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Scruffy city beginning in M gets tough on litter

Madrid imposes fines up to £1200 on litter, urination and even feeding the pigeons. Should we do the same?

Published on March 3rd 2009.

Scruffy city beginning in M gets tough on litter
The Results..
Yes: - 82%
No: - 18%

There’s a European city beginning with M which is filthy.

Ha, got you, you thought it was Manchester didn’t you?

It’s Madrid. The Spanish capital has become a byword in Spain for being a litter-strewn city in which dogs foul and people (men and women) urinate in the streets at any time of the day or night.So in the run up to an Olympic bid the conservative council have decided to get tough. And how.

As reported yesterday in the Indie: ‘Madrid city hall is to deploy a 300-strong brigade of rubbish police to patrol the streets of the Spanish capital and slap draconian fines on those who search dustbins for food, urinate against trees, toss cigarette ends into the gutter or sprinkle the pavements when watering plants on their balconies.’

It all goes a bit crazier than that too. The fines are up to €1500 Euros for urinating in public or allowing your dog to foul the streets. It’s €3000 Euros for graffiti. For dropping paper in the streets (or even sunflower seeds) it’s €750. Even taking your kid to feed the ducks or pigeons in the park may see you fined €750.

Where social control seems to step in too heavily is the targeting of the poor and the hungry. People searching through the city’s supermarkets, restaurants or shops for discarded food, or cardboard to sleep on are liable to another €750 fine. Bizarrely they have to be caught with their hands in the bin delving. Caught mucky handed in other words.

Should we fine the piss artists or give the streets a coat of ceramic?

A Socialist councillor Pedro Santin has warned that: “the town hall will be spying on residents and violating their privacy.”

The assault on filth is the work of Madrid’s environment chief, Ana Botella, wife of Spain’s conservative former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar. She said: “The regulation seeks to defend the rights of the majority and fine those who disturb the rights of that majority.”

At Confidential we get lots of people complaining about the state of the streets, the litter, the urinating drunkards. But would we want to go this far in preventing it? Council officers at present can issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog-fouling, but the fines are small beer (so to speak) compared to those envisaged for Madrid. A litter fine is £80, £50 if you make early payment. Graffiti and urination are dealt with by other agencies such as the Police.

What do you think? Are such doctrinaire policies suitable for our city are or they simply crazy? Vote on the Homepage.

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69 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ashamedMarch 3rd 2009.

if u think Manchester is bad you should come to Salford. I see people coming out of the shop, unwrapping sweets and throwing the wrappers onto the ground. No not the kids,the adults. Where's your pride, you live here!!! Fine 'em I say.

Ali McGowanMarch 3rd 2009.

Given the filthy state of many of our streets, both residential and city centre, this idea is, in principle, good. I think in reality it goes a bit too far and the fines are too high, but Manchester could learn from this with: Many more litter wardens with more power to enforce fines; higher fines than present (which help to fund the wardens); more actual enforcement going on e.g. fines issued for weeing / being sick / allowing your dog to drop a curly one / spray painting other people's property; and crucially, more litter bins! On many city centre streets (and in resi areas too) they are few and far between - so it's not even easy to use a bin if you want to. Personally I always do, but we don't exactly make it simple. Walk from Olive along Whitworth St to Sainsbury's and the first bin you come to is outside the Palace Theatre. A very long way without a bin. City Council - over to YOU! :)

cigpapersMarch 3rd 2009.

Only a BNP run Council can ever really start to deal with the litter problem!

leighMarch 3rd 2009.

If you want to see a dirtier city in the EU other than madrid,try Naples.That city is disgusting, bin bags on top of bin bags strewn in the streets and the local government body cannot do anything about it because the waste management is run by the mafia who take vasts sums of cash from the state for the privelage of doing very littlle.Hey, maybe thats the problem we have in Manchester.Who really does control our waste?

scoteeeMarch 3rd 2009.

The first thing I would do if I got in through voting was clean manchester of all the cigpapers!

johnthebriefMarch 3rd 2009.

Banning chewing gum would be a good start

luckychrisMarch 3rd 2009.

You seriously want to fine people for being sick???

Gordo knows whoMarch 3rd 2009.

Chewing banned in Singapore and $1000. fine if caught dropping it in the street. One of the cleanist places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.

angus mcrMarch 3rd 2009.

banning chewing gum would defiantly get my vote.Manufactures of chewing gum should be required to pay for the clean up costs. Each packet should have a clean up tax, I bet they can develop a biodegradable option with in months if it going to cost them or harm their profits.Why does the world have to be spotted with chewing gum?

NOTcigsfanMarch 3rd 2009.

Why does every rant become about cigs and The BNP?

VisitorMarch 3rd 2009.

What do you expect a rant about, Peter Rabbit?

Phil JonesMarch 3rd 2009.

Manchester has become one of the filthiest citys in Europe and probably the dirtiest in the UK. its been made worse by the streetclen mobils not being able to get into corners and amongst the cobbles to pick up fag ends. We all should make steps to clean up after ourselves. There needs to be more bins , oh and whilst Im on it anybody walked on the north side of Swan St recently. probably the filthiest area Ive ever seen anywhere in the World and Ive been to Philadelphia and Naples!!!

leighMarch 3rd 2009.

I doubt that Phil...http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6287228.stm

annoying traffic wardenMarch 3rd 2009.

If I was running the council, I would have me and all my scruffy ticket issuing mates, hand out more tickets for littering.I can see it now."Sorry sir ,you're five minutes late back to the vehicle and that fag butt just cost you 180 quid"!

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

for ...Ali there us a litter bin in the entrance to Sackville Gardens immediately opposite Olive and I think there is still one between Princess Street and Oxford Street. I would fine em for being d and d if they are sick, and the other things are already covered. Most of the enforcement guys have powers of arrest now or soon will have and the flicker jockeys may still have brooms.But if there is a real problem then don't rant ...email them city.council@manchester.gov.uk bother with E on Call. ...and it should get sorted.I think there would be a lot of support for a ban on the sale of gum until it is made biodegradable or just serve an ABSO on Wrigleys Any volunteers to start get the ball unstuck and rolling?

cigsfanMarch 3rd 2009.

To NOTcigsfan : because cigpapers is the King of Controversy on MC!

mark mMarch 3rd 2009.

yawn @ cigpapers. hardly controversial, just plain stupid

SteMarch 3rd 2009.

The council certainly does need to up its game in this area. I agree with the other comments - Chewing Gum is the major problem. The quality of an environment has a direct impact on the well being of a community. People are motivated to live better if they inhabit a clean and pleasant environment. And why should the majority suffer in their day to day environment at the hands of the ever unruely minority. We should enforce more strictly and I would advocate tough fines - the pocket is the only area many respond to these days! But this is not the only solution. We also need to try to foster more pride in the young for the City - have major campaigns around the city, billboards on every corner reminding people. And a better effort at cleaning too. In Europe they actually wash the streets rather than just sweeping them. Our streets are not just litter strewn, they are filthy with vomit and fast food - they need cleaning. Come on manchester council, give us the city you always tell us we have!

A RealistMarch 3rd 2009.

I spend a lot of time in Hong Kong each year and that place is spotless, its all about the publics attitude, and unfortunately Manchester has a lot of scum who just don't care about anyone else.

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

What about the student areas? I know it's an awful stereotype, but I'm working in a studenty part of Stoke at present and there are certain streets on a Monday morning that are unbearable to walk down, especially at 8am. Open bin-bags in the street, rotting food on the footpath--and this week, someone appeared to have carefully walked the whole length of the road and thrown up on every other car. No mean feat. Is it any better in Manchester?

CastlefieldMarch 3rd 2009.

Solution!Throw litter get hand chopped off.Spray graffiti get hand chopped off.Urinate on street - you get the drift...

cigpapersMarch 3rd 2009.

Here's the final diatribe - multiculturalism spreads self hatred and lack of respect , the only solution to this evil is a BNP Government. VOTE BNP ON JUNE 4th !

underpantsMarch 3rd 2009.

Oh dear; looks like cigpapers has been at the crack again!

cigpapersMarch 3rd 2009.

To underpants : would you agree that only The BNP has the final solution to clearing Britain's streets of this squalid filth?

mancliberalMarch 3rd 2009.

Is that a reference to litter or immigrants?

Jonathan Schofield - editorMarch 3rd 2009.

Cigpapers, I have asked you on a direct email to give your ideas about what you hope to achieve with the BNP. This would be a face to face interview. I would report on that and give it my spin. But we would also video the interview so that the public could put their on spin on it, in case they doubted mine. So let's do it. Unless you have something to be afraid of. And please, please stop those vile jokes about the Final Solution because they are not funny - have you visited Auschwitz? I have. I believe that hate is the last refuge of the weak and no culture has thrived on hate. As an Engishman of impeccable heritage that is what I believe. Diversity is the only future thank God. Anyway what about that interview? Come on lad, take me on. Is Cigpapers brave enough? Thing is I don't thnk you are.

GordoMarch 3rd 2009.

Jonathan, haven't you figured out that Cigpapers is today's equivelent of Henry Root? He is a middle class classics student with a weird sense of humour, lives in Chorlton and loves winding everyone up! He ain't real!

cigpapersMarch 3rd 2009.

I have spoken to Derek Adams ( leader of Manchester BNP and local hero to millions ) who has very kindly agreed to an interview free of charge with MC. I feel that on my own behalf I would prefer to do a regular column " Cigs In The City " or similar for the correct renumeration. Lert me know The Cigmeister xxx

ANTIBNPMarch 3rd 2009.

Personally I hate litter , cigpapers and The BNP. However I do agree with their policies on immigration , islam , Iraq , Europe , education , crime and multiculturalism.Also even though I hate cigpapers I feel he should be offered a paid column as he is one of the top bloggers on many sites.

EllieMarch 3rd 2009.

Rusholme is a mess. Crap everywhere.

mark m saysMarch 3rd 2009.

Yes I agree - let's get a full interview with Derek Adams and let's see cigpaper's column for what it is. I might not like cigpapers but I accept he is The King of Controversy on here and other sites!

IheartMUFCMarch 3rd 2009.

Can't believe the civilised people of MC actually want to hear what cigpapers has to say for himself. He's nothing more than a sad loner sat at home, alone, wading through forums, chatrooms, blog sites just waiting to make a controversial comment to wind people up and get people talking about him (so annoying that I am too!! but had to make this one point!)- and now you're talking about giving this man column space?????!!!!! I for one would stop reading MC immediately. He's nothing more than a sad, miserable, racist t***!!

the real mark mMarch 3rd 2009.

Quite witty writing under my name cigpapers. Wondered when you would figure that one out.

cigpapersMarch 3rd 2009.

To IheartMUFC : No one knows the true identity of cigpapers , all we know is he strikes from the political cyber underground blogging for Truth , Justice , Freedom and The British way of life before disappearing into the web shadows.

Gay MikeMarch 3rd 2009.

I know who you are cigpapers. Are you still coming round tonight? If you are make sure you bring your personal British way of life and that big blog of yours. See you later honey!

cigsfanMarch 3rd 2009.

I think cigs is one of the top shock bloggers on here and consideration should be given to a column for him.

JeromePeterMarch 3rd 2009.

To Jonathan Schofield. What does Auschwitz have to do with the BNP? I'm aware that self righteous left wingers cynically exploit holocaust victims and their families to falsely demonise their political enemies. They also demonise people who object to mass immigration by turning it into a race issue, which it isn't. That's akin to suggesting that parents who believes in family planning must hate children. Ironic that the vast majority of left wingers not only endorse the mass slaughter of unborn babies through abortion, they champion it with glee!

JeromePeterMarch 3rd 2009.

I think I'll add Jonathan Schofield, that your self-indulgent attempt to create your own pseudo-intellectual quote 'hate being the last refuge of the weak' is childishly misguided. Genealogical annihalation is the last refuge of the weak according to the laws that govern mother nature. And if you seriously believe that the masses of immigrants coming here, unwelcomed by the vast majority of indigenous inhabitants, are going to do anything other than selfishly help themselves to our garden of Eden, with no regards for the British people, our heritage, customs or culture, then present us your with your predictable bog standard counter-rhetoric sir....take the floor. And when you're done I'll wipe it with you.

alMarch 3rd 2009.


Art CleggMarch 3rd 2009.

Jerome you are so silly. Are you in essence Saxon, Celtic, what? Do you just hate people of colour? Saxons and Celts are both immigrants just older ones? Hate is bad. Success is always about optimism. Schofield is right in that narrowmindedness is shameful and you - BNP - cannot realise that you are no more than voices in the wilderness who somehow are ashamed of what Britain truly represents.

SteMarch 3rd 2009.

The BNP can never get away from the fact that its leaderships views are dangerous, sometimes violent, racist, and above all, out of sync with main stream public opinion. In power it would severely harm our economic prosperity, our relationships with the rest of the world, and our way of life. So no, I dont have confidence that a BNP run council would have better answers to the litter problems of Manchester.

WinstonMarch 3rd 2009.

To Jonathon Schofield:I am sure that you are aware of the level of political persecution that is directed at the BNP. Some people have lost their jobs for being BNP. To go on video is hence not always possible. This is not a question of bravery as I am sure you are aware. To make sucha challenge is also a samll act of political persecution.What is your attitude to the political persecution of the BNP? Do you feel that this is in accordance with the EU convention that prohibits such discrimination? I am not asking you whether you agree with BNP policies or not - I am asking you about your attitudes towards political persecution of a legal political party? Do you agree with this? How do you feel this impacts on political freedom and freedom to dissent from the hegemonic political orthodoxy of the main 3 (lib/lab/con)? Freedom of thought?I feel it inappropriate that you 'challenge' one political party - have you challenged any others in this manner? Mind you, the level of political persecution does not apply to the main 3 but just as a matter of interest have you done so?

WinstonMarch 3rd 2009.

Ste- which views of the leadership of the BNP are violent? Could you please provide a link to this so I can read and 'violent' leadership views for myself? I have read the BNP website and can not find and 'violent' leadership views. Also, 'dangerous' - again please provide a link as to this 'danger'. As for wacism - where do I start? Could you please define this term first then we can talk?Why not just say 'nazi' like the others do? Have you been watching the BBC? Don't believe it all Ste. Think why all the super rich fear the BNP so much - to the extent they enable such smearing and persecution - think about it before you parrot what they told you.I have read some of the other comments but I do not have time to respond to all the ignorance above.However, just to say I enjoy reading cigpapers.

RobertMarch 3rd 2009.

Aren't all three of the major parties challenged almost every day in regards to their policies? We have a morning every week set aside so that the PM can be challenged about policy.

rosieMarch 3rd 2009.

@Winston.I think you'll find that there is video footage of Nick Clegg talking about blowing up "pakis" and others in the same group wanting to station snipers near to mosques.if this isn't violent,i'm not sure what is. @cigpapers;if you want to be mark m,can i have your credit card details as i've seen a fab pair of shoes on net-a-porter.@all you bnp supporting racist idiots;we can see right through you pathetic little idiots.**** right off

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

Oh dear Robert - I don't think you understood the posts above.Robert, the ed did not challenge the policies of the BNP, he made a 'challenge' for a person to put their face on the net as a supporter and/or member of a persecuted political party. Robert, can you understand the difference?And another thing, you cannot challenge the main 3 on certain matters. It is illegal in this country to ask certain questions that would present certain challenges. It is illegal Robert. Maybe not questions your obviously limited mind had considered, but for the more thinking people we know that we are not allowed to state certain matters and 'the truth is no defence'. Robert - please read all the above before posting again. Play 'spot the difference' between the matters above. We are addressing political persecution here, not questioning about policies. I am sure if you ask cigpapers any questions about policies he will answer you if he is still on this thread. I do not know if cigpapaers is a BNP member/candidate or not but he obviously is at least a supporter. The challenge was not an intelligent question/challenge about policies it was asking for someone to possible jeopardise thier job and family livelihood. Can you see the difference? Do you know people have lost thier jobs for being in the BNP? Do you think that this political persecution is acceptable?

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

Rosie do you have link for Nick Clegg saying this? I though Nick Clegg was in the libdem leadership not the BNP leadership? Do you have a video link to the BNP leadership saying this? I do not believe you have because if you had the mainstream media would have had it on tv on loop. The BNP leadership could not have said such a thing. I do not believe this. I am not sure that one could be in the leadership of a legal political party if one had called for such violence (whether this is the libdems or the BNP). However, if you have a link please provide it.I would love to see the BNP leadership saying these things- but I bet you don't give a link. Maybe you have a link for someone who says they support the BNP saying this- that could happen but that would not be the BNP leadership. When I say that could happen I do not mean to smear the BNP in any way - I mean that could be arranged by the state or some idiot could just do it - I guess all political parties could suffer from idiots supporting them and doing stupid things on video - no way a party could stop that. However, if that is the case then that in no way has anything to do with BNP leadership.Rosie, please read about Nick Clegg, it says on this link that he is a www.libdems.org.uk/people/nick-cleggTyping… WAYCIST does not constitute reasoned debate.

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

Rosie do the Liberal Democrats know that Nick Clegg is in the BNP leadership?

JeromePeterMarch 3rd 2009.

No Art, I don't hate 'people of colour'. As is typical of the average lefty, you assume that because I support the BNP that I must be racist. Wrong. You'd still believe that the world was as flat as a cephalagraphic reading of your brainwaves, if you hadn't already been taught different. I know you don't visit the BNP's site because you wouldn't be so narrow minded. Like most lefties, many things that you accuse your victims of are more a representation of your own personal psychological inadequacies. It's called reflective identification. You supplement this with your ridiculous suggestion that I am ashamed of what Britain represents...er what exactly would that be in your topsy turvy world? Hating Britain and indulging in self flagellation over it, is a favourite hobby of lefties. Finally, 'Success is always about optimism'? Where did you find that? The schofield booklet of silly quotes?

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

I think you will find, if you do the maths, that there is more criminal activity in the main 3 than in the BNP (and the main 3 cover up proportionately more of it too so the actual figures will be worse):http://liarsbuggersandthieves.blogspot.com/

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

Yes Jerome, I agree that psychological inadequacies explain much 'leftie' 'thinking'.Their tendency to attribute 'hate' is also interesting. I believe that this is freqeuntly caused by their high level of self loathing, coupled with the related projection and construct cognitive emphasis.

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

Art: 'Success is always about optimism' - is it really? Jerome is right, the schofiled booklet of silly quotes must have this one :-)I am going on the BNP website, it is much more intelligent. Jerome, cigpapers and a few others are excepted formt his obviously but there are some very ill informed and emotionally unbalanced stupid people on this site.Please feel free to type WAYSIST all night Rosie :-) very intelligent. Nick Clegg hey? :-)It was fun but I must go now, I need to read sonmething intelligent.

AnonymousMarch 3rd 2009.

ArtClegg (realted to Nick Clegg?) - what of someone does hate? What if I were to say that I hate the Government and anyone who supports them? Is that anybody's business? Why bring hate into anything? We are free people (or we should be/used to be) and we can hate who and what we want (even cabbage). Free people can have their own emtions and that includes hate. Wanting to preserve your own culture is probably more likley to be motivated by love rather than hate. However, even if for one individual it were motivated by hate - so what? IMHO mass immigration of other peoples and cultures could be viewed as hatred of the indigenous British. However, it is only those who wish to limit this immigration whom are accused of hate by the mainstream media/goverment/and those who take thier opinions from the mainstream media/establishment etc. I will certainly be voting BNP as soon as I get the opportunity to do so. My motivation is that they have the best policies of all parties. I want an end to political correctness, I want crime reduced, fairness back, British job for British workers, sensible economic policies, a good environment, out of Iraq, lower taxes, proper care and respect for the elderly and really vulnerable, respect for the armed forces, return of decency, and an end to unlimited immigration into Britain. I am guessing the last point is the one you will decide is hateful. In my case, not. I love Britian and that is my primary motivation for this. I do not hate other cultures, good luck to them all in thier own countries. However, if I did hate then so what?

rosieMarch 3rd 2009.

apologies to mr clegg and the lib dems.obviously meant nick griffin.must read through before posting

AngloSaxonchiefMarch 3rd 2009.

Because cigpapers talks commonsense a quality sadly missing from today’s political leaders and their compliant drones. vote English Democrats

AngloSaxonchiefMarch 3rd 2009.

Because cigpapers talks commonsense a quality sadly missing from today’s political leaders and their compliant drones. vote English Democrats

scoteeeMarch 3rd 2009.

To Anonymous- I agree with having immigration controlled and indeed reduced. This does not mean the BNP are best party to make that happen. Backward thinking and antiquated values coupled with little political/governing experience are not where I choose to lay my vote to take this British nation forward. The recent improvement in local by-election results for the BNP is not reminiscent of a great party it’s a frustrated public crying out for better government and they threaten to vote with feet god help us all if BNP get in. In the main, the BNP are all white like me, but completely and irrefutably racist. The BNP are utilising a time where things have been sorely misjudged in government and very bad mistakes have been made. For me, the BNP majority is made up of ill educated, low paid or non-working types with a history of the same. Not all are in this category I’m sure, it’s a fact some are well paid educated members, I acknowledge this, but to me they are the few lost and frustrated ones leading people with little influence in life like lemmings. Interesting that the main body is made up of the lower end of the scale don’t you think? Immigration must stop, but the BNP are far from the right people to police it.

SHREWMarch 4th 2009.

Good lad “cigpapers” Most of us think like you, but most are afraid of saying anything, because of the fear of being physically attacked by the left wing fascists . Manchester is cultural melting pot that has melted .Yuk!!!! And don’t talk to me about Oldham, remember the riots? All the bad boys paid off to keep calm,

DizzeeRascalMarch 4th 2009.

Hope the Police catch this Nick Clegg character soon - from the accounts on here a very dangerous person!

cigpapersMarch 4th 2009.

To Scotee : are you aware of the expression " two bob snob " ? To Rosie : can we have the link please?

AnonymousMarch 4th 2009.

Rosie you want to be careful if you are falsely cliaming you have such a video/or have seen such a video of Nick Griffin because no such video exists and he may sue you. You can no longer lie about the BNP like that they have started taking legal actions against such smears. I suggest you post an apology for your mistake. You have posted a lie about an individual here and you need to take it back.Scotee - you snear about 'low paid' people and 'lower end of the scale' - first - so you actually have statistics to back up these claims or are you writing from ignorance and prejudice? Secondly, what if these claims were even true? Is that as opposed to other parties? Have you even made this comparison? How does the % vary as compared to the Labour Party? Let us remember that most people are on low or low to middle wages. However, most disturbing about your post is your obvious snobbery. Are you saying lower paid people are irrelevant? Or what? What is your problem with lower paid people? Or people who did not get a chance of a good education? In a democracy all our votes are equal. I am highly educated and I will certainly vote BNP. However, I would never dream of making snearing remarks about people who are lower paid than I or have lower education levels than I. That sort of attitude disgusts me. The BNP want to improve wages for the lower paid na dalso improve educational chances for those in areas in which the schools are not up to standard. Gets my vote. Please do not snear about people to whom you feel superior - that is not very decent behaviour.

AnonymousMarch 4th 2009.

Shrew - so true. And the government actually sponsors many of these leftie thugs - albeit often indirectly (e.g. funding their organisations). This is another reason why JonathonScofield's 'challenge' to cigpapers is so disingenuous. I am sure jonathon knows about this type of violence by lefties and so he is jeopardising cigpapers safety. He must know that. Cigpapers please don't fall for this nonsense. If you want to ask about policy Jonathon then do it here and now. Sneaky tricks like that jonathon are so transparent.The lefties are showing their true colours on here - the snobbery is showing a lot.

AnonymousMarch 4th 2009.

Jonathon should know the risk to people who are members of the BNP in this current climate of political persecution. Mugabe eat your heart out. Here are 2 such stories. In one a lefty attacked a BNP member's home merely because the person was a BNP member. The lefty thug went to prison but this is still a risk for all of us. It is because of these such attacks that I dare not risk my home and family by joining the BNP. However, I will always vote for them and support them. I just can not afford to have my home and family attacked like this. This is political persecution as said above. This is unacceptabel in a free country. 'Challenging' people to risk thier homes and families in this way is wrong Jonathon. And then to pretend that they are 'wrong' because they will not risk the violence to thier homes and families is ridiculous. www.telegraph.co.uk/…/…

alMarch 4th 2009.

I've a strong suspicion that a lot of the ranters on this post aren't your average ManCon readers. I reckon ol' cigpapers has gone and rounded up some of his buddies from "other sites where he is a brilliant blogger" and we've been invaded. I'm hereby launching the MCNP (Manchester Confidential Nationalist Party). We will fight against these invasions, we will not let our once proud website be raped and pillaged by ranters who probably aren't from Manchester. We're not racist or anything, we just want to make sure that only people from Manchester can rant on our "Garden of Eden". We do not discriminate against people of lower intelligence or lower education, just against those from Liverpool (errrrrrm) or anywhere else that they may be ranting from. Let's take back our website. Oh and for those attacking jonathan schofield, there is no substance in the rumour that there is video evidence of him drunk and singing "I will survive" on holiday in Crete. The MCNP is now taking legal action against those that make slurs such as that.

cigpapersMarch 4th 2009.

Everything about Jonathan Schofield is wrong. However I have telephoned his office and left the number for Derek Adams to arrange an interview. I have not heard back about my " cigs In The City " project yet.

AngloSaxonchiefMarch 4th 2009.

Anonymous;Sadly it is very true what you say. I know it won’t be long before we will all have to literally fight for our survival. We need to mentally sort our minds out to be violent toward those who would do violence to us and our families, for too long we have been apathetic about the slide our country has taken into hell. That is all going to change very soon, make sure you are on the right side. Best wishes.

AngloSaxonchiefMarch 4th 2009.

Al#Manchester! Where the bloody hell is that? You should count yourselves lucky we Londoners deem to put finger to keypad and contribute, a little gratitude I think would not go amiss.

cigsfanMarch 4th 2009.

I hope that they go with the Cigs In The City Column. I've been a fan of cigs for years going back to his early stuff on AOL - how many remember that?

AnonymousMarch 4th 2009.

Rosie have you found your imaginary video of Nick Griffin yet? No? Doesn't exist does it Rosie. Rosie telling lies is wrong and it makes you look stupid.

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