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Love affairs and intimacies: how can that affect the force?

Has ex-Chief Constable Michael Todd’s personal life damaged the reputation of the police?

Published on February 11th 2009.

Love affairs and intimacies: how can that affect the force?
Yes: - 23%
No: - 77%

The report into former Greater Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd has been released today. This was drawn up by a team headed by Sir Paul Scott-Lee, Chief Constable of West Midlands police.

The death of Michael Todd last March and the revelations about his chaotic personal life and multiple affairs, led to the report being commissioned to ascertain if there had been any impact on his professional performance as Chief Constable.

The report is almost universally positive regarding the way that Todd carried out his professional duties, indeed it comments: ‘Given the wide ranging number of people seen, it is in some ways surprising that very few negative perceptions were raised at all about the Chief Constable’.

Scott-Lee's report constantly reinforces the rumours of Todd's affairs saying, ‘conversations during examination have revealed a wide range of relationships with different women. Some categorically deny any intimate behaviour, whereas others have acknowledged an 'affair' or sexual encounter. This examination makes no determination as to fact versus speculation in respect of individuals.’

However, it also found that ‘there has been no evidence of unaccountable expenditure in respect of accommodation or hospitality.’

Yet the report concludes that: ‘His lifestyle has not only affected his family but also adversely impacted upon the reputation of the Police Service.’

But has it really affected the reputation of the police?

A straw poll of all the Confidential staff found that nobody thinks any worse or better of the police because of Todd’s personal life. The opinion seems to be that apart from a certain fruity frisson, a bit of curtain twitching fascination it has no bearing whatsoever on the job he did. So why on earth would the official report say it has damaged the police force? Very odd.

Vote on the homepage, yes if you think it has affected the standing of the police, or no, if doesn’t matter on iota.

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30 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

cpingFebruary 11th 2009.

Well if it was no big deal why is Michael Todd no longer Chief Constable of Greater Manchester?Chief Constables like Archbishops are people who need desperately to avoid hypocracy and the members of this exclusive group should not drop their knickers for any passing flousie male or female.That aside its bad form to have affairs with people over whom you exercise authority in an organisation (as teachers in FE colleges know but not in Universities.) It is foolish to risk blackmail (living in a ground floor flat in Piccadilly Village which was broken into), and women certainly believe that telling the lies that man having an affair must do, leads to them being liars in other matters.Anybody appointing archbishops or chief constables needs to ask the question at the interview 'Do you know anything in your private life that would....' and conduct a background check. Members of the Authoity have a duty of care for their senior officers in helping them keep on the straight and narrow. That the GMPA does not appear to have done this brings in question other senior appointments.But was Mike Todd a good Chief? He came saying he would arrest the criminals and ofter a long time that policy seems to be working in Mosside for example (an achievment which must be shared with the community.) But the major concern of ordinary people is anti- social behaviour. Since this is usually a random on habitual result rather than criminal intent even if it has serious consequnces, a good strategy of 'prevention' is what is needed. Todd never articulated this, and left his officers exposed to an unhappy public as they confessed to not being able to do anything. There are now signs that this is changing.

follieFebruary 11th 2009.

If his wife had moved with him and supported him a bit more these affairs may not have happened!

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2009.

I think the actions of the police, and the way in which they deal with crime in Manchester has affected our opinions of them far more than the private life of the former Chief Constable

Anna1February 11th 2009.

Follie- you can hardly blame his wife for his affairs - I assume you are a man.On the subject of his personal life affecting his professional life - I am amazed that he, or anyone else for that matter in a high profile, demanding job, has time to have affairs. Surely something has to give how can anyone person juggle so many balls, so to speak , and still do their job properly ?

JanieFebruary 11th 2009.

cping - you ask why Michael Todd is no longer Chief Constable of Greater Manchester - are you serious??

mrs angryFebruary 11th 2009.

in no way should anyone (except a vicar/minister) loose there job because of their conduct outside the work place - unless they are skipping work and not doing their job properly - there are too many do gooders and people sticking their noses into other peoples affairs - let people get on with their jobs and run there home life how they see fit!

cigpapersFebruary 11th 2009.

EDITORIAL COMMENT - nasty, silly and vicious rant and now gone.

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2009.

'Loose (sic) there (sic) job' / 'why is he no longer Chief Constable?' Is it me or do some people need to read a newspaper once in a while?

ZabzyFebruary 11th 2009.

I often wondered if the people that rant on this site are actually from Manchester or have any common sense, the question "Why is Todd No Longer Cheif Constable of Greater Manchester Police" confirms my suspicions. I dont think any of us lead a 100% innocent life, i bet more than half of us have done things we wouldnt like people at work to find out about, its all part of life. Todd was well respected in the force and we shouldnt judge him because of what he got upto when he wasnt at work. I think its a case of let he who is without sin cast the first stone and its pretty easy to be without sin when your sat behind a computer.

MikeFebruary 11th 2009.

I think it very wrong to "try" a dead man. One whom obviously very troubled. Let the poor man rest

scoteeeFebruary 11th 2009.

Mike- agreed

emma graceFebruary 11th 2009.

I'll never understand with people's obsession with discussing and scrutinizing the dead. It's like the Princess Diana saga. Let it rest! Whatever he has or hasn't done wrong, the guy is dead, surely that draws a line under it. His poor family are trying to deal with the death of a loved one and all they see is the media highlighting and analyzing all the guy's faults. Not nice...not nice at all.

D EathFebruary 11th 2009.

Emma, good lord lady, have you looked around the biography section of Waterstones, have you seen all those books about the dead. Loads of them. The point here is the asinine remark by the inquiry into Todd that his conduct had somehow damaged the force. As if. Valid line of thought though, why would they think that? Are they just saying stuff they don't mean to pander to the fools who read the Daily Mail? Yep I'd say.

emma graceFebruary 11th 2009.

True, but a biography is one thing... articles and headlines exposing the guy's whole personal PRIVATE life, and using it to try to negate all the positive work he did in the community are another. Which is my point; it must make his family and friends feel terrible.

cigpapersFebruary 11th 2009.

Why aren't liberals like me allowed a voice editor?

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2009.

My family were close friends with Michael and he was a lovely, well thought of and respected man.He did his job well and worked hard, who ever said that this effected his work were talking utter rubbish, he was a true professional.

Drew PeacockFebruary 11th 2009.

In no way did this affect his job...what they are saying is that it could have done in another situation, ie, if one of these women was a bunny boiler and threatened to extort or blackmail him.I thought he came across as a really nice bloke, a good Chief Constable who represented Gtr Manchester well. So what if he had affairs?Read your history books, every great man/woman had their flaws, but history does not detract from the fact he was GMP's best so far...RIP Mr Todd, the people whom you served shall be the judge, not someone who attempts to give the public what the public supposedly wants.

bodzyFebruary 11th 2009.

i can remember the other side of the coin," Fxxxing Cheat "was the words the press hurled at Chef Gordon Ramsey, .."Love Rat"was used to discribe, fottballer Ashley Cole, So many hateful expletive's were used to discribe broadcaster Chris Tarrant all for their sordid little affairs with other women Yet Chief Constables , yes and royalty are just misunderstood persons seeking love and we shouldnt speak ill of them Well there are two sides to every coin and I call a Spade a Spade , the only ones it should really matter to is the people they duped and embarrased and my heart go's out to them

Derek AdamsFebruary 11th 2009.

Our Chief Constable should be an honest person.Like it or not Michael Todd obviously was not and even if the affairs did not affect his work, his integrity is in question.He must have lied to his wife and family, he must have lied to workmates in order to cover his antics up and therefore he could not have been fit for a position which demands a total honesty.If the Chief Constable is dishonest, how can he expect his officers to behave any better?

cigpapersFebruary 11th 2009.

Wasn't it Michael Todd who vowed to smash The BNP across Greater Manchester ?

rosieFebruary 11th 2009.


GravybowlFebruary 11th 2009.

God, don't get him started Rosie.

follieFebruary 11th 2009.

Anna 1...No im not a man,just a sensible business woman who realises what men!! especially attractive ones...are like,considering his status etc..his wife and family should have been there with him.Before you ask i was not one of his Woman..........

bodzyFebruary 11th 2009.

this quotation springs to mind A Man is only as Faithful as his Options

cigpapersFebruary 11th 2009.

It's a real shame about Mick Todd, but was he really the man to lead Greater Manchester Police once the civil war starts?

rosieFebruary 11th 2009.


LFebruary 11th 2009.

I wonder how he managed to concentrate 100% on his police role, whilst juggling the difficulties inherent in having a range of exra marital affairs.

mFebruary 11th 2009.

If Michael had received the support in past 10 years from his wife there may well have been a different outcome to this. What really annoys me about this is the way the women who were involved with Michael have been left out of all the muck slinging done by the media, are they not also accountable in this, was it not a two way thing? why has it been Michael that has had his character torn to pieces. He was a damned good police officer and he put most of his life into his career he deseves to be properly recognised for this. He did a lot of good work in not always the best of circumstances. Yes he may have cheated on his wife but the full facts are not known here, the media has only portrayed a paper selling side. There was far more to Michael than this. This was about more than just his wife finding out, and certain areas of the media know it and are in part responsible for this tragedy. Michael Todd was not tragic what happened to him was tragic, a great loss one that I will not get over easily.I would love to hear from anyone true to him to who respects him still in death or has any memories that they would love to share, not for publishing purposes I can assure you. I can be found at truth4mjt@yahoo.com

To 'm'February 11th 2009.

If Michael too had supported his wife for the past ten years then the outcome may also have been diferent? who are you m?

mFebruary 11th 2009.

there is an email address at end of my previous comment if you want to contact me, but I am not intersted in slanging match or insults, I am not connected to media in anyway.

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