worth it?

Published on November 26th 2008.

Should Woolworths slide into extinction?

The Results..

Yes: - 53%
No: - 47%

Good old Woolies. With its array of assorted everyday goods such as DVDs, sweets and crap greetings cards, it's as firmly implanted on the high street as the paving stones themselves. Apparently not so firm as we once thought.

Woolworths confirmed this week that it is in talks about a possible sale of its retail business. It's no secret that over the years the love for the retailer has diminished to a retail dead end lost in that old fashioned world of everything under one roof – a glorified pound shop with most stuff costing more than a pound.

It's tragic really looking back at how popular it used to be in the 70s and 80s. And to think the first Woolies opened in Liverpool in 1909. A hundred years on and should we be trying to save the longstanding high street chain or let it go to shopping heaven? C&A is up there waiting for it after all.

Speaking of pound shops, now you can buy the place for a £1 – its current value apparently. Perhaps a good trick would be to buy it, get your mates pissed and sell it to them for a tenner, make a cool £9 profit.

Of course on the other side of that pound coin the place is good for last minute purchases of tat and other this and that. More seriously it employs a lot of people who would suffer if Woolies closed and that would be very sad.

So vote on the Homepage, yes or no, for the fate of Woolworths.

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19 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Ah noNovember 26th 2008.

I love woolies. It can't shut. It's actually really competitive.

ZabzyNovember 26th 2008.

I love the comment about getting your mates drunk and selling them woolworths :-)

scoteeeNovember 26th 2008.

Woollies used to be owned by the Kingfisher group who own B&Q and Comet etc..A few years ago then they let it go independent and have done nothing with it since since, well there’s the "Big W"… Watch Dixons Stores Group. With 40,000 and shares worth f*ck all they own Dixons,Curry's, PCWorld and The Link among others in Italy, France, Spain and Sweden. Their shares are currently worth 13 pence they used to be £15.00 on the launch of Freeserve some years ago. Now, like woollies they offer nothing new. Gulp! Still the Ausies love woollies it’s their main supermarket.www.livenews.com.au/…/F_0_woolworths_320.jpg…

esquilo secretoNovember 26th 2008.

Woolies is a dinosaur. Everything it sells can be bought cheaper - and at a better standard - elsewhere. Admittedly, I used to rob a fistful of pick and mix (and on one occasion the entire top 10 singles from their handy top 75 wall-chart layout) in the early 80s. But its all tripe now. And lets be clear, they've not been a presence in the city centre since they killed 9 people in 1979 by locking/blocking the fire escapes and selling highly flammable furniture.

ZabzyNovember 26th 2008.

Manageing to rob an entire top ten... thats some skill

Pc Wool (pick and mix police)November 26th 2008.

I.p noted, ta!

DigNovember 26th 2008.

Woolies is finished unless it reinvents its identity fast. Mobile phones, games consoles, music, DVD/Blu Ray & books. Who automatically thinks of Woolies when going out to purchase any of those? I would hazard a guess at just the staff and their friends and families and only for the staff discount. Maybe a few people who live right by one for convenience too. It's not quite a dinosaur yet as it isn't extinct. Unfortunately, like the Swinhoe soft shell turtle, I think it will be soon.

scoteeeNovember 26th 2008.

the last one was eating in a wrap last weekend dig!

emma graceNovember 26th 2008.

Aww poor wooly...Ethel Austin will be next...

DigNovember 26th 2008.

Eating in a wrap?? I don't get it. Yeah Ethels will be next. Big Ethels warehouse in my neck of the woods closed about a year ago. Hundreds of jobs went there. Maybe Woolies and Ethels should merge. Get your Xbox and knickers in one handy store called Ethelworths. How could it fail?!?

esquilo secretoNovember 26th 2008.

Crikey! I hope there's a statute of limitations on robbing records by the Weather Girls

AnonymousNovember 26th 2008.

When I set up my little shop some years ago, I would have never believed I would have outlived Courts, C&A, Lewis's, MFI, Woolworths, Rumbelows, Mark One and the Royal Exchange. We live in interesting times....

Ali McGowanNovember 26th 2008.

Awww poor Woolies. I loved it as a kid [and was brought up properly not to steal!!!!] but... it never moved on, did it? Much as I feel sad that it might close down, if the senior management can't provide strategy and direction, then it's their fault it's failed... in which case it kinda deserves to shut. That said, I feel very sorry for the thousands of staff employed there... it's not their fault that the business has gone down a dead end :(

Minnie MinorNovember 26th 2008.

My local Woolies only has about 3 staff in it and they are only kids who aren't arsed if you buy or not. You could probably steal loads from there - but I never ever would. Thank God you can still get pic & mix at the cinema!

Paul MNovember 26th 2008.

I resent my taxes being used to bail out any privately-owned business, especially one as pitiful as Woolies!

AnonymousNovember 26th 2008.

its good for nothing but pic'n'mix

heatseekerNovember 26th 2008.

I like Woolies especially the free pick and mix.Walk in grab a hand full browse around walk out grab a handful.I cant understand how they are in cash difficulties.

pc BeatemhardNovember 26th 2008.

You thieving little scrote Heatseeker.I have worked in the police for 30 years and its people like you who have caused no amount of chaos in todays society.Woolies a once great company has been brought to its knees by mindless thugs like you.Shame on you Heatseeker.

scoteeeNovember 26th 2008.

pc beatemhard your name says a lot about the types of police officer you represent ..no doubt you have a thuggish cropped haircut and wear pit boots too?i dont know how poeple can rush in to woolworths today and buy their stock.they have let down their staff and anyone who continues to shop there are nothing more than looters! i could look a member of staff in the eye and pay for something..any amount of selling of stock wont save those poor sods their jobs now!

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