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Pack your bags Gordon, would you?

Should the Prime Minister resign to save his party and government?

Published on June 5th 2009.

Pack your bags Gordon, would you?
Yes: - 56%
No: - 44%

James Purnell's shock resignation from Cabinet follows the walk out of two other Greater Manchester MPs, Hazel Blears and Beverley Hughes.

If there’s a mood of rebellion in the Labour Party, it seems centred here, in our city region.

Purnell has said that the survival of the Labour Party as a party of power depends upon Gordon Brown's exit.

Why would he say that?

Easy, really. Brown may have had some success in dealing with the economic woes but if so, he has communicated them poorly. Meanwhile his handling of the expenses scandal has been dithery in the extreme and he has been comprehensively and consistently out-manoeuvred by David Cameron. This despite the fact that Tory MPs have been just as greedy as Labour ones.

Brown seems more than weak and uncertain, he seems broken. The result of having a leader in which most people have zero confidence can clearly be seen in this week’s council elections. In some wards Labour has been beaten into sixth place. Of the four county councils held by Labour, including Lancashire, none remain.

The resignations of the MPs of Stalybridge and Hyde, Salford and Stretford, may seemingly stem from different motives: an expressed desire to get away from Brown, a wish to concentrate on constituency needs and a decision to spend more time with the family.

But maybe all three are related.

Maybe they are part of a tactical withdrawal, a calculated jumping of ship so that when Brown sinks there’s no guilt by association. Then careers can be renewed under a new leader.

Gordon Brown in happier times

Then again it may be too late. There seems a mood in the country that the Labour is done for. Just as America had a strong yearning for change it would appear that the British now share that desire for a new brush - at least if you look at the opinion polls and listen to the opinion makers.

Purnell is suggesting that with Brown out of the way Labour would, at least, stand a chance of turning things around. This seems the last scintilla of hope they have.

So the question is, should Brown resign to give his party a chance of retaining power at the next General Election?

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10 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

BenJune 5th 2009.

Seriously, what has he REALLY done since being in office?

SiJune 5th 2009.

Brown should stay and lead them into the next election, if only to ensure that the Labour party remain in the political wilderness for the next few decades.

CastlefieldJune 5th 2009.

He's got to go, he's humiliating himself and the nation. The man is simply not a leader, which is surely a required trait for the top job. Personal political views aside, this country needs a leader and he just doesn't have those talents. National issues aside, what concerns me most is if he's so obviously inept at leading his own party then how does he represent us when negotiating at international level. I did not agree with Tony Blair's politics but he was a leader and not an embarassment. Gordon you are a laughing stock, fairly or not, so please go. Quickly.

AMCJune 5th 2009.

Get out now. What have you done for us lately?

BoredofitallJune 5th 2009.

I'll be honest, I've defended Labour under Gordon Brown far enough but the comments and the numbers speak for themselves. He lacks Charisma and can't manage his MPs, so we need a new leader.To be fair, MPs are a load of whining good for nothings with their fingers in the pot the majority of the time and generally need mothering to ensure they actually do the job we elect them to do, but you need a leader they will respect and work for. Unfortunately, due to GB's unpopularity with his peers, it's reflected on the votes cast by the public for them.I don't think the Tories can do a better job, all Cameron does is critise without offering viable alternatives, The Libs may do a good job but no-one takes them seriously.Cue people thinking they have no-one to vote for so 'abstaining' and the Jeremy Kyle watching no-jobbers and also, I hate to say it but the ignorant old people who have nowt better to do with their time besides be stuck in their narrow minded hating foreigners ways, fill their boots with votes for the BNP.P.S. If you did 'Protest vote' by not voting, well done. You are officially not allowed to have an opinion on politics anymore. It winds me up that people make such a noise against any political party but then do eff all to combat it. I didn't feel like there was a party I wanted to vote for, but I knew if I didn't use my vote against the ones I didn't want in power, they would come to power......Try thinking of it that way as opposed to, "they're all the bloody same."

AnonymousJune 5th 2009.

I can honestly say that I never have and never will vote Labour. To all you morons who honestly believed that "Things can only get better" back in 1997, you reap what you sow. Maybe it's time to f**k off off to the Camen Islands for a few years... Maybe I'll meet up with Tony BLiar, Gordon Clown and a few of these other self serving politicians whilst I'm there... Are you all wearing such rose tinted glasses that you fail to remember the 1970's when the Labour party were last in "power"?

AnonymousJune 5th 2009.

Labour have led us proficiently through the last 12 years, which encompasses a very succesful decade of growth and prosperity in the UK. No-one (and no party) can expect growth all the time, and it will be Labours ability to lead us sucessfully and quickly out of the recession that they will be judged on. Gordon Brown however doesn't have the charisma or leadership skills to be PM and should be replaced with someone that does from within Labour, quickly. GB was a great chancellor, and should have stayed in that role.

GregJune 5th 2009.

Brown should kick all the 'labour' mps who don't back him out of the party. This would show he is in control and a leader perpared to make tough decisions. Blair did it to the militant 'party within party', so why not the 'Blarites' The constant undermining by labour mps who feel they are doing the right thing by calling for him to go are creating the real problem. Shame they didn't do the right thing when making their expense claims.

scoteeeJune 5th 2009.

unfortunately that would mean losing at least one third of the government Greg....which highlights his lack of support which also highlights his unpopularity?

Hudster67June 5th 2009.

We have an unelected Prime Minister who was chancellor for 10 years, has manipulates everything he comes into contact with, the reporting of his financial successes and where they didn't suit altered reporting periods the cabinet and where they didn't suit removed, he talked of prudence but actually mortgaged the coutnry to such an extent that we will pay for his mistakes for the next 20 years. He claims to be the saviour of the global economy, yet between him and his chancellor who can't even fill his own tax return in (we pay for it to be completed for him), we are in a mess, with the prospects of cuts in public services and hikes in taxation. It's no surprise I won't be voting Labour in the election when it comes!

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