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Michael Jackson on tour: has he still got it?

Can the fallen star pull off a comeback tour or is he setting himself up for yet another fall?

Published on March 6th 2009.

Michael Jackson on tour: has he still got it?
The results
Yes: - 40%
No: - 60%

July of this year will see Micheal Jackson mania at the O2 Arena in London. “This is it” he said in a press conference in the capital, “These will be my final show performances in London. When I say this is it, it really means this is it.”

Jackson's career has arguably never got back on track since the child abuse allegations of the 90s. Having been relatively out of the spotlight since that very messy decade, Jackson is back in the news for what his fans want him to be in the news for: the music. According to Randy Phillips, president and chief executive of AEG Live Jackson will receive £50m for his efforts.

If he can pull it off, the ten date tour would make Jackson the ultimate comeback King. Child abuse allegations, several failed marriages, an addiction to prescription drugs, dangling his baby from a hotel balcony, skin bleaching, sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, buying the bones of the Elephant man, monstrous plastic surgery and that bizarre interview with Martin Bashir are only a few of the strange goings on in the world of Wacko Jacko- Jackson's tabloid name.

Now at age 50, Jackson also has a history of ill health and is often photographed looking frail and withered. His face for many, is a startling reflection of his lifelong internal disturbances. What these are exactly, we'll never fully know. However if promoters, AEG, are to be believed, Jackson is 'sane, focused and healthy.'

Added to this, let's not forget that this man is a former child star. Surrounded by 'yes-people' all his life, it's no wonder he has fallen by the wayside physically, mentallly, socially and the list goes on. This however, doesn't take away from the fact that he is one of the greatest performers of all time and a respected music icon.

To be able to put on ten London dates at his age must mean he still has something to give. No one will be expecting a show to match Thriller and no amount of plastic surgery can disguise the fact that aging will slow us all down one day. But if Madonna can still prance around in a leotard then why not Michael (hopefully minus the leotard)? These gigs have the potential to be the affirmation that he has still got it and his music career could make a full comeback, despite the fact that his original face never will.

Michael Jackson's website is receiving 16,000 visits per second as fans register for tickets to his summer residency at the London O2. Do you agree with them that the moonwalk man is indeed invincible or should he just beat it? Vote on the homepage

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13 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

cigpapersMarch 6th 2009.

If he's innocent good luck to him - if he's guilty not!

jaybeeMarch 6th 2009.

EDITORIALLY REMOVED: we want funny, sharp, clever, not down-right unsubstantiated accusation please.

StrangeMarch 6th 2009.

Strange but I admire him as a performer and have no beef with his return.

Keith GillowMarch 6th 2009.

Odd fellow and past it. Another embarrassing return and given the tickets prices for the love of money not for dancing and singing

AnonymousMarch 6th 2009.

I was a massive fan as a kid, I think now he has so much surgery we wouldnt even know if he had died and replaced, he has not released any new material, his last perfomance was dodgey he looks like he would mely or break, and this vertiligo seems to have just turned him white over night how come we never ever saw patches? no chance I would pay £800 to watch some stand-in moon walk! does he not understand the yerm credit crunch! if he has blown all his money thats his problem I contributed first time round!!

Professor Up the M62March 6th 2009.

His problems are not over yet. After the show he did in West Ham, where he sang, I'm forever blowing bubbles, he has the RSPCA after him now.

Cilla TapeMarch 6th 2009.

Has he still got it? No, it fell off about a year ago.

AnonymousMarch 6th 2009.

Amusing that he now has to garner publicity on the back of poor Jade. Who would ever have thought it, eh? But good luck to the chap.

AnonymousMarch 6th 2009.

Strange that he is planning his 'comeback' tour in UK. Why? Is it because we have double standards here??...we want child abusers locking up...and yet we will pay hundreds of quid to see one sing....I dont get it!

Travis BickleMarch 6th 2009.

Musically, he's been irrelevant for 20 years. I seriously doubt the sickly, invalid-like Jackson has the stamina to perform one concert, let along a string of them. Rumours suggest his encore will consist of a greatest hits medley performed from within an iron lung.

M30March 6th 2009.

Over-rated and over-hyped. I personally find him repugnant. He is a man who has been pandered to all his life. I constantly hear people saying "Ah, but he's just a child himself" as justification for him sharing his bed with young boys. If it was a case of Barry the plumber from Rochdale who had boys in his bed, you can guarantee he'd be put on a register before you could say Jack Robinson. I fail to understand the logic of his apologists, and I would be curious to see their reaction to any proposed comeback by Gary Glitter.

PaulMarch 6th 2009.

Will he make the $100,000,000 he reportably owes out of this

esquiloMarch 6th 2009.

Amazes me that millions of people will pay £50 - £100 to see these acts miming from a great distance but the £7- £13 album sales for the same acts are absolutely miniscule in comparison

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